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Sporting Arms - library of reference materials 2 DVD-ROM digital library boxed

Sporting Arms - library of reference materials 2 DVD-ROM digital library boxed

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This is 2 DVD-ROM library consisting of a collection of over 1000 firearms manuals, a file with over 900 exploded isometric drawings and books on firearms care and maintainence and repair. This collection represents a virtual encyclopedia of information on firearms for the gun shop owner or gunsmith and is a fine addition to any gunsmithing library. They are also an excellent reference for any firearms collector.
 These disks is intended as an aid in lawful sporting activities involving firearms and does not contain instructions for illegally converting civilian semi-auto firearms to full auto or on noise supressors. These disks contains technical information only, it does not contain information on firearms usage (other than what may be in a factory manual) or marksmanship and in no way encourages the illegal use of firearms nor does it contain information on or encourage violence of any kind toward anyone. While this collection of technical information manuals is composed mostly of civilian sporting arms, it does contains some information on various military arms.


01 EXPLODED DRAWINGS: (These are all contained in one file)



ACTION ARMS American Arms CX22/CXC22 Auto, EP380 Auto, P98 Auto, PK22 Auto, PX22 Auto, ZC380 Auto
AMT 380 Backup Auto, 45 Hardball, Combat and Longslide Autos, Lightning Auto, Skipper Auto  
AN SC UTZ Anschutz Exemplar Bolt Action
ARM IN EX Trifire Auto
ASTRA Cadix Revolver, Camper Auto, Constable Auto, Cub Auto, Falcon Auto, Firecat Auto, 357 AST Revolver, 400 Auto, A-60 DA Auto, A-80 DA Auto, A-90 DA Auto, 41, 44 and 45 Revolver

AUTO MAG/AUTO-ORDNANCE Auto Mag 180 Auto, Auto-Ordnance 1911-Al Auto
BERETTA  1915-1919 Auto,  1934 Auto,  20 Auto,  21A Auto,  70 Auto, 76 Auto, 81 and 84 Auto,  85B and 85BB Auto,  87 Auto,  90 Auto,  92 Auto,  92F and 92F Compact Auto, 92S Auto, 92SB, 92SB Compact and 98 Auto 54, 950 B and 950 BS Auto .55
BERNARDELLI 60 Auto80, Auto90  Auto P0-18 Auto VB6O Auto

BERSA 644 Auto, 83-73 Auto, 223 Auto, 224, 225 and 226 Auto
BORCHARDT Borchardt Autoloading Pistol
BREN Bren Ten Combat Auto Bren Ten Pocket Auto Bren Ten Special Forces Auto
BRNO CZ-75 Auto
BROWNING 25 Auto, 380 and 32 Auto (Pre-1969)....73, 380 Auto (1 969-1 974), BDA DA Auto, BDA 380 Auto, BDA 380 (1978-Present), Buckmark Auto, Buckmark Silhouette Auto, Buckmark Varmint Auto, Browning Challenger II Auto, Challenger Ill Auto, 9mm Hi-Power Auto, 1900 Auto, 1910 Auto, 1922 Auto, 1935 Hi-Power Auto, Nomad, Challenger and Medalist, Auto, Browning Swedish 1907
CALICO 100 Auto  
Bulldog 44 Special Revolver, Bulldog Tracker Revolver, 0ff-Duty Revolver, Pathfinder Revolver, Police Bulldog and Police Under cove Revolver, Target Bulldog Revolver, Undercover Revolver

COLLIER Flintlock

COLT 1849 Revolver, 1851 Navy and 1862 Pocket Navy Revolver,  1855 Sidehammer Revolver,  1860 Army, 1861 Navy and 1862 Police Revolver,  22-Caliber Conversion Unit,  22 Short and 25 ACP Pocket Auto,  32 and 380 Pocket Auto,  Anaconda Revolver,  Buntline Special Revolver,  Cobra Revolver (Old Model),  Combat Commander, 10mm Delta Elite, Lightweight Commander MK.IV, Officers ACP MK.IV Series 80 and Gold Cup National Match MK.IV Series 80 Auto  Commando, Diamondback and Viper Revolver,  Derringer #3,  Derringer #4,  Detective Special and Agent (Old Model) Revolver,  Detective Special, Agent and Cobra (New Model) Revolver,  Double Eagle Auto,  Frontier Scout and Buntline Scout Revolver,  Gold Cup New Auto,  Government 380 and, Mustang Auto,  King Cobra Revolver,  Lawman Mk. Ill, Metro Police Mk. Ill, Official Police Mk. Ill, Trooper Mk. Ill and Peacekeeper Revolver,  Lightning Revolver,  1911-1911A1 Auto,  New Army and New Navy Revolver,  New Frontier 22 Revolver,  New Frontier SM Revolver,  Officer’s Match Revolver,  Official Police Revolver,  Paterson Revolver,  Peacemaker, Peacemaker Buntline, New Frontier and New Frontier Buntline Revolver,  Pocket Auto,  Police Positive Special Revolver....,  Police Python, Python and Trooper
(Old Model) Revolver,  Single Action Army Revolver,  Walker and 1st, 2nd and 3rd Dragoon Revolver,  Woodsman Match Target, Target, Sport, Huntsman and Targetsman Auto
COONAN A 357 Magnum Auto

C .0. P. 4-Shot Derringer,

CZECH CZ 50 Auto, CZ 1927 Auto, CZ 1938 Auto, CZ 1945 Auto,

DAN WESSON 12 Revolver Dan Wesson 8-2S, 14-2S, 708 and 714 Revolver, 8-2, 9-2, 14-2 and 15-2 Revolver, 375, 40, 41, 44, 45, 740, 741 and 744 Revolver Dan Wesson 44 Revolver

DAVIS Derringer 147 Davis P-32 and P-380 Auto

DESERT EAGLE Eale 41/44 Magnum Auto

DETON ICS Combat Master Auto

DREYSE 1907 Auto

EMF EMF Dakota 1873 Revolver 152 EMF Remington 1875 Army Revolver  
Enfield No. 2 Mk. I Revolver

ERMA 22 Auto, KGP68A Auto, KGP69 Auto, RX22 Auto

FEDERAL ORDNANCE C-96 Auto, 714 Auto

FREEDOM ARMS 454 Casull Revolver, Mini Revolver

FRENCH 1892 Ordnance Revolverl63 French 1935A Auto

FROM MER Stop Auto

GLISENTI 1910 Auto

GLOCK 17 Auto

GREAT WESTERN Single-Action Revolver, Derringer



HAMMERLI 103 Single Shot, 120 Single Shot, 150 Single Shot, 152 Single Shot, 208/211 and 214/215 Auto, 232 Auto, 280 Auto

 HARRINGTON & RICHARDSON Handy Gun, 32 Auto, 603, 604, 903, 904, 905, 504, 826, 829 and, Revolver, 732 and 733 Revolver, 922 and 933 Revolver, 925 Revolver, 929 Revolver, 949, 950, 976, 649, 650, 660, 666, 676 and, Revolver, 999 Sportsman Revolver, Top Break 22 7-Shot Revolver

HECKLER & KOCH HK-4 Auto, P7 Auto, P7M8 Auto, Heckler&Koch P7M13, P7 (PSP) Auto, P9S 9mm Auto, SP89 Auto, VP7OZ Auto

HIGH STANDARD Derringer, Duramatic Auto, Mark I Sentinel Revolver Military 107 Auto, 100 and 101 Auto, 104 Super Citation, Auto, HB Auto, R-101 Revolver, R-108 Revolver, W-102 and W-103 Revolver  W-104 and W-105 Revolver 207 Sentinel Deluxe Revolver Sport King Auto, Supermatic Auto, Takedown Auto

IAI Javelina Auto


INTRATEC Derringer, TEC-22 Auto, TEC-9 Auto

IVER JOHNSON 25ACP DA Auto, 50 Revolver, 66 Revolver, Pony Auto, Top-Break Revolver, TP22 Auto

JAPANESE Baby Nambu Auto, Japanese Nambu Type 14 Auto, Japanese Type 26 Revolver, Japanese Type 94 Auto

JENNINGS Jennings J-22 Auto

JERICHO Jericho 941 Auto

 LAR LAR Grizzly Win. Mag. Mark II Auto

LE FRANCAIS 9mm Browning Auto, Pocket Auto

LLAMA 22 Auto, 32 Auto, 357 Revolver, 380 Auto, 44 Magnum Revolver, 45 Auto, 45 Omni Auto, M-87 Auto, 9mm DA M-82 Auto, 9mm Omni Auto, 9mm Parabellum Auto, Commanche Ill Revolver, Large Frame IX-A Auto, Large Frame lX-B Auto, Martial 38 and 22 Revolver, Super Commanche 44 Magnum Revolver

