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Talismanic Pendants: Seals & Tables from the 6th & 7th Books of Moses -  handcrafted photo pendants 30 mm  (1-1/4") on 24" chain

Talismanic Pendants: Seals & Tables from the 6th & 7th Books of Moses - handcrafted photo pendants 30 mm (1-1/4") on 24" chain

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Talismanic Pendants - Seals and Tables from the

6th & 7th Books of Moses

 The Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses were written by Moses and passed down as hidden or lost books of Moses. It instructs the reader in the spells used to create the miracles portrayed in the Judaeo-Christian Bible. It shows diagrams of seals and incantations intended to perform various tasks. These books are popular among African Americans in the South and Caribbean, and Anglophone West Africa. It influenced European Occult Spiritualism, as well as popular religious movements in the American South (Hoodoo), the Caribbean (Rastafarian), and West Africa.

These talismans or seals, described are authentic reproductions from the book which is sometimes called “Moses Magical Spirit Art”. According to tradition, the designs have many magnificent powers. They were taken from ancient Hebrew Holy Books and have been passed down through the ages until today when multitudes of believers carry or use them with faith in their effectiveness to bring results by magical means.

The legend is given, through no claims of supernatural powers are made for the talisman. They are carried in purse or packet or pendant as a secret possession.

For those who wish to learn the specific conjurations, evocations, and explanations of the virtues and powers of the seals, we recommend the complete book, “The Sixth & Seventh Books of Moses,” which includes these seals, plus many others. The text is taken from the mosaic books of the Kabbalah and the Talmud, illustrated with numerous engravings.

This collection of photopendants feature the seals and tables from the Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses topped by a clear glass cabochon. The rectangular talismans are in a 25 x 50 mm (1"x2") rectangular antique brass pendant tray suspended on a 24" antique brass bead chain, the round ones are 1-1/4" in diameter on a 24" chain. These pendants are not waterproof and should not be worn while showering, bathing or swimming.

 SEAL OF  ANIQUELIS – Confers great wealth, honors, and also promotes good health, both mental and physical.

SEAL OF ARIEL – Compels others to do the possessor’s bidding, and commands lost treasures from land or sea.

SEAL OF AZIABELIS – For achieving great power over others, and to attract friendship.

SEAL OF AZIEL – Designed to compel treasures to come from the earth, and to coerce others to obey the possessor’s wishes and commands.

SEAL OF BARBUEL – Makes one master of all arts and secret knowledge so that others can be dominated by the possessor without knowledge of the influence being exerted upon them.

SEAL OF MARBUEL – For fascinating and bewitching others so that all secret knowledge can be obtained from them without their suspecting any sorcery on the part of the possessor.

SEAL OF MEPHISTOPHILES – For overcoming, conquering, and controlling one’s enemies. It also guards one against the plots of others.

SCHEMHAMPHORAS HOLY (ROYAL) SEAL – Alleged to bring vengeance on one’s enemies, assist in contact with departed souls, and assure the possessor a share of worldly goods.

SCHEMHAMPHORAS #1 SEAL – For great success in finances and in business. Attracts customers and money.

SCHEMHAMPHORAS #2 SEAL – Great mystical powers are said to come to those who carry this. It is a highly religious talisman, bringing to the possessor divine guidance when needed.

SEAL OF ORION – Or Seal of General Citation. This seal is carried by those who wish to have their wishes fulfilled and to attract honors and respect from others.

1ST SEAL OF MYSTERY - SEAL OF TREASURE – When buried in the earth near where any treasures exist they will allegedly come to the surface themselves. The talisman can also be used in the home of help locate lost articles.

2ND SEAL OF MYSTERY - SEAL OF FORTUNE – The highest talisman of good fortune, bringing great success in business and many blessings in one’s personal and family life.

3RD SEAL OF MYSTERY - SEAL OF LOVE – Carry this talisman to assure one of being much loved and admired. It is treasured by those who wish to gain and hold the affections of another.

4TH  SEAL OF MYSTERY - SEAL OF LONG LIFE – Protects from misfortune and misery, and assures one of a lengthy life

5TH SEAL OF MYSTERY - SEAL OF POWER – Carried to insure or restore one’s good health, to strengthen faith, and to influence those one meets toward the possessor of this talisman.

6TH SEAL OF MYSTERY - SEAL OF KNOWLEDGE – To receive information or guidance through drams or visions, sleep with this talisman under the pillow.

7TH SEAL OF MYSTERY - SEAL OF TREASURE – When buried in the earth near where any treasures exist they will allegedly come to the surface themselves. The talisman can also be used in the home of help locate lost articles.

TABLE OF GREAT GENERATION – Designed to attract wealth, honor, and promotions or advancement in one’s work.

TABLE OF OF SPIRITS – SCHEMHAMFORASCH - To compel spirits to appear and serve one’s needs, this design is said to be of great value in bringing quick service and help in all things.

TABLE OF THE SUN – Known also as the Seal of Honor and Wealth. This talisman is carried to attract plentiful gold, silver, and other of life’s good blessings.

TABLE OF THE MOON - SEAL OF GOOD LUCK - To achieve success in games of chance, this can be anointed just before playing and secreted in one’s sleeve or pocket.

TABLE OF MERCURY – Brings wealth, a knowledge of alchemy and of chemistry, and can draw treasure from beneath the earth.

TABLE OF VENUS – Also known as the Seal of Secrets. One places this talisman beneath the pillow to learn secrets through dreams, and to prevent others form learning of private confidential matters. When carried in purse or pocket, it serves to bring assistance in one’s business dealings.

TABLE OF MARS – An aid in holding marriages and friendships together in the even of quarrels between the parties involved, or where there are disturbing influences from outsiders. It can help settle arguments peaceably in favor of the one who carries this talisman.

TABLE OF SATURN – Called also the Seal of Spiritual Good Luck. This design is believed to attract favorable planetary vibrations when one is gambling or indulging in any game of chance.

TABLE OF JUPITER – Also called the Seal of Mystical Assistance. Can bring victory in legal matters, in winning court cases, and for settling disputes of all kinds.

TABLE OF THE AIR – (Also known as the Seal of Relief from Want) – Popular with those seeking work, it is believed to bring one the necessities of life.

TABLE OF THE EARTH – Called the Seal of Spiritual Assistance, this brings support and help from friendly gods and kindly supernatural beings to assist in the possessor’s endeavors and fulfillment of one’s plans and dreams.

TABLE OF THE FIRE – This is favored by those who seek influence, popularity, power, and dominance in any field.

TABLE OF THE WATER – Or Seal of Great Fortune. This seal is useful in revealing treasure below the earth such as buried gold or silver, or treasures found in sunken ships.

TABLES OF THE ELEMENTS - all four elemental tables in one pendant.

These are sold as fashion accessories and curios only. Descriptions above are provided as a historical reference. These items are not sold or guaranteed as having any special or supernatural attributes or magical powers. 


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