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Norse Mythology, Language and Culture - 8 DVD-ROM boxed digital library

Norse Mythology, Language and Culture - 8 DVD-ROM boxed digital library

$ 64.50

The Norse have had a huge impact on world culture. Traveling vast distances in their longboats and through raiding and trading their influence pervades Europe as well as far into Russia, which was named after them: the "Rus," those with red hair. 

This is an 8 DVD-ROM digital library containing files dealing with Norse culture. In this extensive collection are audio and document files containing sagas and eddas and mythology. Please note, not all are in Engllish, the language is usually noted on the title, but generally if the title is not in english, the file is not in English.

While much of this collection deals with mythology and the sagas, there is also instructionn in the Old norse language, the modern day language of Iceland.

This 8-disk collection contains over 1200 files in 27 different categories.Contents of the disks are as follows:

  Nibelungenlied—Chivalric Romance.mp3
  Skienigas' Journey (en).mp3
  The Binding of Fenrir (en).mp3
  The Horse Gullfaxi and the Sword Gunnfoder (en).mp3
  Thor's Journey (en).mp3

Åke Hultkrantz - Vem är vem i nordisk mytologi
  001 Vem r vem i nordisk mytologi a.mp3
  002 Information om talboken.mp3
  003 Baksidestext.mp3
  004 Frord.mp3
  005 Innehll.mp3
  006 Inledning.mp3
  007 Den nordiska mytologin.mp3
  008 Vad r en myt.mp3
  009 Kllorna.mp3
  010 Myt och religion.mp3
  011 Litteratur i urval.mp3
  012 Index ver myterna.mp3
  013 A.mp3
  014 Alfer Alver.mp3
  015 Alfheim.mp3
  016 Allfader.mp3
  017 Allsvinn.mp3
  018 Allvis.mp3
  019 Andvaranaut.mp3
  020 Andvare.mp3
  021 Angerboda.mp3
  022 Arvaker.mp3
  023 Asabron.mp3
  024 Asar.mp3
  025 Asator.mp3
  026 Asgrd.mp3
  027 Ask.mp3
  028 Aslg.mp3
  029 Asynjor.mp3
  030 Audhumbla eller Audumla.mp3
  031 Aurboda.mp3
  032 Aurgelmer.mp3
  033 Aurvandil.mp3
  034 Aurvandils t.mp3
  035 B.mp3
  036 Balder.mp3
  037 Barr.mp3
  038 Bauge.mp3
  039 Bejla.mp3
  040 Bele.mp3
  041 Bergelmer.mp3
  042 Bergresar.mp3
  043 Bergsret.mp3
  044 Berling.mp3
  045 Bestla.mp3
  046 Bifrost.mp3
  047 Bil.mp3
  048 Billing.mp3
  049 Bilskirne.mp3
  050 Bjra.mp3
  051 Bond eller Bnd.mp3
  052 Bor eller Burr.mp3
  053 Brage.mp3
  054 Breidablick.mp3
  055 Brisingamn.mp3
  056 Brokk.mp3
  057 Brynhild.mp3
  058 Bure.mp3
  059 Byggvir.mp3
  060 Byleist.mp3
  061 Bysen.mp3
  062 Bckahsten.mp3
  063 Brsrk.mp3
  064 Bltorn.mp3
  065 D.mp3
  066 Dag.mp3
  067 Delling.mp3
  068 Diar.mp3
  069 Diser.mp3
  070 Domalde.mp3
  071 Donar.mp3
  072 Draug.mp3
  073 Draupner.mp3
  074 Dvrgar.mp3
  075 E.mp3
  076 Edda.mp3
  077 Eiktyrner.mp3
  078 Einhrjar.mp3
  079 Einride.mp3
  080 Eir.mp3
  081 Eitre.mp3
  082 Elivgor.mp3
  083 Eljudne.mp3
  084 Elle.mp3
  085 Embla.mp3
  086 F.mp3
  087 Fafne.mp3
  088 Farbaute.mp3
  089 Fenja.mp3
  090 Fenrisulven.mp3
  091 Fensalarna.mp3
  092 Fimbultul 1.mp3
  093 Fimbultul 2.mp3
  094 Fimbultyr.mp3
  095 Fimbulvinter.mp3
  096 Fjalar.mp3
  097 Fjorgyn.mp3
  098 Fjorgynn.mp3
  099 Folkvang.mp3
  100 Fornjot.mp3
  101 Forsete.mp3
  102 Frej eller Fr.mp3
  103 Freja.mp3
  104 Freke.mp3
  105 Fricco.mp3
  106 Frigg.mp3
  107 Frode.mp3
  108 Frodefreden.mp3
  109 Frostjttar.mp3
  110 Fru.mp3
  111 Fr.mp3
  112 Fulla.mp3
  113 Fylgja.mp3
  114 Fylgjukona.mp3
  115 G.mp3
  116 Galar.mp3
  117 Galder.mp3
  118 Gand.mp3
  119 Ganglere.mp3
  120 Garm.mp3
  121 Gaut.mp3
  122 Gefjon.mp3
  123 Gefn.mp3
  124 Geirrd 1.mp3
  125 Geirrd 2.mp3
  126 Gerd.mp3
  127 Gere.mp3
  128 Gestumblinde.mp3
  129 Gilling.mp3
  130 Gimle.mp3
  131 Ginnungagap.mp3
  132 Gjallarbron.mp3
  133 Gjallarhornet.mp3
  134 Gjalp.mp3
  135 Gjuke.mp3
  136 Gjll.mp3
  137 Gladsheim.mp3
  138 Glam.mp3
  139 Glaser.mp3
  140 Gleipner.mp3
  141 Glitne.mp3
  142 Gnipahlan.mp3
  143 Gn.mp3
  144 Gram.mp3
  145 Grane.mp3
  146 Greip.mp3
  147 Grendel.mp3
  148 Grid.mp3
  149 Grim eller Grimner.mp3
  150 Grimhild.mp3
  151 Groa.mp3
  152 Grotte.mp3
  153 Gruvret.mp3
  154 Gudrun Gjukedotter.mp3
  155 Guldmane.mp3
  156 Gullfaxe.mp3
  157 Gullinburste.mp3
  158 Gullinkambe.mp3
  159 Gullintanne.mp3
  160 Gulltopp.mp3
  161 Gullveig.mp3
  162 Gungner.mp3
  163 Gunn.mp3
  164 Gunnar Gjukeson.mp3
  165 Gunnld.mp3
  166 Gylfe.mp3
  167 Gymer.mp3
  168 Gll Gndul.mp3
  169 H.mp3
  170 Hadding.mp3
  171 Haddingjar.mp3
  172 Hagbard.mp3
  173 Hallinskide.mp3
  174 Hamingja.mp3
  175 Hamn Ham.mp3
  176 Hangadrott Hangatyr.mp3
  177 Harbard.mp3
  178 Hate.mp3
  179 Havmannen.mp3
  180 Hedin.mp3
  181 Heid.mp3
  182 Heidrun.mp3
  183 Heimdall.mp3
  184 Hel.mp3
  185 Helblinde.mp3
  186 Helgrind.mp3
  187 Helhst.mp3
  188 Helskor.mp3
  189 Helvete.mp3
  190 Herfjtur.mp3
  191 Herjan.mp3
  192 Hermod.mp3
  193 Hild.mp3
  194 Hildisvin.mp3
  195 Himinbjrg.mp3
  196 Hindarfjll.mp3
  197 Hjadningakampen.mp3
  198 Hjuke.mp3
  199 Hovvarpner.mp3
  200 Huge.mp3
