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Nikola Tesla The Modern Prometheus Whose Changed the World -6 DVD-ROM box set

Nikola Tesla The Modern Prometheus Whose Changed the World -6 DVD-ROM box set

$ 48.50

If there is one single man whose genius and inspiration shaped our modern world, he would be Nicola Tesla. The inventor of alternating current, he went on to discover technologies that have yet to be understood let alone implemented. When he died, the FBI immediately went to his residence and confiscated his papers.

This boxed, shrink-wrapped comprehensive 6 DVD-ROM digital library is an eclectic compilation of books, papers, essays and documents relating to Nicola Tesla and his inventions. Included are plans for Tesla projects as well as Tesla patent documents and multimedia relating to this unique genius.

This attractively packaged 6 disk digital library makes an impressive gift as well as an addition to one's own library.

Tesla Disk 1

2006 Serbian Tesla Symposium
    Tesla-Symp06 AC Electromotor Construction by 3D Modelling & Cluster Rendering.pdf
    Tesla-Symp06 An Improvement of Equivalent Electrodes.pdf
    Tesla-Symp06 Analysis & Control Design of Statcom.pdf
    Tesla-Symp06 Antenna Array System Modeling Using RBF Neural Network.pdf
    Tesla-Symp06 Biogas – Energy Instead of Waste.pdf
    Tesla-Symp06 Electrical Machines with Bulk HTS Elements.pdf
    Tesla-Symp06 Fluorescent Control Lighting to Reduce Electricity Consumption.pdf
    Tesla-Symp06 Free Energy for all.pdf
    Tesla-Symp06 Future trends of Microwave Power Transmission.pdf
    Tesla-Symp06 Ground Fault Current Distribution.pdf
    Tesla-Symp06 How Tesla's Patent rights Were Stolen.pdf
    Tesla-Symp06 Induction Motors with YY Delta Winding.pdf
    Tesla-Symp06 Influence of Lightning Discharge on Electromagnetic Field.pdf
    Tesla-Symp06 Interpretation of a Discovery.pdf
    Tesla-Symp06 Multiphase Induction Motor Drive Development.pdf
    Tesla-Symp06 Multiple Resonances in RF Coils.pdf
    Tesla-Symp06 New Piezoelectric Crystal Application.pdf
    Tesla-Symp06 Non-Active Power Compensation in Non-Sinusoidal Poly-Phase Systems.pdf
    Tesla-Symp06 Omnipresence of Tesla’s Work and Ideas.pdf
    Tesla-Symp06 Parameters for Three-Phase Transmission Lines.pdf
    Tesla-Symp06 Power Generation & Climate Change.pdf
    Tesla-Symp06 Prediction of Small Wind-Plant Annual Electricity Production.pdf
    Tesla-Symp06 Receptivity of Tesla’s works in Romania.pdf
    Tesla-Symp06 Speed Sensorless Control of Induction Motor Drive.pdf
    Tesla-Symp06 Tesla & Electric Drive for Battle Ships.pdf
    Tesla-Symp06 Tesla & Future of Electric Power Engineering.pdf
    Tesla-Symp06 Tesla & John Jacob Astor.pdf
    Tesla-Symp06 Tesla & Quantum-Coherent States of Consciousness.pdf
    Tesla-Symp06 Tesla & Robotics.pdf
    Tesla-Symp06 Tesla & Solar Energy.pdf
    Tesla-Symp06 Tesla & the Business of Invention.pdf
    Tesla-Symp06 Tesla & Thunderstorms in Colorado on July 3, 1899.pdf
    Tesla-Symp06 Tesla Accelerator Installation as a Facility for Science & Medicine.pdf
    Tesla-Symp06 Tesla Coil Apparatus Development .pdf
    Tesla-Symp06 Tesla Induction Motor as a Motor for Electrical Traction Vehicles.pdf
    Tesla-Symp06 Tesla Polyphase System and Induction Motor.pdf
    Tesla-Symp06 Tesla.wmv
    Tesla-Symp06 Tesla’s Legacy.pdf
    Tesla-Symp06 TeslaExt.wmv
    Tesla-Symp06 Tesla's contribution to Plasma Physics.pdf
    Tesla-Symp06 Tesla's contribution to Radio Developments.pdf
    Tesla-Symp06 Tesla's contribution to Serbian Military Technology.pdf
    Tesla-Symp06 Tesla's Patents.pdf
    Tesla-Symp06 The Greatest Recognition to the Scientist Nikola Tesla.pdf
    Tesla-Symp06 The Mini Drive Prototype – a Low-Cost Single.pdf
    Tesla-Symp06 Transmission Line Representation of Tesla Coil & Wave Propagation.pdf
    Tesla-Symp06 Wireless Powering for Low-Power Distributed Sensors.pdf
    Tesla-Symp06 Wireless Transmission of Electricity.pdf
    Tesla-SympDisturbance-Invariant Speed-Controlled Drive with Induction Motor.pdf

