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Peyote - the transcendent cactus  BANNED FROM EBAY - 2 DVD-ROM boxed set

Peyote - the transcendent cactus BANNED FROM EBAY - 2 DVD-ROM boxed set

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This disk set deals with curative and entheogenic properties of certain substances. There are any number of naturally occuring substances which have been used by humans for milennia for spiritual and curative purposes. Similarly, some recently discoverd man made substances are being investigated for the same reasons. There is no information on synthesis, extraction or cultivation contained herein. This material is for informative and educational purposes dealing with realms of the spirit and the individual's perception of the nature and structure of the universe as may be revealed by these substances. The use of these substances is not encouraged or endorsed. Many first person experiences are included. This is not a sourcebook for gratuitous intoxication, substance abuse, nor does it offer any encouragement to break any laws or engage in criminal enterprise and therefore does not violate and eBay guidelines. 

The peyote cactus has long been used as a medicine and entheogen. From earliest recorded time, peyote has been used for healing ands spiritual purposes by indigenous peoples. The Tonkawa, the Mescalero and Lipan Apache were the source or first practitioners of peyote religion in the regions north of present day Mexico. The religious, ceremonial, and healing uses of peyote may date back over 2,000 years with some archaeological evidenct pointing to peyote use at least five and a half thousand years ago.

Under the auspices of what came to be known as the Native American Church, in the 19th century, American Indians in more widespread regions to the north began to use peyote in religious practices, as part of a revival of native spirituality. Its members refer to peyote as "the sacred medicine", and use it to combat spiritual, physical, and other social ills. Today the Native American Church is one among several religious organizations to use peyote as part of its religious practice.

This 2 disk digital library is an eductional resource for the role of peyote in cultures, rerligions and spiritual traditions.

  4 Cantos Medicina Peyote. Tradición Mexihca Tolteca.mp4
  4 Native American Church Songs.mp4
  4 Peyote Songs Moosomin.mp4
  4 Peyote Songs.mp4
  Peyote and Other Psychoactive Cacti.pdf
  Binaural Beats Peyote dose.mp4
  Cactus Ceremony with San Pedro and Peyote Cactus.mp4
  Cree Prayer Song.mp4
  Datura v Peyote.doc
  Dr. Joe Tafur Explains Peyote and Ayahuasca.mp4
  Erowid Peyote Vault Peyote and Oth.pdf
  Four Harmonized Peyote Songs.mp4
  Four Old Kiowa Songs.mp4
  Germinación de Semillas de Peyote Germination of Peyote Seed (how to grow).mp4
  Grandfather's Song.mp4
  How to graft lophophora peyote part1.mp4
  IGN Plays GTA 5 Tripping on Peyote.mp4
  Iztakuautli, Mexica Peyote Song.mp4
  Kiowa Peyote Songs Two Beginner's Songs.mp4
  LAKOTA To Walk the Red Road.mp4
  Lakota Peyote Healing Song.mp4
  Lakota Prayers Shane Patterson.mp4
  Lophophora williamsii PEYOTE pdf.pdf
  LSD, Shrooms, And Peyote Are Perfectly Safe, Do Them All You Want.mp4
  NAC Song, Walk in Beauty Song, Navajo Singer, Kansas K. Begaye.mp4
  Native American Peyote Music.mp4
  Navajo Peyote Songs pt. 2.mp4
  Navajo Peyote Songs....(Live Meeting).mp4
  Our Father.mp4
  Peyote Better Than A Drug.mp4
  Peyote Last of The Medicine Men Part One [28m38s].avi
  Peyote Last of The Medicine Men Part Two [28m38s].avi
  Cactus Experience.pdf
  peyote lophophora williamsii.mp4
  PEYOTE   MOTA,how does it work the desert Real de catorce Mexico.mp4
  Peyote Birthday Song.mp4
  Peyote I Wish We All Could Be Members of the Native American Church.mp4
  Peyote On The Brain The Ceremonial Science.pdf
  Peyote Road.mp4
  Peyote Songs Mexica Aztec Denver Teocalli.mp4
  Peyote To Lsd A Psychedelic Odyssey.mp4
  peyote trip report.mp4
  Peyote, the San Pedro Cactus. The Forerunners of the Inca   History Planet Doc Full Documentaries.mp4
  Peyote and Mescaline.pdf
  Peyote and Other Psychoactive Cacti.pdf
  Peyote as Only a Symbol of Power That You Create.doc
  peyote button real life.pdf
  Peyote Cult.pdf
  Peyote Deception Butterflies LOA.pdf
  peyote experiences.pdf
  peyote help.pdf
  Peyote Mexico 0001.pdf
  Peyote Won t Rot Your Brain.doc
  Prehistoric Peyote Use.pdf
  Psychedelic Mescaline Last Of The Medicine Men Peyote.mp4
  Psychedelics Peyote and other Psychoactive Cacti Gottlieb.pdf
  Psychedelics The Psychopharmacology of Hallucinogens.pdf
  Psychological and Cognitive Effects of Long Term Peyote Use Among Native Americans.pdf
  Robbie Robertson   The Red Road Ensemble Peyote Healing.mp4
  Robbie Robertson Peyote Healing (Native American).mp4
  Sacred Peyote.mp4
  Sacred Reflections of Time, Native American Recording Artist Kansas K. Begaye.mp4
  The Attraction of Peyote Hultkrantz.pdf
  The Peyote Cult.pdf
  The Peyote Gardener.pdf
  The Peyote Religion Among the Navajo.pdf
  The Peyote Religion the New Paper Final Draft.docx
  Tiana singing a Lakota Peyote Healing Song.mp4
  Tripping On Peyote.mp4
  Peyote at Desierto Tecolote,Real de Catorce Mexico PART 3 3.mp4
  Yo Peyote de Carlos Matiella.mp4

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