LUGER Conversion Unit, 1900-02 Auto, 1908 Auto

LYMAN 1851 Navy Revolver, 1860 Army Revolver

MAB A Auto, MAB D Auto, MAB P8 Auto, MAB P15 Auto, MAB R22 Auto, MAB Winfield Auto

MAKAROV Makarov 9mm Auto

MANN Mann Auto,

MANNLICHER Mannlicher 1901 Auto

MAUSER Mauser HSc Auto, Mauser HSc (Post-1945) Auto Mauser 1896 “Broomhandle” (Early Type Cone Hammer) Auto, Mauser 1909-1910 Pocket Auto, Mauser 1910-1934 Pocket Auto, MauserW.T.P. Old Auto

MITCHELL Mitchell 22 Rimfire Revolver, Mitchell SA Target/Silhouette Revolver Mitchell Single Action Revolver

MKE MKE Turkish 380 Auto

NEW DETONICS New Detonics Scoremaster/Servicemaster, Auto

NORINCO Norinco 213 Auto

NORTH AMERICAN North American 450 Magnum Revolver, North American A-22S-5 Mini Revolver

ORTGI ES Ortgies Pocket Auto

PA RA-O RD N A N CE Para-Ordnance P14-45 Auto

POLISH Polish 1935 (P-35) Auto

RAM-LINE Ram-Line Exactor Auto

RAVEN Raven P-25 and MP-25 Auto

REMINGTON Remington Double Derringer Auto Remington 1890 Frontier Revolver Remington 51 Auto 284 Remington New Army 44 Revolver  Remington New Pocket Revolver Remington XP-100 Bolt Action

RIGARMI Rigarmi 22 and 25 Auto

ROHM Rohm RG 63 Revolver

ROSS I Rossi 22 Senator Revolver  Rossi 68, 69, 70 and 31 Revolver Rossi Target Revolver

RUGER Ruger 44 Magnum Blackhawk 293 Ruger 357 Maximum Blackhawk Revolver Ruger Bearcat 22 Revolver, Ruger Bisley Revolver, Ruger Bisley Rimfire Revolver, Ruger Blackhawk and Super Blackhawk Revolver, Ruger GP-1 00 Revolver, Ruger Hawkeye, Ruger Mark II Standard & Target Auto Ruger New Bisley Revolver, Ruger New Blackhawk Revolver, Ruger New Single-Six SA Revolver, Ruger New Super Blackhawk Hunter Revolver, Ruger Old Army Blackpowder Revolver  Ruger P85 Auto, Ruger New Blackhawk Revolver, Ruger Single-Six Revolver, Huger Super Blackhawk Hunter Revolver Ruger P85 MKll Auto, Huger P89DC Auto, Ruger P9ODC Auto, Huger Redhawk Revolver, Ruger Security Six, SP-6, and PS-6 Revolver, Ruger Old Single-Six Revolver Ruger SP-101 Revolver, Ruger Stainless Blackhawk and Super Blackhawk Revolver, Ruger Stainless New Single-Six Revolver, Ruger Standard and Target Mark I Auto 320 Ruger Super Redhawk Revolver,

RUSS IAN Russian Tokarev Auto

SAFARI ARMS Safari Arms Enforcer and Matchmaster

SAUER Sauer 1913 Auto, Sauer 38H Auto

SAUER & SOHN Sauer&Sohn 1930 Auto

SAVAGE Savage 1910 Auto, Savage 1917 Auto

SIG NEUHAUSEN SlG-Neuhausen Auto

SIG-SAUER SlG-Sauer P220 Auto, SIG-Sauer P225 Auto, SIG-Sauer P226 Auto, SIG-Sauer P228 Auto, SIG-Sauer P230 Auto

SMITH & WESSON 22 1 (Second Issue) Revolver, 38 Safety Hammerless 44 American Revolver 10 Revolver, 12 Revolver, 13 Revolver, 14 Revolver, 15 Revolver, 16 Revolver, 17 Revolver, 18 Revolver, 19 Revolver, 22/32 Kit Gun Revolver, 24 Revolver, 25 Revolver, 27 Revolver, 28 Revolver, 29 Revolver, 30 and 31 Revolver 32 and 33 Revolver 34 and 35 Revolver 35 Auto, 36 Revolver, 37 Revolver, 38 Revolver, 39 Auto, 40 and 42 Revolver 41 Auto, 43 and 51 Revolver 46 Auto, 48 Revolver, 49 Revolver, 52 Auto, 53 Revolver, 57 Revolver, 58 Revolver, 59 Auto, 60 Revolver, 61 Auto 63 Revolver, 64 Revolver, 65 Revolver, 66 Revolver, 67 Revolver, 422 Auto, 439 Auto, 459 Auto, 469 Auto, 539 Auto, 547 Revolver, 559 Auto, 581 Revolver.586 Revolver624 Revolver, 629-1 Revolver389 639 Auto, 645 Auto, 649 revolver 650 Revolver  651 Revolver.657 Revolver 659 Auto, 669 Auto, 681 Revolver, 686 Revolver, 745 Auto, Tip-Up 32 Revolver
SPRINGFIELD Springfield Armory 1911 -A2 Auto, Springfield Armory Omega Auto, Springfield Armory P9 Auto

STAR Star 3OPK Auto, Star BKS Starlight Auto, Star BM and BKM Auto, Star BS Auto, Star Firestar Auto, Star F Auto, Star 30M Auto, Star FM Auto, Star P, A and B Auto, Star PD Auto, Star Starfire Auto, Star Starlet Auto

STERLING Sterling 400 Mk.II Auto, Sterling 300 and 302 Auto, Sterling 285 Auto

STEYR Steyr 1912 Auto, Steyr 1908 Auto, Steyr SP Auto, Steyr-Hahn 1911 Auto

STOEGER Stoeger Luger Auto

SWEDISH Swedish Lahti Auto

TANARM I Tanarmi BTA9O Auto, Tanarmi TA38S Derringer, Tanarmi TA9O Auto

 TARGA Targa GT26 Auto, Targa GT27B and GT27C Auto 430 Auto 323

TAURUS Taurus 65 Revolver, Taurus 66 Revolver, Taurus 67 Revolver, Taurus 689 Revolver, Taurus 70 Revolver, Taurus 71 Revolver, Taurus 73 Revolver, Taurus 76 Revolver, Taurus 80 Revolver, Taurus 82 and 82S Revolver, Taurus 83 and 83S Revolver, Taurus 85 and 85S Revolver, Taurus 85S Stainless Revolver Taurus 86 Revolver, Taurus 87 Revolver, Taurus 88 and 889 Revolver, Taurus 90 Revolver, Taurus 93 Revolver, Taurus 94 Revolver, Taurus 96 Revolver, Taurus PT-22 Auto, Taurus PT-25 Auto, Taurus PT-51 Auto, Taurus PT-53 Auto, Taurus PT-55 Auto, Taurus PT-57 S Auto, Taurus PT-57 TA Auto, Taurus PT-92 Auto, Taurus PT-92 AF Auto, Taurus PT-99 Auto, Taurus PT-99 AF Auto,

TEXAS LONGHORN Texas Longhorn Single-Action Revolver
THOMPSON/CENTER Thompson/Center Contender (Old Style)  
Flintlock Pistol

UBERTI Uberti 1849 Pocket Revolver, Uberti 1860 Army Revolver, Uberti 1861 Navy Revolver, Uberti 1862 Navy Pocket Revolver, Uberti 1862 Police Revolver, Uberti 1875 Remington Revolver, Uberti 1st and 2nd Dragoon Revolver, Uberti 3rd Dragoon Revolver, Uberti Buckhorn Revolver, Uberti Cattleman SA Revolver, Uberti Rolling Block Single Shot, Uberti Stallion Revolver, Uberti Walker Revolver, Uberti Wells Fargo Revolver

UNIQUE Unique 823UAu, Unique 2000 U Auto 4.80 Unique Escort and Corsair Auto, Unique Bcf 66 Auto

U.S. 1842 Percussion

UZI Auto

VIRGINIAN Virginian Dragoon Revolver

WALT HER Waither 1 Auto, Walther 4 Auto, Waither 8 Auto, Waither 9 Auto, Walther Olympia-Pistole Auto, Waither Olympia Rapid-Fire Auto, Walther P-38 Auto

WEBLEY Webley Mark IV Revolver, Webley Metropolitan Police Auto, Webley & Scott 455 Auto

WHITNEY Whitney Wolverine 22 Auto

WILKINSON Wilkinson Arms Linda Auto


Timber Wolf Slide-Action Rifle

 AMERICAN ARMS AKF 39 & AKY Autoloading Rifle, Black Magic Autoloading Shotgun, Brittany Side-by-Side Shotgun, Eagle Over/Under Shotgun, Silver I & II, Sterling, Bristol & Charles Daly 0/U Shotgun Over/Under Shotgun 504, 505 Turkey or Waterfowl Special Side-by-Side
Shotgun, Turkey and Waterfowl Special Single Shotgun, Turkey or Waterfowl Special Over/Under Shotgun