  201 Hugin.mp3
  202 Huld.mp3
  203 Huldra.mp3
  204 Huldrefolket.mp3
  205 Hyllemor.mp3
  206 Hymer.mp3
  207 Hyndla.mp3
  208 Hyrrokkin.mp3
  209 Hrfader Herjan.mp3
  210 Hrfjtter Herfjtur.mp3
  211 Hrn eller Hrn.mp3
  212 Hder.mp3
  213 Hner.mp3
  214 Hrg Harg.mp3
  215 Hrn.mp3
  216 I.mp3
  217 Idavallen.mp3
  218 Idun.mp3
  219 Irminsul.mp3
  220 Ivalde.mp3
  221 Ivaldesnerna.mp3
  222 J.mp3
  223 Jofur.mp3
  224 Jolner.mp3
  225 Jord.mp3
  226 Jotnar.mp3
  227 Jotunheim.mp3
  228 Julen.mp3
  229 Jultomten.mp3
  230 Jrnsaxa.mp3
  231 Jrnskogen Jrnveden.mp3
  232 Jttar.mp3
  233 Jrmundgand.mp3
  234 K.mp3
  235 Karl.mp3
  236 Korpguden Rafnagud.mp3
  237 Kraka.mp3
  238 Krimhild av Burgund.mp3
  239 Kvarngubbe.mp3
  240 Kvaser.mp3
  241 Kyrkogrimmen.mp3
  242 L.mp3
  243 Landvttar.mp3
  244 Laufey.mp3
  245 Le Hle.mp3
  246 Lidskjalf Hlidskjalf.mp3
  247 Lif.mp3
  248 Liftraser.mp3
  249 Lin Hlin.mp3
  250 Lindorm.mp3
  251 Lit.mp3
  252 Ljusalfer.mp3
  253 Lodur.mp3
  254 Lofar.mp3
  255 Lofn.mp3
  256 Loge.mp3
  257 Loke.mp3
  258 Lopt.mp3
  259 Lorride Hlorride.mp3
  260 Lyktgubbar.mp3
  261 Lrad.mp3
  262 Ldyn Hldyn.mp3
  263 M.mp3
  264 Magne.mp3
  265 Mara.mp3
  266 Mardll.mp3
  267 Marmennill.mp3
  268 Megingjord.mp3
  269 Mengld.mp3
  270 Menja.mp3
  271 Midgrd.mp3
  272 Midgrdsormen.mp3
  273 Mimer.mp3
  274 Mimers trd Mimameid.mp3
  275 Mimersbrunnen.mp3
  276 Mistelten.mp3
  277 Mjlkhare.mp3
  278 Mjlner.mp3
  279 Mode.mp3
  280 Modgunn.mp3
  281 Mundilfare.mp3
  282 Munin.mp3
  283 Muspelheim.mp3
  284 Muspels sner.mp3
  285 Myling Utbrding.mp3
  286 Mne.mp3
  287 Mnegarm.mp3
  288 Mkkurkalfe.mp3
  289 Mrkskogen eller Mrkveden.mp3
  290 N.mp3
  291 Nagelfar.mp3
  292 Nal.mp3
  293 Nanna.mp3
  294 Nare.mp3
  295 Narfe 1.mp3
  296 Narfe 2 eller Nrfe.mp3
  297 Nasheim.mp3
  298 Nastrand.mp3
  299 Natt.mp3
  300 Nattramn.mp3
  301 Nerthus.mp3
  302 Nibelungar.mp3
  303 Nidhgg.mp3
  304 Nifelheim.mp3
  305 Nifelhel.mp3
  306 Niflungar.mp3
  307 Nisse.mp3
  308 Njord.mp3
  309 Noatun.mp3
  310 Nornor.mp3
  311 Noss Hnoss.mp3
  312 Ncken.mp3
  313 Nrfe.mp3
  314 O.mp3
  315 Od.mp3
  316 Oden.mp3
  317 Odens hundar.mp3
  318 Odens jakt.mp3
  319 Odrrer.mp3
  320 Ondurdis.mp3
  321 Oskereien Julereien.mp3
  322 P.mp3
  323 Perchta Bertha.mp3
  324 Puke.mp3
  325 R.mp3
  326 Rafnagud Hrafnagud.mp3
  327 Ragnark.mp3
  328 Ragnhild.mp3
  329 Ran.mp3
  330 Ratatosk.mp3
  331 Regin 1.mp3
  332 Regin 2.mp3
  333 Reginnaglar.mp3
  334 Reidmar Hreidmar.mp3
  335 Rig.mp3
  336 Rimfaxe Hrimfaxe.mp3
  337 Rimtursar Hrimtursar.mp3
  338 Rind.mp3
  339 Ringhorne Hringhorne.mp3
  340 Ropt Hropt Roptatyr Hroptatyr.mp3
  341 Rota.mp3
  342 Rungner Hrungner.mp3
  343 Rbezahl.mp3
  344 Rym Hrym.mp3
  345 R.mp3
  346 Rsvelg Hrsvelg.mp3
  347 Rskva.mp3
  348 S.mp3
  349 Saga.mp3
  350 Sejd.mp3
  351 Sidgrane.mp3
  352 Sidhatt.mp3
  353 Sidskgg.mp3
  354 Sif.mp3
  355 Sigfader.mp3
  356 Sigfrid.mp3
  357 Signe.mp3
  358 Sigtyr.mp3
  359 Sigurd Fafnesbane.mp3
  360 Sigyn.mp3
  361 Singasten.mp3
  362 Sjfru sjjungfru.mp3
  363 Sjr.mp3
  364 Skade.mp3
  365 Skeppsr.mp3
  366 Skidbladner.mp3
  367 Skinfaxe.mp3
  368 Skirner.mp3
  369 Skjold.mp3
  370 Skogsr.mp3
  371 Skoll Skll.mp3
  372 Skrymer.mp3
  373 Skuld.mp3
  374 Skfn.mp3
  375 Skgul.mp3
  376 Skldmr.mp3
  377 Sleipner.mp3
  378 Slid.mp3
  379 Slidrugtanne.mp3
  380 Snotra.mp3
  381 Sol.mp3
  382 Strandvaskare.mp3
  383 Strmkarl.mp3
  384 Surt.mp3
  385 Suttung.mp3
  386 Svadilfare.mp3
  387 Svartalfer.mp3
  388 Svipdag.mp3
  389 Syn.mp3
  390 Syr.mp3
  391 Srimner.mp3
  392 Skkvabck.mp3
  393 T.mp3
  394 Tanngnjost eller Tanngrisner.mp3
  395 Tivar.mp3
  396 Tiwaz.mp3
  397 Tjalfe.mp3
  398 Tjalve.mp3
  399 Tjasse.mp3
  400 Tjatse.mp3
  401 Tomten.mp3
  402 Tor.mp3
  403 Troll.mp3
  404 Trudheim.mp3
  405 Trudvang.mp3
  406 Trym.mp3
  407 Trymheim.mp3
  408 Tursar.mp3
  409 Tyr.mp3
  410 Tyrfing.mp3
  411 Tkk.mp3
  412 U.mp3
  413 Ull.mp3
  414 Ullinn.mp3
  415 Urd.mp3
  416 Urdarbrunnen.mp3
  417 Urdarmne.mp3
  418 Utgrd.mp3
  419 UtgrdaLoke.mp3
  420 Utter.mp3
  421 V.mp3
  422 Vaftrudner.mp3
  423 Vala.mp3
  424 Valand.mp3
  425 Valaskjalf.mp3
  426 Vale 1.mp3
  427 Vale 2.mp3
  428 Valfader.mp3
  429 Valhall.mp3
  430 Valkyrjor.mp3
  431 Vanadis.mp3
  432 Vanakriget.mp3
  433 Vaner.mp3
  434 Vanheim.mp3
  435 Var Val.mp3
  436 Varulv.mp3
  437 Ve.mp3
  438 Verdandi.mp3
  439 Vergelmer Hvergelmer.mp3
  440 Vidar.mp3
  441 Vigrid.mp3
  442 Vilda jakten.mp3
  443 Vile.mp3
  444 Vimur.mp3
  445 Vingner eller Vingetor.mp3
  446 Vingolf.mp3
  447 Vittror.mp3
  448 Woden.mp3
  449 Wotan.mp3
  450 Vrd.mp3
  451 Vrdtrd.mp3
  452 Vderflne.mp3
  453 Vrldspelaren.mp3
  454 Vrldstrdet.mp3
  455 Vttar.mp3
  456 Vlsungar.mp3
  457 Vlund.mp3
  458 Vlva.mp3
  459 Vr.mp3
  460 Y.mp3
  461 Ydalir.mp3
  462 Ygg.mp3
  463 Yggdrasil.mp3
  464 Ymer.mp3
  465 YngveFr.mp3
  467 kutor.mp3
  468 sgrdsreien.mp3
  470 gir.mp3
  471 lvor.mp3
  473 dhumla.mp3
  474 rvandil.mp3
  475 Avannons.mp3

