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Pagan Christs - Christ figures in Pagan Religious Traditions - 4 DVD-ROM boxed

Pagan Christs - Christ figures in Pagan Religious Traditions - 4 DVD-ROM boxed

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The title of this listing will likely make Christian fundamentalists shout "BLASPHEMY!" How could there be any such thing as a "pagan" Christ? Wasn't Christ the Son of God?

To start with, "Christ" is a title, not a surname. In Greek "christus" means "The Anointed One." Jesus Christ (Yeshua ben Joseph beth David)  was not the son of Joesph and Mary Christ. He was Yeshua, The Anointed One. Christhood was a degree conferred upon him when he became worthy of it.

This 4-DVD-ROM digital reference library library explores various tradition of christs that are outside conventional Christianity, such as Apollonius of Tyana, Krishna, Horus, and so on. It also contains files dealing with the relationship of various pagan beliefs and traditions to what we know today as Christianity.

This library is a fine source of learning and inspiration for those who are not fearful of exploring beyond commonly held common - and most times erroneous - beliefs.

  Ancient faiths embodied in ancient names I - Thomas Inman.pdf
  Ancient faiths embodied in ancient names II - Thomas Inman.pdf
  Ancient faiths embodied in ancient names III - Thomas Inman.pdf
  Ancient pagan and modern Christian symbolism exposed and explained; - Inman, Thomas, 1820-1876.pdf
  Antiqua Mater a study of Christian origins.pdf
  Bart Ehrman - Misquoting Jesus - Bart Ehrman.pdf
  Bel, the Christ of ancient times - Radau, Hugo.pdf
  Bible Myths and their Parallels in other Religions - Doane, T. W..pdf
  Bird - Romanism Unknown to Primitive Christianity (1851).pdf
  Carpenter - The Historical Jesus and the Theological Christ (1912).pdf
  Chiniquy - Rome and Education (1880).pdf
  Christ and other masters.pdf
  Christendom; ecclesiastical and political, from Constantine to the Reformation - Egar, John Hodson, 1832-1924.pdf
  Christianity and mythology - Robertson, J. M. (John Mackinnon), 1856-1933.pdf
  Christianity and mythology - Robertson, J. M. (John Mackinnon).pdf
  Christ-Myth Bibliotheca Sacra.pdf
  Christology of the Old Testament (Volume 1) - Hegstenberg, Ernst Wilhelm, 1802-1869.pdf
  Christology of the Old Testament (Volume 2) - Hegstenberg, Ernst Wilhelm, 1802-1869.pdf
  Christology of the Old Testament (Volume 3) - Hegstenberg, Ernst Wilhelm, 1802-1869.pdf
  Cone - Gospel Criticism and Historical Christianity (1891).djvu
  Constantine the Great - Firth, John B.pdf
  Constantine the Great and Christianity - Coleman, Christopher Bush.pdf
  Constantine The Great And Christianity Volume LX Number I - Christopher Bush Coleman.pdf
  Contributions to Encyclopaedia metropolitana, 1823-1826 - Newman, John Henry, 1801-1890.pdf
  Drews - The Witnesses to the Historicity of Jesus (1912).djvu
  Dunn - The Evidence for Jesus (1985).pdf
  Essays and studies, educational and literary - Gildersleeve, Basil Lanneau text.pdf
  Essays and studies, educational and literary - Gildersleeve, Basil Lanneau.pdf
  Gems of thought from leading intellectual lights.pdf
  Goguel - Jesus the Nazarene; Myth or History (1926).pdf
  Harden - An Inquiry into the Truth of Dogmatic Christianity (1893).pdf
  Historical pictures of pagan and Christian Rome - Frances Elliot.pdf
  Historical sketches (Volume 1) - Newman, John Henry, 1801-1890.pdf
  Historical Sketches, Volume I (of 3) The Turks in Their Relation to Europe; Marcus Tullius Cicero; Apollonius of Tyana; Primitive Christianity - Newman, John Henry.txt
  Hittel - The Evidences Against Christianity, Vol I (1857).pdf
  Hittel - The Evidences Against Christianity, Vol II (1857).pdf
  Holbach - Ecce Homo_A Critical Enquiry into the History of Jesus Christ (1813).pdf
  If the Gospel narratives are mythical-what then - John Taylor Brown.pdf
  Jesus man or God.pdf