ANSCHUTZ Achiever Bolt-Action Rifle, Mark 2000 & 2000 D Bolt-Action Rifle 1415,1415 D, 1416,1416 D, 1515 D & 1516 D Deluxe Bolt-Action Rifle  1418 D and 1518 D Deluxe Bolt- Action Rifle 1422 D and 1522 D Classic Bolt-Ac tio Rifle  1449, 1449 D, 1450, & 1450 D Bolt- Action Rifle 1803, 1803 D, 1803 L&1803 LD Bolt-Action Rifle, 525 Autoloading Rifle

AUTO-ORDNANCE 1927 A-i and 1927 Ml Autoloading Rifle,

AYA 1 Side-by-Side Shotgun, 2 Side-by-Side Shotgun, 37 Over/Under Shotgun, 53 Side-by-Side Shotgun, 56 Side-by-Side Shotgun, XXV Side-by-Side Shotgun

BALLARD Single-Shot Rifle

BENELLI Ml Super 90 Autoloading Shotgun Montefeltro Super 90 Autoloading Shotgun
BERETTA A300 Autoloading Shotgun, A301 Autoloading Shotgun, A302 Autoloading Shotgun, A303 Autoloading Shotgun, AR7O Autoloading Rifle, 680 Over/Under Shotgun, 682 Over/Under Shotgun, 685 Over/Under Shotgun, 686 Over/Under Shotgun, 687 Over/Under Shotgun

BOITO New Over/Under Shotgun, Side-by-Side Shotgun

BREDA Mark II Autoloading Shotgun

 BRIDGE Single Shot Shotgun,

BRITISH LEE-ENIELD No. 1, Mark 1W (SMLE) Bolt-Action Rifle, No. 4, Mark I’ (SMLE) Bolt Action Rifle
BROWNING 1885 Lever-Action Rifle, 1886 Lever-Action Rifle, 1895 Lever-Action Rifle, Auto-22 Autoloading Rifle, Auto-5 Autoloading Shotgun, A-500R Autoloading Shotgun, A-Bolt Bolt-Action Rifle, A-Bolt 22 Bolt-Action Rifle, BAR Magnum Autoloading Rifle, BAR Standard Autoloading Rifle, BAR-22 Type II Autoloading Rifle, BAR-22 Type Ill Autoloading Rifle, BBR Bolt-Action Rifle, BLR (81) Lever-Action Rifle, BPS Slide-Action Shotgun, B-2000 Autoloading Shotgun, B-27 Over/Under Shotgun, B-78 Single Shot Rifle, B-80 Autoloading Shotgun, B-92 Lever-Action Rifle, 8-SS Side-by-Side Shotgun, BT-99 Single Shot Shotgun, Citori Original Over/Under Shotgun, Citori Type 1 Over/Under Shotgun, Citori Type 2 Over/Under Shotgun, Citori Type 3 Over/Under Shotgun, Double Automatic Shotgun, FAL Standard Autoloading Rifle, High-Power Bolt-Action Rifle, Liege Over/Under Shotgun, 12 Slide-Action Shotgun, 65 Lever-Action Rifle, 71 Lever-Action Rifle, BL-22 Lever-Action Rifle, Percussion Mountain Rifle, Superposed Over/Under Shotgun, T-Bolt Bolt-Action Rifle

BSA CF2 High-Power Autoloading Rifle


CHARLES DALY 1 2-Gauge Autoloading Shotgun

CHARTER ARMS AR-7 Explorer Autoloading Rifle, AR-7S Explorer Autoloading Rifle

CHIPMUNK Single Shot Rifle

CHURCHILL Bolt-Action Rifle, Over/Under Shotgun, Side-by-Side Shotgun

 COLT AR1 5-A2 Sporter Autoloading Rifle, AR15-A2 Autoloading Rifle, Colteer Autoloading Rifle, Courier Autoloading Rifle, Lightning Slide-Action Rifle, Stagecoach Autoloading Rifle

COLT/SAUER Bolt-Action Rifle

DIARM Derby Side-by-Side Shotgun, Bristol Over/Under Shotgun, Lince Over/Under Shotgun, Silver Over/Under Shotgun, Shogun Side-By-Side Shotgun, York Side-by-Side Shotgun

D-MAX Autoloading Carbine

ENFIELD 1917 Bolt-Action Rifle

ERMA EG 722 Autoloading Rifle, EG 73 Lever-Action Rifle, EM1 Autoloading Rifle, ESG 22 Autoloading Rifle

EXCAM Senator SOUF12 Over/Under Shotgun Senator SOUF2O Over/Under Shotgun Senator SOUF41 Over/Under Shotgun
FN 1949 Autoloading Rifle, Supreme Bolt-Action Rifle

FOX B Side-by-Side Shotgun, B-SE Side-by-Side Shotgun, B-C Side-by-Side Shotgun B-D Side-by-Side Shotgun, B-E Side-by-Side Shotgun, BDE Side-by-Side Shotgun, BSE Series F Side-by-Side Shotgun BSE Series H Side-by-Side Shotgun BSE-C Side-by-Side Shotgun
BSE-D Side-by-Side Shotgun, BSE-E Side-by-Side Shotgun, BST Side-by-Side Shotgun

FRANCH I Autoloading Shotgun

 FRENCH MAS 1936 Bolt-Action Rifle, 1874 Gras Bolt-Action Rifle

GALIL 308 AR Autoloading Rifle

GARCIA Bronco Single Shot Shotgun

GERMAN 43 Bolt-Action Rifle

GLEN FIELD 15 Bolt-Action Rifle, 15 Youth Bolt-Action Rifle, 30A Lever-Action Shotgun, 30A5 Lever-Action Shotgun, 50 Bolt-Action Shotgun

HARRINGTON & RICHARDSON 088 Single Shot Shotgun, 099 Single Shot Shotgun, 360 Autoloading Rifle, 440 Slide-Action Shotgun, 480 Topper Jr. Single Shot Shotgun 580 Topper Jr. Single Shot Shot, 700 Autoloading Rifle, 700 Deluxe Autoloading Rifle, 750 Pioneer Bolt-Action Rifle, 751 Pioneer Bolt-Action Rifle, 755 Sahara Single Shot Rifle, 760 Sahara Single Shot Rifle, Mustang 163 Single Shot Rifle Topper 158 Combo Single Shot Rifle  
300 Autoloading Rifle, 33 Full-Auto Rifle, 630 Autoloading Rifle, 770 Autoloading Rifle, 91A2 Autoloading Rifle, 93A2 Autoloading Rifle, 940 Autoloading Rifle, MP 5A2/A3 Full-Auto Rifle, 5L6 Autoloading Rifle, SL7 Autoloading Rifle,

HEYM 33N Drilling, 37 Drilling, SR 20 Bolt-Action Rifle

HIGH STANDARD 12-Gauge Slide-Action Shotgun, Flite King Slide-Action Shotgun, 1 OA Autoloading Shotgun, 200 Slide-Action Shotgun, 514 Bolt-Action Shotgun, Sport King Autoloading Carbine, Supermatic Deluxe C-i, Autoloading Shotgun, Supermatic Deluxe C-1211
Autoloading Shotgun,

HOWA Series 1500 Bolt-Action Rifle

HUNGARIAN 98/40 Bolt-Action Rifle

IGA Over/Under Shotgun, Side-by-Side Shotgun, Single Barrel Shotgun

INTERARMS Mark X Bolt-Action Rifle

ITALIAN CARCANO 1891 Bolt-Action Rifle

ITHACA LSA-65 Bolt-Action Rifle, Mag 10 Autoloading Shotgun, 37 Featherweight Slide-Action Shotgun 51 Featherlight Autoloading Shotgun, 66 Supersingle Single Shot Lever-Action Shotgun, 72 Lever-Action Rifle, Perazzi Single Barrel Trap Shotgun, XL-300 Autoloading Shotgun, XL-900 Autoloading Shotgun

JAPANESE Arisaka 1905 Bolt-Action Carbine, Arisaka Type 38 Bolt-Action Rifle

J.C. HIGGINS 10 Bolt-Action Shotgun, 20 Slide-Action Shotgun, 28 Autoloading Rifle, 29 Autoloading Rifle, 30 Autoloading Rifle, 31 Autoloading Rifle, 60 Autoloading Shotgun

JOHNSON Autoloading Rifle

KASSNAR Omega Over/Under Shotgun, Omega Single Shot Shotgun, Regent VI Side-by-Side Shotgun

KIM BER 82 U.S. Government Bolt-Action Rifle

KRAG-JORGENSEN 1892-99 Bolt-Action Rifle

KREIGHOFF K-32 Over/Under Shotgun, K-80 Over/Under Shotgun, KS-5 Single Shot Shotgun

