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Suffer the Innocents-kidnapping, murder, mass graves, enslavement, sexual abuse

Suffer the Innocents-kidnapping, murder, mass graves, enslavement, sexual abuse

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As mass graves of infants and children are uncovered in various places, we learn of horrors perpetrated on the most defenseless members of society by religious organizations, often in combination with governments. This six-disk boxed set of DVD-ROMS presents documents and multimedia related to crimes against children, up to and including kidnapping, involuntary servitude, and murder.

Much of this is not new information, some of the sources listed here are from the nineteenth century.

01 Catholic Horrors, Indian Residential Schools

Catholic Horrors

A Testimony of an Ex Roman catholic priest an-.mp4
Another Atrocity From The Catholic Church 360-.mp4
Catholic Nun Stolen Babies & Priest Destroy Ep.mp4
Children of Shame (Crime Documentary) - Real p.mp4
Dark Secrets - Castration, MH abuse, ritual murder, mass baby grave, stolen Jewish children.mp4
Dark secrets of the Catholic Church; Ex nun C-.mp4
Documentary proving Catholic Church-s systema-.mp4
Ex Nun Exposes Jesuits and Shares Remedies ANp.mp4
Ex-Nuns Powerful Testimony Exposes Catholic C-.mp4
Ex-priest sentencing leads to applause in cou-.mp4
Hidden children 1080p.mp4
Inside a Roman Catholic Bone Church Evil to tp.mp4
Ireland's Secret Cults Documentary 360p-.mp4
Medical Experiments on Children in the Church's Care.mp4
New Information Shows VaticanJesuit Treachery-.mp4
Nun Gets Pregnant With 14 Year Old Student - p.mp4
Nun Gives Birth to Baby Boy - She didn-t know-.mp4
Nun-s Habits- The Significance of Religious C-.mp4
Sins of The Mother- a voice for the dead chil-.mp4
Stuff They Don-t Want You to Know - Vatican-s-.mp4
The nightmares will always be there- These Map.mp4
The Stream - The plight of Ireland-s unmarriep.mp4
Uncovering more Catholic atrocities 720p-.mp4
Why Do Young Women Choose To Become Nuns- 108p.mp4

Indian Residential Schools

Canada - Catholic Nuns forced women to give up-.mp4
Canada's Dark Secret - Featured Documentaries.mp4

02 Indian Residential Schools, Catholic pedophilia

Indian Residential Schools (cont'd)

Canada-s Genocide- 150,000 children stolen, ap.mp4
Canada-s missing and murdered Indigenous womep.mp4
Canadian History and the Indian Residential S-.mp4
Canadian Residential School 360p-.mp4
Canadian Residential School Propaganda Video -.mp4
Clip 1 Healing the Hurt and Shame Of Native Rp.mp4
Indian Boarding School Abuse 360p-.mp4
Indian Boarding School Plan 360p-.mp4
Indian Residential Schools in Canada the pain-.mp4
Into the West-Carlisle Indian School 480p.mp4
Our Spirits Don-t Speak English- Indian Boardp.mp4
to kill the Indian in the child . . . (cc) 48p.mp4
Wawahte- Stories of Residential School Survivp.mp4
Witness to murder at Indian Residential Schoop.mp4

RC Pedophilia & Abuse

‘They would whack you with a crucifix- - BBC p.mp4
A survivor of child abuse by the Sisters of M-.mp4
Abuse Documentary- The Shame of the Catholic p.mp4
Belgian priest claims child abuse was -a game-.mp4
Betrayal - Abuse in the Catholic Church in Nop.mp4
Catholic Archbishop Didn-t Know Sex with Chil-.mp4
Catholic Church Covers Up Sexual Abuse And Mu-.mp4
Catholic Denial 360p-.mp4
Catholic nuns accused of sexual misconduct 10p.mp4
Catholic Priest Sentenced for Sex Abuse Cover-.mp4
Catholic priests- victim- -The abuse was so cp.mp4
Catholic Residential School Sex Abuse 480p.mp4
Former priest admits to molesting teenagers 3-.mp4
Former Priest reveals pedophiles in the Cathop.mp4
I Was Sexually Abused By The Catholic Church p.mp4
Jan. 2002 Boston Priest John Geoghan Found Gup.mp4
Losing Faith- Abuse, Cover-Up and the Catholip.mp4
Nun arrested for helping priests -rape- deaf -.mp4
Nuns Among 12 Arrested Over Historical Abuse p.mp4
Nuns Sexually Abused These Women For Years. Np.mp4
Patrick Wall- Catholic Church Abuses 360p-.mp4
Report- Widespread abuse in Catholic Church 7-.mp4
Secrets of St Peter-s- Shocking child abuse ap.mp4
We abused deaf children, we were at least tenp.mp4
Woman Speaks Out About Sexual Abuse By Priest-.mp4
Women claim they were sexually abused as chil-.mp4

