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LSD history & usage of the 20th century's most controversial chemical  BANNED FROM EBAY 4 DVD-ROM

LSD history & usage of the 20th century's most controversial chemical BANNED FROM EBAY 4 DVD-ROM

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This disk set deals with curative and entheogenic properties of certain substances. There are any number of naturally occuring substances which have been used by humans for milennia for spiritual and curative purposes. Similarly, some recently discoverd man made substances are being investigated for the same reasons. There is no information on synthesis, extraction or cultivation contained herein. This material is for informative and educational purposes dealing with realms of the spirit and the individual's perception of the nature and structure of the universe as may be revealed by these substances. The use of these substances is not encouraged or endorsed. Many first person experiences are included. This is not a sourcebook for gratuitous intoxication, substance abuse, nor does it offer any encouragement to break any laws or engage in criminal enterprise and therefore does not violate and eBay guidelines. 

Ever since Sandoz chemist Albert Hoffman while searching for something to relieve migrane headaches accidentally ingested some of his a chlemical he synthesized and took a rather peculiar bicycle ride, LSD has been a controversial substance. Taking the youth culture by storm in the 1960s, it was introduced into the United States by the CIA who wanted to weaponize it sometimes giving it to subjects unknowingly. The CIA also furnished it to universities who administered it to volunteers. In doing so, some of the subjects of their experiements, like Ken Kesey of  the "Acid tests," went on to actively promote it to the population at large until it became officially illegal on October 6, 1966. This chemical was largely responsible for the formation of the counterculture in San Francisco's Haight Ashbury district and other similar communities that sprang up all over the world at the time. Harvard professor Trimothy Leary became the High Priest of LSD. Ridiculous claims were made in favor of LSD. Equally ridiculous claims werre made against it. All points of view on LSD are represented here. LSD was once used therapeutically and then renounced in the anti-drug backlash of the 70's. It is now once again being explored as a therapeutic agent.

Material is included here showing the experimentation of LSD given to soldiers and it's use in the clandestine MKULTRA jprogram run by the CIA.

This four DVD-ROM disk set contains information pro and con, and is intended to let the reader exercise critical thinking and make up their own mind.

    10 Facts About The Drug LSD.mp4
    1956 Housewife on Acid Veteran's Hospital LSD 25 Testing.mp4
    1964 LSD Test on British Marines [Video] - Diggnation Daily.mp4
    30 hits of LSD!!!.mp4
    A Positive LSD Story on The News.mp4
    Acid Dreams - The Complete Social History of LSD, The CIA, the Sixties and Beyond.pdf
    Alan Watts on LSD.mp4
    Albert Hofmann 2006 in Basel- (NON-ENGLISH).mp4
    Impact and Influence of LSD on Art and Culture.mp4
    About Albert Hofmann (LSD).mp4
    An LSD Experience.pdf
    Annonce + Pourquoi ça existe !  LSD - sur Wakanim !.mp4
    Anthony Bourdain on LSD.mp4
    Bear Stanley Reflections on Life, LSD and DMT.mp4
    Beautiful LSD + MDMA Experience.mp4
    Best LSD simulator.mp4
    Bill Maher's AWESOME rant about LSD_Psilocybin ..mp4
    Book Of Mother.pdf
    Cat on LSD.mp4
    cocaine lsd ecstasy.mp4
    Consciousness, Science, Mind, Duality, God _ LSD.mp4
    Dcumentary Inside LSD with legends.mp4
    DMT on the Peak of LSD Trip Life Changing Experience.mp4
    Dr. Michael Brown's Personal Testimony From LSD to Ph.D.mp4
    Dr. Timothy Leary interview-LSD (Merv Griffin Show 1966).mp4
    Press Conference on Army LSD program (NO AUDIO).mp4
    Drugs at Work 2 Christmas (cocaine, LSD, Ketamine).mp4
    Ellis D. Trippe - Transcendental Medication.pdf
    EZ Test - LSD.mp4
    Fake LSD Substitute N-Bomb Is Wreaking Havoc In the Midwest.mp4
    Francis Crick, LSD & DNA.pdf
    Classified Project Exposed.mp4
    Getting High - The History of LSD full video.mp4
    GIRL FREAKS OUT ON LSD (Trip Stories).mp4
    LSD Psychotherapy.pdf
    Hallucinogen - LSD 'World Sheet Of Closed String' Mix.mp4
    Thereputic Use of LSD.pdf
    HD Historic Stock Footage EFFECTS OF LSD ON TROOPS 1958.mp4
    LSD Boomerang - General Hospital.mp4
    Hippie Chick - LSD.mp4
    History of LSD 1971.mp4
    Hoffman - LSD - My Problem Child.pdf
    Hoffman, Albert - LSD My Problem Child.pdf
    Hofmann's Potion - Albert Hofmann LSD Documentary.mp4
    Hooked-Illegal Drugs And How They Got That Way - Lsd, Ecstasy And Raves.mp4
    Leary, Timothy - The Psychedelic Experience - A manual based on the Tibetan Book of the Dead.pdf
    Leary, Timothy - The Tibetan Book Of The Dead.pdf
    LSD The Problem Solving Psychedelic.pdf
    Meyer - An LSD Experience.pdf