Beowulf (en)
  Beowulf - 01.mp3
  Beowulf - 02.mp3
  Beowulf - 03.mp3
  Beowulf - 04.mp3
  Beowulf - 05.mp3
  Beowulf - 06.mp3
  Beowulf - 07.mp3
  Beowulf - 08.mp3

Die Edda Spricht

Early Kings of Norway (en)
  Early Kings of Norway - 01.mp3
  Early Kings of Norway - 02.mp3
  Early Kings of Norway - 03.mp3
  Early Kings of Norway - 04.mp3
  Early Kings of Norway - 05.mp3
  Early Kings of Norway - 06.mp3
  Early Kings of Norway - 07.mp3
  Early Kings of Norway - 08.mp3
  Early Kings of Norway - 09.mp3
  Early Kings of Norway - 10.mp3

Edda - Myths from mediaeval Iceland (music)
  01. Sequentia - Leikr elds ok ísa  The song of Fire and Ice (Edda - Myths from Medieval Iceland).mp3
  02. Sequentia - Veit ek at ek hekk - Óðinn's Rune-verses (Edda - Myths from Medieval Iceland).mp3
  03. Sequentia - Hlioðs bið ek allar  The Prophecy of the Seeress (Edda - Myths from Medieval Icel.mp3
  04. Sequentia - Vreiðr var þá Ving-Þórr  The Tale of Þrymr (Edda - Myths from Medieval Iceland).mp3
  05. Sequentia - Nú erum komnar  The Song of the Mill (Edda - Myths from Medieval Iceland).mp3
  06. Sequentia - Baldrs minni  In Memory of Baldr (Edda - Myths from Medieval Iceland).mp3
  07. Sequentia - Senn vóru æsir allir á þingi  Baldr's Dreams (Edda - Myths from Medieval Iceland).mp3
  08. Sequentia - Þat man hón fólkvíg  The Prophecy of the Seeress (Edda - Myths from Medieval Icel.mp3
  09. Sequentia
  10. Sequentia - Á fellr austan um eitrdala  The Prophecy of the Seeress (Edda - Myths from Mediev.mp3

Eirik the Red's Saga (en)
  Eric the Red's Saga - 01.mp3
  Eric the Red's Saga - 02.mp3
  Eric the Red's Saga - 03.mp3
  Eric the Red's Saga - 04.mp3
  Eric the Red's Saga - 05.mp3
  Eric the Red's Saga - 06.mp3

Tacitus' Germania (en)
  germania 01 tacitus.mp3
  germania 02 tacitus.mp3
  germania 03 tacitus.mp3

The Norse Myths (en)
  01 the creation.mp3
  02 aesirvanir war.mp3
  03 gallows lord.mp3
  04 njord and skadi2.mp3
  05 balders dreams.mp3
  06 lokis children.mp3
  07 necklace of the brisings.mp3
  08 odin and billings daughter.mp3
  09 hyndlas poem.mp3
  10 gylfi and gefion.mp3
  11 the lay of loddfafnir.mp3
  12 the lay of alvis.mp3
  13 the lay of hymir.mp3
  14 the lay of thrym.mp3
  15 the lay of vafthrudnir.mp3
  16 the binding of loki.mp3
  17 asgards walls.mp3
  18 harbard.mp3
  19 idunn apples.mp3
  20 lay grimnir.mp3
  21 loki flyting.mp3
  22 mead of poetry.mp3
  23 ottar ransom.mp3
  24 skirnir journey.mp3
  25 songof rig.mp3
  26 thorutgard.mp3
  27 svipdag.mp3
  28 thor gerriod.mp3
  29 thor hrungnir.mp3
  30 treasures.mp3
  31 ragnarok.mp3