03 Infant and Baby Mass Graves

Infant & Baby Mass Graves

400 Kids Buried In Mass Grave In Scottish Orpp.mp4
800 baby bodies found in septic tank in Cathop.mp4
800 Baby-s Infants & Toddlers Found Dead at J-.mp4
800 Dead Children Found- Catholic Orphanage I-.mp4
Bodies of 800 Babies Found in Septic Tank in -.mp4
Catholic Orphanage Hides The Bodies Of 800 Chp.mp4
Good Shepherd Convent & Magdalene Laundry, Co-.mp4
GOTHIC HORROR- Nearly 800 children-s graves f-.mp4
How the Catholic Church Hid Away Hundreds of p.mp4
Human Remains Found at Former Bon Secours Cat-.mp4
Human remains found near Tuam mother and babyp.mp4
Hundreds of catholic orphanage children burie-.mp4
Hundreds of children found dead at Scottish op.mp4
Hundreds of scottish orphanage children alleg-.mp4
Ireland- Discovery of baby remains raises quep.mp4
Ireland Mass Grave- Remains of hundreds of chp.mp4
Ireland prepares for Pope visit amid Catholicp.mp4
Ireland- The forgotten Angels of Tuam 720p-.mp4
Ireland-s mother and baby homes scandal promp-.mp4
Ireland's The Mother & Baby Homes.mp4
Irish government approves excavation of orpha-.mp4
Irish government considers inquiry into child-.mp4
Irish govt. opens probe into death records of-.mp4
KTF News - Mass Grave of Children Confirmed n0.mp4
Mass Grave at Ex-Catholic orphanage Found by -.mp4
Mass grave for children found at a former Cat-.mp4
Mass grave for young children found at formerp.mp4
Mass Grave Found at Former Orphanage in Irelap.mp4
Mass grave full of babies discovered next to p.mp4
Mass grave of around 800 babies and children -.mp4
Mass grave of babies discovered in sewage tanp.mp4
Mass Infant Grave Found at Former Catholic Ho-.mp4
MUST SEE- Mass Grave Discovered Near Catholic-.mp4
Nearly 800 Children Found Inside A Grave 480p.mp4
Nuns- secret grave for 800 babies 360p-.mp4
Pope on children’s mass graves in Ireland and-.mp4
Priest Breaks Silence On Tuam Baby Home Horro-.mp4
Prime Time - Tuam mother and baby home and Me-.mp4
Relatives want answers on Irish mass grave fop.mp4
Seeking mass graves of Ireland missing babies-.mp4
She was right- How Catherine Corless uncoverep.mp4
Significant Quantities- Of Human Remains Fou-.mp4
Something strange is happening in Orphanages -.mp4
The Haunted Halls Of Waverly Hills Hospital 1p.mp4
The Tuam Baby Ritual Sacrifice and the Truth -.mp4
They were babies - remains found in Irish chu-.mp4
Tuam and Ireland-s shame- unedited interview p.mp4
Tuam Babies - Would You Believe- - RTÉ One 72-.mp4
Tuam Babies Mass Sewer Graves 360p-.mp4
Tuam Ireland-s Shame Documentary 720p-.mp4
Tuam Mass Graves- A Retrospective (Behind Conp.mp4
Uncovered! Mass Graves in British Columbia - -.mp4
Uncovering Tuam’s mass grave of babies 1080p.mp4
Update- Mass Graves In Ireland 720p-.mp4

04 Murder by Nuns & Clergy, Orphanages & residential schools

Murder by Nuns & Clergy

Children murdered & sexualy abused in Catholi-.mp4
Nun in training smothers newborn to death 360-.mp4
Nuns SEEN Killing Children 720p-.mp4
Priest convicted of murder of nun in hospital-.mp4
Priest Kills Nun During Satanic Ritual - On t-.mp4
Roman Catholic Nuns Forced To Do Awful Thingsp.mp4
Satanic Abuse Nuns Killed Children 1080p.mp4
We Saw Nuns Kill Children- The Ghosts of St. p.mp4

