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Jam Handy Industrial Films - The American 20th  Century on 3  DVD-ROMs

Jam Handy Industrial Films - The American 20th Century on 3 DVD-ROMs

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Henry Jamison "Jam" Handy, [March 6, 1886 – November 13, 1983], was an Olympic breaststroke swimmer, water polo player, and leader in the field of commercial audio and visual communications. Handy was noted for the number of training films that he produced over the years.

He worked with John H. Patterson of National Cash Register, who had used slides to help train workers. With help from another associate, Handy began making and distributing films that showed consumers how to operate everyday products. After World War I broke out, Handy began making films to show how to operate military equipment. During this time the Jam Handy Organization was formed.

After the war, the Jam Handy Organization was contracted as the Chicago-Detroit branch of Bray Productions, creating films for the auto industry, Bray's largest private client.

General Motors selected Handy's organization to produce short training films as well as other training and promotional materials. One such film was Hired! - a training film for sales managers at Chevrolet dealerships. This film was eventually featured as two parts on the Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes Bride of the Monster and Manos: The Hands of Fate.

Handy also produced films for other companies and for schools. He's estimated to have produced over 7,000 films for the armed services during World War II. Handy was noted for only taking a one percent profit on the films, while he could have taken as much as seven percent. He was noted for never having a desk at work, instead using any available work space. Handy's suits didn't have pockets as he thought they were a waste of time.

This modest collection of 212 films made from the 1920s through the 1960s by the Jam Handy Organization are a small part of what Jamison Handy was responsible for. They comprise a historical and sociological record forming a portal through which we can view the era in which they were produced.

These are in 512k mp4 format. Many are multi-reel and have several files, these are indicated by parentheses. [I & II] is a two reel production, [I-IV] is a four reel production.

Below is a list of the titles on this 3-DVD-ROM set:

1955 Chevrolet Screen Ads - Ten short theatrical "screen ads" promoting the 1955 Chevrolet models.

According to Plan: The Story of Modern Sidewalls for the Homes of America - The beauty and functionality of asbestos sidewalls. With a visit to Levittown, N.Y. and an interview with Norman Denny, vice president of materials for Levitt & Sons, builders. An excellent film on Fifties standardized building processes.

All-American Soap Box Derby [1936] - Official film of early Soap Box Derby competition in Akron, Ohio; tribute to ingenuity of the American Boy.

All-American Soap Box Derby, The [1936] - Tribute to the American boy as inventor, engineer and sportsman. Shows contestants building their vehicles and the final competition at Derby Downs in Akron, Ohio.

All in One - Homage to the dog and comparison of canine attributes with Chevrolet features.

Aluminum on the March [I & II] - How aluminum contributes to everyday living and national defense: appliances, packaging, airplanes, etc. With great stop-motion animation.

American Harvest [I & II] - This institutional film was designed to promote Chevrolet's corporate citizenship rather than any specific model of automobile. While it forcefully demonstrates how central automobile manufacturing is to the American economy, it even more strikingly shows the effects of the automobile upon our landscape. Bombastic narration is accompanied by excellent
images of automobile manufacturing, the extraction and processing of raw materials from the earth, and mid-1950s consumerism...

American Engineer [I-IV] - Tribute to engineers and their role in improving American life through technology.

American Look [I-III] - The definitive Populuxe film on 1950s automotive, industrial, interior and architectural design.

American Thrift [I & II] - Expansive tribute to the "Woman American," her thrifty purchasing habits, and the American system of mass production.

Around the Corner - How the automobile differential allows a vehicle to turn a corner while keeping the wheels from skidding.

At This Moment [I & II] - Importance of railroads to 1950s America. Directed by Haford Kerbawy.

At the End of the Rainbow [I & II] - Sponsored film promoting ultraviolet light: its history, physics and health-giving properties.

Auto-Lite on Parade - Tour of an auto parts and accessories factory climaxing with a stop-motion product parade.

Back of the Mike - Insider's view of the 1930s radio studio showing the production of dramatic sound effects.

Behind the Bright Lights - How Chevrolet's giant electric sign in downtown Chicago works.