LANBER 844 ST Over/Under Shotgun

LAURONA 82 Over/Under Shotgun, 85 Over/Under Shotgun

L.C. SMITH Double Side-by-Side Shotgun

LEE Straight-Pull Single Shot Rifle

MADSEN 1958 Bolt-Action Rifle

MANNLICHER-SCHOENAUER 1903 Bolt-Action Rifle, 1905 Bolt-Action Rifle, 1908 Bolt-Action Rifle, 1910 Bolt-Action Rifle

MARLIN 10 Bolt-Action Rifle, 101 Bolt-Action Rifle, 15YN Little Buckaroo Bolt-Action Rifle, 1881 Lever-Action Rifle, 1894 Lever-Action Carbine, 1894C Lever-Action Carbine, 1894CS Lever-Action Carbine 1894M Lever-Action Rifle, 1894S Lever-Action Carbine, 1895 Lever-Action Rifle, 1895S Lever-Action Rifle, 1895SS Lever-Action Rifle, 25MN Bolt-Action Rifle, 25N Bolt-Action Rifle, 30 Lever-Action Rifle, 3OAS Lever-Action Rifle, 336A Lever-Action Rifle, 336CS Lever-Action Rifle, 375 Lever-Action Rifle, 375S Lever-Action Rifle, 39A Lever-Action Rifle, 39AS Lever-Action Rifle, 39TDS Lever-Action Carbine, 444 Lever-Action Rifle, 444S Lever-Action Rifle, 444SS Lever-Action Rifle, 45 Autoloading Carbine, 50 Bolt-Action Rifle, 5510 Supergoose Bolt-Action Shotgun, 56 Lever-Action Rifle, 57 Lever-Action Rifle, 59 Bolt-Action Shotgun, 60G Bolt-Action Shotgun, 60 Autoloading Rifle, 7OHC Autoloading Rifle, 70P Autoloading Carbine, 75 Autoloading Carbine, 75C Autoloading Carbine, 778 and 120 Slide-Action Shotgun
780 Bolt-Action Rifle, Glenfield 20 & 25 Bolt-Action Rifle, 80C Bolt-Action Rifle, 8ODL Bolt-Action Rifle, 880 Bolt-Action Rifle, 883 Bolt-Action Rifle, 9 Autoloading Carbine, 989M2 Autoloading Carbine, 995 Autoloading Carbine

MAUSER 1888 Commission Bolt-Action Rifle, 1891 Argentine Bolt-Action Rifle, 1893 Bolt-Action Rifle, 1894 Bolt-Actoin Rifle, 1896 Bolt-Action Rifle, 71/84 Bolt-Action Rifle, 98 Bolt-Action Rifle

MITCHELL ARMS AK-22 Autoloading Rifle, AK-47 Autoloading Rifle, M-16 Autoloading Rifle

MOSSB ERG 144-LS Bolt-Action Rifle, 183K Bolt-Action Shotgun, 183KE Bolt-Action Shotgun, 183T Bolt-Action Shotgun, 184T Bolt-Action Shotgun, 184TY Bolt-Action Shotgun, 283T Bolt-Action Shotgun, 340B Bolt-Action Rifle, 340K Bolt-Action Rifle, 341 Bolt-Action Rifle, 346KB Bolt-Action Rifle, 350KC Autoloading Rifle, 385K Bolt-Action Shotgun, 385KB Bolt-Action Shotgun, 390KA Bolt-Action Shotgun, 395K Bolt-Action Shotgun, 395KA Bolt-Action Shotgun, 395KB Bolt-Action Rifle, 472PCA Lever-Action Rifle, 472PRA Lever-Action Rifle, 485 Bolt-Action Shotgun, 490A Bolt-Action Shotgun, 495A Bolt-Action Shotgun, 500 Bullpup Slide-Action Shotgun, 500 Slide-Action Shotgun, 5500 Mark II Autoloading Shotgun, 800 Bolt-Action Rifle, 835 Ulti-Mag Slide-Action Shotgun
NAVY ARMS 1866 Henry Military Lever-Action Rifle, 1873 Trapdoor Springfield Rifle

NEW ENGLAND FIREARMS Pardner Single Shot Shotgun

NEWTON Bolt-Action Rifle,

NOBLE 160 Slide-Action Shotgun, 60 Slide-Action Shotgun, 6OAF Slide-Action Shotgun, 60G Slide-Action Shotgun, 65 Slide-Action Shotgun, 65G Slide-Action Shotgun, 70G Slide-Action Shotgun, 72G Slide-Action Shotgun,

PARKER Side-by-Side Shotgun

PARKER-HALE 1000 Series Bolt-Action Rifle, 1100 Series Bolt-Action Rifle, 1200 Series Bolt-Action Rifle, 600 Side-by-Side Shotgun


PERAZZI DB81 E Over/Under Shotgun, Grade MT6 MS8O and DB81 E Over/Under Shotgun, Grand America SCO Over/Under Shotgun Grand America SC3 Over/Under Shotgun Mirage DB81 Over/Under Shotgun, Mirage MX8 Over/Under Shotgun, TM1 Single Shot Shotgun, TMX Single Shot Shotgun

REMINGTON 11 Autoloading Shotgun, 11-48 Autoloading Shotgun, 11-87 Autoloading Shotgun, 1100 Autoloading Shotgun, 12 Slide-Action Rifle, 31 Slide-Action Shotgun, 3200 Over/Under Shotgun 37 Rangemaster Bolt-Action Rifle 40-XB Centerf ire Bolt-Action Rifle
40-XB Rimfire Bolt-Action Rifle 510-X Bolt-Action Rifle, 511 -X Bolt-Action Rifle, 512-X Bolt-Action Rifle, 514 Single Shot Bolt-Action Rifle 521-T Single Shot Bolt-Action Rifle 540-X Single Shot Bolt-Action Rifle 541-S Bolt-Action Rifle, 541-T Bolt-Action Rifle, 550-1 Autoloading Rifle, 552 Autoloading Rifle, 552 BDL Autoloading Rifle, 572 Autoloading Rifle, 572 BDL Autoloading Rifle, 580 Bolt-Action Rifle, 581 Bolt-Action Rifle, 582 Bolt-Action Rifle, 600 Bolt-Action Carbine, 700 New Bolt-Action Rifle
700 Old Style Bolt-Action Rifle..., 721 Bolt-Action Rifle, 722 Bolt-Action Rifle, 742 Autoloading Rifle, 760 Slide-Action Rifle, 7600 Slide-Action Rifle, 788 Bolt-Action Rifle, 8 Autoloading Rifle, 81 Autoloading Rifle, 870 Slide-Action Shotgun, 878 Autoloading Shotgun, Four Autoloading Rifle, Seven Bolt-Action Rifle, Six Autoloading Rifle, Nylon 66 Autoloading Rifle, Nylon 76 Lever-Action Rifle, Nylon 77 Autoloading Rifle, Rolling Block Rifle, SF-b Magnum Autoloading Shotgun Sportsman 12 Autoloading Shotgun, Sportsman 12 Slide-Action Shotgun

RICHLAND 200 Side-by-Side Shotgun, 202 Side-by-Side Shotgun, 711 Side-by-Side Shotgun

ROSSI 59 Slide-Action Rifle, 62SA Slide-Action Rifle, 62SAC Slide-Action Rifle, 92SRC Lever-Action Carbine, Overland Side-by-Side Shotgun, Single Shot Shotgun, Squire Side-by-Side Shotgun

RUGER 44 Autoloading Carbine, Mini-i 4 Autoloading Rifle (180-Prefix)..., Mini-b 4 Autoloading Rifle (181-184 Prefix) Mini-14 Ranch Autoloading Rifle ., Mini-Thirty Autoloading Rifle, 10/22 Autoloading Rifle, 77 Bolt-Action Rifle, 77/22 Bolt-Action Rifle, M-77 Mark II Bolt-Action Rifle, No. 1 Single Shot Rifle, No. 3 Single Shot Carbine, Red Label Over/Under Shotgun

SAKO Finnbear Bolt-Action Rifle, Finnwolf Lever-Action Rifle, Forrester Bolt-Action Rifle, Vixen Bolt-Action Rifle

