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Secrets of Enochian Magic - instant download

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John Dee (13 July 1527 – 1608 or 1609) was a mathematician, astronomer, astrologer, occult philosopher, and adviser to Queen Elizabeth I. He devoted much of his life to the study of alchemy, divination and Hermetic philosophy.

Dee straddled the worlds of science and magic just as they were becoming distinguishable. One of the most learned men of his age, he had been invited to lecture on the geometry of Euclid at the University of Paris while still in his early twenties. Dee was an ardent promoter of mathematics and a respected astronomer, as well as a leading expert in navigation, having trained many of those who would conduct England's voyages of discovery.

Simultaneously with these efforts, Dee immersed himself in the worlds of magic, astrology and Hermetic philosophy. He devoted much time and effort in the last thirty years or so of his life to attempting to commune with angels and demons in order to learn the universal language of creation and bring about the pre-apocalyptic unity of mankind. A student of the Renaissance Neo-Platonism of Marsilio Ficino, Dee did not draw distinctions between his mathematical research and his investigations into Hermetic magic, angel summoning and divination. Instead he considered all of his activities to constitute different facets of the same quest: the search for a transcendent understanding of the divine forms which underlie the visible world, which Dee called "pure verities".

This downloadable zip file contains the following works on Enochian magic as defined and practised by John Dee as well as a ttf file of the Enochian alphabet:

About John Dee.pdf
Angelic Invocations.pdf
Bibliographia Enochia.pdf
Dee, John - Biography.pdf
Dee, John - Grimoirium Imperium.pdf
Dee, John - Hieroglyphic Monad.pdf
Dee, John - Mysteriorum Liber Quintus 1583.pdf
Dee, John - Mysteriorum Liber Quintus appendix.pdf
Dee, John - Mysteriorum Liber Quintus.pdf
Dee, John - Mysteriorum.pdf
Dee, John - Mysterorium Liber Cuartus 1582.pdf
Dee, John - Mysterorium Liber Cuartus.pdf
Dee, John - Mysterorium Liber Primus Notes.pdf
Dee, John - Mysterorium Liber Primus.pdf
Dee, John - Mysterorium Liber Secundus.pdf
Dee, John - Mysterorium Liber Tertius.pdf
Dee, John - Rosicrucian Secrets.pdf
Dee, John - Sigillvm Dei_ Aemaeth.pdf
Dee, John - The Practice Of Enochian Evocation.pdf
Dee, John (tr) - Necronomicon 1586 (fac) .pdf
Enochian Hexagram Ritual.pdf
Enochian Magick Reference.pdf
Enochian Tablet of Union.pdf
Enochian Tablet of Earth.pdf
Enochian Tablet of Fire.pdf
Enochian Tablet of Water.pdf
Enochian Temples - Lower Temple.pdf
Enochian Temples.pdf
History of Enochian Magic .pdf
Introduction to Enochian Magick.pdf
''John Dee & Secret Societies'' - Ron Heisler (The Hermetic Journal) (1992).pdf
John Dee & The Book of Soyga.pdf
Liber 84 - John Dee.pdf
The Book of Enoch.pdf
The Enochian Calls.pdf

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