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Rudolph Steiner: Theosophist, Anthroposophist & Mystic - Instant download - Gene's Weird Stuff

Rudolph Steiner: Theosophist, Anthroposophist & Mystic - Instant download

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Rudolf Steiner (1861– 1925) was an Austrian philosopher, social thinker, architect and esotericist. He gained initial recognition as a literary critic and cultural philosopher. At the beginning of the twentieth century, he founded a new spiritual movement, Anthroposophy, as an esoteric philosophy growing out of European transcendentalist roots with links to Theosophy.

Steiner advocated a form of ethical individualism, to which he later brought a more explicitly spiritual component. He based his epistemology on Johann Wolfgang Goethe's world view, in which “Thinking … is no more and no less an organ of perception than the eye or ear. Just as the eye perceives colors and the ear sounds, so thinking perceives ideas.” A consistent thread that runs from his earliest philosophical phase through his later spiritual orientation is the goal of demonstrating that there are no essential limits to human knowledge.

The following files are available as an instant zip file download:

A Succinct Biography.pdf
Spiritual Beings Dwell in the Ground of Propositions - on the Content of Thought.pdf
Steiner & Wegmen - Fundamentals of Therapy - Art of Healing Through Spiritual Healing 1925 (fac).pdf
Steiner, Rudolph - A Road to Self Knowledge 1918.pdf
Steiner, Rudolph - An Outline of Occult Science 1927.pdf
Steiner, Rudolph - Ancient Myths & Their Connection With Evolution 1918.pdf
Steiner, Rudolph - Angelology 1924.pdf
Steiner, Rudolph - Basic Issues of the Social Question 1919.pdf
Steiner, Rudolph - Four Mystery Dramas 1913.pdf
Steiner, Rudolph - Initiation and Its Results 1909-Complete.pdf
Steiner, Rudolph - Knowledge of the Higher Worlds 1918.pdf Steiner, Rudolph - Mystics of the Renaissance 1911.pdf
Steiner, Rudolph - Select Lectures (631 pg).pdf
Steiner, Rudolph - The Gates of Knowledge 1912 complete.pdf
Steiner, Rudolph - The Gospel of John.pdf
Steiner, Rudolph - The Philosophy of Spritual Activity 1918.pdf
Steiner, Rudolph - The Story of My Life 1928.pdf
Steiner, Rudolph - Theory of Knowledge 1924.pdf
Steiner, Rudolph - Theosophy 1910 (fac).pdf
Steiner, Rudolph - The-Threefold State 1920.pdf

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