Articles by & About Tesla 1888 - 1948
    1888 05     New System of AC Motors & Transformer.pdf
    1896 02 16 Experiments in Electrical Healing.pdf
    1897 01 12 On Electricity.pdf
    1898 11 13 Submarine Destroyer.pdf
    1898 11 21 PLans to Dispense with Artillery.pdf
    1900 06     The Problem of Increasing Human Energy.pdf
    1901 01 30 Tesla's New Discovery.pdf
    1901 02 02 Tesla's Wireless Light.pdf
    1901 02 09 Talking With the Planets.pdf
    1904 03 05 Wireless Transmission of Electricity.pdf
    1905 01 07 Wireless Transmission of Electrical Energy.pdf
    1907 03     Signalling to Mars.pdf
    1907 03 08 Tuned Lightning.pdf
    1907 03 20 Tesla's Wireless Torpedo.pdf
    1907 05 03 Tesla's Tidal Wave.pdf
    1907 06 23 Bridging the Gap to Mars.pdf
    1907 10 19 Sleep From Electricity.pdf
    1908          The Future of Wireless.pdf
    1912 07 06 The Disturbing Influence of Solar Radiation on Wireless.pdf
    1913 11 09 'Wireless Thumb' to Track Ships.pdf
    1915 02 07 How cosmic Forces Shape Our Destinies.pdf
    1915 06 15 Some Personal Recollections.pdf
    1915 09 09 The Wonder World of Electricity.pdf
    1915 10 03 Tesla Sees a Wireless Vision.pdf
    1915 12 08 Thor's Thunderbolts .pdf
    1919 05     The True Wireless.pdf
    1919 07      How to Fly 1,000 Miles Per Hour.pdf
    1919 10 12 Signals to Mars.pdf
    1921 09 24 Interplanetary Communication.pdf
    1923 02 25 Giant Eye Sees All.pdf
    1930 07 06 Man's Greatest Achievement.pdf
    1931 07 20 Tesla at 75.pdf
    1931 11 07 No High Speed Limit.pdf
    1932 07 10 Cosmic Ray Motor.pdf
    1932 07 10 Tesla at 76.pdf
    1932 09 11 New York Herald Tribune.pdf
    1932 09 11 Pioneer Radio Engineer Gives Views on Power.pdf
    1932 10 13 The Eternal Source of Energy of the Universe.pdf
    1933 09 10 Tremendous New Power.pdf
    1933 11 02 Harnessing Cosmic Energy.pdf
    1934 04 08 Radio & Light are Sound sound.pdf
    1934 07 10 Peace Ray.pdf
    1934 07 11 Death Ray Machine.pdf
    1934 07 11 New Death Beam.pdf
    1934 07 11 Tesla's Death Ray.pdf
    1934 07 24 Power Development.pdf
    1934 10 21 Tesla Sees End of Aircraft in War.pdf
    1935 03 03 German Cosmic Ray.pdf
    1935 06 05 Tesla Predicts.pdf
    1935 07 11 A Controlled Earthquake.pdf
    1935 07 11 Transmitting Force.pdf
    1935 07 11 Using Earth to Transmit Signals.pdf
    1935 08 18 Sun Will Explode.pdf
    1936 07 09 Three Tesla Inventions.pdf
    1936 07 11 Tesla at 80.pdf
    1937 07 11 Messages to Planets.pdf
    1937 07 12 Tesla Plans to Signal Mars.pdf
    1937 08 22 Sending Waves to the Moon.pdf
    1940 07 12 Tesla Offers Death Beam to U.S.pdf
    1940 10 20 Death Ray for Defense.pdf
    1948 05 16 Electric Power.pdf