Orhanages & Residential Schools

Bawnboy Workhouse, Co. Cavan, Ireland - A fil-.mp4
Boarding Schools- The Secret Shame – Exposure-.mp4
Catholic Nuns Sisters of Mercy Exposed- Victip.mp4
Christine Buckley Survivor of abuse part one -.mp4
Christine Buckley Survivor of abuse part two -.mp4
Crimes against children at residential schoolp.mp4
Death at Residential Schools 1080p.mp4
-Ex-resident at Catholic orphanage raped by p-.mp4
Former Residential School in Alert Bay Sits Cp.mp4
Glimpse of Residential Schools 480p.mp4
Graves of Deceased Boys of Salthill School 10p.mp4
Guardian Angel Orphanage 1932 visit 480p.mp4
HARDtalk- Mother and Baby Homes Survivors, Ir-.mp4
Interview With Residential School Survivor 48p.mp4
Irish Survivors of Institutional Abuse 480p.mp4
It Matters- The Legacy of Residential Schools-.mp4
KUPER ISLAND ~ Residential School Survivors D-.mp4
Non-indigenous residential school survivor spp.mp4
Orphanage Scam - Don-t Waste Your Money 720p-.mp4
Prime Time - (Anatomy Of A Scandal) 9th June p.mp4
Residential School Survivor Look at what theyp.mp4
Residential School Survivor Personal Stories p.mp4
Residential school survivor says her last namp.mp4
Residential School Survivor Sheila Wolfleg 72-.mp4
Residential school survivor talks about the ep.mp4
Residential School Survivors Set To Detail Abp.mp4
Residential School Survivors Speak in Port Alp.mp4
residential school witness- the murder of a sp.mp4
Residential Schools- A White Perspective 1080p.mp4
Residential Schools Public Service Announcemep.mp4
St. Vincent-s Orphanage- Adoption History 108p.mp4
States of Fear -St.Joseph-s Orphanage,Kilkennp.mp4
Stolen Children - Residential School survivorp.mp4
Stolen lives We were only Children Part 1 480p.mp4
Stolen lives We were only Children Part 1480p.mp4
Stolen lives We were only children Part 2 480p.mp4
Stolen livesWe were only children Part 2 480p.mp4
Survivors of Ireland’s abusive “Mother and Ba-.mp4
The Gruesome Case of the Papin Sisters 720p-.mp4
The Nightmare of Saint Joseph’s Orphanage 720-.mp4
Torture, abuse in Irish Industrial Schools ru-.mp4
Truth & Reconciliation- Stories From Residentp.mp4
-With the Angels- Ireland-s Mother & Baby Homp.mp4

05 Magdalene Laundries

Magdalene Laundries

A former Magdalene Laundry resident speaks ou-.mp4
Abandoned Magdalene Laundry in Donnybrook, Dup.mp4
ACCAI PROTEST DÁIL ÉIREANN 14th Sept 2011 480p.mp4
Cork Magdalene Laundry, Good Shepherd Conventp.mp4
DP-30- The Real Philomena and her daughter, Jp.mp4
Enda Kenny-s State apology to the Magdalene wp.mp4
Felice Gaer Magdalene Laundries UNCAT Questiop.mp4
Gerry Adams on the Magdalene Laundries report-.mp4
Government-s response to religious orders on -.mp4
How the Catholic Church Hid Away Hundreds of p.mp4
Ireland-s Magdalene Laundries- Maeve O-Rourkep.mp4
Irish PM Enda Kenny-s tearful apology to surv-.mp4
Irish Survivors of Institutional Abuse 480p.mp4
Joni Mitchell - Magdalene Laundries (KCRW 199p.mp4
Joni Mitchell - The Magdalene Laundries (Livep.mp4
Joni Mitchell - The Magdalene Laundries (withp.mp4
Joni Mitchell-The Magdalene Laundries (1998) -.mp4
She was right- How Catherine Corless uncoverep.mp4
Statement by Taoiseach Enda Kenny on the Magdalene Laundries.mp4
Stories from an Irish Magdalene Laundry 360p-.mp4
The Chieftains - The Magdalene Laundries Lyrip.mp4
The Forgotten Maggies Official Documentary (5-.mp4
The Forgotten Maggies Official Documentary (5p.mp4
The Good Shepherd Magdalen Laundry 480p.mp4
The Legacy of Ireland-s Cillini and Magdalenep.mp4
The Magdalene Laundries 1080p.mp4
The Magdalene Laundries 480p.mp4
The Magdalene Laundries Ireland - - Magdalenep.mp4
The Magdalene Laundries Ireland - - The Forgop.mp4
The Magdalene Laundries Ireland - A clip fromp.mp4
The Magdalene Laundries Ireland - A documenta-.mp4
The Magdalene Laundries Ireland - A documentap.mp4
The Magdalene Laundries Ireland - -Magdalene p.mp4
The Magdalene Sisters Official Trailer! 360p-.mp4
The nightmares will always be there- These Map.mp4
The Penitent (The Magdalene Laundries) 480p.mp4
The Savage Eye - Magdalene Laundry 360p-.mp4
Vigil for victims of magdalene laundries Galw-.mp4