Behind the Lens - Scientific and special-purpose cinematography helps reveal what would otherwise be invisible.

Bridging San Francisco Bay - Building the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge.

Blue 1960 Corvair On The Road

Blue 1960 Corvair On The Road 2

1960 Corvair Travels Cross Country

1960 Corvair Uses Stream As Roadbed

Case of Spring Fever, A - Gilbert Willoughby is punished for voicing Luddite ideas [complaining about pesky springs] by "Coily," an obnoxious, animated spring who subjects him to the hassles of a springless world.

Caught Mapping - How road maps are drawn, field-checked and printed.

Chevrolet Leader News [Vol. 1, No. 1] - Promotional newsreels featuring a variety of Chevrolet-centric stories, including: the building of Norris Dam in Tennessee; an automobile racing an ice boat across a lake in Mt. Clemens, Michigan; gasoline economy tests on Detroit streets; women showing off their hairstyles in an automobile moving along New York City streets; the Soap Box Derby at Dayton, Ohio; and a miniature dog riding in the glove compartment of an automobile in San Francisco.

Chevrolet Leader News [Vol. 1, No. 2] - Promotional newsreel containing a variety of Chevrolet-centric stories, including the construction of U.S. 1 linking Key West, Florida with the mainland; a Baltimore ceremony awarding large Chevrolet keys to the oldest auto plant employees; a man leading a pony with his Chevrolet; the "Evans Auto-Railer," an automobile that runs down railroad tracks in Jackson, Michigan; old automobile advertising; a travelogue sequence set in St...

Chevrolet Leader News [Vol. 1, No. 3] - Promotional newsreels featuring a variety of Chevrolet-centric stories, including: heavy-duty trucks used in construction; St. Augustine, Florida, site of the oldest houses in America; old horseless carriage advertisements; a homemade streamlined house trailer in Guadalupe, California; auto interiors designed by new York jewelers; an Army convoy at Fort Sill, Oklahoma; and a Chihuahua dog standing in for a radiator ornament on a moving car in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Chevrolet Leader News [Vol. 2, No. 1] - Promotional newsreels featuring a variety of Chevrolet-centric stories, including: Miami, Florida police practice shooting at stationary targets from moving cars; Southern youngsters learn safe driving habits while driving in kiddie cars and scooters on miniature streets; Chautauqua Lake ferry uses two automobile engines as motive power.

Chevrolet Leader News [Vol. 2, No. 2] - Promotional newsreels featuring a variety of Chevrolet-centric stories, including: a Chevrolet pulling an aquaplane along the beach; an isolated Kentucky village linked to the world by motor cars; alligator wrestling; mobility for the Miami Beach police; and new parking meters in Dallas, Texas.

Chevrolet Leader News [Vol. 2, No. 3] - Promotional newsreels featuring a variety of Chevrolet-centric stories. Contents include: bathing girls dive from top of Chevrolet automobile; owner of 1913 car trades it in for a new 1936 Chevrolet; Jack Dempsey referees a boys' boxing match; a seven-foot tall giant man inspects the Chevrolet "Turret Top"; a fishing expedition in the Ozark Mountains; a car driven into the water so that fish can swim in and be trapped; the Detroit police traffic safety campaign; and a birthday party for children...

Chevrolet Leader News [Vol. 2, No. 4] - Promotional newsreels featuring a variety of Chevrolet-centric stories, including: the "Boudoir Express," dressing rooms on wheels in which women can change into swimsuits; Detroit police directing traffic with a "talking safety car"; miniature model planes at the International Air Derby; petroleum geologists X-raying the ground in search for oil; a seagoing,
amphibious automobile navigating a lake; and Mickey, the firefighting cat of Minneapolis.

Chevrolet Leader News [Vol. 3, No. 1-4] - Promotional newsreels featuring a variety of Chevrolet-centric stories.

Chevrolet Leader News [Vol. 4, No. 1] - Promotional newsreels featuring a variety of Chevrolet-centric stories.

Chevrolet Leader News [Vol. 4, No. 3]

Chevrolet Leader News [Vol. 4, No. 2] - Promotional newsreels featuring a variety of Chevrolet-centric stories, including: photographing human and automobile models; automobile brake tests on a steep San Francisco street; diamond-tipped machine tools; the Ohio River floods of 1937; and an animal circus featuring performing rats.