Eric Dollard Tesla Document Collection
    Alexanderson Antenna Analysis by Eric Dollard.pdf
    Bolinas Incident by Eric Dollard.pdf
    Condensed intro to Tesla Transformers by Eric Dollard.pdf
    EPD Update.PDF
    Eric Dollard -  Posts on EnergeticForum.pdf
    Eric Dollard - EPD Teluric Currents Paper.pdf
    Eric Dollard - Free-Energy Research.pdf
    Eric Dollard - Misconceptions of Electricity and More (2007).mp4
    Eric Dollard - Principles of Wireless Transmission of Energy.mp3
    Eric Dollard and the Ultimate Tesla Secrets Revealed.avi
    Eric Dollard Introduction to Dielectric and Magnetic Discharges in Electrical Windings (complete OCR remake).pdf
    Eric Dollard Introduction to Dielectric and Magnetic Discharges in Electrical Windings.pdf
    Eric Dollard Notes.pdf
    Eric Dollard Tesla Longitudinal wave Energy SBARC Ham Radio with Chris Carson.avi
    Free Energy Research with Eric Dollard, Peter Lindemann and Thomas Brown.mp4
    Free-Energy Research of Eric Dollard - Collection of Contributions to JBR.pdf
    Functional Thinking - An Interview with Eric Dollard by Tom Brown(OCR).pdf
    Functional Thinking - An Interview with Eric Dollard by Tom Brown.pdf
    History of RCA Bolinas Station by Professor Eric Dollard.mp4
    Part 1 of 6_ Eric Dollard Tesla Longitudinal wave Energy SBA.mp4
    Part 2 of 6_ Eric Dollard Tesla Longitudinal Wave Energy SBA.mp4
    Part 3 of 6_ Eric Dollard Tesla Longitudinal Wave Energy SBA.mp4
    Part 4 of 6_ Eric Dollard _ Chris Carson Tesla Longitudinal.mp4
    Part 5 of 6_ Eric Dollard _ Chris Carson Tesla Longitudinal.mp4
    Part 6 of 6_ Eric Dollard _ Chris Carson Tesla Longitudinal.mp4
    Rotating Magnetic Field.pdf
    Symbolic Representation of Alternating Electric Waves by Eric Dollard.pdf
    Symbolic Representation of the Generalized Electric Wave by Eric Dollard.pdf
    System for reception and Transmission of Telluic Waves by Eric Dollard.pdf
    Tesla's Longitudinal Electricity - Eric Dollard, Peter Lindemann & Tom Brown.mp4
    The Oscillating Current Transformer - Eric Dollard.pdf
    Theory of Wireless Power by Eric Dollard.pdf
    Thomas Brown, Eric Dollard and Bob Beck on the Lakhovsky MWO, U.S. Psychotronics Association conference 1986.mp4
    Transmission of Electricity 1 & 2.pdf
    Transverse & Longitudinal Electric Waves - Eric Dollard and Thomas Joseph Brown.mp4

Images - 77 image files

Meyl, Konstantin
    Konstantin, Meyl - Scalar Waves Theory & Excerpts.pdf
    Meyl - Scalar Wave Technology - Documentation for the Experimental-Kit to the transmission of ele.pdf
    Meyl - Scalar Waves - Theory And Experiments.pdf
    Meyl - Scalar Waves (First Tesla Physics Textbook).pdf
    Barkenhausen Effect Scalar Detector Zpe Bearden Bifilar Caduceus.pdf
    Meyl - Elektrosmog, die physikalischen Grundlagen.pdf
    Meyl - Erdwachstum durch Neutrino Absorption.pdf
    Meyl - Experimente zum Nachweis von Skalarwellen.pdf
    Meyl - Fortschrittliche Konzepte zur drahtlosen Energieuebertragung.pdf
    Meyl - Longitudinalwellen-Experiment nach Nikola Tesla.pdf
    Meyl - Neutrino Power.pdf
    Meyl - Objektivitaetstheorie 1.pdf
    Meyl - Objektivitaetstheorie 2.pdf
    Meyl - Physikalisch-technische Aspekte komplementärmedizinischer Diagnose- und Therapieverfahren.pdf
    Meyl - Skalarwellen im Kreuzfeuer der Kritik.pdf
    Meyl - Skalarwellenstrahlung - Welche Bedeutung haben Skalarwellen für die Medizin.pdf
    Meyl - Teslas Radiations und Kelvins Ringwirbel aus Sicht der modernen Neutrinoforschung.pdf
    Meyl - Teslastrahlung - Die drahtlose Übertragung von Skalarwellen.pdf
    Meyl - Wirbelstrome.PDF
    Newsletter Über Elektrosmog.pdf
    Weltweit Erst Öffentliche Demonstration Telekomm Ohne Elektrosmog - Teslas Prinzipien 303Storm.pdf

