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Talismans - occult photo pendants - 1-1/4" w/24" chain

Talismans - occult photo pendants - 1-1/4" w/24" chain

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The use of talismans, also sometimes called, amulets and charms, is a practice as old as humankind. People have always wanted something tby whichy to secure blessings and good fortune, or to give them protection, find a lover, extract revenge, find treasure and many other purposes. Entity may have a number ofTalismans depending on the source. For instance, in this collection Astaroth has two talismans, the first is from "Goetia" and the second from the "Grimorium Verum." Some are meant to be worn on the person and some are used with Grimoires in rituals.

This collection of Talismans for various purposes and from a number of cultural traditions are 30mm photopendants consisting of a high-resolution graphic topped with a clear glass cabochon (a cabochon is solid and domed shaped). The pendant tray and 26" chain are finished in antique brass. The name of each talisman tells its purpose or who it represents. These pendants are not waterproof and should not be worn while showering, bathing or swimming.

These are sold as curios only. These items are not sold or guaranteed as having any special or supernatural attributes or magical powers. 

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