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WWII - FDR Fireside Chats - 30 Broadcasts - Old Time Radio - Instant Download

WWII - FDR Fireside Chats - 30 Broadcasts - Old Time Radio - Instant Download

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WWII - FDR Fireside Chats

30 Broadcasts

Franklin Delano Roosevelt became president during the Great Depression. Americans looked to him for leadership. They were not disappointed. Roosevelt was popular, many people felt he was their personal friend. Part of the reason for this were the Fireside Chat radio broadcasts he made during his presidency. American families would gather around their radios attentively listening to their president, the man they trusted to guide the nation through the depression and then the war, as if he were right there in their living rooms with them.

These programs are included in this downloadable zip file:

330312 (01) On the Bank Crisis.mp3
330507 (02) Outlining the New Deal Program.mp3
340930 (06) On Moving Forward to Greater Freedom and Security.mp3
350428 (07) On the Works Relief Program.mp3
360906 (08) On Drought Conditions.mp3
370309 (09) On the Reorganization of the Judiciary.mp3
371012 (10) On Legislation to Be Recommended to Congress.mp3
380414 (12) On Economic Conditions.mp3
380624 (13) On Party Primaries.mp3
390903 (14) On the European War.mp3
400526 (15) On National Defence.mp3
400929 (16) On National Security.mp3
410527 (17) Announcing Unlimited National Emergency.mp3
410911 (18) On Maintaining Freedom of the Seas.mp3
411209 (19) On the Declaration of War with Japan.mp3
420223 (20) On the Progress of the War.mp3
420428 (21) On Our National Economic Policy.mp3
420907 (22) On Inflation and Progress of the War.mp3
421012 (23) Report on the Home Front.mp3
430502 (24) On the Coal Crisis.mp3
430728 (25) On Progress of War and Plans for Peace.mp3
430908 (26) Opening Third War Loan Drive.mp3
431224 (27) On Tehran and Cairo Conferences.mp3
440111 (28) State of the Union Address.mp3
440605 (29) On the Fall of Rome.mp3
440612 (30) Opening Fifth War Loan Drive.mp3

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