Tesla Biographies
    Nikola Tesla - Electrical Genius.pdf
    Nikola Tesla - Master Of Imagination.pdf
    Nikola Tesla - Prodigal Genius.pdf
    Nikola Tesla - The Genius Who Lit The World 42m.avi
    Nikola Tesla - The Life and Times of a forgotten Genius.mp3
    Nikola Tesla Discovering the Future.pdf
    Nikola Tesla.pdf
    Nikola Tesla's experiments.pdf
    Phenomenon - The Lost Archives - The Missing Secrets of Nikola Tesla.avi
    Prodigal Genius - Biography of Nikola Tesla.pdf

Tesla Disk 2

Tesla Biographies (Cont'd from disk 1)
    Beckhard - Nikola Tesla.pdf
    Bill Knell - Tesla Unraveling the Genius of Nikola Tesla.mobi
    Biography of Nikola Tesla (1944) - John J. O'Neill.pdf
    Documentary Tesla Work.mpg
    My Inventions - The Autobiography of Nikola Tesla.pdf
    Mysterious Mr Tesla (BBC Horizon 1982).avi
    Secret of Nikola Tesla - The Movie (Tajna Nikole Tesle) 1h37m.avi
    Tesla  & The Philadelphia Experiment.pdf
    Tesla - An Eccentric Inventor.mp4
    Tesla - Electric Magician.pdf
    Tesla - Master Of Lightning [digitaldistractions].avi
    Tesla  Master of Lightning.flv
    Tesla - Prodigal Genius.pdf
    Tesla - The Electric Magician.pdf
    Tesla & the Tunguska Explosion.pdf
    tesla (2).nfo
    Tesla Ambassadors.mp4
    Tesla Man Out of Time - Cheney 2001.pdf
    Tesla Presentation.pdf
    tesla secrets.avi
    Tesla Tries to Prevent WWII.pdf
    Tesla's Obituary.pdf
    The Eye of the Storm.avi
    The Mysterious Mr Tesla.mpg
    The New Wizard of the West.pdf
    The Story of Nikola Tesla.pdf
    The Strange Life of Nikola Tesla.pdf
    Who Murdered Nikola Tesla & Why.mp3

    Tesla's FBI Files 01.pdf
    Tesla's FBI Files 02.pdf

Tesla Disk 3

Tesla Inventions & Research
    David Childress - Fantastic Inventions of Nikola Tesla.pdf
    Harnessing the Wheelwork of Nature - Tesla's Energy.pdf
    Inventions of Nikola Tesla.pdf
    Inventions, Researches & Writings of Nicola Tesla.pdf
    Nikola Tesla Electric Car Part-1.pdf
    Nikola Tesla Electric Car Part-2.pdf
    Nikola Tesla My Inventions The Magnifying Transmitter.pdf
    Tesla - Inventions.pdf
    Tesla's Egg of Columbus.pdf
    Tesla's Lost Inventions.pdf
    The Eye of the Storm - The Inventions of Nikola Tesla (1983).avi
    The Eye of the Storm 01.JPG
    The Eye of the Storm 02.JPG
    The inventions - researches and writing of Nikola Tesla, with special reference to his work in po.pdf
    The Inventions Researches and Writings of Nikola Tesla v2.pdf
    The Inventions Researches and Writings of Nikola Tesla v3.pdf
    The Inventions Researches and Writings of Nikola Tesla.pdf
    The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla.pdf
    The Missing Secrets of Nikola Tesla 46m.avi
    The TESLA Turbine.pdf

