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Jules Verne - Instant Download

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Jules Verne was a 19th century French author whose revolutionary science-fiction novels, including Around the World in Eighty Days and Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, have entranced readers for more than a century.

Often referred to as the "Father of Science Fiction," Jules Verne wrote his first novel, Five Weeks in a Balloon, at the age of 35. He went on to be the second most translated author on earth, writing books about a variety of innovations and technological advancements years before they were practical realities.

This downloadable zip file contains the following pdf files of the works of Jules Verne. After checkout the download page opens. You may download you purchase three times. 

20,000 leagues under the seas.pdf
A floating city and the blockade runners.pdf
A journey to the centre of the earth.pdf
A trip round the world in a flying machine.pdf
A Voyage in a Balloon (1852).pdf
A voyage round the world.pdf
A Winter Amid the Ice and Other Stories.pdf
Abandoned - Verne, Jules, 1828-.pdf
An Antarctic mystery.pdf
Around the world in eighty days.pdf
At the north pole, or, The adventures of Captain Hatteras.pdf
Celebrated Travels and Travellers 1 - Exploration of the World.pdf
Celebrated Travels and Travellers 2 - Great Navigators of the 18th Century.pdf
Celebrated Travels and Travellers 3 - Explorers of the 19th Century.pdf
Dick Sand - A Captain at Fifteen.pdf
Dr. Ox's experiment, and other stories.pdf
Dropped from the clouds. Translated from the French by W.H.G. Kingston.pdf
Facing the Flag - Verne, Jules,.pdf
Five weeks in a balloon or, journeys and discoveries in Africa by three Englishmen.pdf
From the clouds to the mountain comprising narratives of strange adventures by air, land, and wa.pdf
From the earth to the moon and round the moon.pdf
From the earth to the moon Round the moon .pdf
Godfrey Morgan - a Californian mystery.pdf
Hector Servadac.pdf
In Search of the Castaways or the Children of Captain Grant.pdf
Michael Strogoff - the courier of the czar.pdf
Mistress Branican.pdf
Off on a Comet! a Journey through Planetary Space.pdf
Robur The Conqueror.pdf
Texar's revenge, or, North against South (Nord contre Sud) A tale of the American Civil War.pdf
The adventures of a Chinaman in China.pdf
The begum's fortune.pdf
The castle of the Carpathians.pdf
The clipper of the clouds.pdf
The desert of ice or, The further adventures of Captain Hatteras.pdf
The English at the North Pole.pdf
The English at the North Pole Part I of the Adventures of Captain Hatteras.pdf
The exploration of the world.pdf
The fur country, or, Seventy degrees north latitude [microform].pdf
The fur country or, Seventy degrees North latitude. Translated from the French by N. D'Anvers.pdf
The great explorers of the nineteenth century.pdf
The great navigators of the eighteenth century.pdf
The ice desert - a sequel to The English at the North Pole.pdf
The master of the world - a tale of mystery and marvel.pdf
The Moon-Voyage.pdf
The Mysterious Island.pdf
The Secret of the Island.pdf
The special correspondent or, The adventures of Claudius Bombarnac.pdf
The Survivors of the Chancellor, diary of J.R. Kazallon, passenger.pdf
The tour of the world in eighty days.pdf
The tribulations of a Chinaman in China.pdf
The Underground City, or, the Child of the Cavern.pdf
The voyages and adventures of Captain Hatteras.pdf
The wreck of the chancellor [microform].pdf
Ticket No. 9672.pdf
Twenty thousand leagues under the sea.pdf

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