Chevrolet Leader News [Vol. 5, No. 2]

[Chevrolet Sales Convention Musical] - Rare record of song-and-dance at a Chevrolet sales convention, designed to motivate the sales force.

Close Harmony - Discussion on the need for unity between labor and management as the U.S. mobilizes for World War II.

Coach for Cinderella, A - Imaginative cartoon that breaks down the parts and features of a Chevrolet automobile into units that can be understood in terms of plant and animal life: caterpillars roll into circles and become automobile tires; in the "visible V-6" fireflies equal spark plugs and mice provide motive power. Naturally, tells of the Cinderella story, too. Animation supervisor thought to be Frank Goldman.

Conquering Roads - Highway engineering and development in the pre-Interstate era.

Consuming Women [Women as Consumers) - Strange, highly generalized portrait of the American woman consumer.

Curtiss-Wright Shorts [7 Subjects) - Short screen ads recruiting workers for aircraft manufacturing during World War II.

Death to Weeds - Shows new herbicides incorporating 2-4-D.

Detroit: City on the Move - Promotional film made for the City of Detroit, an unsuccessful bidder for the Olympic Games. With views of city highways, automobile manufacturing, a diverse population, and social activities, all shot prior to the city's economic decline.

Doctor in Industry [I-III] - Epic history of industrial medicine in the first half of the 20th century, showing how manufacturers and the medical profession came to terms with one another and culminating in GM's rehabilitation program for returned World War II veterans. Directed by Haford Kerbawy.

Down the Gasoline Trail - Cartoon showing what happens to a drop of gasoline from the time it flows into the gas tank to when it is exploded in the engine cylinder. This "fantastic voyage" through a glisteningly clean Chevrolet engine is an excellent example of the soft-sell industrial, where the product that's promoted is hardly ever mentioned by name.

Drawing Account - Behind the scenes in a 1940s animation studio, showing the making of a Chevrolet advertising cartoon.

Easier Way, The - Presents the case for motion study in the workplace and advises supervisors on how to convince skeptics that it is a good thing.

Easy Does It - Measuring the effort involved in women's work around the home.

Face in the Mirror [I Wonder], The [I & II] - Introspective psychology for salespeople: "Would you buy anything from the salesman you see in the mirror?"

Formations - Defensive driving film explaining the importance of awareness of surrounding vehicles.

Free Air - Dramatic depiction of how gasoline and air mix to provide power in the automobile engine.

Frigidaire Imperial Lin] - Promotional film for Frigidaire dealers showing features of the new Imperial Line of refrigerators.

Frigidaire Finale 1957 - Couple dances through an array of new "Sheer Look" washers, dryers, ranges and refrigerators.

From Dawn to Sunset [I-III] - This classic example of "capitalist realism" depicts a day in the life of Chevrolet workers in the U.S., while attempting to convince them that their own fortunes were inextricably linked to the fortunes of General Motors.

General Motors Around the World [I-IV] - How one of the first multinational corporations organized itself to sell to the world under the leadership of Alfred R. Sloan. With excellent images of General Motors workers in offices and factories, and scenes of GM activity in Japan, Sweden, Australia, Egypt, Belgium, Peru, Spain, Brazil and other nations.

Girl on the Magazine Cover, The - How professional models [and new automobiles] are photographed.

Give Yourself the Green Light - Advocacy film produced to garner public support for the creation of the Interstate Highway System.

Golden Years, The - Bowling made respectable and appealing to middle-class Americans through modernization and "Populuxe" design.

Good Neighbors - Promotional film for the Minneapolis Star-Journal newspaper.

Great New Star, A - Dinah Shore promotes the new Chevrolets and sings "See the U.S.A. in your new Chevrolet."

Great Railroad at Work, A [I-III] - Everything there is to know about the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad.

Helping You Sell - How Chevrolet uses sponsored theatrical motion pictures to promote its products.

Here's Looking - Visual perception in animals, humans, and from the driver's seat of a Chevrolet.