Tesla Patents
    Tesla Patent Index.pdf
    00011865 tesla Method of Insulationg Electrical Conductors.pdf
    00334823 Tesla Commutator for Dynamo-Electric Machines.pdf
    00335786 Tesla Electric Arc Lamp.pdf
    00335787 Tesla Electric Arc Lamp.pdf
    00336961 Tesla Regulator for Dynamo-Electric Machines.pdf
    00336962 Tesla Regulator for Dynamo-Electric Machines.pdf
    00350954 Tesla Regulator for Dynamo-Electric Machines.pdf
    00359748 Tesla Dynamo-Electric Machine.pdf
    00381968 Tesla Electromagnetic Motor.pdf
    00381969 Tesla Electromagnetic Motor.pdf
    00381970 Tesla System of Electrical Distribution.pdf
    00382279 Tesla Electromagnetic Motor.pdf
    00382280 Tesla Electrical Transmission of Power.pdf
    00382281 Tesla Electrical Transmission of Power.pdf
    00382282 Tesla Method of Converting and Distributing Electric.pdf
    00382845 Tesla Commutator for Dynamo-Electric Machines.pdf
    00390413 Tesla System of Electrical Distribution.pdf
    00390414 Tesla Dynamo-Electric Machine.pdf
    00390415 Tesla Dynamo-Electric Machine or Motor.pdf
    00390721 Tesla Dynamo-Electric Machine.pdf
    00390820 Tesla Regulator for Alternating Current Motors.pdf
    00396121 Tesla Thermo-Magnetic Motor.pdf
    00401520 Tesla Method of Operating Electromagnetic Motors.pdf
    00405858 Tesla Electromagnetic Motor.pdf
    00405859 Tesla Method of Electrical Power Transmission.pdf
    00406968 Tesla Dynamo-Electric Machine.pdf
    00413353 Tesla Method of Obtaining Direct from Alternating Cu.pdf
    00416191 Tesla Electromagnetic Motor.pdf
    00416192 Tesla Method of Operating Electromagnetic Motors.pdf
    00416193 Tesla Electromagnetic Motor.pdf
    00416194 Tesla Electric Motor.pdf
    00416195 Tesla Electromagnetic Motor.pdf
    00417794 Tesla Armature for Electric Machines.pdf
    00418248 Tesla Electromagnetic Motor.pdf
    00424036 Tesla Electromagnetic Motor.pdf
    00428057 Tesla PyroElectro-Magnetic Motor.pdf.pdf
    00433700 Tesla Alternating Current Electromagnetic Motor.pdf
    00433701 Tesla Alternating Current Motor.pdf
    00433702 Tesla Electrical Transformer or Induction Device.pdf
    00433703 Tesla Electromagnetic Motor.pdf
    00445207 Tesla Electromagnetic Motor.pdf
    00447920 Tesla Method of Operating Arc Lamps.pdf
    00447921 Tesla Alternating Electric Current Generator.pdf
    00454622 Tesla System of Electric Lighting.pdf
    00455067 Tesla Electromagnetic Motor.pdf
    00455068 Tesla Electrical Meter.pdf
    00455069 Tesla Electric Incandescent Lamp.pdf
    00459772 Tesla Electromagnetic Motor.pdf
    00462418 Tesla Method of Electrical Conversion and Distributi.pdf
    00464666 Tesla Electromagnetic Motor.pdf
    00464667 Tesla Electrical Condenser.pdf
    00487796 Tesla System of Electrical Transmission of Power.pdf
    00511559 Tesla Electrical Transmission of Power.pdf
    00511560 Tesla System of Electrical Power Transmission.pdf
    00511915 Tesla Electrical Transmission of Power.pdf
    00511916 Tesla Electric Generator.pdf
    00512340 Tesla Coil for Electromagnets.pdf
    00514167 Tesla Electrical Conductor.pdf
    00514168 Tesla Means for Generating Electric Currents.pdf
    00514169 Tesla Reciprocating Engine.pdf
    00514170 Tesla Incandescent Electric Light.pdf
    00514972 Tesla Electric Railway System.pdf
    00514973 Tesla Electrical Meter.pdf
    00517900 Tesla Steam Engine.pdf
    00524426 Tesla Electromagnetic Motor.pdf
    00555190 Tesla Alternating Motor.pdf
    00567818 Tesla Electrical Condenser.pdf
    00568176 Tesla Producing Electrical Currents of High Frequenc.pdf
    00568177 Tesla Apparatus for Producing Ozone.pdf
    00568178 Tesla Method of Regulating High Frequency Apparatus.pdf
    00568179 Tesla Method of Producing Currents of High Frequency.pdf
    00568180 Tesla Apparatus for Producing Currents of High Frequ.pdf
    00577670 Tesla Apparatus for Producing Currents of High Frequ.pdf
    00577671 Tesla Manufacture of Electric Condensers-Coils-Etc.pdf
    00583953 Tesla Apparatus for Producing Currents of High Frequ.pdf
    00593138 Tesla Electrical Transformer.pdf
    00609245 Tesla Electrical Circuit Controller.pdf
    00609246 Tesla Electric Circuit Controller.pdf
    00609247 Tesla Electric Circuit Controller.pdf
    00609248 Tesla Electric Circuit Controller.pdf
    00609249 Tesla Electric Circuit Controller.pdf
    00609250 Tesla Electrical Igniter for Gas Engines.pdf
    00609251 Tesla Electric Circuit Controller.pdf
    00611719 Tesla Electrical Circuit Controller.pdf
    00613735 Tesla Electric Circuit Controller.pdf
    00613809 Tesla Controlling Method for Moving Vessels.pdf
    00645576 Tesla System of Transmission of Electrical Energy.pdf
    00649621 Tesla Apparatus for Transmission of Electrical Energ.pdf
    00655838 Tesla Method of Insulating Electric Conductors.pdf
    00685012 Tesla Means for Increasing the Intensity of Electric.pdf
    00685953 Tesla Intensifying and Utilizing Effects Transmitted.pdf
    00685954 Tesla Utilizing Effects Transmitted through Natural .pdf
    00685955 Tesla Utilizing Effects Transmitted through Natural .pdf
    00685956 Tesla Apparatus for Utilizing Effects Transmitted th.pdf
    00685957 Tesla Apparatus for the Utilization of Radiant Energ.pdf
    00685958 Tesla Method of Utilizing Radiant Energy.pdf
    00723188 Tesla Method of Signaling.pdf
    00725605 Tesla System of Signaling.pdf
    00787412 Tesla Art of Transmitting Energy through the Natural.pdf
    01061142 Tesla Fluid Propulsion.pdf
    01061206 Tesla Turbine.pdf
    01113716 Tesla Fountain.pdf
    01119732 Tesla Apparatus for Transmitting Electrical Energy.pdf
    01209359 Tesla Speed Indicator.pdf
    01266175 Tesla Lightning Protector.pdf
    01274816 Tesla Speed Indicator.pdf
    01314718 Tesla Ship's Log.pdf
    01329559 Tesla Valvular Conduit.pdf
    01338343 Process And Apparatus For The Production of Intense Artificial Clouds, Fogs, or Mists.pdf
    01365547 Tesla Flow Meter.pdf
    01402025 Tesla Frequency Meter.pdf
    01655113 Tesla Method of Aerial Transportation.pdf
    01655114 Tesla Apparatus for Aerial Transportation.pdf
    Complete Patents - Nikola Tesla 499p.pdf
    Complete Patents - Nikola Tesla.pdf
    Complete Patents Nikola Tesla.pdf
    free energy tesla patents.pdf
    Nikola Tesla-Lectures Patents and Articles (Extended).pdf
    Tesla Patent Radiant Energy.pdf
    Tesla Patents 155p (best copy).pdf
    Tesla Patents 455p.pdf
    The U.S. Patents of Nikola Tesla.pdf
    Transmission of Power - Polyphase System - Tesla Patents.pdf
    US 5818649 Electromagnetic Energy Directing Apparatus.pdf