  Life of Constantine the great - Joseph Fletcher.pdf
  Massey - The Historical Jesus and the Mythical Christ (1880).pdf
  New discoveries in the origin of Christianity.pdf
  Notes on Sun Worship.pdf
  Occultists & mystics of all ages - Shirley, Ralph, 1865-1946.pdf
  Origins of Christianity (1909).djvu
  Osiris & Christianity - The Christian Adoption of Egyptian Iconography, Symbolism, and Myth.mp4
  Oswald - The Secret of the East or the Origin of the Christian Religion (1883).pdf
  Otto - Life and Ministry of Jesus according to Historical and Critical Method (1908).pdf
  Pagan & Christian creeds - their origin and meaning - Carpenter, Edward, 1844-1929.pdf
  Pagan and Christian creeds.pdf
  Pagan and Christian Rome - Rodolfo Lanciani.pdf
  pagan christ list.txt
  pagan christ.txt
  Pagan Christianity.mp4
  Pagan Christs - Robertson, J. M. (John Mackinnon), 1856-1933.pdf
  Pagan origin of Partialist doctrines.pdf
  Pagan Origins of the Christ Myth - Jackson, John G.pdf
  Pagan Revival #41 - Wyatt Kaldenberg.pdf
  Paganism in our Christianity.pdf
  Paganism surviving in Christianity - Lewis, Abram Herbert, 1836-1908.pdf
  Pagano-papismus; Or, An Exact Parallel Between Rome-pagan and Rome-Christian, in Their Doctrines ... - Joshua Stopford.pdf
  Paul, Christianity & Mithraism.mp4
  Postcard to Probationers.pdf
  Primitive Christianity and its non-Jewish sources.pdf
  Quest for the Historical Jesus Christ and Christianity - Avinash Patra, Sr..pdf
  Religion and common sense.pdf
  Religion in the heavens.pdf
  Religions and the New Testament.pdf
  Religious systems of the world.pdf
  Remsburg - The Christ; A Critical Review and Analysis of the Evidences of His Existence (1909).pdf
  Renan - The Life of Jesus (1891).djvu
  Robert M. Price - Pagan Parallels to Christ - Part 2.mp4
  Robertson - Pagan Christs; Studies in Comparative Hierology (1903).djvu
  Robertson - The Historical Jesus; A Survey of Positions (1916).pdf
  Romanism a Plagiarism of Paganism.pdf
  Romish rites, offices, and legends - Authorised superstitions and idolatries of the Church of Rome - Foye, Martin Wilson, b. 1803.pdf
  Schlesinger - The Historical Jesus of Nazareth (1876).pdf
  Schweitzer - The Quest of the Historical Jesus (1911).djvu
  Sheldon - The Mystery Religions and the New Testament (1918).pdf
  Sixteen saviours or one - The Gospels not brahmanic - Perry, John T.pdf
  St. Paul and the mystery religions - Kennedy, H. A. A. (Harry Angus Alexander).pdf
  Stearns - Mistake of Christendom or Jesus and His Gospel before Paul and Christianity (1857).pdf
  Strauss - The Life of Jesus Critically Examined (1902).djvu
  Tammuz Pan and Christ.pdf
  The  Origins of  Christianity.pdf
  The birth and infancy of Jesus Christ.pdf
  The Christ - a critical review and analysis of the evidences of His existence.pdf
  The creed of Constantine.pdf
  The Development of Paganism in the Roman Empire - A. D. Nock.pdf
  The early Christian conception of Christ.pdf
  The Ethnological Background of the Eucharist.pdf
  The evolution of man.pdf
  The Fathersof Jesus.pdf
  The historic Christ in the faith of to-day.pdf
  The History of the Roman Emperors - From Augustus to Constantine - Jean Baptiste Louis Crévier, John Mills.pdf
  The Lifeof Jesus Critically Examined.pdf
  The mysteries, pagan and Christian - Cheetham, Samuel, 1827-1909.pdf
  The Occult Life of Jesus of Nazareth - Alexander Smyth.pdf
  The origin of Pauls religion.pdf
  The Origins of Christianity Mithras The Persian Religion ???? ??? ?????? ????? ??? ? ????[1].mp4
  The religions of the world and their relations to Christianity.pdf
  The Roman empire under Constantine the Great - Bridges, Matthew.pdf
  The Sinaitic and Vatican Manuscripts and the Copies Sent by Eusebius to Constantine (Volume 11) - Lake, Kirsopp.pdf
  The swastika.pdf
  The tree of life - a study of religion.pdf
  The witnesses to the historicity of Jesus.pdf
  The World's Sixteen Crucified Saviors or Christianity Before Christ - Kersey Graves.pdf