The Story of Siegfried (en)
  The Story of Siegfried 00.mp3
  The Story of Siegfried 01.mp3
  The Story of Siegfried 02.mp3
  The Story of Siegfried 03.mp3
  The Story of Siegfried 04.mp3
  The Story of Siegfried 05.mp3
  The Story of Siegfried 06.mp3
  The Story of Siegfried 07.mp3
  The Story of Siegfried 08.mp3
  The Story of Siegfried 09.mp3
  The Story of Siegfried 10.mp3
  The Story of Siegfried 11.mp3
  The Story of Siegfried 12.mp3
  The Story of Siegfried 13.mp3
  The Story of Siegfried 14.mp3
  The Story of Siegfried 15.mp3
  The Story of Siegfried 16.mp3
  The Story of Siegfried 17.mp3
  The Story of Siegfried 18.mp3
  The Story of Siegfried 19.mp3
  The Story of Siegfried 20.mp3
  The Story of Siegfried 21.mp3

Norse Mythology - Documents
  Abbie Farwell Brown - In The Days of Giants.pdf
  Afterlife Concepts of the Norse Heathen.pdf
  Andrew Peter Fors - The Ethical World-Conception of the Norse People.pdf
  Annie Keary - The Heroes of Asgard.pdf
  Anton Oskar Eugen Klaussmann - Die Nibelungen.pdf
  Asatru and the Paranormal.pdf
  Asbjorn Jon - Shamanism - Teutonic Deity - Odinn.pdf
  August Schrader - Germanische Mythologie.pdf
  Baldur's Dream.htm
  Benjamin Thorpe - Northern Mythology vol. I.pdf
  Benjamin Thorpe - Northern Mythology vol. II.pdf
  Benjamin Thorpe - Northern Mythology vol. III.pdf
  Bil Linzie - Afterlife Concepts of the Norse Heathen.pdf
  Bil Linzie - Drinking at the Well of Mimir.pdf
  Bymålslaget - Maal og minne (1909).pdf
  Bymålslaget - Maal og minne (1913).pdf
  Bymålslaget - Maal og minne (1914).pdf
  Bymålslaget - Maal og minne (1915).pdf
  Bymålslaget - Maal og minne (1916).pdf
  Bymålslaget - Maal og minne (1917).pdf
  Comprehensive dictionary of Norse Mythology.pdf
  Cornelia Steketee Hulst - Balder's Death and Loke's Punishment.pdf
  Encyclopedia of Mythology - Norse Classical Celtic.pdf
  Das Nibelungenlied.pdf
  Drinking at the Well of Mimir.pdf
  Eddas of Saemund Sigfusson & Snorre Sturleson.pdf
  Elard Hugo Meyer - Deutsche Volkskunde.pdf
  Emilie Kip Baker - Stories from Northern Myths.pdf
  English-Old Norse Dictionary.pdf
  English-Old Norse.pdf
  Felix Dahn - Walhall.pdf
  Francis Barton Gummere - Germanic Origins.pdf
  Franz Linnig - Deutsche Mythen-märchen.pdf
  Georg Hüsing - Die iranische Überlieferung und das arische System.pdf
  George William Cox - Tales of the Teutonic Lands.pdf
  Gervase of Tilbury - Des Gervasius von Tilbury Otia imperialia.pdf
  Grenville Pigott - A Manual of Scandinavian Mythology.pdf
  Guðbrandur Vigfússon - Corpus Poeticum Boreale vol. I.pdf
  Guðbrandur Vigfússon - Corpus Poeticum Boreale vol. II.pdf
  Guerber - Myths of the Norsemen.pdf
  GYLFAGINNING (Norse).pdf
  H. A. Guerber - Myths of the Norsemen from the Eddas and Sagas.pdf
  Hamilton Wright Mabie - Norse Stories Retold from The Eddas.pdf
  HAVAMAL (Words of the High one).pdf
  Hélène Adeline Guerber - Legends of the Rhine.pdf
  Hélène Adeline Guerber - Myths of Northern Lands.pdf
  Herman Hofberg - Swedish Fairy Tales.pdf
  Hilda Roderick Ellis - The Road To Hel.pdf
  Historia Norwegiae.pdf
  Holvik - Beginners' Book in Norse (1915).pdf
  HOVAMOL the ballad of the High One.pdf
  Hyperborea & the Quest for Mystical Enlightenment.pdf
  Ignatius Donnelly - Ragnarok, the Age of Fire and Gravel.pdf
  Intro to Ice Magic.pdf
  Isländska sagor -- Nials Saga.pdf
  Isländska sagor -- Ramnkel Frösgodes saga.pdf
  Isländska sagor -- Sagan om Gunnlög Ormstunga och Skald-Ram.pdf
  Isländska sagor -- Sagan om Hrafnkel Freysgode.pdf
  Isländska sagor -- Skalden Kormaks Saga.pdf
  Jacob Grimm - Teutonic Mythology vol. I 1882.pdf
  Jacob Grimm - Teutonic Mythology vol. II 1882.pdf
  Jacob Grimm - Teutonic Mythology vol. III 1882.pdf
  Jacob Grimm - Teutonic Mythology vol. IV 1882.pdf
  James Baldwin - The Story of Siegfried.pdf
  Jens Andreas Friis - Lappisk Mythology.pdf
  Jens Christian Bay - Danish Folk Tales.pdf
  Johann Wilhelm Wolf - Beiträge zur deutschen Mythologie.pdf
  John Lindow - Norse Mythology.pdf
  Jordanes' Origin and Deeds of the Goths.pdf
  Julia Clinton Jones - Valhalla.pdf
  Julia Goddard - Wonderful Stories from Northern Lands.pdf
  Julius von Negelein - Germanische Methologie.pdf
  Karl A. Krüger - Germanische Götterkunde.pdf
  Karl Andreas Mortensen - A Handbook of Norse Mythology.pdf
  Karl Joseph Simrock - Handbuch der deutschen mythologie mit einschluss der nordischen.pdf
  Karl Mortensen - Norse Mythology.pdf
  Karl Müllenhoff - Deutsche Alterumskunde.pdf
  Katharine F. Boult - Asgard and The Norse Heroes.pdf
  Klara Stroebe - Nordische Volksmärchen vol. I.pdf
  Klara Stroebe - Nordische Volksmärchen vol. II.pdf
  Lindow - Norse Mythology.pdf
  Ludwig Ettmuller - Vaulu-spá.pdf
  Mabie, Hamilton Wright---Norse stories retold from the Eddas.pdf
  Magic and Wyrd.pdf
  Mary Elizabeth Litchfield - The Nine Worlds.pdf
  Mary H. Foster - Asgard Stories.pdf
  Mortensen & Crowell - Norse Mythology.pdf
  Mytologisk Namnförteckning.pdf
  Nelson - Viking Magick Chants.pdf
  New Edda (Norse).pdf
  New Edda (Swedish).pdf
  Nials Saga.pdf
  Nordic Shamanism.pdf
  Nordic Soul Lore and Teutonic Psychology.pdf
  Norse mythology a guide to the Gods, heroes, rituals, and beliefs.pdf
  Norse Mythology.pdf
  Old Edda  (Norse).pdf
  Old Edda (Swedish).pdf
  Oskar Dähnhardt - Natursagen vol. I.pdf
  Oskar Dähnhardt - Natursagen vol. II.pdf
  Oskar Dähnhardt - Natursagen vol. III.pdf
  Oskar Dähnhardt - Natursagen vol. IV.pdf
  P. D. Chantepie de la Saussaye - The Religion of the Teutons.pdf
  Padraic Colum - The Children of Odin.pdf
  Poetic Edda.pdf
  Poetic Edda2.pdf
  Prose Edda.pdf
  Prose Edda2.pdf
  Rasmus Björn Anderson - Norse Mythology or The Religion of Our Forefathers.pdf
  Religion of the Teutons Vol III 1902.pdf
  Road To Hel.pdf
  Robert's Runes.ttf
  Ruda - Nordens mythologi.pdf
  Rudolph Keyser - The Religion of the Northmen.pdf
  Rydberg, Viktor - Fädernas gudasaga berättad för ungdomen.pdf
  Rydberg, Viktor - Teutonic Mythology Vol 1.pdf
  Rydberg, Viktor - Teutonic Mythology Vol 2.pdf
  Rydberg, Viktor - Teutonic Mythology Vol 3.pdf
  Rydberg, Viktor - Undersökningar i germanisk Mytologi.pdf
  Sämunds edda (norrönt mål).pdf
  Sämunds edda.pdf
  Sara Powers Bradish - Old Norse Stories.pdf
  Saxo Grammaticus -- The Danish History, Books I-IX.pdf
  Scientific Magic.pdf
  Secret of the Gothick God of Darkness.pdf
  Seeds of the World Tree.pdf
  Seidr Magic.pdf
  Shamanism & Odin.pdf
  Simrock & Mallet - The Heroes of Asgard.pdf
  Snorres edda (norrönt mål ).pdf
  Snorres edda.pdf
  Snorri Sturluson - Norse Stories.pdf
  Snorri Sturluson - The Prose, or, Younger Edda.pdf
  Snorri Sturluson - The Saga Library vol. I.pdf
  Snorri Sturluson - The Saga Library vol. II.pdf
  Snorri Sturluson - The Saga Library vol. III.pdf
  Snorri Sturluson - The Saga Library vol. IV.pdf
  Snorri Sturluson - The Saga Library vol. V.pdf
  Snorri Sturluson - The Saga Library vol. VI.pdf
  Sophis Bugge - Studier over de Nordiske Gude og Heltesagns Oprindelse vol. I.pdf
  Sophis Bugge - Studier over de Nordiske Gude og Heltesagns Oprindelse vol. II.pdf
  Spae-Craft Seidr and Shamanism.pdf
  Stephen Flowers - Fire and Ice,The Brotherhood of Saturn.pdf
  Sturleson, Snorre - Edda samt Skalda.pdf
  Sturlson-Heimskringla (The Chronicle of the Kings of Norway).pdf
  Tegner-Fridthjofd Saga.pdf
  The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle.pdf
  The Culture of the Teutons - Vol. 1.pdf
  The Edda of Saemund.pdf
  The Elder Eddas of Saemund Sigfusson  and the Younger Eddas of Snorre Sturleson.pdf
  The Invasion of Europe By the Barbarians.pdf
  The Lay of Sigdrifa.htm
  The Odin Brotherhood - An Account of Contact with a Pagan Secret Society.pdf
  The Odin Brotherhood.pdf
  The Poetic Edda (Cottle Trans.).pdf
  The Poetic Edda (Thorpe Trans.).pdf
  The Prose Edda (Anderson Trans.).pdf
  The Prose Edda (Blackwell Trans.).pdf
  The Prose Edda (Brodeur Trans.).pdf
  The Prose Edda (Young Trans.).pdf
  Thomas James Mathias - Runic Odes from the Norse Tongue.pdf
  Þórðarson, Sturla---The Norwegian account of Haco's expedition against Scotland.pdf
  Thorpe, Benjamin - Northern Mythology Vol 1.pdf
  Thorpe, Benjamin - Northern Mythology Vol 2.pdf
  Thorpe, Benjamin - Northern Mythology Vol 3.pdf
  Tree Cults in Northern Magic.pdf
  Walking-Dead - Draugr.pdf
  Warlock - Etymology.pdf
  Wessén, Elias (1958) - Isländsk grammatik.pdf
  Wilhelm Wägner - Asgard and The Gods.pdf
  William Alexander Craigie - The Religion of Ancient Scandinavia.pdf
  Wotan - The Road to Valhalla.pdf

