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Latin  for Biblical scholars on 1 DVD-ROM

Latin for Biblical scholars on 1 DVD-ROM

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In the 5th century BC, Latin was just one of many Italic languages spoken in central Italy. Latin was the language of the area known as Latium (modern Lazio), and Rome was one of the towns of Latium. The earliest known inscriptions in Latin date from the 6th century BC and were written using an alphabet adapted from the Etruscan alphabet.

Rome gradually expanded its influence over other parts of Italy and then over other parts of Europe. Eventually the Roman Empire stretched across a wide swathe of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. Latin was used throughout the empire as the language of law, administration and increasingly as the language of everyday life. Literacy was common among Roman citizens and the works of great Latin authors were read by many.

The language used in much early Latin literature, classical Latin, differed in many ways from colloquial spoken Latin, known as vulgar Latin, though some writers, including Cicero and Petronius, used vulgar Latin in their work. Over the centuries the spoken varieties of Latin continued to move away from the literary standard and eventually evolved into the modern Italic/Romance languages (Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, Catalan, etc).

Even after the collapse of the western Roman Empire in 476 AD, Latin continued to be used as a literary language throughout western and central Europe. An enormous quantity of medieval Latin literature was produced in a variety of different styles ranging from the scholarly works of Irish and Anglo-Saxon writers to simple tales and sermons for a wider audience.

During the 15th century, Latin began to lose its dominant position as the main language of scholarship and religion throughout Europe. It was largely replaced by written versions of the vernacular languages of Europe, many of which are descendants of Latin or have been heavily influenced by it.

Modern Latin was used by the Roman Catholic Church until the mid 20th century and is still used to some extent, particularly in the Vatican City, where it is one of the official languages. Latin terminology is used extensively by biologists, palaeontologists and other scientists to name species and specimens, and also by doctors and lawyers.

This disc is a collection of instructional resources for the classical and Biblical scholar. This disk is packaged in a windowed paper envelope. The following titles are included:


A complete Latin grammar - Harkness, Albert, 1822-1907.pdf
A first Latin book - Moore, Clifford Herschel, 1866-1931.pdf
A first Latin course - Scott, Ernest Howard.pdf
A first Latin reader with exercises - Herbert Chester Nutting.pdf
A key to New Latin composition - Moses Grant Daniell.pdf
A key to the Manual of Latin prose composition - Henry Musgrave Wilkins.pdf
A Latin grammar - Albert Harkness.pdf
A Latin Reader - Consisting of Selections from Phoedrus, Caesar, Curtius ... - William Francis Allen , Joseph Henry Allen.pdf
A life of George Washington, in Latin prose - Francis Glass.pdf
A new Latin primer - Maxey, Mima, b. 1885.pdf
A practical introduction to Latin composition for schools and colleges - Albert Harkness.pdf
A school Latin grammar; - Morgan, Morris Hicky, 1859-1910.pdf
A supplementary Latin composition - Nutting, Herbert Chester, 1872-1934.pdf
Aids to Latin orthography - Brambach, Wilhelm, 1841-1932.pdf
An elementary Latin dictionary - Lewis, Charlton Thomas, 1834-1904.pdf
An introduction to Greek and Latin palaeography - Thompson, Edward Maunde, Sir, 1840-1929.pdf
An introduction to the comparative grammar of Greek and Latin - John Edward King , Christopher Cookson.pdf
Anthologia Latina - Passages from the Latin Poets - Francis St. John Thackeray.pdf
Anthology of Latin Poetry - Robert Yelverton Tyrrell.pdf
Arnold's First Latin book - remodelled & rewritten & adapted to the ... - Albert Harkness.pdf
Beginning Latin an introduction, by way of English, to the Latin language.pdf
Bellum helveticum for beginners in Latin.pdf
Brevarium anagrammaticum The Latin hymns of the breviary and other famous Latin hymns - Walter Begley.pdf
Cassell's Latin dictionary Latin-English and English-Latin.pdf
Common Latin Phrases.pdf
De institutione oratoria liber primus - Texte latin - Quintilian, Charles Fierville.pdf
Easy Latin lessons - Lindsay, Thomas B. 1853-1909.pdf
Easy Latin stories for beginners with vocabulary and notes - Bennett, George Lovett, 1846-1916.pdf
EB Vickery Latin Examinations 1913-1929 - EB Vickery.pdf
Elementary (Advanced) Latin exercises.pdf
Elementary Latin - Minnie Louise Smith.pdf
Elementary Latin grammar. [With] Latin exercises - Leonhard Schmitz.pdf
Elements of law Latin. Latin L .. - Merrill, William A..pdf
Exercises in Bradley's Arnold's Latin Prose Composition - EB Vickery.pdf
Exercises in Latin versification - Butler, Leo Thomas, 1878.pdf
First Lessons in Latin ... - Ethan Allen Andrews.pdf
First Lessons in Latin Or an Introduction to Andrews and Stoddard's Latin Grammar - Ethan Allen Andrews.pdf
First lessons in Latin; - Cleveland, Charles Dexter, 1802-1869..pdf
Greek and Latin compositions - Shilleto, Richard, 1809-1876.pdf
Handbook of Latin inscriptions - Lindsay, W. M..pdf
Hiawatha rendered into Latin, with abridgment - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Francis William Newman.pdf
Intervalla verses, Greek, Latin, and English - Denman, George, 1819-1896.pdf
John Wiclif's Polemical works in Latin - John Wycliffe.pdf
Key to Progressive exercises in Latin elegiac verse - Charles Granville Gepp.pdf
Langenscheidt shorter Latin dictionary; Latin-English, English-Latin.pdf
Latin classics - Wilkinson, William Cleaver, 1833-1920.pdf
Latin composition - Allen, Bernard M..pdf
Latin Composition - Bernard Melzar Allen.pdf
Latin composition - Gildersleeve, Basil L.pdf
Latin composition - Hale, William Gardner, 1849-1928.pdf
Latin composition, an elementary guide to writing in Latin. Part I.--Constructions; part II.--Exercises in translation - Allen, Joseph Henry, 1820-1898.pdf
Latin dictionary a - Charlton Lewis, Charles Short.pdf
Latin for Beginners - D'Ooge, Benjamin Leonard, 1860-1940.txt
Latin Grammar - Albert Harkness.pdf
latin grammar - augustus s. wilkins.pdf
Latin grammar - REV. J. ARNOLD.pdf
Latin Grammar - T. Hewitt KEy.pdf
Latin historical inscriptions illustrating the history of the early empire - Rushforth, G. McN.pdf
Latin Hymns - William Augustus Merrill.pdf
Latin lessons - Bennett, Charles E..pdf
Latin Lessons - George Spencer.pdf
Latin Lessons - Minnie Louise Smith.pdf
Latin lessons - Smith, Minnie Louise, 1863.pdf
Latin Lexicon (1976) - Niermeyer.pdf
Latin literature - Mackail, J. W. 1859-1945.pdf
Latin manual [microform] - Le Jeune, J. M. R. (Jean Marie Rapha‰l), 1855-1930.pdf
Latin philology - Meader, Clarence Linton, 1868-.pdf
Latin Primer - Henry Edmund Sawyer.pdf
Latin Primer - Joseph Henry Allen.pdf
Latin pronunciation - Peck, Tracy, 1838-1921.pdf
Latin pronunciation and the Latin alphabet - Tafel, Leonhard, b. 1800.pdf
Latin prose composition - Pearson, Henry Carr, b. 1871.pdf
Latin prose composition - Ramsay, George Gilbert, 1839-1921.pdf
Latin Reader - Friedrich Jacobs.pdf
Latin Reader ... - Friedrich Jacobs.pdf
Latin Selections Specimens of Latin Literature - Willard Kimball Clement, Edmund Hamilton Smith.pdf
Latin sentence connection - Mendell, Clarence W..pdf
Latin subordinate clause syntax - Leiper, Macon Anderson, 1879-1936.pdf
Latin suffixes - John Tahourdin White.pdf
Latin syntax - Zumpt, Karl Gottlob, 1792-1849.pdf
Latin Verse - Frank Smalley.pdf
Latin verse - Smalley, Frank, 1846-1931.pdf
Latin Vulgate, Bible Book Titles and Names - Anonymous.txt
Liber primus, or, A first book of Latin exercises or, A first book of Latin exercises - Joseph Dana.pdf
M. Tullii Ciceronis Oratio pro archia texte latin - Marcus Tullius Cicero, mile Thomas.pdf
Medieval Latin Lexicon - Niermeyer.pdf
New Latin Grammar - Bennett, Charles E.txt
Nova anthologia Oxoniensis Translations into Greek and Latin verse - Robinson Ellis , Alfred Denis Godley.pdf
On the Latin language (Volume 1) - Varro, Marcus Terentius.pdf
On the Latin language (Volume 2) - Varro, Marcus Terentius.pdf
Oxford Latin Dict.pdf
Patrologia Graeca vol. 1.pdf
Patrologia Graeca vol. 2.pdf
Patrologia Graeca vol. 3.pdf
Preparatory Latin composition - Moulton, Frank Prescott, 1851.pdf
Preparatory Latin composition (Volume 2) - Moulton, Frank Prescott, 1851-.pdf
Preparatory Latin compositon (Volume 1) - Moulton, Frank Prescott, 1851-.pdf
Preparatory Latin Prose-book - James Hobbs Hanson.pdf
Preparatory Latin writer - Bennett, Charles E. 1858-1921.pdf
Remnants of early Latin - Allen, F. D. (Frederic De Forest), 1844-1897.pdf
Remnants of early Latin - Frederic De Forest Allen, Frederic D Allen.pdf
Sacred Latin poetry chiefly lyrical, selected and arranged for use - Richard Chenevix Trench.pdf
Second Latin book - Miller, Frank Justus.pdf
Second Latin reading book forming a continuation of Easy Latin stories for beginners.pdf
Selections from Latin authors for sight-reading - Everett Titsworth Tomlinson.pdf
Selections from Latin Classic Authors - Francis Gardner.pdf
Selections from Latin classic authors Phaedrus, Justin, Nepos.pdf
Selections from Latin poets with brief notes.pdf
Selections from the less known latin poets - North Pinder.pdf
Syntax of early Latin .. (Volume 2) - Bennett, Charles E..pdf
The beginner's Latin book - Collar, William C. (William Coe), 1833-1916.pdf
The beginner's Latin book - Smiley, James B. 1867.pdf
The beginner's Latin book - William Coe Collar , Moses Grant Daniell , Ginn and Company.pdf
the childs latin accidence - dr. kennedys childs latin primer.pdf
The Latin primer part I Rules of construction ... - Richard Lyne.pdf
The Latin reader (Volume 2) - Friedrich Jacobs , Friedrich Wilhelm D”ring.pdf
The new Latin reader containing the Latin text for the purpose of recitation - Sidney Charles Walker.pdf
Writing Latin - John Edmund Barss.pdf
XLIX English hymns rendered in Latin rhyme - William Garden Blaikie.pdf

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