Hillsborough with New Hideaway Styling, The - Promotes a new console television that folds into a piece of furniture so as to conceal the all-seeing picture tube. We have the picture, but not the soundtrack of this film.

Hired! - Quirky Chevrolet sales film.

Holiday for Bill [I & II] - Cliche-ridden rural/urban improbable romance concocted to promote Ford tractors.

How You See It - How persistence of vision makes motion pictures possible.

How a Watch Works - A simple demonstration of the basic design and operation of a watch, including stop-motion animation showing a watch being assembled from many parts.

How to Go Places - Actress Gale Storm and family take a road trip in their Chevrolet and review the do's and don'ts of auto traveling.

How to Listen To... New Dimensions in Sound - Demonstration of the latest audio technology: stereo sound.

Inside Information - How the X-ray works and its use in police work, surgery, industrial engineering and automobile manufacturing.

International Moves the Browns to Sterling Street - Motivational film for International Silver salespeople describing how installment buying has made silver tableware available to a broad range of consumers.

Iron Country: Iron Ore and Minnesota's Future - Produced to reassure Minnesotans that iron mining would continue to spur economic development.

Just Imagine - Animated character "Tommy Telephone" produces a telephone by assembling 433 separate parts.

Just a Spark - Chevrolet automobiles fight forest fires.

Key to Our Horizons - A mid-century tribute to the automobile and its importance in American life and the economy.

Kingdom of Plastics, The - Properties and uses of modern plastics in the post-World War II era.

Knights on the Highway - How drivers [especially truckers] can drive safely at night.

Leave It to Roll-Oh - Tongue-in-cheek film showing a domestic robot freeing housewives of their chores [and intimating that their work is hardly necessary]; actually a promo showing how relays and switches function in the modern automobile. Shown at the New York World's Fair in 1940.

Let Yourself Go - How architecture, furniture and transportation have been designed to help Americans relax.

Living Stereo - Introducing stereophonic phonograph records.

Looking Ahead Through Rohm & Haas Plexiglas [II) - Plastics industry makes the transition from military applications to peacetime futuristic designs.

Lucky Strike Cigarette Commercial: Marching Cigarettes - Lucky Strike cigarette commercial with stop-motion animation of marching cigarettes.

Lucky Strike Cigarette Commercial: Square Dance - Lucky Strike cigarette commercial with stop-motion animation of square-dancing cigarettes.

Magic in the Air [1941] - How TV works and the promise of its youth.

Magic in the Air [1955) - introduces television and explains the workings of early television technology.

Making of a Shooter - This Kodachrome film shows how a teenage boy learns to become a safe and accurate shooter. Famous riflemen appearing include Ned Lilly, Dick Shaughnessy, Thurman Randle, and Fred Armstrong.

Man to Man - Salesmanship and psychology instruction for gun dealers.

Master Hands [I-IV) - Classic "capitalist realist" drama showing the manufacture of Chevrolets from foundry to finished vehicles. Though ostensibly a tribute to the "master hands" of the assembly line workers, it seems more of a paean to the designers of this impressive mass production system. Filmed in Flint, Michigan, just months before the United Auto Workers won union recognition with their famous sitdown strikes. Released the same year as two other films with which it shares similarities: MODERN TIMES and TRIUMP...

Modern Trends in Swine Production - Up-to-date methods of hog raising, plus suggestions on breeding, feeding, farrowing and management.

More Power to You - How oil is drilled, transported, refined, reformulated, and consumed. Narrator: Lowell Thomas.

Mother Takes a Holiday [I & II) - How the all-electric home emancipates women: a drama of how the women in the family manipulate their men to upgrade the laundry facilities.

Mullinaires, The - A chorus of kitchen salesmen sings an inspirational song to rally the rest of the troops.

My Dad's Company - How the Detroit Edison Company is a good citizen, employer and provider of electric power.

New Neighbor - Building a steel mill from scratch and a city for its workers [Levittown, Pa.).

New Seven-Function Remote Control for Color - Promotes an early version of the television remote control. We have the picture, but not the soundtrack of this film.