SAUER 200 Bolt-Action Rifle

SAVAGE 110 Bolt-Action Rifle, 11OB Bolt-Action Rifle 814,, hOC Bolt-Action Rifle 814,, 11OCL Bolt-Action Rifle, hOD Bolt-Action Rifle, hOE Bolt-Action Rifle  11 OE Series J Bolt-Action Rifle HOE Series K Bolt-Action Rifle, 1 1OF Bolt-Action Rifle, 11OM Bolt-Action Rifle, 1 lOP Bolt-Action Rifle, hOPE Bolt-Action Rifle, 11 OV Bolt-Action Rifle, 111 Series J Bolt-Action Rifle , 112 Series J Bolt-Action Rifle, 170 Series A and B Slide-Action Rifle, 1 70C Series A and B Slide-Action Rifle, 219L Single Shot Rifle, 219LD Single Shot Rifle, 22OL Single Shot Shotgun, 22OLD Single Shot Shotgun, 23B Bolt-Action Rifle, 23C Bolt-Action Rifle, 23D-19H Bolt-Action Rifle, 24 Series M, P and S Combo, 2400 Combo, 242 Series C and D Over/Under Shotgun, 24C Series M, P and S Combo 24D Series M, P and S Combo 24MS Over/Under Combo, 24MSD Over/Under Combo, 24MSE Over/Under Combo, 24S Over/Under Combo, 24SD Over/Under Combo, 24SE Over/Under Combo, 24V Combo, 24V-A Combo, 30 Series D, E and F Slide-Action
Shotgun, 30 & Stevens Variants Slide-Action Shotgun, 30D Slide-Action Shotgun, 30E Slide-Action Shotgun, 3OH Slide-Action Shotgun 30J Series A, B and C Slide-Action Shotgun, 30K Series A, B and C Slide-Action Shotgun, 3OT Series A, B and C Slide-Action
Shotgun, 30T Slide-Action Shotgun, 312 Over/Under Shotgun, 330 Over/Under Shotgun, 333 Over/Under Shotgun, 34 Bolt-Action Rifle, 340 Bolt-Action Rifle, 34OB Bolt-Action Rifle, 34OC Bolt-Action Rifle, 340D Bolt-Action Rifle, 340V Bolt-Action Rifle, 34M Bolt-Action Rifle, 35 Bolt-Action Rifle, 358 Series A Lever-Action Rifle.., 35M Bolt-Action Rifle, 440 Over/Under Shotgun, 440A Over/Under Shotgun, 44OT Over/Under Shotgun, 550 Side-by-Side Shotgun, 6J Autoloading Rifle, 6JDL Autoloading Rifle, 6M Autoloading Rifle, 6N Autoloading Rifle, 6P Autoloading Rifle, 60 & 90 Autoloading Rifle, 67 Series C and E Slide-Action Shotgun, 71 Single Shot Rifle, 72 Single Shot Rifle, 720 Autoloading Shotgun, 74 Single Shot Rifle, 745 Autoloading Shotgun, 750 Autoloading Shotgun, 75OC Autoloading Shotgun, 79 Slide-Action Shotgun, 79VR Slide-Action Shotgun, 79VR-T Slide-Action Shotgun, 79-T Slide-Action Shotgun, 99 Lever-Action Rifle, 99A Lever-Action Rifle, 99C Lever-Action Rifle, 99C Series A Lever-Action Rifle
(Serial No. 1,000,000+), 99CD Series A Lever-Action Rifle, 99DE Series A Lever-Action Rifle, (Serial No. 1,000,000+), 99DL(M) Series A Lever-Action Rifle (Serial No. 1,000,000+), 99E Series A Lever-Action Rifle (Serial No. 1,000,000+), 99F Series A Lever-Action Rifle (Serial No. 1,000,000+), 99PE Series A Lever-Action Rifle (Serial No. 1,000,000+)

SAVAGE/ANSCHUTZ Mark 12 Bolt-Action Rifle,

SAVAGE/STEVENS 89 Lever-Action Rifle, 94C Series M Single Shot Shotgun 94Y Series M Single Shot Shotgun

SCHMIDT- RUB I N 1889 Straight-Pull Rifle, 1911 Straight-Pull Rifle

101.10041 Single Shot Shotgun, 101.1381 Bolt-Action Shotgun 101.512220 Side-by-Side Shotgun 101.512230 Side-by-Side Shotgun 66 Autoloading Shotgun

SHARPS 1874 Creedmoore Rifle

SIAMESE Mauser Bolt-Action Rifle

SKS 7.62x39mm Autoloading Carbine

SMITH & WESSON 1000 Autoloading Shotgun, 1500 Deluxe Bolt-Action Rifle ...., 3000 Slide-Action Shotgun, 916 Slide-Action Shotgun

SPRINGFIELD (ALSO SEE STEVENS) 1861 Musket, 1873 Rifle, 1903 A-i Bolt-Action Rifle, 1903 A-3 Bolt-Action Rifle, 1922 M2 Bolt-Action Rifle, 511 Series A Side-by-Side Shotgun 67 Slide-Action Shotgun, 67-T Slide-Action Shotgun, 67VR Slide-Action Shotgun, 67VR-T Slide-Action Shotgun . ..., 67 Series B Slide-Action Shotgun 67 Slug Slide-Action Shotgun 69N Slide-Action Shotgun, 69R Slide-Action Shotgun, 69RXL Slide-Action Shotgun, 944 Series A Single Shot Shotgun 944Y Series A Single Shot Shotgun  
MlAAutoloading Rifle, SAR-3 Autoloading Rifle, SAR-48 Autoadling Rifle

SPRINGFIELD 311 Side-by-Side Shotgun, 39A Bolt-Action Shotgun, 59A Bolt-Action Shotgun, 59B Bolt-Action Shotgun, 59C Bolt-Action Shotgun, 44 Single Shot Rifle, 44 1/2 Single Shot Rifle, 51 Bolt-Action Shotgun, 5100 Side-by-Side Shotgun, 530 Side-by-Side Shotgun 530A Side-by-Side Shotgun 311 C Side-by-Side Shotgun, 311 D Side-by-Side Shotgun, 311 E Side-by-Side Shotgun, 311 F Side-by-Side Shotgun, 58 Series E and F Bolt-Action Shotgun, 51 Series E and F Bolt-Action Shotgun, 58A Bolt-Action Shotgun, 58B Bolt-Action Shotgun, 58C Bolt-Action Shotgun, M-51 Bolt-Action Shotgun, 58D Bolt-Action Shotgun, 58DAC Bolt-Action Shotgun, 1 8D Bolt-Action Shotgun, 1 8DAC Bolt-Action Shotgun, 77D Series A Slide-Action Shotgun 77E Series A Slide-Action Shot. 77EM Series A Slide-Action Shot gu, 77F Series A Slide-Action Shotgun 77H Series A Slide-Action Shotgun 77M Series A Slide-Action Shotgun 940 Single Shot Shotgun, 940D Single Shot Shotgun, 940DY Single Shot Shotgun, 940E Single Shot Shotgun, 940EV Single Shot Shotgun, 9478 Single Shot Shotgun, 95 Single Shot Shotgun, 9478 Single Shot Shotgun, 94B, 94BT, 94C, 94Y, 107, 1O7BT, and 107C Single Shot Shotgu

STEYR AUG Autoloading Rifle

STEYR-MANNLICHER Luxus L Bolt-Action Rifle, Luxus M Bolt-Action Rifle, L Bolt-Action Rifle, M Bolt-Action Rifle, S Bolt-Action Rifle, Sit Bolt-Action Rifle, SL Bolt-Action Rifle

STEYR 1895 Straight-Pull Rifle

STOEGER Condor I Over/Under Shotgun, Condor II Over/Under Shotgun, Coachgun Side-by-Side Shotgun, Uplander Side-by-Side Shotgun

SWEDISH MAUSER 94 Bolt-Action Rifle, 96 Bolt-Action Rifle

SWISS 1889 Straight-Pull Rifle

THOMPSON/CENTER Contender Single Shot Carbine

TOKAREV 38 Bolt-Action Rifle, 40 Bolt-Action Rifle

TYPICAL AUSTRIAN Side-by-Side Shotgun,


UBERTI Henry Lever-Action Carbine, 1866 Yellowboy Lever-Action Rifle 1873 Lever-Action Carbine, 1875 Remington Revolving Carbine  
M-1 Autoloading Carbine, M-1 Garand Autoloading Rifle, M-l4Autoloading Rifle

UZI Autoloading Carbine

VALMET 412 Combo, Hunter Autoloading Rifle

WEATHERBY Athena Over/Under Shotgun, Orion Over/Under Shotgun, Centurion Autoloading Shotgun, Mark V Bolt-Action Rifle, Mark XXII (Clip) Autoloading Rifle, Mark XXII (Tube) Autoloading Rifle (Pre-1982), Mark XXII (Tube) Autoloading Rifle (Post-1982), 82 Autoloading Shotgun, 92 Slide-Action Shotgun, Patrician Slide-Action Shotgun, Vanguard Bolt-Action Rifle (Pre-1981) Vanguard Bolt-Action Rifle (Post-i 981 )
SB-i OOB Single Shot Shotgun SB-300 Side-by-Side Shotgun, SB-312 Side-by-Side Shotgun SB-808C Autoloading Rifle, SB-836 Autoloading Rifle