DISK 02 - Apollonius, Egyptian Parallels

  1826 Newman, J.H. - The Life of Apolonius of Tyanaeus (fac).pdf
  1866 Reville, Albert - Apollonius of Tyana.pdf
  1908 Campbell, F.W. Groves - Apollonius of Tyana (fac).pdf
  1912 Philostratus - Life of Apollonius of Tyana (tr. Conybeare).pdf
  5_43_ Flavius Philostratus - Appollonius Of Tyana.mp4
  6_43_ Flavius Philostratus - Appollonius Of Tyana.mp4
  A sketch of the life of Apollonius of Tyana or the first ten decades of our era - Tredwell, Daniel M., 1826-1921.pdf
  Apollonius - The Nuctemron.pdf
  Apollonius de Tyane, sa vie, ses voyages, ses prodiges - Philostratus, the Athenian, 2nd & 3rd cent (Fr.).pdf
  Apollonius of Tyana - the pagan Christ of the third century.pdf
  APOLLONIUS OF TYANA (Volume 13) - Whittaker, T..pdf
  Apollonius of Tyana Identified as the Christian Jesus.pdf
  Apollonius of Tyana the pagan Christ of the third century.pdf
  Apollonius of Tyana, and other essays - Whittaker, Thomas, 1856-1935.pdf
  Apollonius of Tyana, Identified as the Christian Jesus - Jonathan Manning Roberts.pdf
  Apollonius of Tyana, Part I 05-01-2011.mp4
  Apollonius of Tyana, Part I 05-01-2011[1].mp4
  Apollonius of Tyana, the forgotten Jesus- The Magicians ep 12.mp4
  Apollonius of Tyana, the Philosopher-Reformer of the First Century A.D. - Mead, George Robert Stowe.txt
  Apollonius of Tyana, the philosopher-reformer of the first century,A.D. - Mead, George Robert Stow.pdf
  Apollonius of Tyana, Video 1, The Jesus of Nazareth,St. Paul, Antiquity Unveiled. Pg 17.wmv.mp4
  Apollonius of Tyana.mp4
  Apollonius of Tyana.pdf
  Apollonius of Tyana; a study of his life and times - Campbell, Frederick William Groves, d. 1914.pdf
  Apollonius of Tyana[1].mp4
  Apollonius von Tyana - Johannes Goettsching (Ger.).pdf
  Apollonius von Tyana und Christus, oder, Das Verhältniss des Pythagoreismus zum Christenthum ... - Ferdinand Christian Baur (Ger.).pdf
  Apollonius von Tyana und sein Biograph Philostratus - Julius Jessen (Ger.).pdf
  Appollonius of Tyana (essay).pdf
  Appolonius of Tyana - Epistles.pdf
  Article 20 - 12 Hours of Appolonius.pdf
  Bernard, R.W.  - Appolonius the Nazerene.pdf
  Campbell, F.W. Groves - Apollonius of Tyana (fac) 1908.pdf
  Jesus, Joshua, Appolonius, Origen.pdf
  Loeb Classical Library 016 Philostratus Life Of Apollonius Of Tyana I - 1-5 text.pdf
  Loeb Classical Library 016 Philostratus Life Of Apollonius Of Tyana I - 1-5.pdf
  Loeb Classical Library 017 Philostratus Life Of Apollonius Of Tyana II - 6-10 text.pdf
  Loeb Classical Library 017 Philostratus Life Of Apollonius Of Tyana II - 6-10.pdf
  Loeb Classical Library 018 Philostratus Life Of Apollonius Of Tyana II.pdf
  Mead, G.R.S. - Apollonius of Tyana (fac).pdf
  Newman, J.H. - The Life of Apolonius of Tyanaeus 1826 (fac).pdf
  Opera; (Volume 1) - Philostratus, the Athenian, 2nd & 3rd cent (Lat).pdf
  Opera; (Volume 2) - Philostratus, the Athenian, 2nd & 3rd cent (Lat).pdf
  Philostratorum (John Q. Adams personal copy, in Latin, facsimile).pdf
  Philostratus - Life of Apollonius of Tyana (tr. Conybeare) 1912.pdf
  Philostratus 4.25.pdf
  Reger, Gary - Appolonous of Tyana and the Gymnoi of Ethiopia (precis).pdf
  Reville, Albert - Apollonius of Tyana 1866.pdf
  Rives - Appolonius & the Theology of Sacrifice (essay).pdf
  Serapis - Apollonius of Tyana - Pisos_Flavians = Gospels of Jesus.mp4
  The Gospel of Apollonius - Philostratus.pdf
  The Indian Travels of Apollonius of Tyana (Volume 17) - De Beauvoir Priaulx, Osmond.pdf
  The Life & Epistles of Apollonius of Tyana, Treatise of Eusebius; tr. F.C. Conybeare - Philostratus, the Athenian, 2nd & 3rd cent.pdf
  The life of Apollonius of Tyana (Volume 1) - Philostratus, the Athenian, 2nd & 3rd cent.pdf
  The life of Apollonius of Tyana (Volume 2) - Philostratus, the Athenian, 2nd & 3rd cent.pdf
  The life of Apollonius Tyanaeus - with a comparison between the miracles of Scripture and those elsewhere related - Newman, John Henry, 1801-1890.pdf
  Thorpe, Benjamin 1834 The Anglo-Saxon version of the story of Apollonius of Tyre.pdf

