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Occult Audiobooks and Lectures - 4 DVD-ROM boxed sealed

Occult Audiobooks and Lectures - 4 DVD-ROM boxed sealed

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This four disk library is a treasure trove of occult and metaphysical lore. Playable on any device that will play m4a and mp3 files, you can enrich your knowledge of the occult and metaphysical at your leisure. Included are a few horror and fantasy works included as well.


(How to Increase Mental Power) [Audiobook] The Hindu Yogi Science Of Breath.m4a
[A Mystic Tale from the Master of Arcane Tales] The Old Man Of Visions (Algernon Blackwood).m4a
[A Sequel to the Astral-Projecting Villain Nikola] Doctor Nikola Returns (Audiobook).m4a
[A Tale of Astral-Projecting Villain] Dr. Nikola's Vendetta (AKA A Bid For Fortune).m4a
[Audiobook on Astral Projection & Past Life-Regression] The Jacket (AKA The Star Rover).m4a
[Audiobook on the Day when the Veil to the Other World Lifted] May Day Eve.m4a
[Audiobook] A Romance of 2 Worlds (Esoteric Use of Electricity for Spiritual Transformation).m4a
[Audiobook] A Series of Lessons in Raja Yoga, The Mastery of the Self by Yogi Ramacharaka.m4a
[Audiobook] Aleister Crowley's Rose and the Cross.m4a
[Audiobook] Aleister Crowley's The Quest.m4a
[Audiobook] Light on the Path (by Lucifer Magazine's Editor, along with H. P. Blavatsky).m4a
[Audiobook] Necromancy (Evocation of the Dead).m4a
[Audiobook] Psychic Science.m4a
[Audiobook] The Power of the Dead to Return to Earth.m4a
[Audiobook] Zanoni 1 (Immortal Adept from Ancient Chaldea, the Guardian on the Threshold).m4a
[Audiobook] Zanoni 2 (Immortal Adept from Ancient Chaldea, the Guardian on the Threshold).m4a
[Blavatsky & Lovecraft Inspired Supernatural Tale] The Ghost of Guir House.m4a
[Egyptian Black Magic -- Horror] Brood of the Witch Queen (Audiobook).m4a


[Horror Audiobook for H. P. Lovecraft Fans] The Haunted and the Haunters.m4a
[Horror Audiobook] The Return of the Soul.m4a
[Horror Audiobook] The Slayer of Souls (AKA Summoning the Forgotten Evil God).m4a
[Horror of Evil Metamorphosis] The Joss a Reversion.m4a
[Horror on the Hidden Ancient Text of Talmud] The Tractate Middoth.m4a
[Investigation Audiobook] Twenty Years' Experience as a Ghost Hunter (Research Book).m4a
[Kybalion Study-Aid Lecture] Mastery of Self from 5 Perspective, Audiobook.m4a
[Lecture] (Expanding the Mind Through Multi-Dimensions of Existence) Buddhic Consciousness.m4a
[Lecture] (Spiritual Law of Seven) The 7 Principles Governing Human, Universe & Life Itself.m4a
[Lecture] A World Religion for Manifesting the Divinity Within You (Merging the Traditions).m4a
[Lecture] Access to the Pre-Consciousness and Its Implications.m4a
[Lecture] Alchemy of Mental Attitudes & Mystery of Psychological Transformation.m4a
[Lecture] Ancient Gods from the Past and Planets.m4a
[Lecture] Astrological Journey of the Human Soul and Its Esoteric Implications.m4a
[Lecture] Astrology, Reincarnation and Karma and Their Relations.m4a
[Lecture] Beyond the Veil of the Universe Metaphysics and Its Four Aspects.m4a
[Lecture] Chinese and Tibetan Alchemy, the Path to Self-Transformation.m4a
[Lecture] Dangers of Losing One's Spiritual Center.m4a
[Lecture] Dimensions Beyond Death (Esoteric Meaning of Death and Beyond).m4a
[Lecture] Dream Warnings and, Premonitions (Hidden Dynamics of the Unconscious Domains).m4a
[Lecture] Endless Cycle & Continuity of Your Soul.m4a
[Lecture] Esoteric Initiation and Hidden Knowledge of the Pyramid.m4a
[Lecture] Esoteric Principle of Nature and Its Kingdoms.m4a
[Lecture] Esoteric Principle of Prayer & Meditation (Spiritual Alchemy of Mental Focus).m4a
[Lecture] Esoteric Rituals of the East (Mysticism in Japan and China), Secret Ceremonies.m4a
[Lecture] Forgotten Rituals, Initiations and Mysteries of Greece and Rome.m4a
[Lecture] Good and Evil; the Eternal Contrast of the Domains of Existence.m4a
[Lecture] Heart, the Mystic Center of Esoteric Life Force, Anatomy of Man.m4a
[Lecture] Hermes Trismegistus and Hermeticism's Influence on Religious Ideas.m4a
[Lecture] How to Apply the Spiritual Laws & Wisdom to Our Consciousness.m4a
[Lecture] How to Choose a Spiritual Path Based on Your Characteristics.m4a
[Lecture] How to Gain Wisdom According to the Universal Law of Existence.m4a
[Lecture] How to Master Your Thinking-Patterns and Habits for Self-Development.m4a
[Lecture] Human Quest for Adepts, Master Alchemists and Spiritual Teachers.m4a


