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WWII The Pacific Story - 1942-1947 - 169 Episodes - Instant Download

WWII The Pacific Story - 1942-1947 - 169 Episodes - Instant Download

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WWII The Pacific Story


169 Episodes

The Pacific Story was broadcast on NBC at 11:30pm, with the first broadcast on July 11, 1943. The series lasted 184 weeks with two weeks pre-empted and ended on January 26, 1947. It was considered a documentary. The premise of the show was that with Europe in ruins, the Pacific might emerge as the center of political and social change in the world, and people should know something about it. The series touched on every nation around the Pacific rim and told of their importance in the years to come when the war ended. It was narrated by Gayne Williams and featured such authorities on Pacific affairs as Henry Luce and Pearl S. Buck.

The following 169 episodes are included in this downloadable zip file. The size if 3+GB so it may take a while to download depending on your speed.

The Pacific Story_43-07-11_(001)_Japans Dream of World Dominion.mp3
The Pacific Story_43-07-18_(002)_Alaska - Americas New Frontier.mp3
The Pacific Story_43-07-25_(003)_Siberia - Americas Nearest Asiatic Neighbor.mp3
The Pacific Story_43-08-01_(004)_The Old China.mp3
The Pacific Story_43-08-08_(005)_The New China.mp3
The Pacific Story_43-08-22_(007)_Monsoon Asia - the Geography of Rice and Rain.mp3
The Pacific Story_43-08-29_(008)_Monsoon Asia - Adventurers and International Rivalries.mp3
The Pacific Story_43-09-05_(009)_India - from Clive to Gandhi.mp3
The Pacific Story_43-09-12_(010)_The Islands of the Pacific.mp3
The Pacific Story_43-09-19_(011)_World War I in the Pacific.mp3
The Pacific Story_43-09-26_(012)_The Manchurian Incident and Its Sequel.mp3
The Pacific Story_43-10-10_(014)_Chinas Exiled Universities.mp3
The Pacific Story_43-10-17_(015)_Burma - Keystone to the Far East.mp3
The Pacific Story_43-10-24_(016)_The Soviet Asiatics - a New Human World.mp3
The Pacific Story_43-10-31_(017)_The Chinese Revolution.mp3
The Pacific Story_43-11-07_(018)_The Philippines and Their Fight for Freedom.mp3
The Pacific Story_43-11-14_(019)_Chiang Kai-Shek Freedom and Equality.mp3
The Pacific Story_43-11-21_(020)_Australia - Rising Power in the Pacific.mp3
The Pacific Story_43-11-28_(021)_Japans Dynasty of Terror - the Black Dragon Society.mp3
The Pacific Story_43-12-05_(022)_Thailand - the Enslavement a Free People.mp3
The Pacific Story_43-12-12_(023)_Indo-China - the Collapse of French Empire in the Pacific.mp3
The Pacific Story_43-12-19_(024)_The Beggars of the Sea.mp3
The Pacific Story_43-12-26_(025)_Jose Rizal Patriot-Martyr of the Philippines.mp3
The Pacific Story_44-01-02_(026)_Hawaii - Melting Pot of the Pacific.mp3
The Pacific Story_44-01-09_(027)_Korea - Japans Oldest Enemy.mp3
The Pacific Story_44-01-16_(028)_New Zealand - Sea-Lane Center of the South Pacific.mp3
The Pacific Story_44-01-23_(029)_Nehru of India - the New Man of the New World.mp3
