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Lamens of the Spirits of the Goetia - 1-1/4" Pendant w/24" chain

Lamens of the Spirits of the Goetia - 1-1/4" Pendant w/24" chain

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King Solomon in the Hebrew Bible, called the Old Testament by Christians, is reputed to have been accomplished in the spirit arts, having bound 72 spirits on a vessel of brass, conjuring and coercing them to his will. After Solomon died the spirits were released from their bondage. The ritual formulas for summonning these spirits to do one's bidding as well as the characteristics of each spirit are detailed in book one of a four volume set of grimoires collectively titled The Lesser Key of Solomon with the book of these spirits called The Lemegeton, Book One: Goetia.

This lamen collection contains the seals of these seventy-two spirits as well as the Hexagram of Solomon, Pentagram of Solomon and Secret Seals of Solomon. Where seals have variant forms they have been numbered as such.

Each lamen is 1-1/4" (30 mm) in diameter, mounted in an antique brass finished pendant tray, the high resolution printed seal covered by a clear glass cabochon suspended on a 24" antique brass finish bead chain. These lamens are suitable for ritual use and as talismans. 

These pendants are not waterproof and are not intended to be worn in the shower or while swimming. 

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DISCLAIMER: Practitioners of the Goetic Art claim the various spirits associated with these seals possess metaphysical powers of various sorts, some benevolent, some malevolent, and caution treating these seals be treated in a casual manner. Gene's Weird Stuff, while respecting this opinion, makes no sucn claim or endorsement and is also not responsible for the consequences of use or misuse of these items. You are advised to use your own discretion.

The Seals of the Spirits are listed in alphabetical order, the exception being that Collection One contains the Hexagram, Pentagram and Secret Seals of Solomon.

Hexagram of Solomon

Pentagram of Solomon

Secret Seal of Solomon

Agares - Duke, Makes runaways come back, teaches languages, destroys temporal and supernatural dignities, earthquakes 

Aim - Duke, Sets cities, castles and great places on fire, makes men witty in all ways, and gives true answers concerning private matters

Alloces - Duke, Provides good familiars, teaches astronomy and liberal arts.

Amdusias - King, Causes all types of musical instruments to be heard but not seen, makes trees bend.

Amon - Marquis, tells of all things past and future, procures feuds, and reconciles controversies between friends and foes

Amy - President, Makes you marvelous at astrologie, and all the liberal sciences, gives excellent familiars, reveals treasures

Andras - Marquis, Sows discord among people.

Andrealphus - Marquis, Raises great noises and teaches cunning in astronomy, teaches geometry, and can turn any man into a bird.

Andromalius - Brings back thieves and stolen goods, discovers and punishes thieves and the wicked, discovers hidden treasures.

Asmoday - King, Teaches Arithmetic, Astronomy, Geometry, and all handicrafts, makes you invincible, and finds treasure

Astaroth - Duke, Teaches mathematical sciences and handicrafts, can make you invisible and lead you to hidden treasures, and answers every question

Bael - King, Teaches the art of invisibility

Balam - King, Tells things past, present, and to come, and can also make men invisible and witty.

Barbatos - Duke, Gives understanding of the voices the animals, says past and future, conciliates friends and rulers, and can lead you to hidden treasures

Bathin - Duke, Tells the virtues of precious stones and herbs, and can bring men suddenly from one country to another

Beleth - King Gives all the love of men and women he is commanded

Belial - King, Distributes senatorships and gives excellent familiars.

Berith - Duke, Tells things of the past, present and future with true answers, turns all metals into gold, gives dignities to men

Bifrons - Count, Teaches sciences and arts, the virtues of the gems and woods, herbs, and changes corpses from their original grave into other places, sometimes putting magic lights on the graves that seem like candles.

Botis - Count, Tells of all things past and future, and reconciles friends and foes

Buer - President, teaches Natural and Moral Philosophy, Logic, and the virtues of all herbs and plants, heals all infirmities, and gives good familiars

Bune - Duke, Changes the place of the dead, makes you eloquent and wise, and gives true answers to their demands and also richness

Camio - President, A good disputer, gives the understanding of the voices of birds, bullocks, dogs, and other creatures, and of the noise of the waters too, and gives true answers concerning things to come.

Cimeies - Marquis, Locates lost or hidden treasures, teaches grammar, logic and rhetoric, and makes you into a warrior of his own likeness.

Crocell - Duke, Teaches geometry and other liberal sciences, also warms bodies of water, creates the illusion of the sound of rushing waters, and reveals the location of natural baths.

Dantalion - Duke, Teaches all arts and sciences, and knows the thoughts of all people. Causes love and shows visions of any person.

Decarbia - Marquis, Teaches the virtues of all herbs and precious stones, and can change into all birds and sing and fly like them

Eligos - Duke, discovers hidden things and knows the future of wars and how soldiers should meet, attracts the favor of lords, knights and other important persons

Focalor - Duke, Kills men, drowns them, and overthrows warships; but if commanded by the conjuror he will not harm any man or thing, has power over wind and sea

Foras - Marquis, Teaches logic and ethics in all their branches, the virtues of all herbs and precious stones, can make you witty, eloquent, invisible, and live long, and can discover treasures and recover lost things.

Forneas - Marquis, Teaches Rhetoric and languages, gives men a good name, and makes them be loved by their friends and foes.

