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The Arts of Illumination and Ornament 2 DVD-ROM boxed

The Arts of Illumination and Ornament 2 DVD-ROM boxed

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This is a 2 disk boxed & shrink wrapped digital library on illumination and ornamentation. Illuminated manuscripts form the Middle Ages are some of the most amazing art ever produced. This library has numerous examples for illuminated manuscripts, decorative fonts and ornamentation used on everyday objects in the days when ornamentation was part of any object's function. Also included are over 500 blacketter/gothic, uncial and decorative initial fonts suitable for using in illumination. The accompanying graphics give examples of what is contained in the library. This 2 disk set makes a great resource for designs and artistic motifs that can be used in many grpahic applications.

A handbook of the art of illumination.pdf
A Primer of the Art of Illumination 1874.pdf
An exhibition of illuminated and painted manuscripts 1892.pdf
Art Nouveau Motifs.pdf
Blackburn's Art of Illustration 1896.pdf
Celtic Art Tutorial.pdf
Celtic Designs.pdf
Decorative textiles 1918.pdf
Drawing celtic knots.pdf
English illustration the sixties 1855-70.pdf
Examples of Chinese Ornament - Jones Owen 1867.pdf
Fictitious and symbolic creatures in art 1906.pdf
Fifteenth and Sixteenth Century Ornaments 1904.pdf
Gothic Ornaments...of the Architecture of Great Britain 1848.pdf
Grammar of Ornament - Owen Jones 1868.pdf
hand book of mediaeval alphabets and devices 1856.pdf
Heraldry as art 1907.pdf
Heraldry Floral Forms Used in Decoration 1922.pdf
Heraldry for craftsmen 1913.pdf
Illuminated manuscripts 1905.pdf
Illuminated manuscripts 1911.pdf
Illuminated manuscripts and bindings of manuscripts 1923.pdf
Illuminated Manuscripts in Classical and Medieval Times 1892.pdf
Lessons in the art of illuminating.pdf
Lettering in Ornament 1902.pdf
Letters 01.pdf
Letters 02.pdf
Letters 03.pdf
Letters 04.pdf
Letters 05.pdf
Minton Tiles.pdf
Nature in Ornament 1892.pdf
Of the decorative illustration of books 1896.pdf

500+ Illumination Fonts: Blackletter, Uncial, Decorative Initials
Ornament Tom 1 (Rus).pdf
Ornament Tom 11 (Rus).pdf
Ornament Vseh.pdf
Ornamental alphabets 1914.pdf
Ornamental Borders Scrolls & Cartouches.pdf
Ornamental interiors ancient modern 1887.pdf
Ornaments 01.pdf
Ornaments 02.pdf
Ornaments 03.pdf
Ornaments 04.pdf
Ornaments 612 711.pdf
Reproductions from illuminated manuscripts.pdf
The art of illuminating.pdf
The art of illustration 1896.pdf
The claims of decorative art 1892.pdf
The Floral gift.pdf
The Hand Book of Mediaeval Alphabets Devices 1856.pdf

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