The Pacific Story_44-01-30_(030)_Formosa - Prize of the China Sea.mp3
The Pacific Story_44-02-06_(031)_The Mighty Carolines - Secret Stronghold of the Japanese.mp3
The Pacific Story_44-02-13_(032)_Homer Lee - Prophet of the Pacific.mp3
The Pacific Story_44-02-20_(033)_The Burma Road - Highway to the Heart of Japan.mp3
The Pacific Story_44-02-27_(034)_India at War.mp3
The Pacific Story_44-03-05_(035)_General Tojo - the Razor.mp3
The Pacific Story_44-03-12_(036)_Sun Yat Sen - Father of the Republic of China (First half only).mp3
The Pacific Story_44-03-19_(037)_Japan - the Enemy We Face in the Pacific.mp3
The Pacific Story_44-03-26_(038)_New Guinea - Cinderella-land of the Pacific.mp3
The Pacific Story_44-04-02_(039)_The Moros On Mindanao.mp3
The Pacific Story_44-04-09_(040)_The Kurile Islands.mp3
The Pacific Story_44-04-16_(041)_Guam.mp3
The Pacific Story_44-04-23_(042)_The Myth of The Son Of God.mp3
The Pacific Story_44-04-30_(043)_Canada on the Pacific.mp3
The Pacific Story_44-05-07_(044)_Sakhalin-Sorepoint of the Pacific.mp3
The Pacific Story_44-05-14_(045)_Russia Vs Japan.mp3
The Pacific Story_44-05-21_(046)_The Commonwealth of the Philippines.mp3
The Pacific Story_44-05-28_(047)_Air Transport Lifeline of China.mp3
The Pacific Story_44-06-04_(048)_Manchuria Japans Ruhr.mp3
The Pacific Story_44-06-11_(049)_Chungking War Capitol of China.mp3
The Pacific Story_44-06-18_(050)_The Ainu Outcasts of Japan.mp3
The Pacific Story_44-06-25_(051)_Chinese Puppet Government (First 2 1-2 minutes bad).mp3
The Pacific Story_44-07-02_(052)_The Bonin Islands.mp3
The Pacific Story_44-07-09_(053)_The Overseas Chinese (Last 2 1-2 minutes poor).mp3
The Pacific Story_44-07-16_(054)_Will Java Be Free.mp3
The Pacific Story_44-07-23_(055)_The Chinese Communists.mp3
The Pacific Story_44-07-30_(056)_The Japanese Navy.mp3
The Pacific Story_44-08-06_(057)_The Amur River.mp3
The Pacific Story_44-08-13_(058)_Sianking Chinas Wild West.mp3
The Pacific Story_44-08-27_(060)_Vladivostok.mp3
The Pacific Story_44-09-03_(061)_Bhosa the Indian Quisling.mp3
The Pacific Story_44-09-10_(062)_The South Manchurian Railroad.mp3
The Pacific Story_44-09-17_(063)_Chinas New Life Movement.mp3
The Pacific Story_44-09-24_(064)_Tokyo Target of the Pacific.mp3
The Pacific Story_44-10-01_(065)_Manila Pearl of the Orient.mp3
The Pacific Story_44-10-08_(066)_Chinas Little Devils.mp3
The Pacific Story_44-10-15_(067)_The Guandong Army.mp3
The Pacific Story_44-10-22_(068)_The Long March.mp3
The Pacific Story_44-10-29_(069)_Hainan Sentry of the South China Sea.mp3
The Pacific Story_44-11-05_(070)_The Filipino Underground.mp3
The Pacific Story_44-11-12_(071)_Russias Strength In The Far East.mp3
The Pacific Story_44-11-19_(072)_Japans Robber Barons.mp3
The Pacific Story_44-11-26_(073)_Opium Curse of the Far East.mp3
The Pacific Story_44-12-03_(074)_Manchurias Puppet Government.mp3
The Pacific Story_44-12-10_(075)_Japans Secret Police.mp3
The Pacific Story_44-12-17_(076)_Nanking China.mp3
The Pacific Story_45-01-07_(077)_Japans Highway of Steel.mp3