The Sagas
  Bandamanna Saga.en.pdf
  Bardar Saga Snaefellsass.pdf
  Bjarnar Saga Hitdaelakappa.pdf
  Brennu-njals Saga.de.pdf
  Brennu-njals Saga.en.pdf
  Brennu-njals Saga.no.pdf
  Brennu-njals Saga.pdf
  Brennu-njals Saga.se.pdf
  Droplaugarsona Saga.dk.pdf
  Droplaugarsona Saga.pdf
  Egils Saga.en.pdf
  Egils Saga.on.pdf
  Egils Saga.pdf
  Eiriks Saga Rauda.en.pdf
  Eiriks Saga Rauda.no.pdf
  Eiriks Saga Rauda.on.pdf
  Eiriks Saga Rauda.pdf
  Eyrbyggja Saga.en.pdf
  Eyrbyggja Saga.pdf
  Faereyinga Saga.en.pdf
  Faereyinga Saga.no.pdf
  Faereyinga Saga.pdf
  Finnboga Saga Ramma.pdf
  Fljotsdaela Saga.pdf
  Floamanna Saga.pdf
  Fostbraedra Saga.pdf
  Gisla Saga Surssonar.en.pdf
  Gisla Saga Surssonar.pdf
  Graenlendinga Saga.on.pdf
  Graenlendinga Saga.pdf
  Grettis Saga.en.pdf
  Grettis Saga.pdf
  Gull-thoris Saga.pdf
  Gunnars Saga Keldugnupsfifls.pdf
  Gunnlaugs Saga Ormstungu.de.pdf
  Gunnlaugs Saga Ormstungu.en.pdf
  Gunnlaugs Saga Ormstungu.on.pdf
  Gunnlaugs Saga Ormstungu.pdf
  Gunnlaugs Saga Ormstungu.se.pdf
  Haensna-thoris Saga.de.pdf
  Haensna-thoris Saga.dk.pdf
  Haensna-thoris Saga.en.pdf
  Haensna-thoris Saga.en2.pdf
  Haensna-thoris Saga.on.pdf
  Haensna-thoris Saga.pdf
  Hallfredar Saga Vandraedaskalds.pdf
  Hardar Saga Og Holmverja.pdf
  Havardar Saga Isfirdings.de.pdf
  Havardar Saga Isfirdings.dk.pdf
  Havardar Saga Isfirdings.en.pdf
  Havardar Saga Isfirdings.pdf
  Heidarviga Saga.en.pdf
  Heidarviga Saga.pdf
  Hrafnkels Saga Freysgoda.de.pdf
  Hrafnkels Saga Freysgoda.en.pdf
  Hrafnkels Saga Freysgoda.no.pdf
  Hrafnkels Saga Freysgoda.pdf
  Hrafnkels Saga Freysgoda.se.pdf
  Hrana Saga Hrings.on.pdf
  Hrana Saga Hrings.pdf
  Kjalnesinga Saga.pdf
  Kormaks Saga.en.pdf
  Kormaks Saga.pdf
  Kormaks Saga.se.pdf
  Kroka-refs Saga.pdf
  Laxdaela Saga.en.pdf
  Laxdaela Saga.en2.pdf
  Laxdaela Saga.pdf
  Ljosvetninga Saga.pdf
  Olkofra Saga.pdf
  Reykdaela Saga Og Viga-skutu.pdf
  Svarfdaela Saga.pdf
  Thordar Saga Hredu.en.pdf
  Thordar Saga Hredu.pdf
  Thorsteins Saga Hvita.no.pdf
  Thorsteins Saga Hvita.on.pdf
  Thorsteins Saga Hvita.pdf
  Thorsteins Saga Sidu-hallssonar.pdf
  Valla-ljots Saga.pdf
  Vatnsdaela Saga.pdf
  Viga-glums Saga.en.pdf
  Viga-glums Saga.pdf
  Viglundar Saga.en.pdf
  Viglundar Saga.pdf
  Vopnfirdinga Saga.dk.pdf
  Vopnfirdinga Saga.no.pdf
  Vopnfirdinga Saga.pdf