Tesla Projects
    A Simple Design of a Mini Tesla Coil.pdf
    Acoustic Laser - Kit Instructions.pdf
    Air Blast Gap.pdf
    Bipolar Tesla Coil.pdf
    Bottle Capacitor.pdf
    Build a big Tesla Coil Big.pdf
    Build a L'il TC.pdf
    Build a Solid state Tesla coil.pdf
    Build The Poor Man's Plasma Globe.pdf
    Building An 8 Inch Spark Tesla Coil (Practical Electrics - December 1921).pdf
    Choke 01.pdf
    Choke 01a.pdf
    Cigar-Box Tesla Coil (Popular Science - January 1946).pdf
    Condensed intro to Tesla Transformers by Eric Dollard.pdf
    Cylinder Static Gap.pdf
    Electrical Fantasies with a Tesla Coil - By Harold P. Strand (Excerpt from Popular Mechanics - 19.pdf
    Electrical fantasies with a Tesla coil.pdf
    Flat Coils.pdf
    Flat Plate Capacitor.pdf
    Flyback Xfmr Tesla Ciols.pdf
    General Tesla Coil Construction Plans.pdf
    Generic Tesla Coil.pdf
    Glass & Foil Capacitor.pdf
    High Performance ¼ wave Tesla Resonator.pdf
    High Performance ¼ wave Tesla resonators.pdf
    High Voltage Capacitor.pdf
    High Voltage Pulse Discharge Capacitor.pdf
    How To Construct A Working 250KV Tesla Coil.pdf
    How To Make Tesla's Coil.pdf
    HV Capacitor Construction.pdf
    Illustration of Wardenclyffe.jpg
    Photo of Wardenclyffe.jpg
    RF Grounding for Tesla Coils - By Richard Quick.pdf
    rq j1024.gif
    Solid State Tesla Coil - By Johnson (2001).pdf
    Solid State Tesla Coil.pdf
    Solid-state Tesla Coil.pdf
    Spark Gap Tube Experiments With A Bipolar Tesla Coil.pdf
    Terry Blake's Tesla Coil 1.mpg
    Tesla - How To Make Tesla's Coil Bau deine Eigene Tesla-Spule.pdf
    tesla 2.gif
    tesla 3.gif
    Tesla Bibliography.pdf
    Tesla Coil (2).pdf
    Tesla Coil Another Shoot Against Phase Checker.jpg
    tesla coil construction article.pdf
    Tesla Coil Equations And Data.pdf
    Tesla Coil General Construction Plans.pdf
    Tesla Coil High Voltage Generator.pdf
    Tesla Coil Hints.pdf
    TESLA COIL long arc.jpg
    Tesla Coil Plans.pdf
    Tesla Coil PURDU UNIVERSITY.jpg
    Tesla Coil Safety Information.pdf
    tesla coil schematic.gif
    Tesla Coil.pdf
    Tesla Coils Plans.pdf
    Tesla Death Ray Reconstruction.pdf
    Tesla High Frequency Apparatus 1916 (fac).pdf
    Tesla Magnifier Circuit.pdf
    Tesla- Solid state Tesla coil.pdf
    Tesla Switch.pdf
    Tesla Turbine Plans.pdf
    Tesla Turbine Report.pdf
    Tesla Turbine.pdf
    Tesla's Flying Machine.pdf
    Tesla's Fuelless Generator.pdf
    Tesla's Hidden Space Propulsion System 2nd ed.pdf
    Tesla's HV impulse lighting methods-Imhotep's Radiant Oscillator.pdf
    Tesla's Radiations & Cosmic Rays.PDF
    The Classic Tesla Coil - A Dual-Tuned Resonant Transformer.pdf
    The Tesla high frequency coil, its construction and uses - Haller, George Francis.pdf
    The Tesla high frequency coil, its construction and uses (1910).epub
    Ultimate Tesla Coil Design.pdf
    Wire chart.pdf