Sex in a Cold Climate

Sex in a Cold Climate- Part 1 of 4 480p.mp4
Sex in a Cold Climate- Part 2 of 4 480p.mp4
Sex in a Cold Climate- Part 3 of 4 480p.mp4
Sex in a Cold Climate- Part 4 of 4 480p.mp4

Sinners (2002) The Irish Laundry Documentary

Sinners (2002) - Part 1-7 480p.mp4
Sinners (2002) - Part 2-7 480p.mp4
Sinners (2002) - Part 4-7 480p.mp4
Sinners (2002) - Part 5-7 360p.mp4
Sinners (2002) - Part 6-7 480p.mp4
Sinners (2002) - Part 7-7 480p.mp4

06 Magdelene Laundries, Sexual Abuse

Magdalene Laundries (cont'd)

Justice for Magdalenes (JFM) 480p.mp4
Life In a Magdalene Laundry- Haunting Images -.mp4
Life in a magdalene laundry haunting images s-.mp4
Maeve O-Rourke Interview re Magdalene Laundri-.mp4
Magdalene Laundries- Our World, BBC News Chanp.mp4
Magdalene Laundries Priority Question 13th Ma-.mp4
Magdalene Laundries UNCAT Questi-.mp4
Magdalene Laundries- Women -concentration camp.mp4
Magdalene Laundries, Australia, a clip 360p-.mp4
Magdalene Laundries. Ireland-s Forgotten Laun-.mp4
Magdalene Laundry - Cork 1080p.mp4
Magdalene laundry, Angelina Collins 720p-.mp4
Magdalene Laundry, Sth Australia, One woman-s-.mp4
Magdalene sisters 1080p.mp4
Magdalene Survivors Mary Smyth gives an emotip.mp4
Mary Lou McDonald TD speaking on the Magdalen-.mp4
Maureen On Magdalene Laundries 360p-.mp4
Minister Alan Shatter- Statement On The Magdalene Laundries Report.mp4
Prime Time - (Anatomy Of A Scandal) 9th June p.mp4
Remember the Magdalenes- 1st Sept 2011 (2) 4p.mp4
Report into state involvement in the Magdalenp.mp4
Sean Kyne TD on Magdalene Laundries Dail Moti-.mp4
Slave Labour- Magdalene Laundries.mp4

Sexual Abuse


Fagan - Sexual Disorders; Perspectives on Diagnosis and Treatment (2004).pdf
Fileborn & Loney-Howes (Eds.) - #MeToo and the Politics of Social Change (2019).pdf
Friedman & Boumil - Betrayal of Trust; Sex and Power in Professional Relationships (1995).pdf
Heffernan - The Naked Truth; a Working Woman's Manifesto on Business and What Really Matters (2004).pdf
John Jay Report-Nature and Scope of Sexual Abuse (2006).pdf
Lancaster - Sex Panic and the Punitive State (2011).pdf
Leser - Women, Men and the Whole Damn Thing (2019).epub
Muller & Wrangham - Sexual Coercion in Primates and Humans (2009).pdf
Salter - Organised Sexual Abuse (2013).epub
Simic - Regulation of Sexual Conduct in UN Peacekeeping Operations (2012).pdf
Skaine (Ed.) - Abuse; an Encyclopedia of Causes, Consequences, and Treatments (2015).pdf
Wertheimer - Consent to Sexual Relations (2003).pdf