    How To Go Out Of Your Mind - The LSD Crisis.mp4
    How to Go Out of Your Mind the LSD Crisis [55m58s].avi
    In the news again - LSD and Drugs.mp4
    Inside LSD - Trip Into Hell (Drugs Documentary).mp4
    Inside LSD Full Length Documentary.mp4
    Legalize LSD?.mp4
    LSD - A Case Study.mp4
    LSD - Testing On British Marines (1964) (Misc.) [HD].mp4
    LSD - Trip or Trap!.mp4
    LSD - What is LSD _ The LSD Experience _ Personal Health _ Medical Use.mp4
    LSD - You Decide.mp4
    LSD - zoom world 3X.mp4
    LSD (1967) - U.S. Navy Training Film.mp4
    LSD Advice.mp4
    LSD and Magic Mushroom Drugtest English Subtitles.mp4
    LSD and the Hallucinogens (1970).mp4
    LSD and the search for God - This Time.mp4
    LSD and the Search for God- Starting Over.mp4
    LSD Bad Trip.mp4
    LSD Educational Video (Part 1).mp4
    LSD Educational Video (Part 2).mp4
    LSD Experience  - The Psychedelic Guide to the Galaxy.mp4
    LSD Experiment - Schizophrenia Psychosis Induced by LSD25 1955 CIA Funded (MKULTRA).mp4
    LSD Experiment Research on Acid Trip Effects _ Art Drawing - CIA Documentary.mp4
    LSD- Fact and Fiction.mp4
    LSD girl.mp4
    Lsd Grow Vid 18 Last video before Harvest.mp4
    LSD in a nutshell.mp4
    LSD Millionaires Operation Julie.mp4
    LSD Neuroscience.mp4
    LSD Test An Army Unit Tested For Proficiency After Dropping Acid.mp4
    LSD VISUAL.mp4
    LSD vs 25I-NBOMe.mp4
    LSD, Shrooms, And Peyote Are Perfectly Safe, Do Them All You Want.mp4
    LSD, the CIA and Nazi Cold War Alliance.mp4
    LSD Insight or Insanity.mp4
    LSD Symposium.mp4
    LSD The Spring Grove Experiment.mp4
    Lutz Dammbeck - The Net - The Unabomber. LSD and the Internet [1h54m48s].avi
    Mad Men - Roger and Jane take LSD.mp4
    Man trips hard on LSD.mp4
    Mathematician Compares DMT Experience with LSD Experience.mp4
    McCartey LSD interview.mp4
    Mescaline vs. LSD vs. Psilocybin Mushrooms.mp4

    Midnight Climax. LSD, CIA Mind Control, MK Ultra.mp4
    Million Dollar LSD Ring Busted in Philadelphia.mp4
    MK ULTRA, LSD and the Hippie Movement.mp4
    Morning Glory, LSA, and LSD.mp4
    My first LSD trip and tips.mp4
    My LSD story.mp4
    Natural LSD trip simulator (Watch in 720p or 1080p for best experience).mp4
    The LSD No-No.mp4
    Paul McCartney admits taking LSD.mp4
    Paul McCartney On L.S.D.mp4
    Psychedelic Experiments _ Medical Research with LSD (dt. UT).mp4
    Psychedelic Problem Solving Dr. Kary Mullis and LSD.mp4
    Psychedelics and the Spiritual Journey LSD, DMT, mushrooms, peyote, ayahuasca, etc.mp4
    Ralph Abraham LSD got me thinking about spiritual questions.mp4
    rare footage of 1950s housewife in LSD experiment.mp4
    Rare Footage Of 1950s HousewifeIn LSD Experiment.flv.mp4
    Russian girl on LSD.mp4
    Say no To Drugs TV Commercials.mp4
    Science, Yoga, LSD.mp4
    Space.Cadet - LSD Being Tested on British Troops [1hr37m].mpg
    Spuiten en Slikken - LSD (English subtitles).mp4
    Stages of the LSD Experience.mp4
    Terence Mckenna discusses Ayahusaca, Mushrooms, DMT and LSD.mp4
    The Beatles talk about LSD.mp4
    The effects of L.S.D .mp4
    The Mind - Benders LSD and the Hallucinogens.mp4
    The Substance - Albert Hofmann's LSD (deutsch).mp4
    The Substance Albert Hofmann's LSD Trailer.mp4
    The True Face Of LSD.mp4
    Tim Leary DON'T TAKE LSD... (V 0.2.1).mp4
    Timothy Leary on LSD and alcohol (August 9, 1981).mp4
    Top 10 Famous LSD Users.mp4
    Facts about LSD _ 7 Drug Facts about LSD and Acid
    Undersheriff Max Housers LSD Use Confirmed.mp4
    Virtual LSD ! Amazing optical illusion ! No danger !.mp4
    Watch What Happens When a Portrait Artist Takes LSD.mp4
    What LSD is like to people that have never taken it.mp4

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