The Pacific Story_45-01-14_(078)_Luzon the Philippines.mp3
The Pacific Story_45-01-21_(079)_Chinas Air Force.mp3
The Pacific Story_45-01-28_(080)_The Andaman Islands.mp3
The Pacific Story_45-02-04_(081)_Siberias People.mp3
The Pacific Story_45-02-11_(082)_Saipan Springboard to Nippon.mp3
The Pacific Story_45-02-18_(083)_The Yangtze.mp3
The Pacific Story_45-02-25_(084)_Islam In The Pacific.mp3
The Pacific Story_45-03-04_(085)_Conquest by Japanization.mp3
The Pacific Story_45-03-11_(086)_Chinas Land Problem.mp3
The Pacific Story_45-03-18_(087)_Malacca Straits Gateway to the Southwest Pacific.mp3
The Pacific Story_45-03-25_(088)_The Japanese Dilemma.mp3
The Pacific Story_45-04-01_(089)_Ryuku Island.mp3
The Pacific Story_45-04-08_(090)_Yanan Anchor Of Burma.mp3
The Pacific Story_45-04-22_(092)_Wounded Mankind.mp3
The Pacific Story_45-04-29_(093)_Philippines Come of Age.mp3
The Pacific Story_45-05-06_(094)_Guards To The Coast Of China.mp3
The Pacific Story_45-05-13_(095)_Chinas Secret Weapon.mp3
The Pacific Story_45-05-27_(097)_Japan In Indochina (partial).mp3
The Pacific Story_45-06-03_(098)_Mongolia.mp3
The Pacific Story_45-06-10_(099)_Yenen Citadel For Chinese Communism.mp3
The Pacific Story_45-06-17_(100)_Blood For An Outlet To The Sea.mp3
The Pacific Story_45-06-24_(101)_Honshu Heart Of China.mp3
The Pacific Story_45-07-01_(102)_Bangkok Thailand.mp3
The Pacific Story_45-07-08_(103)_The Yellow River.mp3
The Pacific Story_45-07-15_(104)_Sumatra.mp3
The Pacific Story_45-07-22_(105)_Japans Air Power.mp3
The Pacific Story_45-07-29_(106)_B-29 Japanese Express.mp3
The Pacific Story_45-08-05_(107)_Paradox Of Korea.mp3
The Pacific Story_45-08-12_(108)_Red Banner For Eastern Armies (Rebroadcast of 45-05-20).mp3
The Pacific Story_45-08-19_(109)_Singapore.mp3
The Pacific Story_45-08-26_(110)_Liberals In Chiang Kai Sheks Camp.mp3
The Pacific Story_45-09-02_(111)_Hong Kong.mp3
The Pacific Story_45-09-23_(114)_The New Milestone.mp3
The Pacific Story_45-09-30_(115)_Menace Of Japans Old Order.mp3
The Pacific Story_45-10-07_(116)_Nanking Symbol Of Victory.mp3
The Pacific Story_45-10-14_(117)_Russia Pacifics New Power.mp3
The Pacific Story_45-10-21_(118)_Shanghai.mp3
The Pacific Story_45-10-28_(119)_Japans Food Crisis.mp3
The Pacific Story_45-11-04_(120)_China Worlds Biggest Customer.mp3
The Pacific Story_45-11-11_(121)_France Faces The Music.mp3
The Pacific Story_45-11-18_(122)_Siberias People.mp3
The Pacific Story_45-11-25_(123)_Java.mp3
The Pacific Story_45-12-02_(124)_Australia Comes Out (Scratchy).mp3
The Pacific Story_45-12-09_(125)_Black Gold In The Pacific.mp3
The Pacific Story_45-12-16_(126)_Transport In China.mp3
The Pacific Story_45-12-23_(127)_Fireworks In The Phillipines.mp3
The Pacific Story_45-12-31_(128)_The Remaking Of Japan (Scratchy).mp3
The Pacific Story_46-01-06_(129)_The Buryat Mongols A Soviet Minority.mp3
The Pacific Story_46-01-13_(130)_Thailand Heads Back.mp3
The Pacific Story_46-01-20_(131)_New Caldonia.mp3
The Pacific Story_46-01-27_(132)_Help For Chinas Millions.mp3