Catholic Church

A Report on the Crisis in the Catholic Church in the United States, The National Review Board for the Protection of Children and Young People (2004).pdf
Allegations Against Collins, Doyle, and Grennan - Ferns.pdf
Allegations Against Fortune - Ferns.pdf
Allegations Against Ledwith - Ferns.pdf
'Analysis of Claims of Child Sexual Abuse Made with Respect to Catholic Church Institutions in Australia', Royal Commission (2017).pdf
Awful Disclosures by Maria Monk of the Hotel Dieu Nunnery of Montreal (1836).pdf
Bennet - Better to Marry than to Burn (www.bereanbeacon.org).pdf
Berry - Lead Us Not into Temptation; Catholic Priests and the Sexual Abuse of Children (2000).pdf
Betrayal; the Crisis in the Catholic Church (2002).epub
Bunkley - Testimony of an Escaped Novice from Sisterhood (1855).pdf
Bunkley - The Escaped Nun; or, Disclosures of Convent Life (1855).pdf
Bunting - Cloak of Silence Covered Abuse at Jesuit Retreat (2002).pdf
Capriano - Sins of the Fathers, Newsweek, pp. 22-37 (Aug 12, 2017).pdf
Carter - Scandal in the Parish; Priests and Parishioners Behaving Badly in Eighteenth-Century France (2019).epub
Case Against Fortier - Manchester.pdf
Case Against LandryL - Manchester.pdf
Catholic Church Needs to Rethink Celibacy (www.smh.com.au, 2002).pdf
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Wright - Secrets of Convent and Confession (1873).pdf
Wright - Secrets of the Convent and the Confessional (1873).pdf

Report into the Catholic Archdiocese of Dublin, Ireland (The Murphy Report)

Murphy Report - Part 1.pdf
Murphy Report - Part 2.pdf

Report of Commission to Inquiry of Child Abuse (CICA), Ireland (The Ryan Report)

CICA-Executive Summary.pdf
CICA-VOL1-01-Establishment of the Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse (CICA).pdf
CICA-VOL1-02-History of industrial schools and Reformatories.pdf
CICA-VOL1-04-What the Schools Were Required to Do.pdf
CICA-VOL1-05-Investigation Committee Report-Preliminary Issues.pdf
CICA-VOL1-06-The Congregation of Christian Brothers.pdf
CICA-VOL1-07-St Joseph’s Industrial School, Artane.pdf
CICA-VOL1-08-Letterfrack Industrial School.pdf
CICA-VOL1-09-St Joseph’s Industrial School, Tralee.pdf
CICA-VOL1-10-Carriglea Park Industrial School, Dun, Laoghaire.pdf
CICA-VOL1-11-St Joseph’s Industrial School, Glin, Co Limerick.pdf
CICA-VOL1-12-St Joseph’s Industrial School, Salthill.pdf
CICA-VOL1-13-St Joseph’s School for Deaf Boys, Cabra.pdf
CICA-VOL1-14-John Brander.pdf
CICA-VOL1-15-St Conleth’s Reformatory School, Daingean, County Offaly.pdf
CICA-VOL1-16-Marlborough House.pdf
CICA-VOL2-01-Institute of Charity - St Patrick’s, Upton, and St Joseph’s, Ferryhouse.pdf
CICA-VOL2-02-St. Patrick’s Industrial School, Upton.pdf
CICA-VOL2-03-St Joseph’s Industrial School, Ferryhouse, Clonmel.pdf
CICA-VOL2-04-St Joseph’s Industrial School, Greenmount.pdf
CICA-VOL2-05-Our Lady of Good Counsel, Lota, Glanmire, County Cork.pdf
CICA-VOL2-06-The Sisters of Mercy.pdf
CICA-VOL2-07-St Vincent’s Industrial School, Goldenbridge.pdf
CICA-VOL2-08-St Michael’s Industrial School, Cappoquin, County Waterford.pdf
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A new Easter pastime.jpg
Papal slight of hand anything but holy.jpg
Priestly hypocrisy.jpg
The Catholic Church's shameful scandals.jpg
The Pope's reputation goes up in smoke.jpg


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On Campus

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Sexual harrassment

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Victim Recovery

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