Olds Minute Movies [Futuramic 1948] - Theater advertisements for the first all-new automobile to be placed on the market after World War II, the Oldsmobile Futuramic.

Once and Forever - On the importance of specifying long-life cast-iron soil pipes when you build your new home.

On the Air - How radio broadcasting works.

Open Door: The Story of Foreman Jim Baxter and His Family, The [I & II) - A General Motors foreman learns not just to be a better manager, but where his place is in the system of production.

Operation Crossroads [I & II) - Documents Able Day and Baker Day blasts of the atomic bomb tests at Bikini Island in the Pacific. Contains footage from many of the ground and aerial cameras set up to record the blasts, beginning with B-29 aircraft "Dave's Dream" dropping an atomic bomb on Bikini Atoll.

Comedian Edgar Kennedy teaches a driving safety lesson.

Out of This World - Sales training film for duPont Film Division [cellophane), featuring an angel and devil monitoring the activities of bakery salesmen on earth, and explaining how packaging helps to sell food. In Kodachrome.

Over the Waves - How the Chevrolet suspension system smooths out a rough ride.

Pearl Harbor [short version) - Non-narrated agitprop film made as a quick response to the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the U.S. entry into World War II.

Peg-Leg Pedro - Chevrolet advertising cartoon in Technicolor on a "Treasure Island" theme.

Power to Serve, The - How the electric company makes Cleveland the "best location in the nation." Introduced by Elmer L. Lindseth, President of Cleveland Electric Illuminating Co. A biography of Mr. Lindseth may be found here.

Practical Dreamer - A fantasy of kitchen planning and modernization. With Augusta Roeland and Rege Cordic. Produced by Haford Kerbawy.

Precisely So [I & II) - Surreal film on measurement of tiny quantities, made as soft-sell promotional piece for Chevrolet automobiles. Excellent stop-motion march of slide rules, compasses, gauge blocks and micrometers at end.

Princess and the Pauper, The - Nicky Nome, a spinoff from "A Coach for Cinderella" and hero of this cartoon, rescues a treasure-laden pauper from the Valley of Jewels, taking him to the princess on a magic
carpet, which transforms itself into a new Chevrolet. Expresses a caricatured view of Arab people, typical of many cartoons of the time.

Programmer with Magic Memory: Another Newsmaker - Presents a special device that automatically tunes in your favorite preselected TV shows. This is a silent film.

Prom: It's A Pleasure!, The - How to behave.

Protecting Poultry Profits [I & II) - Drugs to keep chickens healthy. Includes disturbing images of necropsies and sick chicks.

A Report To Home Builders - A presentation of Stran-Steel Division, Great Lakes Steel Corporation

Revolutionary New Triumph in Tape, A - Introducing the giant four-track tape cartridge, an obsolete consumer recording format that survived for eight years.

Ride for Cinderella, A - Cinderella relies on a Chevrolet to carry her home by midnight through obstacles and storms.

Roads To Romance - Travelogue, made for theatrical showing and commissioned by Cheverolet, promoting tourism by car in several areas, including Oak Creek Canyon in Arizona, San Luis Obispo and San Diego in California, and Western Michigan.

Roads to Romance: Coral Gables - Travelogue, made for theatrical showing, promoting tourism in Coral Gables, Florida. Shows colorful parrots, the University of Miami, and a visit to the beach.

Roads to Romance: The Santa Cruz Trail and Land of the Giant Cactus - Travelogue, made for theatrical showing, promoting tourism in Arizona.

Rochester: A City of Quality [I & II) - Tour of the area, concentrating on redevelopment and economic activity.

Round and Round [Widgets) - Highly simplified explanation of free-enterprise economics that fails to mention the idea of profit.

Safe Roads - Driving is compared with running a railroad train. With excellent images of steam-era passenger trains.

Safest Place, The - How the automobile is the safest place a person can be.

Safety Patrol - A member of a schoolboy safety patrol takes a walk with his friend, a police sergeant, and over a triple ice-cream soda reviews safety precautions for juvenile pedestrians. Shot in
and around the urban landscape of 1930s middle-class Detroit.

Seeing Green - Inside the electrochemical "brain" of the traffic light.

