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The Occult Font Collection - Instant Download - Gene's Weird Stuff
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The Occult Font Collection - Instant Download

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There was a time when being involved in the occult meant being burnt at the stake if caught. Many occultists developed secret alphabets to conceal the nature of their work from the inquisition and other "interested" parties. In our somewhat modern enlightened age, this type of secrecy is not absolutely necessary but is sometimes desirable.

This is a downloadable zip file collection of fonts suitable for using with occult documents and procedures. Included are occult and "secret" fonts as well as Blackletter & German Gothic fonts, medieval, rennaissance & chancery fonts, handwritten fonts, as well as symbol fonts related to occult subjects and many foreign fonts, including Hebrew, Tibetan and Sanskrit. This font collection will allow you to do your Book of Shadows or whatever occult projects you may be involved in, in a style unique to you. A selection of the of the fonts in this collection are shown in the graphics. Also included is the handiest font manager you will ever find. It allows you to see fonts that are not installed on you system as well as the installed fonts. 

Here are the types and styles of fonts in included in this collection:

Blackletter & German Gothic - 338 fonts
Cursive & Chancery - 118 fonts
Dings & Symbols
Elvish - 18 fonts
Foreign Appearing - 15 fonts
Horror drip - 26 fonts
Initials & Illuminated - 192 fonts
Lombardic & Uncial - 24 fonts
Medieval, Gothic, Fantasy - 410 fonts
Non-western - 110 fonts
Occult - 79 fonts
Runes - 70 fonts

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