The Life of Apollonius of Tyana - Flavius Philostratus Librivox recording
  !LibriVox recording of The Life of Apollonius of Tyana, by Flavius Philostratus..txt
  [Occult Audiobook] Apollonius of Tyana Part 1; One of the Most Famous Magicians in History.mp4
  apolloniusoftyana_philostratus: 43 - 64kb mp3 files

Egyptian Parallels
  Christianity Conversion From Egyptian Religion Isis,Amen-Ra,Mithraism,& Osiris.mp4
  Christianity is a Egyptian Myth - Horus=Jesus, Isis=Mary, Osiris=God, Amun=Amen, Apophis=Devil.mp4
  Comparative Mythology_ Jesus, Mithras and Osiris.mp4
  Egyptian mythology and Egyptian Christianity - Samuel Sharpe.pdf
  Egyptian mythology and Egyptian christianity.pdf
  Gerald Massey - Ancient Egypt, Light of the World.pdf
  Isis and Osiris or the Origin of Christ.pdf
  Isis and Osiris.pdf
  Refuting Osiris - Pagan Origins of Christianity.mp4
  Was Jesus Christ a Copy of Horus, Mithras, Dionysus, Krishna and Other Pagan gods_.mp4

DISK 03 - Christ a Myth

Christ a Myth

  The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus. Red Ice Creations Interview with Joseph Atwill.mp4
  A Short History of Christianity.pdf
  Antiquity Unveiled.pdf
  Christian Dilemmas - The Secret History of Christianity and the Bible - HD Movie.mp4
  Christianity and Mythology.pdf
  Christianity Unveiled.pdf
  Did Jesus Ever Live.pdf
  Did Jesus Exist  A look at the historical evidence..mp4
  Did Jesus really live - a reply to The Christ myth.pdf
  Drews - The Christ Myth (1911).pdf
  Forbidden Books of the Original New testament.pdf
  Germany and the New Christ Myth.pdf
  History Of Christianity - How Christianity Was Invented.mp4
  If Jesus Never Called Himself God, How Did He Become One .mp4
  Is It God's Word By Joseph Wheless.txt
  Isis and Osiris Or The Origin of Christ.pdf
  Jesus as Problem Teacher.pdf
  Kersey Graves and The World's Sixteen Crucified Saviors.rtf
  Mangasarian - The Truth About Jesus; Is He a Myth (1909).pdf
  Non-Christian Cross.pdf
  Pagan Christs.pdf
  Real Proof that Jesus was NOT real.mp4
  The Christ myth - Drews.pdf
  The Christ Myth (2).pdf
  The Christ Myth.pdf
  The Christ.doc
  The Christ.pdf
  The Council That Created Jesus Christ,Ray Hagins PhD - The 1st Creed of Nicea 325 AD.mp4.mp4
  The Eternal Christ.pdf
  The God Who Wasn't There.mp4
  The Great Law.pdf
  The Greatest Story Never Told --Part 1[1].mp4
  The Historical Jesusand Myhtical Christ.pdf
  The Mythical Interpretation of the Gospe.pdf
  The Origins of Christianity.pdf
  The Problem of Jesus.pdf
  The Rise of Christianity.pdf
  The swastika.pdf
  The Two Babylons.pdf
  The World's Sixteen Crucified Saviors.pdf
  Top Documentary Films Who is Jesus And The True Story of the Catholic Church.mp4
  Was Jesus a Myth .mp4
  Why I Think Jesus Didn't Exist  A Historian Explains the Evidence That Changed His Mind.mp4
  Why the Gospels Are Myth  The Evidence of Genre and Content.mp4