WILKINSON Terry Autoloading Carbine

WINCHESTER 1 Super X Autoloading Shotgun 100 Autoloading Rifle, 101 Over/Under Shotgun, 12 Slide-Action Shotgun, 1200 Slide-Action Shotgun, 121 & 131 Bolt-Action Rifle, 1300 XTR Slide-Action Shotgun 1400 Autoloading Shotgun, 1400 Mark II & Ranger Autoloading
Shotgun, 141 Bolt-Action Rifle, 150 & 190 Lever-Action Rifle, 1500 XTR Autoloading Shotgun 1873 Lever-Action Rifle, 1885 Single Shot Rifle, 1886 Lever-Action Rifle, 1892 Lever-Action Rifle 
1897 Slide-Action Shotgun, 1905 Autoloading Rifle, 1907 Autoloading Rifle, 43 Bolt-Action Rifle, 21 Side-by-Side Shotgun, 23 XTR Side-by-Side Shotgun, 24 Side-by-Side Shotgun, 25 Slide-Action Shotgun, 250 Lever-Action Rifle, 255 Lever-Action Rifle, 270 Lever-Action Rifle, 275 Lever-Action Rifle, 290 Lever-Action Rifle, 310 Bolt-Action Rifle, 320 Bolt-Action Rifle, 370 Single Shot Shotgun, 37A, 370, & 840 Single Shot Shotgun, 490 Autoloading Rifle, 50 and 59 Autoloading Shotgun 52B Target & Sporting Bolt-Action Rifle, 52C Target & Sporting Bolt-Action
Rifle, 52D Target Bolt-Action Rifle, 55 Autoloading Rifle, 61 Slide-Action Rifle, 62A Slide-Action Rifle, 63 Autoloading Rifle, 64A Lever-Action Rifle, 670A Bolt-Action Rifle, 69A Bolt-Action Rifle, 70 Bolt-Action Rifle, 70 Featherweight Bolt-Action Rifle
71 Lever-Action Rifle, 74 Autoloading Rifle, 75 Bolt-Action Rifle, 77 Autoloading Rifle, 88 Lever-Action Rifle, 9422 Lever-Action Carbine, 96 Over/Under Shotgun, New 70 Lightweight Bolt-Action Rifle, New 70A Bolt-Action Rifle, New 770 Bolt-Action Rifle, New 70 XTR Sporter Bolt-Action Rifle, New 94 AngIe Eject Lever-Action Rifle, New 94 Lever-Action Carbine New 94 Top-Eject Lever-Action Rifle Single Shot Rifle