  Thor & Norse Mythology - full AudioBook.mp4

Hidden Knowledge in Old Norse myths
  Hidden Knowledge in Old Norse Myths pt.01 - Soundwaves and the Big Bang in the Poetic Edda.mp4
  Hidden Knowledge in Old Norse Myths pt.02 - Thor and Electricity Conduction in ancient times.mp4
  Hidden Knowledge in Old Norse Myths pt.03 - Myth and Parable.mp4
  Hidden Knowledge in Old Norse Myths pt.04 - Skaldskáp, the Art of Poetry.mp4
  Hidden Knowledge in Old Norse Myths Pt.05 - The Embrace of Death.mp4
  Hidden Knowledge in Old Norse Myths pt.06 - Myth and Reality.mp4
  Hidden knowledge in Old Norse Myths pt.07 - That which is disguised in runes.mp4
  Hidden Knowledge in Old Norse Myths pt.08 - Good Versus Evil and the Powers that Be.mp4
  Hidden Knowledge in Old Norse Myths pt.09 - The Great Goddess.mp4
  Hidden Knowledge in Old Norse Myths pt.10 - The Universal Soul.mp4
  Hidden Knowledge in Old Norse Myths pt.11 - Witches and Rituals of Initiation.mp4
  Hidden Knowledge in Old Norse Myths pt.12 - Hanging The Sorcerer.mp4
  Hidden Knowledge in Old Norse Myths pt.13 - Precious Mead and Sacred Marriage.mp4
  Hidden Knowledge in Old Norse Myths pt.14 - Techniques of Ecstasy (Vision Quests).mp4
  Hidden Knowledge in Old Norse Myths pt.15 - Vision Quests in Male Initiation Ritual.mp4
  Hidden Knowledge in Old Norse Myths pt.16 - Ancient Ritual and Modern Practice.mp4
  Hidden Knowledge in Old Norse Myths pt.17 - Isis in Germany - or a Mystery Religion.mp4
  Hidden Knowledge in Old Norse Myths pt.18 - Warrior Initiation and Witch Teachers.mp4
  Hidden Knowledge in Old Norse Myths pt.19 - The Son of Earth (pt.1).mp4
  Hidden Knowledge in Old Norse Myths pt.20 - The Son of Earth (pt.2).mp4
  Hidden Knowledge in Old Norse Myths pt.21 - The Thundergod´s Maze.mp4
  Hidden Knowledge in Old Norse Myths pt.22 - Odin, Vili and Vé - Spirit, Mind and Passion.mp4
  Hidden Knowledge in Old Norse Myths pt.23 - War, Peace and Gender in the Viking Age.mp4
  Hidden Knowledge in Old Norse Myths pt.24 - Of Dwarfs and Men.mp4
  Hidden Knowledge in Old Norse Myths pt.25 - Pantheism pt.1- Mysteries, Heimdallr and the World Tree.mp4
  Hidden Knowledge in Old Norse myths pt.27 - Óðinn in Myth, History and the Sacred Marriage.mp4

DISK 04 
Hidden Knowledge in Old Norse Myths
  Hidden Knowledge in Old Norse myths pt.28 - The Source of Awareness and the Fire from Within.mp4
  Hidden Knowledge in Old Norse Myths pt.29 - Pantheism pt.2 - ÓÐINN -- THE SPIRIT.mp4
  Hidden Knowledge in Old Norse Myths pt.30 - Middle World Serpent and Prophecy.mp4
  Hidden Knowledge in Old Norse Myths pt.31 - Investigating Ancient Mysteries.mp4

Norrœna Society
  Norrœna ed. by R. B. Anderson - 01 - The Nine Books of the Danish History of Saxo Grammaticus vol.pdf
  Norrœna ed. by R. B. Anderson - 02 - The Nine Books of the Danish History of Saxo Grammaticus vol.pdf
  Norrœna ed. by R. B. Anderson - 03 - Teutonic Mythology vol. I.pdf
  Norrœna ed. by R. B. Anderson - 04 - Teutonic Mythology vol. II.pdf
  Norrœna ed. by R. B. Anderson - 05 - Teutonic Mythology vol. III.pdf
  Norrœna ed. by R. B. Anderson - 06 - The Volsunga Saga.pdf
  Norrœna ed. by R. B. Anderson - 07 - The Heimskringla vol. I.pdf
  Norrœna ed. by R. B. Anderson - 08 - The Heimskringla vol. II.pdf
  Norrœna ed. by R. B. Anderson - 09 - The Heimskringla vol. III.pdf
  Norrœna ed. by R. B. Anderson - 10 - The Story of Burnt Njal.pdf
  Norrœna ed. by R. B. Anderson - 11 - The Elder Eddas of Saemund Sigfusson.pdf
  Norrœna ed. by R. B. Anderson - 12 - Romances and Epics of our Northern Ancestors.pdf
  Norrœna ed. by R. B. Anderson - 13 - Collection of Popular Tales from the Norse and North German.pdf
  Norrœna ed. by R. B. Anderson - 14 - The Arthurian Tales.pdf
  Norrœna ed. by R. B. Anderson - 15 - The Norse Discovery of America.pdf