Tesla related research & theories
    Angels Don't Play This HAARP - Advances in Tesla Technology.pdf
    Barkenhausen Effect Scalar Detector.pdf
    Barret - Tesla's nonlinear oscillator-shuttle circuit (OSC) theory.pdf
    Begich - HAARP.pdf
    Explication, Theories of Dimension, & The Growth Of Scientific & Mathematical Theories.pdf
    Free Energy Secrets with Tesla patents.pdf
    Free-Energy Pioneer Keely 1998.pdf
    Gerry Vassilatos - Lost Science.pdf
    Harnessing the Wheelwork of Nature - Tesla's Science of Energy - T. Valone.pdf
    Henry Moray - Books.pdf
    John Bedini.pdf
    Kelly - Manual of Free Energy Devices.pdf
    Lyne - Occult Ether Physics - Tesla's Hidden Space Propulsion System and the Conspiracy to Concea.pdf
    Modern Aether Science.pdf
    Nikola Tesla - Electromagnetic Engineering.pdf
    Nikola Tesla Modern Physics for Engineers.pdf
    Occult Ether Physics - Tesla's Hidden Space Propulsion System - W. Lyne (1997).pdf
    Otis T Carr - Tesla Saucers.pdf
    Otis T. Carr and the Tesla Saucers (by Doug Yurchey).pdf
    Physics without Einstein.pdf
    Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion.pdf
    Teleportation Physics Study.pdf
    Tesla - High Freq Coil.pdf
    Tesla - Tunguska Explosion 1908.pdf
    Tesla Electromagnetics & the Secrets of Free Energy.pdf
    Tesla Equations.pdf
    Tesla Experiments.pdf
    Tesla Flying Machine.pdf
    Tesla Schauberger Free Energy (internet).pdf
    Tesla Turbine News Report.pdf
    Tesla's Big Mistake.pdf
    Tesla's Dynamic Theory of Gravity.pdf
    Tesla's Engine.pdf
    The Evolution of Matter-1.pdf
    The Evolution of Matter-2.pdf
    The New Tesla Electromagnetics.pdf
    Your Electro-Vibratory Body.pdf

German texts
    Anti-Gravitation (German)- Childress.pdf
    Meyl - Neutrino-Power (German).pdf
    Nikola Tesla - Ueber Licht- und andere Erscheinungen hoher Frequenz.pdf
    Nikola Tesla und sein Werk.pdf
    Tesla's verschollene Erfindungen 1994.pdf
    Wahl - Tesla-Energie Faszinierende Experimente.pdf