ZOLI Ariete Ml Side-By-Side Shotgun, Delfino Over/Under Shotgun

02 MANUALS (these are separate files)

Accuracy International Ae
Accutek At25 At32 At380
AK47 Rifle 7.62MM Service Manual.pdf
American 180 SMG
AMT .380 DA Backup, Backup .380 DA, Lightning semi-auto .22
Anschutz  1400, 1700, 1827, 1903, 1907, 2002, 2007, 1388, 1400, 1408Ed, 1416-1516, 1418-1518, 1430-1434-1530-1534, 1432-1742, 1449, 1450, 1700, 1803, 1807To1813, 1827, 1903, 1907, 2002, 2007, 2027, 275, 380, 25, 54, 64, 64P, 9003 Manual, Mark2000
Arcus 98
Armalite AR10 & M15, AR10 Super Sass, AR-18 (AR-180) Assault Rifle, AR18, AR180, AR22 Grenade Launcher, AR22Mk19, AR24, AR30 M15, AR-30, AR50, AR-50,AR-15A2 Rifle Exploded Diagram,Armalite technotes,Armalite bulletins
Armscor 1400, 1400E, 1400Ts, 14P, 1500, 1600, 1600R, 1911, 1911Ms, 20, 30, Air pistol, Air rifle, Mak22, M16 R, M1600R
Astra 200, 2000, A100, A70, A75, TS22, 200, TS-22
Autoord 1911, 30 Carbine
Ballester Molina
Barrett 82A1 Manual, 95 Manual, 99 Manual, M468 Manual
Benelli B76, Exclusive, Legacy, M1, M2, M4, Montefeltro, Nova, R1, Raffaello, Sbe Ii, Sbe, Super90
Beretta 1201F - FP, 1201F, 21, 22, 22LR, 3032 Tomcat, 3032, 60, 70, 8000 Cougar, 8000, 81 84, 81 Series, 81, 87 Target, 87, 89 Standard, 89, 9000 S, 9000, 90Two, 92 Combat, 92 Series, 92F 9MM Semi Auto Pistol,92 Stock  Combat, 92, 50 , 950, A300, A303 Series, A303, A304 , A304, Al390, AL391 Urika, Al391, AR70, Bm59, Bobcat 21, CX4 Storm, Cx4, M9, Px4, Shotguns , Shotguns, SO10 , So10, Stampede , Stampede, Steel I , Steel I, U22, UGB25
Bersa 380, 45, 9mm, MiniThunder 9 40, Thunder 9 40
Blaser B95, B97, D99, F3, Ga45, K95, R93 Duo, R93 Lrs 2, R93, S2, Tactical2
Bluegrass Armory Viper 50 Bmg, Viper
Breda 12
Brno ZKB680
Browning .22 Semi-Auto Rifle, 140 DA, 1885 Single Shot Rifle, 1885, 1917, 1919A1, 2000 Autoshotgun, 2000, 22 Semiauto, 50 cal Machine Gun, 9mm High Power Pistol, A500 Shotgun, A500, A500G Shotgun, A500G,  Bolt Shotgun, Abolt, Abolt2, Abolt22, Aboltshgun, Acera, Airstar200, Auto5, Auto5Lite, Auto5Mag, B125, B27, B325, B80, B92, Baby, BAR 1, BAR, BAR22, BDA & BDAD, BL22, BLR, Boss, BPR, BPS, BSS, BT100, BT99, T99Plus, Buckmark Rifle, Buckmark, CCS525, CCsherstal, Challenger Ii, Citori, Citoriplus, Concours, Cynergy, DA140, Erice, Eurobolt, European Classic, Express124, Express25, FCS25, FN22, Gold10, Gold1220, old3 5, Goldfusion, GP Competition, GP, Hi-Power 9-40, Hipower Field, Hipower, International2, Long Short Trac, Ltngblr, Mark2, Recoilless, Silver, Superposed, Trombone, Vectis,Budischowsky TP-70 .25 cal
Bushmaster 308, 9mm, Carbon 15 22, Carbon 15, M17S Bullpup, XM15 manual, XM15
Caldwell Handyrest, Ontarget, Rock
Carl Gustav M45
Century 99, ARcus Da98, Centurian, Cetme501, L1A1 Rifle, Muzzle-Loading, Overunder 12 Gauge, Phantom Shotgun, Pump Shotgun, Sam 1911, Sar, Single Barrel Shotgun, Wasr, Yl12 Shotgun
Cetme S
Charles Daly 106, 1874 Sharps, 1892, 306, 873 Revolver, Bul Pistols, Diamond, Little Sharps, MS1911A1, Over-Under-Shotguns, Semiauto Shotgun
Charter AR7 Explorer owner guide, AR-7 Survival Rifle - Do Everything Manual GRAFIX SUCK, Bulldog 44, General, Undercover .38Bulldog 44 Exploded Diagram,Undercover 38 Exploded Diagram
Clayco AKS Sport
Cmp M1 Garand
Cobra CA32 CA380, Derringer, FS32 FS380, Patriot .45, Patriot 9mm Patriot .380, M11
Colt .22 Conversion Series 80, .22 Conversion, .22 Target Model, .25 Hammerless, .32 & .380 Hammerless, All American 2000, AR15 Match Target Rifle, AR15 Sporter Rifles, AR15 to 22 LR Conversion, AR15, Automatic Pistol Pocket Model, Caliber .38, Cap & Ball Revolvers, Challenger Automatic Pistol Caliber .22, .22 Autoloader, Courier, Cowboy Single Action Revolver, Detective & Commando Special, Diamond Back, Police Positive, Agent, Cobra, Viper, Double Action Revolver, Double Action Series 90, 380 & 9mm Auto Pistols, Double Eagle, Drilling  Sauer Sporting Rifle, Frontier Scout Buntline '62 & Frontier Scout '62 Revolvers, Gold Cup National Match Mkiv-Series 70, Government Model Mkiv Series 70 Model O, Government Model Mkiv Series 70 Model O1970A1, Huntsman Automatic Pistol, Junior, Lawman MK III, Trooper MKIII, Lawman MKV, Trooper MKV, Peacekeeper, Light Rifle Owner's Manual Orig, Light Rifle Owner's Manual Rev 5 12 00, M1911 & M1911A1 Pistol, MK IV Series 80 & 90 Pistols, MK IV Series 80 380 Auto Pistols, MK IV, Series 80 Pistols, New Frontier, New Frontier Buntline, Peacemaker 22, PytHon, Single Action Army, Woodsman Automatic Pistol Caliber .22 Long Rifle, Woodsman Automatic Pistol Match Target Heavy Barrel Cal. .22 Long Rifle, Woodsman Automatic Pistol Target Sport Model, WWI Reproduction Pistol Model M1911, WWII Reproduction Pistol Model M1911A1, Z40
Coonan 357 Auto
COP Compact Off-Duty Police Manual
CVA Accura, Electra,Inline,Optima Elite,Optima,Revolver,Shotgun,Sidelock,Trapper
CZ 100,2075,40,40P,452,453,452Zkm,513,52,527,527US,550 Medium Magnum,550,58,630,75 Kadet,75,83,85,858,97,Skorpion
Daewoo AR110C,Dr200
Daisy 8
Dan Wesson 142152 1911,General,Large Frame,SmallFrame
Davis D22 D25 D32
Derringer COP3572 Exploded diagram
DPMS Manual
Dragun Thunder 5
Dragunov Manual.Dragunov
EAA BBBH,Biathlon,Brno98,Bunda,Cm2Youth,Ea380,Easa,Fab92,Hw660,Izh18,Izh27,Izh35M,Izh3Kh,Izh43,Izh43K,Izh43Kh,Izh46,Izh61,Izh81,Izh94 410-22,Izh94 Express,Izh94 Sever,Izh94,Mp133,p153,Mp213B,Mp233,Mp512,Mp513,Mp532,Mp651K,Mp654K,Mp95E,Pm2,Saiga,SBBH,Thor,Windicator,Witness,Witnessp
Edbrown 1911,Riflemanual
Enfield P14-P17, US 30 Cal 1917,P14 P17 Enfield Rifle Shop Data
Entreprise STG-58
Fabarm Asper, Axis, Betaclassic, H3, H35, H38, Lion Shotguns, Overeunder
FAL Users Manual 7.62MM
Fero Z24
Fighting Garand Owners Manual
Firestorm 380,45 Government,Mini 9 40 45
FM23 5 cal .30 M1
FN Fn98,FN FAL & L1A1 Home Gunsmithing - Graham,FN FAL Manual,FN FAL,FN Fal762,FN Fn49
Franchi 48Al, Spas 12 & 15 Manual, Spas 15 Manual, Spas12, Spas15
Freedom Arms 83, Arms 97,Arms Mini Revolver
Galil ARM
Garand M1,Common Sense Guide
German Gewehr 41,Gewehr 44,Zdv312 Schiessen Mit Handwaffen,Zdv314 Das Machinengewehr,Zdv315 Die Pistolen P1 P7 P8,Zdv316 Die Leichte Panzerfaust,sportguns Gsg5
Glock ARmorers Manual Update,ARmorers Manual,Operators Manual,Glock
Grease Gun M3-M3A1 - FM 23-41
H&R 622,623, Handi Rifle Manual, Pardner Shotgun Manual, Pump Shotgun, Tracker Manual,SMG Cal .45 Models 50, 55, & 60,33 Automatic Rifle Cal 5.56mm x 45 Nato,G3 Automatic Rifle Cal 7.62mm NATO,P7 Pistol P7 9mm,Pistol P9S 9mm
Hammerli 208S
Hatsan Escort Magnum Shotgun, Escort O-U Shotgun, Escort
Heritage Roughrider,Stealth
HI POINT 995, 380Comp, 4095, 995, C9, JC, JH, JHP
Histandard 10A, 10B, 514, A100, A101, A102, A103, A1041, B, C100, C1200, D100, D101, K100, K200, M100, M101, M103, M104, M107, P100, P1011, S103, W100, W101, W104
HK 11, 270, 33E-53, 4, 630-770-940, 91, 93, 94, G11, G3, Gpt, Mark23, Mg4, MP5 Submachinegun Family,Mp5 Armorers Manual, Mp5, Mp5A4, Mp5N, Mp5Sf, Mp7A1, P2000, P7 Owner, P7, P9S, Psg1, Sl6 Sl7, Sl81, Sr9, Telescopic sight for G3SM, UMP 45 & UMP 40 SMG, Ump40, Usc45, Usp Armorers Instructions, Usp40C, Uspc, Uspt, Vp70Z
Holmes 50
Howa 1500
HR 50 55 60
HS 2000
I G L - Automaten 68
IAI Automagiii, M888
IMI Galil Assault Rifle
Interarms Mkx
Intratec Tec Dc9
Ithaca 300Xl, 3787, 37Featherlight
Iver Johnson Ew22Hba
J.C. Higgins 10, 11, 20, 21, 25, 28, 29, 30, 31, 33, 35, 36, 50, 51, 51L, 60, 80, 88, Ranger
Jennings 380, J22
Swiss K11-K31swiss,K31+ZFK42-43-WaMech
Kahr Kp, Mk
Kassnar Akm
KBI Pa63
Keltec P11,P32,P3At,Su16,Sub2000
Keystone Crickett
Khan Semiauto Shotgun,Survival Shotgun
Kimber 1911,22 Pistol,22,82,8400,84M,Compact,Fullsize
Kintrek Kbp-1
Korth Revolver,Semi-Auto
Lanber Over-Under,Semi-Auto
Lar Bigbore,Grizzly
LC Smith Over Under Manual,Side By Side Manual
Lee Enfield No.1 MKIII,No.3 MKI,No.4 MKI,No.5 MKI,Rifle Manual #1,3,4,5
Light Antitank M72
Ljungmann AG 42B
Llama 9mm Parabellum,Iii-A,Maxi,Micromax,Minimaxsubcomp
Luger 1900-06,P08,9MM Parabellum Manual
Lyman Blackpowder
M1 Carbine, M1 Garand Exploded Diagram
M14 Accurizing
M16,M16A1 Armorer's Manual -  CM102,M16A1Ops,M16A2  Zeroing,M16 & M16A1 5.56MM
M191A4 & M1919A6 Caliber .30 Machine Gun
M60 Manual
M9 Pistol
Maadi ARM
MAC 10,1011Manual,,1931,1950,MAC-10 & MAC-11 Submachine Gun,10 A
Magnum Research Baby Eagle Manual,Bfr Revolver Manual,Desert Eagle.manual
Makarov Bloss,Makarov
Mannlicher Classic,Pro-Hunter,Tmp,Ultra-Light,Scout,Elite
Marlin 15YN,1894 1894C,1894 Cowboy II,1894S,336 444 1895,39A39M,45,49,60,70P,9,Bolt Action Rimfire Manual,Self Loading Rimfire Clip Feed Manual,Self Loading Rimfire Tube Feed Manual
Mas 1935
MAS 1935S,223,G1,1949
Mauser 71
Merkel Overunder,Sidebyside
MG 42F
MGV 176 manual,MGV 176
Mitchell 9100 Series Shotguns,Gold Series 1911,Mauser98
Mosin-Nagant 1891,1910,1891-30,1938 & 1944,Mosin-Nagant,Rifles Carbines & Sniper Rifles
Mossberg 100Atr Manual,4X4,500,535 Manual,590Da Manual,695,802,817 Manual,9200,930 935 Manual,935,Linelauncher,Maverick,Muzzleloader,Reserve Manual,Ssi-One,500
MP 40,MP5