Norse Culture
 Art of the Vikings - Secret Knowledge.mp4
  A Journey in the North (Nordic folk music).mp4
  SÁMI FOLK MUSIC  Máddji Dawn Light.mp4
  Bålfolket HOLY MOUNTAINS Hellige Fjell.mp4
  Dordeduh - Dojana [official music video].mp4
  Finnish Folk Song, MeNaiset - Kuulin aanen (I Heard the Voice).mp4
  Gjendines Bånlåt (folk song).mp4
  Hagalaz Runedance - Albion Autumn.mp4
  Hagalaz Runedance - Behold The Passionate Ways Of Nature.mp4
  Hagalaz Runedance - Hel, Goddess of the Underworld.mp4
  Hagalaz Runedance - Labyrinth.mp4
  Hagalaz Runedance - On Wings Of Rapture.mp4
  Hagalaz Runedance - Seeker Divine.mp4
  Hagalaz Runedance - The Dawning.mp4
  Hagalaz Runedance - The Soul of A Hound.mp4
  Huldrehatten - jonlaus (Norwegian folk).mp4
  Icelandic Folk Music - Krummavísur.mp4
  Nordic bagpipe Nordisk sekkepipe 6.mp4
  Nordic Folk Music - Dark Fjords.mp4
  Nordic Warmusic.mp4
  NordicViking Music - Vinterns Dröm.mp4
  Norwegian viking instrument 1.mp4
  Odin's Dance.mp4
  Swedish traditional folksong - När som jag var på mitt adertonde år.mp4
  Viking Music - Rúnatal Óðins Rune Song.mp4
  Viking Pagan Folk Song - Yggdrasill.mp4
  Viking Song.mp4
  Vikings Music With Pictures.mp4
  VikingSwedish Folk Song - Vänner Och Fränder.mp4

Norse Language
  10 Words You Didn't Know Came from the Vikings - 10 Swedish Words.mp4
  A second occurrence of the ''Faithless Wife'' motif in Old Norse.epub
  A second occurrence of the ''Faithless Wife'' motif in Old Norse.mobi
  A second occurrence of the ''Faithless Wife'' motif in Old Norse.pdf
  Armanen Runes.pdf
  Bayldon's Icelandic Grammar.epub
  Bayldon's Icelandic Grammar.mobi
  Bayldon's Icelandic Grammar.pdf
  Beginner's Book in Norse.epub
  Beginner's Book in Norse.mobi
  Beginner's Book in Norse.pdf
  English - Old Norse Dictionary.pdf
  Etymology of ''pengil''.epub
  Etymology of ''pengil''.mobi
  Etymology of ''pengil''.pdf
  Grammar of Iceland.epub
  Grammar of Iceland.pdf
  How To Write With Runes (Grammar And Tips).mp4
  Kummer - Rune=Magic.pdf
  Meanings of the Runes.pdf
  Norse Influence on Celtic Scotland.mobi
  Norse Influence on Celtic Scotland.pdf
  Norse Place Names in Essex.epub
  Norse Place Names in Essex.mobi
  Norse Place Names in Essex.pdf
  Norse Words in the Anglo Saxon Chronicle.epub
  Norse Words in the Anglo Saxon Chronicle.mobi
  Norse Words in the Anglo Saxon Chronicle.pdf
  Old Norse - Icelandic Literature.pdf
  Old Norse ''bauni''.epub
  Old Norse ''bauni''.mobi
  Old Norse ''bauni''.pdf
  Old Norse bibliography.epub
  Old Norse bibliography.mobi
  Old Norse bibliography.pdf
  Old Norse Grammar.pdf
  Old Norse Pronunciation.mp4
  Old Norse Reader.pdf
  On a verse in the Old Norse ''Hofudlausn''.epub
  On a verse in the Old Norse ''Hofudlausn''.mobi
  On a verse in the Old Norse ''Hofudlausn''.pdf
  Order of Words in Old Norse Prose.epub
  Order of Words in Old Norse Prose.mobi
  Order of Words in Old Norse Prose.pdf
  Rune Ceremonials.pdf
  Rune Magic.pdf
  Rune Readings.pdf
  Rune Series Fehu.mp4
  Rune Yoga.pdf
  Runes - Alphabet of mystery.pdf
  Runes, Old Norse, Skyrim and Draug(a)r.mp4
  Second book in Norse.epub
  Second book in Norse.pdf
  The Art of the Vikings.mp4
  The Dark Ages Viking Runes.mp4
  The ''Faithless Wife'' motif in Norse literature.epub
  The ''Faithless Wife'' motif in Norse literature.mobi
  The ''Faithless Wife'' motif in Norse literature.pdf
  The vikings runes.mp4
  Types of ellipsis in Old Norse.epub
  Types of ellipsis in Old Norse.mobi
  Types of ellipsis in Old Norse.pdf
  Warlock - Etymology.pdf

Norse Mythology
  Norse Mythology 1 Creation of the Universe.mp4
  Norse Mythology 2 Creation of the World.mp4
  Norse Mythology 3 Day Night, Sun Moon.mp4
  Norse Mythology 4 Golden Age of Asgard.mp4
  Norse Mythology 5 Gods of Asgard.mp4
  Norse Mythology 6 Yggdrasil & Norns.mp4
  Norse Mythology 7 Idunn's Apples 1 3.mp4
  Norse Mythology 7 Idunn's Apples 2 3.mp4
  Norse Mythology 7 Idunn's Apples 3 3.mp4
  Norse Mythology 8 Binding of Fenrir 1 2.mp4
  Norse Mythology 8 Binding of Fenrir 2 2.mp4
  Norse Mythology 9 Thor's Hammer 1 3.mp4
  Norse Mythology 9 Thor's Hammer 2 3.mp4
  Norse Mythology 9 Thor's Hammer 3 3.mp4