[Lecture] Immortal VS. Mortal God and Man.m4a
[Lecture] In-Depth Analysis of the Rosicrucian Order, The Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross.m4a
[Lecture] Knowledge, Human Mind and Consciousness.m4a
[Lecture] Magic & the Astral Dimension and Its Light.m4a
[Lecture] Magical Rituals in Maya & Inca (Esoteric Aspects of Ancient America).m4a
[Lecture] Messages from the Dead (Life After Death & the Supernatural Lore).m4a
[Lecture] Mysteries of Guardian Angels and Their Origin.m4a
[Lecture] Mysteries of Our Memory and How to Use It.m4a
[Lecture] Mysteries of the Holy Grail (Esoteric Symbolism of the Ultimate Quest).m4a
[Lecture] Mystery of Brain and Soul (Anatomy of Man), by Manly P. Hall - YouTube.m4a
[Lecture] Mystery of Consciousness and Human Memory's Black Hole.m4a
[Lecture] Mystery of Human Cells (Anatomy of Man and Its Mystic Dynamics).m4a
[Lecture] Mystery of Human Mind's Multi-Level Function.m4a
[Lecture] Mystery of Kundalini Force (Hidden Serpent Power in Human), Anatomy of Man.m4a
[Lecture] Mystery of Pineal Gland (Third Eye Organ), Anatomy of Man.m4a
[Lecture] Mystery of Your Past, Present & Future and How to Master It for Self-Development.m4a
[Lecture] Occultist's Perspective on the Religious Mysticism & Esoteric Christianity.m4a
[Lecture] On Mental Science (How to Unlock the Spiritual Power Within).m4a
[Lecture] Power of Magnetic Healing (New Way of Therapy for Everyday Life).m4a
[Lecture] Psychic Phenomena (the World Behind the Veils of Illusion).m4a
[Lecture] Psychic Self Deception and Its Dangers.m4a
[Lecture] Religious Magic & Esoteric Symbolism of Christian Rituals and Masses.m4a
[Lecture] Self Instruction Through Dreams (Methods to Guide Your Destiny).m4a
[Lecture] Self-Mastery from Mentally Utilizing Your Daily Experience.m4a
[Lecture] Spiritual Alchemy & the Great Work (Transformation of Mental Attitudes).m4a
[Lecture] The Astral Plane & Its Scenery, Inhabitants and Phenomena.m4a
[Lecture] The Domains of Heaven Vs. Our World.m4a
[Lecture] The Doors to the Invisible Inner-Self (The Quest for the Ultimate).m4a
[Lecture] The Dynamics Between Human Mind and Various Substances and Stimulants.m4a
[Lecture] The Forgotten Gods of Atlantis (the Dreaming Gods of of Antiquity).m4a
[Lecture] The Hermetic Tradition, by Terence McKenna.m4a
[Lecture] The Human Soul and Archetypal Number, Mystery of Numerology from Pythagorean Theory.m4a
[Lecture] The Inner Mind and Outer Mind.m4a
[Lecture] The Interaction Between the Mind and Body.m4a
[Lecture] The Interpretation of Dream Symbols (Esoteric Analysis of Dream).m4a
[Lecture] The Ladder to the Stars and Its Esoteric Symbolism.m4a
[Lecture] The Law of Karma and Its Esoteric Implications.m4a
[Lecture] The Mystery of Time and How to Master It for Self-Development.m4a
[Lecture] The Mystical Experience Within Your Subconsciousness The Dream.m4a
[Lecture] The Power and Discipline of Mystic Retrospection,.m4a
[Lecture] The Record of Atlantis in Ancient America, Atlantean Knowledge.m4a
[Lecture] The Record of Lost Atlantis in Africa by Manly P. Hall.m4a
[Lecture] The Seven Branches of Esoteric Religions (Mystery Religions Throughout the History).m4a
[Lecture] The Symbolism of Numbers, by Manly P. Hall.m4a


Colin Wilson - The Occult [audiobook) - 25 mp3 files

[Lecture] The Twilight Dimension of Dreaming (The Hour of Entering the Mind-World).m4a
[Lecture] The Ultimate Alchemy & the Philosopher's Stone (Hermetic Symbols of the Great Work).m4a
[Lecture] The Vision of Hermes Trismegistus (Thoth), Alchemy, Kybalion, Hermeticism.m4a
[Lecture] The World and Its Double (Esoteric Hidden World Parallel to Normal World).m4a
[Lecture] Unveiling the Hidden Mysteries of Human Mind.m4a
[Legend Audiobook] The Talisman of Solomon.m4a
[Manual on Tea Leaf Divination] Tea-Cup Reading and Fortune-Telling by Tea Leaves, Audiobook.m4a
[Mystery Thriller] The Thing Invisible (Lovecraft Meets Sherlock Holmes), Audiobook.m4a
[Mystery] The Whistling Room (H. P. Lovecraft Meets Sherlock Holmes) Audiobook.m4a
[Mystery-Thriller] The Gateway of the Monster (Lovecraft Meets Sherlock Holmes), Audiobook.m4a
[Tale on Dimension-Switching] Entrance and Exit (Algernon Blackwood).m4a
[The Left-Hand Path Cult of the Ancient Egypt, Horror] The Beetle.m4a
[Third Eye Awakening (Pineal Gland) Gone Terribly Wrong] Horror Green Tea.m4a
[Wisdom Lecture] How to Develop Human Potential in Harmony with Nature.m4a
{Audiobook} [How to Use Your Mental Power to Influence Others] Mental Fascination.m4a
Ancient Sorceries [Horror Audiobook].m4a
Armageddon Prophecy [Lecture], Apocalypse and Its Mystery, The End Time Traditions.m4a
How to Deal with Stress and Depression Wisely for Self-Development [Wisdom Lecture].m4a
How to Handle Your Anger for Self-Development [Wisdom Lecture].m4a
The Book of Lies by Aleister Crowley [Liber CCCXXXIII Book 333] (Audiobook).m4a

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