Nef Pardner,R22
Norinco 1911A1,84S,86S,Mak 90,Nhm 91,
North American Cap & ball,Guardian,Minis
Olympic 22-17 Partner,OA Series,PCR-AR Rifles,Pneumatic Recoil Buffer-Non-Adjustable,Rfa 22 Rimfire Adapter,Upper Conversion Unit Car15-Ar15,Whitney Wolverine
Orbis Mgv176
Para Hc,Lda,Pxt Lda,Pxt Sa,Short BARrel
Parker Hale Sniper Rifle M85
Phoenix Hp22 Hp22A Hp25 Hp25A
Plainfield M1 Carbine
Polytech AK47S,AkS
Radocy Luger-Parabellum
Ramline Exactor
Random P64
Remington 10,105,11,1100-1187,1148,121,14,141,16,17,24,5,504,51,550,552,572,597,66,673,700,700Et,700Ml,7400,7600,7700710,788,798-799,870,Premier Ou,Spr100,Spr18,Spr210-220,Spr22,Spr220H,Spr453,Spr94-410,Spr94C
Republic Rap-440
Rifle 1916,5.56MM M16 & M16A186-93
Rifle Basix Accutrigger Instructions,Cz-52 Instructions,Cz-527 Instructions,Erv-3 Instructions,Mar-917-Mar-1 Instructions,Ru-R Ru-Mkii Instructions,Ru-T Instructions,Ru-Vt Instructions,Sav-1 Instructions,Sav-R Instructions,Sav-Rat Instructions,Win-1 Instructions
Robinson M96,Supervepr,Vepr,Vepr-Ii
Rossi Muzzleloader,Puma 92,Pump 22,Revolver,Singleshot
Ruger 1017,1022,10-22,1022Magnum,44Carbine Nm,44Carbine Om,77 Hawkeye,77 Nm,77 Om,7722,7750,96,Ac556,Airhawk,Bearcat Nm,Bearcat Om,Blackhawk 50,Blackhawk Nm,Blackhawk Om,Carbines,Goldlabel Ss,Gp100,Hawkeye,Mini 14 Rifle,Mini 30,Mini14,Mini14Ranch,Mini30,Mki,Mkii,Mkiii,No1,No3,Oldarmy,Over & Under 12 & 20 Gauge Shotgun,P345 Dc,P345 Ms,P85,P89-P944 Decocker,P89-P944 Double Action Only,P89-P944 Manual Safety,P95 Decocker,P95 Double Action Only,P95 Manual Safety,P97 Decocker,P97 Double Action Only,Redhawk,Redlabel Ou Om,Redlabel Ou,Securitysix,Singlesix Nm,Singlesix Om,Sp101,Superredhawk,Trap,Vaquero Nm,Vaquero,12/20 Gauge Over & Under Shotgun,97 DC,M-77 Bolt Action Rifle,Mini 14 Instruction & Parts List,77-22 & 77-22 Magnum,New Bearcat,New Model Bisley .32 H&r & .22 Long Rifle,New Model BlackhawkSuper BlackhawkBisleyHunter & Vaquero,,New Model Single Six & Bisley,P Series P89, P90, & P94
Russian M44 Carbine
S&W 10,1911,22A 22S,41,59,60,66,686,99,Centerfire Pistol,Elite Gold,Elite Silver,I-Bolt,M&P Pistols,M&P Rifles,Pc945,Pistol,Revolver,Rimfire Pistols,Schofield,Sigma
Sab G2001
Sabatti Airone,Sp1822
Safari 45
Sako 591 691 Lh,75Kc Rh,85,91 Rh,Finnbear,Finnfire,Finnwolf,Forester,Quad,Super,Trg,Trgs 2242,Trgs,Triace,Vixen,m76-manual
Sar 1
Sauer 202,202Td,303
Sauer & Sohn Kleinen Pistole
Savage 10Mlii Muzzloader Accutrigger,24 Combination Rifle Shotgun,40 Varminthunter Accutrigger,62 64 954 Autoloader Rimfire,93 Boltaction Rimfire,99Sf,Boltaction Centerfire Accutrigger,Boltaction Rimfire,
Cub,Boltaction Rimfire Target,Centerfire,Leveraction Rimfire,Lewis Machinegun
SAW M249
Seecamp 32
Sig Aurora,Gsr1911,K95,Lrs2,M2,Mosquito,P210,P220,P220To245,P226,P226X5,P228,P229,P232 Suppliment,P232,P239,P250Dcc,R93,Sg550 551,Sg552,Sg556,Shr970,Sp2009 2340,Sp2022,Sp2022Fof,Sp2022M,SG550-551deutsch
SIG Sauer Armorer's Manual,Auto Loading Pistol,P-226 Armorers Manual
SKB Double Manual,Semi Manual
SKS 1990,,45,56,59 66,and Variants Assault Rifle,,Bolt Assembly,Carbine, Soviet Bloc, Manual,Cheap,China,Cleaning,D,M,Magazine Replacement,Manual,Scope Mounting,Common Sense Guide,Utilitarian,AKS AK47 Owners Manual,Instruction Manual,Simonov Type 56 TC 9-56
SKS manual
Soldr Mtrl Vapen Automatkarbin Ak 4
Sphinx 2000,3000,At380 At32
Springfield 1911,M1A,M1Garand,Timber Wolf,Muzzle Loading Shoulder Arms
Springfield Armory Xd,Sar8,
Squires-Bingham M1600R
Star 31 Manual,43 Manual,Bm Manual,Cu Manual,F Manual,Firestarplus,Fr Manual,Pd ManualStar
Sten Carbine 9MM Mk II General Instructions
Sterling Mk4 Smg
Steyr Gb,Hs50,S40-A1,Scout,USR .223
STGW 57 Swiss (Ger)
STI 1911.2011
Stoeger Condor,Luger
Stoner 63 Weapon System Annex
SVD Dragunov Sniper Rifle
Swede M38-M41B-M96,M42B,Soldr Mtrl Vapen Kulspruta 90B (Sw)
Swiss 55 Carbine (Ger),K11-K31 (Ger),Type43 Machine Pistol,Type44 Machine Pistol (Ger)
Taurus Pistol Update,Pistol,PT1911,PT22,PT24-7 Oss,PT24-7 Pro Ds,Revolver,Rifle
The Rifle 5.56mm C7 and the Carbine 5.56mm C8 - B-GL-385-001
Thompson semi auto SMG
Thompson Tommy Full Auto 1927,Full Auto,Thompson Tommy
Thompson Center 12Ga Muzzleloader Supplement,Black Diamond,Contender,Encore Muzzleloader,Encore Pistol,Encore Rifle,Firehawk,Firestorm Cl Fl,G2 Contender Ml,G2 Contender,Hunter,Icon,Omega Muzzleloader,R55,Scout Rifle Pistol,System1 Muzzleloader,TCR Deluxe,Td22 Classic,Thunder Hawk,Triumph,Wildcat Muzzleloader,Woods Muzzleloader
Tiger Head Shotgun
Tikka Master Lh,Master Rh,Popular Lh,Popular Rh,T3 Rh,558 658
Tipton Chamber Cleaning,Gunvise,Rangebox
Unique Alpine Tpg1
Universal M1 Carbine
USFA  Automatics Manual,Lightning Manual,Single Action Manual
USP Pistol Armorers Instructions
Uzi,Uzi-Fn,SMG Operation Manual Cal 9MM Parabellum
Valmet M76,M88
Vector Ak47
Vostok Mu Muy,Toz 35 Parts,Toz 35
Walther G22,Gsp,Kk,Ksp200,L&S,Osp,P22,P38,P5,P88,P99,Pa63,Ppk Ppks,Small Bore Rifle,Wa2000
Weihrauch 660
Wildey Survival
Winchester 101,1200,1300,1400 Winchester,1400,1885 Centerfire,1886,1892,1894 Crossbolt Safety,1894 Side Ejection,1894 Tang Safety,1895 Carbine Supplement,1895 Takedown Supplement,1895,52B,63,70 Supplement,70,9410 Crossbolt Safety,9410 Tang Safety,9417 9422,9422,97,Boss Supplement,Creedmoor Sight,Select,Super X2 Practical Supplement,Super X2 Sporting Supplement,Super X2,Supreme,Sx3,Sxr,Wildcat
US 1847 Wood Diagram.pdf

03 Laws & Regulations

ATF Explosives Laws & Regulations.pdf
BATF Issued Firearms Care & Maintenance.pdf
Federal Firearms Regulations Reference Guide.pdf
firearms-manual California.pdf
State Laws & Published Ordnances 1998-21st Edition.pdf

04 Gunsmithing A-C
Advanced Gunsmithing.pdf
Amateur Guncrafting.pdf
American Arms & Arms Makers.pdf
American firearms Design (pg 123 & 124 missing).pdf
American Shotgun, The.pdf
Ammunition (Factory Production).pdf
Art of Gunsmithing, The.pdf
BATF Issued Firearms Care & Maintenance.pdf
Black Powder Gunsmithing.pdf
Black Powder Hobby Gunsmithing.pdf
Book of Pistolsmithing.pdf
Book of Rifles.pdf
Building Firearms - Hoffman.pdf
Care & Repair.pdf
Centerfire Rifles.pdf
Complete Guide to Handloading.pdf

DISK 02 

Gunsmithing E-Z
Dictionary of Firearms.pdf
Firearms Care & Repair.pdf
Firearms Development (sketches).pdf
Firearms ID.pdf
Firearms-Forensic Glossary.pdf
Forensic Ballistics.pdf
Gun Care & Repair.pdf
Gunsmithing as a Hobby.pdf
Gunsmithing Explained.pdf
Gunsmithing Tools.pdf
Gunstock Finishing & Care.pdf
Handgun Gun Care, Cleaning, & Refinishing.pdf
Handloading Guide.pdf
Handloading Manual (400pg).pdf
How Guns Work.pdf
In The Gunroom.pdf
Law Enforcement Firearms.pdf
Learning Gunsmithing.pdf
Long Gun Troubleshooting.pdf
Mannlicher Rifles & Pistols.pdf
Modern Gunsmith V 1, The.pdf
Modern Gunsmith V 2, The.pdf
Muzzle Thread Sizes.pdf
Our Rifles.pdf
Parts Kit And Survival Gunsmithing.pdf
Practical Gunsmithing.pdf
Rebuild Standards For Small Arms Material.pdf
Rifle Cal.30 M1 & M1D.pdf
Rifles, Shotguns & Black Powder.pdf
Rimfire Rifles.pdf
Semi-auto Pistols.pdf
Shotgun Gunsmithing.pdf
Small Arms Integration Book (Rifle Accessories).pdf
Small Arms Lexicon & Concise Encyclopedia.pdf
Springfield Muzzle Loading Shoulder Arms.pdf
Story of the Guns.pdf


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