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Journey of the Christ The Lost Years of Jesus in in India Kashmir Tibet 2 DVDROM

Journey of the Christ The Lost Years of Jesus in in India Kashmir Tibet 2 DVDROM

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The canonical scriptures of the Christian New testament have a gap in the events in the life of Jesus between the ages of twelve and thirty.

Ancient texts reveal that Jesus spent seventeen years in the Orient. From age thirteen to age twenty-nine, he was both student and teacher. The story of his pilgrimmage from Jerusalem to Benares was recorded by Brahmanistic historians. Today they still know him and love him as St. Issa, their 'buddha'

This is a collection of e-texts in pdf form that offer information that fills this gap. Noteable among these documents are the Aquarian Gospel which came to the writer, Levi H. Dowling, from the Akashic Records. Additional texts are translations of ancient documents from India and Tibet which tell of Saint Issu who visited there at the time of Christ. the titles on the CD-ROM are:


  A Reexamination Of The Lost Years Evidence.pdf
  A Tibetan Monk finds Jesus Christ.mp4
  Amazing documentary - the missing history of Jesus.mp4
  Ancient Essenes, Facinating Stuff.mp4
  Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ.pdf
  Art Bell   Edward T Martin   Jesus' Lost Years In India (Complete 9 22 02).mp3
  Bertrand L Comparet - Missing Years In The Life of Jesus [the] Christ (2 of 2).mp4
  Christianity was in india around 2000 years ago..mp4
  Commentaries on the Aquarian Gospel.pdf
  Deepak Chopra - Lost Years Of Jesus.mp4
  Did Jesus Die On Cross.mp4
  Govt of India Documentary on Jesus in Kashmir.mp4
  Jesus Christ the 18 Missing Years.mp4
  Jesus Chronicles The Lost Teachings Chapter 8.pdf
  Jesus in India  - BBC Documentary.mp4
  Jesus In India (Kashmir)-the Missing years.mp4
  Jesus in India a Road Map of His Lost Years.pdf
  Jesus in India, Tibet & Egypt - A Truer Story of Jesus  - Jeshua Ben David .mp4
  Jesus in India.pdf
  Jesus in Kashmir, India.mp4
  Jesus in the Holy Vedas vs. Jesus in India.mp4
  Jesus' Lost Years May Finally Have Been Found.pdf
  Jesus Lost Years.doc
  Jesus' Lost Years.pdf
  Jesus the Lost years.jpg
  Jesus The Missing Years.mp4
  Jesus was a Buddhist Monk - BBC Documentary.mp4
  Jesus, The Teenage Years.pdf
  Light In The West - Jesus  lost years  and Joseph of Arimathea in Britain.mp4
  Lives of Jesus & Mary.pdf
  Lost Years of Jesus.pdf
  Missing Years of Jesus.mp4
  Mysteries of the Bible - The Lost Years of Jesus.mp4
  N. Notovitch   The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ.pdf
  Quest for the Lost Jesus.pdf
  Real Story Of Jesus Christ, Old Bible Found, Finally Some Truth..mp4
  Religion Book Summary  The Fifth Gospel  New Evidence from the Tibetan, Sanskrit, Arabic, Persian....mp4
  Secret Lives Of Jesus Christ -  King Of Kings and Lord of Lords  .mp4

  The 18 Missing Years Of Jesus..mp4
  The Buddha & the Christ - Niles 1895.pdf
  The Christ of India.pdf
  The Hidden Story of Jesus.MP4
  The Jesus Film - Tibetan, Khams   Khampa, Eastern   Kam   Khamba   Khampa   Khams Language.mp4
  The Jesus Mysteries..mp4
  The Jesus Thanka.pdf
  The Life of St. Issa.pdf
  The Lost Missing Years of Jesus in BRITAIN.mp4
  The Lost Years of Jesus Documentary Evidence of Jesus 17 Year Journey to the East by Elizabeth Clare Prophet 5 Star Review.pdf
  The Lost Years of Jesus Possibilities.mp4
  The Lost Years of Jesus.docx
  The Lost Years of Jesus.mp4
  The missing history from the Bible and of Jesus Christ.mp4
  The Missing Years - Edgar Cayce on the Life & Times of Jesus.mp4
  The Missing Years In The Life of Jesus Christ - Bertrand Comparet (1 of 2).mp4
  The Missing Years of Christ - Jesus in England.mp4
  The Missing Years of Jesus (1).mp4
  The Missing Years of Jesus (2).mp4
  The Missing Years of Jesus (Urantia).pdf
  The New Age Jesus.pdf
  The Secret Family of Jesus.mp4
  The Secret of the 18 Missing Years of Jesus.mp4
  The Tibetan Gospels of Jesus.pdf
  To the Israelite Prophet(s) and Saint(s).pdf
  Were Jesus and Mary Magdalene Married_ P3_8 - Dr. Michael S. Heiser.mp4
  Where was Jesus during the  Missing Years.mp4
  Where was Jesus for 18 years  Missing in Bible.mp4


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