The Pacific Story_46-02-03_(133)_Japans Fisheries.mp3
The Pacific Story_46-02-10_(134)_Mao Tse Tung (Scratchy).mp3
The Pacific Story_46-02-17_(135)_Untouchables Of India.mp3
The Pacific Story_46-02-24_(136)_Rehol Keystone of North China (scratchy).mp3
The Pacific Story_46-03-03_(137)_Silk The Golden Thread.mp3
The Pacific Story_46-03-10_(138)_Sarawak Adventure in Statehood (very rough).mp3
The Pacific Story_46-03-17_(139)_Hanoi Perfume and Gunpowder (End Clipped).mp3
The Pacific Story_46-03-24_(140)_Australias Heavy Industry.mp3
The Pacific Story_46-03-31_(141)_Hawaii the 49th State (End Clipped).mp3
The Pacific Story_46-04-07_(142)_Korea Political Battlefield.mp3
The Pacific Story_46-04-14_(143)_The Chinese Giant Awakens.mp3
The Pacific Story_46-04-21_(144)_Famine In India.mp3
The Pacific Story_46-05-05_(146)_Ceylon The New Day.mp3
The Pacific Story_46-06-02_(150)_The Milk and Meat of the Far East.mp3
The Pacific Story_46-06-09_(151)_The Burma Patriotic Front (1st in UN Series).mp3
The Pacific Story_46-06-16_(152)_Russia Looks to the East (2nd in UN Series).mp3
The Pacific Story_46-06-23_(153)_The Heartland of Asia (UN Series).mp3
The Pacific Story_46-06-30_(154)_Special Broadcast - The Atomic Bomb At Bikini Atoll.mp3
The Pacific Story_46-07-07_(155)_The Phillipines The Birth of a Nation (UN Series).mp3
The Pacific Story_46-07-21_(157)_Our Job in Japan (UN Series).mp3
The Pacific Story_46-07-28_(158)_Crosscurrents in Malaya (UN Series.mp3
The Pacific Story_46-08-04_(159)_Skyway to the Far East (UN Series).mp3
The Pacific Story_46-08-18_(161)_Medicine Comes to China (UN Series).mp3
The Pacific Story_46-08-25_(162)_Sichuan (UN Series.mp3
The Pacific Story_46-09-01_(163)_The New Voice in the East (UN Series).mp3
The Pacific Story_46-09-08_(164)_Bali (UN Series).mp3
The Pacific Story_46-09-29_(167)_Timor Pawn Of The Pacific.mp3
The Pacific Story_46-10-06_(168)_The Seebees Conflict In Indonesia.mp3
The Pacific Story_46-10-13_(169)_Canada Looks To The West.mp3
The Pacific Story_46-10-20_(170)_Canton The Symbol of New China.mp3
The Pacific Story_46-10-27_(171)_Our Strategic Needs In The Pacific.mp3
The Pacific Story_46-11-03_(172)_Post War Formosa.mp3
The Pacific Story_46-11-10_(173)_Redemption in Singapore.mp3
The Pacific Story_46-11-17_(174)_The Fiji Islands.mp3
The Pacific Story_46-11-24_(175)_Guam New Outpost in the Pacific.mp3
The Pacific Story_46-12-01_(176)_Tasmania Switzerland Of The South.mp3
The Pacific Story_46-12-08_(177)_Chinas Wild Men Of The Mountains.mp3
The Pacific Story_46-12-15_(178)_The Japanese And The Soil.mp3
The Pacific Story_46-12-22_(179)_Transition in India.mp3
The Pacific Story_46-12-29_(180)_Macao Decision Pending.mp3
The Pacific Story_47-01-05_(181)_Sinkiang Powder Keg of Asia.mp3
The Pacific Story_47-01-12_(182)_Storm Clouds Over The Philippines.mp3
The Pacific Story_47-01-19_(183)_Rubber Bellwether of Malaya.mp3
The Pacific Story_47-01-26_(184)_The Marquees (Last Episode).mp3


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