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Vedic (Eastern) Astrology - Instant Downlod - Gene's Weird Stuff

Vedic (Eastern) Astrology - Instant Downlod

$ 1.99

This is a downloadable zip file containing pdf files of texts on Vedic astrology. 

After you check out you will go directly to a download page. You may download your purchase three times. If you have any difficulties, email me at gene_johnson47@comcast.net.


1800s Brihatc Parashara Hora Sastra - Vedic Astrology.pdf
1828 Raphael The Manual of Astrology.pdf
1888 Alberunis - India Vol I.pdf
1888 Alberuni's India Vol II.pdf
1888 alburinis_india_vol1.pdf
1888 alburinis_india_vol2.pdf
1899 Venkatarava, C. - Astrology and its connection with Vedanta.pdf
1900 Row - Jatakachundrika or Moonlight to Astrology.pdf
1900s Vedic Astrology - An Introduction.pdf
1902 Bhakti Seva - The Hindu Book of Astrology.pdf
1902 Hindu Book of Astrology.pdf
1902 The Hindu book of astrology, or, Yogic knowledge of the stars and planetary forces and how t.pdf
1905 Varaha Mihira - The Brihat Jataka.pdf
1907 Saravali - Kalya Varma.pdf
1910 Alberuni's India Vol II.pdf
1937 Stree Jataka - Varahamihira - Woman in Astrology (not copyr.).pdf
1941 Jataka Tatva.pdf
1941 Sanskrit text.pdf
1989 Kadalangudi - Jataka tattvam (not copyr.).pdf
Adhiyoga by M D Trivedi.pdf
Are You Born in Krittika Nakshatra_.pdf
Are You Courageous_ Check Your Third House.pdf
Astrological Aspect of Honour Health & Happiness.pdf
Astrological Importance of Disease.pdf
Astrology and Family Planning by V M Natu.pdf
Astrology and Means of Livelihood by Indu Guha.pdf
Astrology and Means of Livelihood...Contd...pdf
Astrology and Mental Maladies by Yogibhai.pdf
Astrology and the Gift of Healing.pdf
Astrology and the Ramayana by H R Shankar.pdf
Beeja Sphuta and Santan Tithi.pdf
Birth Time Rectification through KP Astrology.pdf
brihat jataka (varahamihira) (Sanskrit).pdf
brihat samhita (chidambara iyer).pdf
Combinations for Astrologers by Prabir Chatterjee.pdf
Combinations for Cancer.pdf
Combinations for Owning a House.pdf
Combinations for Successful Lawyers.pdf
Combust Planets.pdf
daivagya kamadhenu (Sanskrit).pdf
Determinants of Legal Profession...Contd..pdf
Determinants of Legal Profession.pdf
Encyclopedia of vedic astrology - dasa systems (not copyr.).pdf
Exchange of Planets.pdf
Finding True Love by Dr Suresh Sharma.pdf
Functionalism in Astrology.pdf
Gentlemen of the Long Robe by V A K Ayer.pdf
Helpful Hints on Predictive Astrology.pdf
Homeopathy and Astrology by Ramanand Baranwal.pdf
hora shastra (varahamihira) (Sanskrit).pdf
Horoscope of Nostradamus by Yeluripati Krishna Rao.pdf
Horoscopic Influences of Ketu by R M Banerjee.pdf
How many Days Make a Year _ by Prof. P S Sastri.pdf
Is Jupiter Universally Benefic _ by Pronab Das.pdf
Jaimini System of Astrology by Prof. P S Sastri.pdf
jataka bharanam (Sanskrit).pdf
jataka chandrika (venkatesha pandita).pdf
Jupiter in `Bhavartha Ratnakara' by M D Trivedi.pdf
Jupiter in Medical Astrology.pdf
Jupiter-Saturn Nexus...contd..pdf
Jupiter-Saturn Nexus_ an Exposition.pdf
jyotisha siddhanta sangraha (Sanskrit).pdf
Kalidas - Jataka Chandrika - Raaja Yogas & Marriage (not copyr.).pdf
Lunar Yogas_ a Verification.pdf
Mode of Death by Sumeet Chugh.pdf
mohini vidya sadhana and siddhi.pdf
Mutual Relations by L R Chawdhri2.pdf
Nodal Afflictions.pdf
On Annual Solar Progressed Chart ....continued..pdf
On Annual Solar Progressed Chart.pdf
On Marital Happiness by Dr R S L Srivastava.pdf
Panchang Bhavan.pdf
Parashara - Hora Sastra.pdf
Planet Book (not copyr.).pdf
Planets and Legal Profession.pdf
Practical Approach towards Heart Diseases.pdf
Prasana A Contemporary Treatise (not copyr.).pdf
Prasna Arudhaphala - Problem Solving Astrology (not copyr.).pdf
Predicting Mundane Affairs through Annual Chart.pdf
Predictive astrology (not copyr).pdf
Progeny Problems and Remedial Measures.pdf
Pulippani, Dr. U.S. - Gochar Phaladeepika - Torch on Transit Planets (not copyr.).pdf
Raja Yogas and Political Power.pdf
Rao, T.M. - Bhrigu Samhita (text) (not copyr.).pdf
Rao. T.M. - Bhrigu Samhita (not copyr.).pdf
Results of the Transiting Moon.pdf
S.P. Khullar - Key to Learn - K.P. cuspal system (not copyr.).pdf
Saturn and Delayed Marriage.pdf
Saturn Determines the Course of Destiny - II.pdf
Saturn Determines the Course of Destiny.pdf
Saturn in Medical Astrology.pdf
Satyanarayan Naik - Roots of Nadi (not copyr.).pdf
Sign-tips to Beauty.pdf
Some Loud Thinking on Planets.pdf
Some Thoughts on Ascendant Lord by R M Banerjee.pdf
The Bar and the Bench According to Jaimini.pdf
The Cancerean Person.pdf
The Disease of Cancer.pdf
The Precision of a Prediction.pdf
Transit of Rahu-Ketu & the Fortunes of Politicians.pdf
Trivedi - Foretelling Widowhood (not copyr.).pdf
Uniqueness of Jaimini Astrology by Dr B V Raman.pdf
When to Operate.pdf
Where are the Nine Planets _ by Prof. P S Sastri.pdf
Will You Be a Lawyer_ by Bepin Behari.pdf
Yogi, Avayogi and Dugdha Rasis.pdf
Zodiacal Degrees and Legal Profession - I.pdf

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