DISK 04 - Mithra

  299 Jesus Twin Mithra.mp4
  A New Mithraic Relief from Syria (Volume 22) - Frothingham, A. L..pdf
  A. S. Geden, Select passages illustrating Mithraism.pdf
  An explanatory commentary on Esther...Mithra - the winged bulls of Persepolis - and Zoroaster - Cassel, Paulus, 1821-1892.pdf
  Diocletian and Mithra in the Roman Forum (Volume 18) - Frothingham, A. L..pdf
  Jesus was a Roman creation of the Persian Mithra.mp4
  Mithra, Marijuana and the Myths of the Messiah.mp4
  Mithraism A Religion for the Ancient Medes - A.D.H Bivar.pdf
  Mithraism and the Religions of the Empire.pdf
  Mithras - Pagan Origins of Christianity.mp4
  Mithras Worship.pdf
  On the diffusion of Mithra Images in Sassanian Iran - Calieri, P..pdf
  similarity between jesus and mithras and sun.mp4
  The Bible of Mithra.mp4
  The Cult of Mithras.mp4
  The mysteries of Mithra - Cumont, Franz Valery Marie, 1868-1947.pdf
  The Mysteries of Mithra (Volume 5) - George Robert Stow Mead.pdf
  The Mysteries of Mithra.pdf
  The revelation and incarnation of Mithra.pdf
  Was Jesus Christ a Copy of Horus, Mithras, Dionysus, Krishna and Other Pagan gods_.mp4

Oriental Parallels
  A history of the origin of the doctrine of the Trinity.pdf
  Belief in God.pdf
  Buddha and the gospel of Buddhism.pdf
  Buddha his life his teachings his order.pdf
  Buddhism and Christianity a parallel and a contrast.pdf
  Buddhism and its Christian critics.pdf
  Buddhism in its connexion with Braahmanism and Hinduism and in its contrast with Christianity.pdf
  Buddhist and Christian gospels.pdf
  Buddhist Legends and New Testament Teachings.pdf
  Buddhist Legends.pdf
  Buddhist texts quoted as Scripture by the Gospel of John.pdf
  Christ and Buddha.pdf
  Christ and other masters.pdf
  Christ Or Buddha.pdf
  Christ Versus Krishna - L. A. Sakes.djvu
  Christ Versus Krishna A Brief Comparision Between The Chief Events Characteristics And Mission - L. A. Sakes.pdf
  Christianity and Buddhism compared.pdf
  Christianity before Christ.pdf
  Churchmens attack on Theosophy.pdf
  Ending the religious lies.pdf
  Evolution- an exposition of Christian dogmas and pagan myths.pdf
  Faith or Fact.pdf
  Historical Analogies of Buddhism and Christianity.pdf
  India in primitive Christianity.pdf
  India's problem Krishna or Christ - Jones, John P. (John Peter), 1847-1916.pdf
  Jesus in the nineteenth century and after.pdf
  Jesus in the Vedas.pdf
  Krishna-The Supreme Personality of God Head - His Divine Grace A C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.pdf
  Mohammed Buddha and Christ.pdf
  New Testament parallels in Buddhistic literature.pdf
  Oriental religions and Christianity.pdf
  Pagan origin of Partialist doctrines.pdf
  Parallels in the lives of Buddha and Jesus.pdf
  Sacred writings.pdf
  Secular Review.pdf
  Similiarity between the Hindu and Christian Religions.pdf
  Socrates Buddha and Christ.pdf
  Studies in the history of religions.pdf
  Symbols of The Way Far East and West.pdf
  Ten great religions.pdf
  The Angel-Messiah of Buddhists Essenes and Christians.pdf
  The Buddha and his religion.pdf
  The Buddha and the Christ - Henry Thayer Niles.pdf
  The Buddha and the Christ.pdf
  The Buddhist-Christian Missing Link.pdf
  The Christ of Japan.pdf
  The Creed of Buddha.pdf
  The dhamma of Gotama the Buddha and the gospel of Jesus the Christ.pdf
  The ethnic trinities and their relations to the Christian trinity.pdf
  The gospel of Buddha according to old records.pdf
  The influence of Buddhism on primitive Christianity.pdf
  The Jesus problem.pdf
  The light of Asia and the light of the world.pdf
  The light of Buddha.pdf
  The Lotus gospel.pdf
  The Mahabharata of Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa - English Translation by K M Ganguli.pdf
  The message of the world's religions.pdf
  The metaphysic of Christianity and Buddhism.pdf
  The mistake of Christendom.pdf
  The Nature and Origin of the Pagan Doctrine of the Trinity or Triads.pdf
  The new testament of higher Buddhism.pdf
  The Origin of the Trinity.pdf
  The religions of the world.pdf
  The Story of Gautama Buddha and His Creed.pdf
  The Trinity Idea.pdf
  The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ.pdf
  Was Jesus Christ a Copy of Horus, Mithras, Dionysus, Krishna and Other Pagan gods_.mp4
  Winning Buddhas smile.pdf

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