Furcas - Knight, Teaches Philosophy, Astronomy, Rhetoric, Logic, Chiromancy and Pyromancy.

Furfur - Count, Causes love between a man and a woman, creates storms, tempests, thunder, lightning, and blasts, and teaches on secret and divine things.    `

Gaap - Prince, Teaches Philosophy and all liberal sciences, can cause love or hate and make men insensible and invisible, deliver familiars out of the custody of other magicians, gives true answers concerning past, present and future, and can carry and re-carry men and things speedily

Glasya-Labolas - President, Tells all things past and to come, gains the minds and love of friends and foes causing love among them if desired, incites homicides and can make you invisible.

Gremory - Duke, Tells all things past, present and future, about hidden treasures, and procures the love of women, young and old, but especially maidens.

Gusion - Duke, Tells all past, present and future things, shows the meaning of all questions that are asked to him, reconciles friends, and gives honor and dignity

Haagenti - Prresident, Makes men wise by instructing them in every subject, transmutes all metals into gold, and changes wine into water and water into wine

Halphas - Count, Builds towers and fills them with ammunition and weapons, an armorer of sorts. He is a prince of Hell. He is also said to send his legions into battle, or to places designated by higher commanding demons.

Haures - Duke, Gives true answers of all things past, present and future, also destroys all your enemies by burning them up.

Ipos - Count/Prince, Reveals all things, past, present and future, can make men witty and valiant

Leraie - Marquis, He causes great battles and disputes, and makes gangrene wounds caused by arrows

Malphas - Earl, Builds houses, high towers and strongholds, throws down the buildings of the enemies, can destroy your enemies' desires or thoughts and all they have done, gives good familiars

Marax - Count, Teaches Astronomy and all other liberal sciences, and gives good and wise familiars that know the virtues of all herbs and precious stones

Marbas - President, reveals hidden or secret things, causes and heals diseases, teaches mechanical arts, and changes people into other shapes

Marchosias - Marquis, Strong in battle, gives true answers to all questions

Murmur - Duke, Teaches Philosophy, and can oblige the souls of the deceased to appear before you to answer every desired question.

Naberius - Marquis, Makes you cunning in all arts, but especially in rhetoric, restores lost dignities and honors

Orias - Marquis, Teaches the virtues of the stars and the mansions of the planets, also gives dignities, prelacies, and the favour of friends and foes, and can change you into any shape.

Orobas - Prince, Gives true answers of things past, present and to come, divinity, and the creation of the world, confers dignities and prelacies, and the favour of friends and foes

Ose - President, Makes you wise in all liberal sciences and gives true answers concerning divine and secret things, also brings insanity to any person you wish, making him/her believe that he/she is the creature or thing the magician desired, or makes that person think he is a king and wearing a crown, or a Pope.

Paimon - King, teaches all arts, philosophies and sciences, and secret things, can reveal all mysteries of the Earth, wind and water, gives good familiars, dignities and 
confirms them, binds men to you

Phenex - Marquis, Teaches astronomy and the knowledge of poisonous plants, herbs and precious stones.

Purson - King, knows of hidden things, can find treasures, and tells past, present and future, also brings good familiars    

Raum - Count, Steals treasures out of kings' houses, carrying them where he wishes, and destroys cities and dignities of men, also tells things past, present and future, reconcile friends and foes, and invoke love.

Ronove - Marquis, Teaches Rhetoric, languages, and gives good and loyal servants and the favour of friends and foes.

Sabnock - Marquis, Builds high towers, castles and cities, furnishing them with weapons, ammunition, etc., gives good familiars, and can afflict men for several days 

making their wounds and sores gangrenous or filling them with worms.

Sallos - Duke, Causes men to love women and women to love men 

Samigina - Marquis, Teaches liberal sciences, tells of souls of those who died in sin and who drowned in the sea

Seere - Prince, Brings things to pass suddenly, transports anywhere, discovers thefts

Sitri - Prince, Causes men to love women and vice versa, and can make people bare themselves naked if desired

Shax - Marquis, Takes away the sight, hearing and understanding of any person and steals money out of kings' houses, carrying it back to the people, also steals horses and everything else, can discover hidden things, and sometimes gives good familiars

Stolas - Prince, Teaches astronomy and the knowledge of poisonous plants, herbs and precious stones.

Valac - President, Gives true answers about hidden treasures, reveals where serpents can be seen, and elivers them harmless to you

Valefor - Duke, Tempts people to steal and creates good relationships among thieves

Vapula - Duke, Teaches Philosophy, Mechanics, and sciences.

Vassago - Prince - Declares past and future - discovers hidden and lost things 

Vepar - Duke, Governs the waters and guides armoured ships laden with ammunition and weapons;can make the sea rough and stormy, and to appear full of ships, and can make men die in three days by putrefying sores and wounds, causing worms to breed in them

Vine - King, Tell present, past and future, discovers witches and hidden things, creates storms and makes the water rough by means of them, and also brings down walls and builds towers

Vual - Duke, Gives the love of women, causes friendship between friends and foes, and tells things past, present and to come.

Zagan - King, Makes men witty, can also turn wine into water, water into wine, and blood into wine, turns metals into coins that are made with that metal

Zepar - Duke, Causes women to love men, and bring them together in love. He makes women barren. He is depicted with red clothes and armor, like a soldier

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