    German Tesla Anti-Gravity & Free Energy 1h30m.avi

Tesla Disk 4

Tesla related research & theories (cont'd from disk 3)

    Element and Ether - Thomas Joseph Brown.mp4
    Holes In Heaven, HAARP And Advances In Tesla Technology - Xvid Mp3 [DVD-Rip].avi
    Nazi UFOs - How They Fly - The German Tesla Anti-Gravity And Free Energy Program (William Lyne) (.avi
    Pentagon Aliens (Tesla Generator) by William Lyne.epub
    Peter Lindemann - Tesla's Radiant Energy - ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference 2006.mp3
    Peter Lindemann - The Free Energy Secrets of Cold Electricity (2000) (AUDIO SYNC FIXED) XviD.avi
    Stan Deyo - The Technology of the New World Order.avi
    TESLA - Free Energy, The Race to Zero Point (Physics, Supressed Technology).m4v
    Tesla Coil Experiments MVI_0118.avi
    Tesla's Secret and the Soviet Tesla Weapons.avi
    The Ray of Discovery - Nikola Tesla.mp4
    Tom Talks Tesla (rare interview with Tom Bearden on the forgotten work of Nikola Tesla).avi

Tesla Disk 5

Tesla Symposium Conference Pack (cont'd from disk 4)
    Applications of the Benza Bio Chip Mark Benza.mp4
    CAD Tesla Coils Toby Grotz.mp4
    Charles Yost - High Voltage Concentric Field Generator Design.avi
    Dr. Hal Huggins - 1996 Tesla Symposium.avi
    Dr. Paul LaViolette -Tesla Wave Physics for a Free Energy Universe.avi
    Electrical Potential of Water.avi
    Electromagnetic chemical pollution Lawrence Kennedy.mp4
    Electromagnetic Spheres Larry Spring.mp4
    Energy Generation Phenomenon PT Pappas.mp4
    Experiments in Synchronicity Shelly Thompson.mp4
    Experiments of Kristian Birkeland James Hardesty.mp4
    Gary Magnetic Effect Dan Davidson.mp4
    George Hathaway on Zero Point Energy at Tesla Symposium 1990.avi
    Larry Spring's Atom - A Magnetic Demonstration.avi
    Lasercel Roger Billings.mp4
    Neutralizing Radio Active Waste with Browns Gas.mp4
    Nikola Tesla John Hays Hammond Mark Seifer.mp4
    Non Linear Dynamics Lynn Surgalla.mp4
    Paul Brown Radioisotopic Energy Generation.avi
    Power Controller.avi
    Scalar info resource Warren York.mp4
    Spark Gap Technology Bill Wysock.avi

Tesla Disk 6

Tesla Symposium Conference Pack (cont'd from disk 5)
    Tesla Coil - Dr. James Corum - International Tesla Society 1990.avi
    The Kreuzer Collection - Vintage Tube Technology.avi
    Vacuum Tubes James Hardesty.mp4
    Water Thread Experiment Walter Baumgartner.mp4
    X Rays Electron Beams James Hardesty.mp4

Tesla's Writings
    Collection of Articles by Nikola Tesla.pdf
    Experiments with High Frequency AC.pdf
    How to Signal to Mars - Wireless the only way now, says Nicola Tesla - Mirror plan not practicabl.pdf
    Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla - HAARP - Chemtrails and Secret of Alternative 4 (2000).pdf
    Mechanical Therapy.pdf
    Nikola Tesla - Complete Work.pdf
    Nikola Tesla - Harnessing Electricity.pdf
    Nikola Tesla - Lecture 1897.pdf
    Nikola Tesla - Lectures, Patents, Articles.pdf
    Nikola Tesla - Modern Physics for Engineers.pdf
    Nikola Tesla - The Tesla Papers.pdf
    Nikola Tesla Colorado Springs Notes, 1899-1900.pdf
    Nikola Tesla Lost Manuscript.pdf
    Tesla - Alternating Currents.pdf
    Tesla - Colorado Springs Notes 1899-1900 (1978).djvu
    Tesla - Experiments with Alternating Currents.pdf
    Tesla - How to Signal to Mars 1909.pdf
    Tesla - My Inventions.pdf
    Tesla Cosmic Force.mp3
    Tesla Nikola - My Inventions.lit
    Tesla Said.pdf
    Tesla's Letters.pdf
    The Inventions, Researches and Writings of Nikola Tesla.pdf
    The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla.pdf
    The Problem of Increasing Human Energy  by Nikola Tesla.pdf


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