  1362 Enigma Documentary of the Vikings arrival in Kensington Minnesota - YouTube.mp4
  25 Facts About Norse Gods Hollywood Wont Teach You.mp4
  A Norse Story of the Creation of the World.mp4
  Agnes Buen Garnås - Haugebonden (Norwegian folksong).mp4
  ASMR - Book Sounds And Whispered Reading In Icelandic.mp4
  ASMR - History of the Vikings.mp4
  ASMR - How Thor Got His Hammer + Thunder & Rain [ Binaural ] Deep Male Voice.mp4
  ASMR - Norse Mythoology - 5 bedtime stories.MP4
  ASMR - Ragnarok- The Fall of the Gods - Old Norse Mythology.mp4
  ASMR Whisper Reading #1- Norse Gods Mythology.mp4
  ASMR Whisper Reading #2- Norse Mythology- Creation Story & Wisdom.mp4
  Boudica Warrior Queen 2003 (Alex Kingston) - FULL COMPLETE MOVIE.mkv
  Clanadonia - Tu-Bardh.mp4
  Cool vikingsong from Medieval Total War Viking Invasion.mp4
  Dancers of the Warriors - Celtic and Medieval Tribal Fusion Bellydance.mp4
  Dvergatál LIST OF DWARFS Poetic Edda Old Norse Recital.mp4
  Eivør - Trøllabundin.mp4
  Eivør Palsdottir - Faroe Islands My Mother.mp4
  Eivør Palsdottir - Trøllabundin (2011) (version 2).mp4
  Elves, Ghosts, Sea Monsters & ETs In Iceland - Investigation Into The Invisible World.mp4
  Faun - Oyneng Yar.mp4
  Folkodia-Thus A Viking Dies.mp4
  Freysblót - Hymir's Kettle.mp4
  Garmarna - Herr Mannelig.mp4
  Gjallarhorn - Ramunder.mp4
  Gotland picture stones.mp4
  How to pronounce Nordic Mythology names.mp4
  Hrafninn Flygur - When the Raven Flies the movie - With English subtitles.mp4
  Huldrehatten - Sebjørgvisa.mp4
  Hvíti víkingurinn (The White Viking) (1991).mp4
  Ivar the Boneless.mp4
  Kirsten Bråten Berg  - Varvulen.mp4
  Kråka Satt Oppå Ljøra.mp4
  Kråkevisa (The Song of the Crow).mp4
  Krauka - Sigurdkvaden.mp4
  Krummavísur - Voces Thules.mp4

  L.E.A.F - SUURIN.mp4
  L.E.A.F - VINDA Acoustic Ft. Helisir.mp4
  L.E.A.F in Bergen (Norway).mp4
 The Norseman (1978) full movie (english).mkv
  Loituma Kun Mun Kultani Tulisi.mp4
  Mediaeval Baebes - Summerisle (The Maypole Song).mp4
  Mervent - Ev Sistr.mp4
  Mervent - Tri Martolod.mp4
  Nephilim Among Us- The Gods of Greek, Roman, Norse Mythology & Astronomy.mp4
  Nithing Ritual 01 North.mp3
  Nithing Ritual 02 East.mp3
  Nithing Ritual 03 South.mp3
  Nithing Ritual 04 West.mp3
  Nithing Ritual 05 Nithing.mp3
  Njordfoto - Barn af Norden (northern child).mp4
  Norðurljós Eivør Pálsdóttir [Northern Lights].mp4
  Norse - Germanic Mythology- Ragnarok.mp4
  Norse - Germanic Mythology- Valhalla.mp4
  Norse Creation Myth.mp4
  Norse Legends [Audio].mp4
  Norse Mythology- A Look Into The Nine Worlds.mp4
  Norse Paganism & Mythology - Origin, Culture, Beliefs.mp4
  ODIN Norse Mythology - Top 10 Facts.mp4
  Omnia - Babu Bawu.mp4
  Omnia - Cernunnos.mp4
  Outlaw The Saga of Gisli.mp4
  Prince Valiant.mp4
  RAGNAROK Norse Mythology - Top 10 Facts.mp4
  RAGNAROK Norse doomsday vs Wormwood prophecy- Are all religions describing the same endtimes-.mp4
  Ragnhild Furholt -  Rideboll og Gullbor.mp4
  Ragnhild Furholt - Tor Brynjulv og Fluga.mp4
  Red Ice Radio - Stephen A. McNallen - Hour 1 - Asatro, Runes, Vikings & Norse Mythology.mp4
  Rolandskvadet  Norwegian ballad of the Song of Roland (lyrics).mp4
  Rún - Lord Mayo.mp4
  Saor Patrol - M.S.B.mp4
  Sweden - Sverige Norse; Viking - Scandinavian; Folk Culture - Herr Mannelig.mp4
  Sword Fighting As It Was For the Vikings.mp4
  The best & most accurate Norse Creation Myth Story EVER video.mp4
  The Children of Odin [Norse Mythology Audiobook] Thor, Loki, Asgard, Valhalla.mp4
  The Death of Balder Part One  Odin´s Ride to Hel (Vegtamskvida, Poetic Edda).mp4
  The Genocide of a Culture.mp4
  The Gods and Goddess of the Norse.mp4
  The Gods and Goddess of the Norse[1].mp4
  The Golden Age, Ragnarok and the Edda poem Grottasöngr - The Song of the Millstone of Destiny.mp4
  The Initiation of a Shield Maiden.mp4

  The Lost Vikings.mp4
  THE MYSTERIOUS VIKINGS  Who Were They  (720p).mp4
  The Norse Gods.mp4
  The Norse Gods  [Full Documentary].mp4
  The Old Norse Goddess of Initiation.mp4
  The Pagan Norse.mp4
  The Poetic and the Prose Edda as sources to Old Norse Paganism.mp4
  The Saga of Grev.mp4
  The Seed of Yggdrasill - A New Light on Old Norse Myths.mp4
  The Trip (out of body).mp4
  The Varangian Rus 1 3.mp4
  The Vikings - Origins, Battle, runes and Cerimonial Burial.mp4
  Thor part 1.mp4
  Thor part 2.mp4
  Thor part 3.mp4
  Top 10 Creatures of Norse Mythology.mp4
  True Runic Meditation.mp4
  Understanding Odin.mp4

  Valea Intunericului.mp4
  Valgaldr - Draupnir (Lyre).mp4
  Valgaldr - Kravik.mp4
  Valravn - Hedebys.mp4
  Varulven -  The Werewolf.  Swedish medieval ballad.mp4
  Viking Quest   Action Movies 2015 Full Movies   Fantasy Movies  HD 720p.mp4
  Viking Runes.mp4
  Viking Sagas.mp4
  Viking The Berserkers 2014 HD [Full Official HD].mp4
  VIKINGDOM full movie.mp4
  Vikings - Odin & The Lords of Asgard.mp4
  Vikings TV Show - History is no longer what it used to be.mp4
  Voluspa 1-4 Poetic Edda Recital in Old Norse with Throat Singing.mp4
  Wake Skadi.mp4
  War of Ragnarok feat. Ofärd - Völvans Spådom - Norse Myths inspired music and animated video.mp4
  Wardruna - Fehu ( with lyrics and translation ).mp4
  Wardruna - Hagall.mp4
  When The Trees Were Silenced.mp4

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