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WWII Newscasts - Canadian Radio 1949-1945 - 30 Broadcasts - Old time radio - Instant Download

WWII Newscasts - Canadian Radio 1949-1945 - 30 Broadcasts - Old time radio - Instant Download

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WWII Newscasts - Canadian Radio 1949-1945

30 Broadcasts

This downloadable zip file contains WWII newscasts from Canada.

1940-06-17 CBC Princess Juliana Of The Netherlands On Asylum In Canada.mp3
1940-06-21 CAN Eric Sevareid On The Fall Of Paris.mp3
1940-06-21 CAN WIlliam C Kirker On French Armistace At Compiegne.mp3
1940-06-21 CAN William Shirer Coverage Of French Surrender.mp3
1941-12-30 CBC Winston Churchill - Preparation Liberation Assault.mp3
1943-05-07 CBC Lorne Green Reports Victory In Tunis.mp3
1943-08-31 CBC Winston Churchill - Broadcast From Quebec.mp3
1943-12-28 CBC Matthew Halton Canadians Attack Ortona.mp3
1943-xx-xx CBC Canadian Lancaster Bomber Crew On Mission.mp3
1944-01-04 CBC Matthew Halton The Fall Of Ortona.mp3
1944-02-05 CAN MacArthur At Flag Raising Ceremony On Manila.mp3
1944-06-08 CAN A Handful Of French Sand.mp3
1944-06-08 CAN Channel Journey On US Torpedo Boat.mp3
1944-06-08 CAN Glider Formations Flying Over The Beaches.mp3
1944-06-08 CAN Nighttime Convoy Anti-Aircraft Attack.mp3
1944-06-08 CAN Recounting The Landing.mp3
1944-06-08 CAN Reports From The Beachhead.mp3
1944-06-08 CAN The Scene On The Beach.mp3
1944-06-08 CAN Travelling With D-Day Convoy.mp3
1944-06-08 CAN US Soldier On The Beach.mp3
1944-06-08 CBC Matthew Halton Welcomed By French Civilians.mp3
1944-07-04 CBC Radio Canada - Hrosme Des Soldats Canadiens Carpiquet.mp3
1944-07-08 CAN Herbert On The Bombing Of Caen.mp3
1944-08-25 CAN The Liberation Of Paris.mp3
1944-08-26 CBC Matthew Halton The Liberation Of Paris.mp3
1944-09-09 CBC Kate Aitken - Homefront Fashion Tips.mp3
1944-09-20 CAN Stanley Maxted Cut Off With Airborne.mp3
1944-09-20 CAN Stanley Maxted Reports As Supplies Drop Over Hartenstein.mp3
1945-02-19 CAN Arthur Prim Reports The First Strikes On Iwo Jima.mp3
1945-02-19 CAN Live Coverage Of US Marines Landing On Iwo Jima.mp3
1945-02-19 CAN Sgt Mawson On Iwo Jima Landings.mp3
1945-02-20 CAN Arthur Prims Observation Flight Over Iwo Jima.mp3
1945-02-20 CAN Report On Japanese Fortifications On Iwo Jima.mp3
1945-02-25 CAN Secretary Of The Navy James Forrestal On The Battle Of Iwo Jima.mp3
1945-02-27 CAN Sgt Mawson - Battle Of Motoyama Airfield On Iwo Jima.mp3
1945-03-25 CAN Stanley Maxted Recounts German Attack On Hamilcar.mp3
1945-04-30 CBC Gnral Vannier Tmoigne De Lhorreur Des Camps De Concentration.mp3
1945-05-09 CAN Howard K Smith Reports On Berlins Destruction.mp3
1945-05-19 CBC Matthew Halton Recounts Winter Struggle.mp3

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