Selling America - A 1938 salesman speaks with Benjamin Franklin, one of the greatest Generic version of a film originally produced for Frigidaire.

She Caught on Quick [Singer Screen Ad) - How to redecorate a worn-out-looking home with homesewn upholstery.

Sixth Chair, The - Problems of underfunded and outdated schools.

Sky Billboards - How skywriting works -- and the making of an aerial Chevrolet advertisement.

Something for Nothing - Cartoonist Rube Goldberg creates a little animation to explain how fuel is converted to power in the modern automobile engine.

Sound And The Story - RCA Victor presents Sound and the Story, copyright Radio Corporation of America

South Dakota Saga [I & II) - Gold mining and the life of gold miners in South Dakota, as seen by the mining company.

Spot News - Dramatization of how photographs are transmitted by wire, an exciting new technology in the 1930s.

Streamlines - streamlines are not just beautiful, but also safer, cheaper and more comfortable [automobile design)

Television Remote Control [Tuner) - Early technology to enable the channel-surfer.

Test Tube Tale - The magic of industrial chemistry and its effects on our immediate environment. Shows new products such as nylon stockings and transparent raincoats, and also how chemists are finding ways of controlling pollution from factory chimneys and vehicle exhausts. Ends with a call to young men to join this dynamic profession. Though World War II is not explicitly mentioned, the strategic importance of chemistry weaves a covert thread through this short film.

These Are the People - Workers of a Wisconsin town mobilize for World War II production.

These People - Frigidaire plant converts to military production during World War II.

Things People Want, The - Distinctive sales training film on the hierarchy of human needs, starring a young John Forsythe.

This Is Your Police Department - Operations and ceremonies of the Detroit Police Department.

Three Smart Daughters [Singer Screen Ad) - Three young women impress their men with their home sewing skills.

Tip-Tops in Peppyland, The - Animated and live-action film for children showing the beneficial effects of milk.

To Market, To Market [I & II) - Proliferation of outdoor advertising billboards through Chicago and the methods of analyzing potential advertising sites. This explains the strategy behind the placement of outdoor media.

To New Horizons - Definitive document of pre-World War II futuristic utopian thinking, as envisioned by General Motors. Documents the "Futurama" exhibit in GM's "Highways and Horizons" pavilion at the World's Fair, which looks ahead to the "wonder world of 1960."

Tomorrow's Drivers - Socialization through driver education begins at a tender age in Phoenix.

Tough Friends - How steel and steel alloys make the modern automobile safer and more durable.

Trip, The - Screen ad, in Technicolor, for the 1940 Chevrolet models.

Triumph of America [I & II) - Auto manufacturing as an expression [and motivator) of America's economic success.

Turnabout Man - What happens when bad driving habits are mirrored in other parts of a driver's life.

Twenty-Six Old Characters, The

Two Pay Days [I & II) - Motivational film for 1920s Chevrolet salesmen.

Uncle Jim's Dairy Farm - Children visit their uncle's dairy farm.

Unfinished Business - Postwar adjustment is easy for a young World War II veteran who is welcomed back to his job at U.S. Steel with a position, training courses, and counseling.

Victory Is Our Business - Patriotic motivational film for World War II industrial workers.

Voice of Victory [I & II) - How radio equipment helped to win World War II.

We Drivers [1935 edition) - Early driving safety film showing good and bad sides of a driver's mind.

What Makes a Fine Watch Fine? - History and practice of precision watchmaking at the Hamilton factory in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

What's It to You? [I & II) - Dramatic demonstration of the properties and uses of Mylar.

When You Know - The parallels between safe flying and safe driving. With footage of Army Air Force cadets studying Morse Code, having their reaction time and depth perception tested, and doing classroom work.

White Magic - The physics, science and applications of light.

Wonderful World of Wash 'n' Wear, The - Synthetic fabrics plus electric laundry equipment make washday a pleasure. Host: Jeffrey Lynn.

Young Man's Fancy [I & II) - Astonishing sitcom-style sponsored film encouraging increased consumption of electricity by an ever-increasing number of appliances. The plot pits a starry-eyed teenage girl against a geek whose main interests happen to be engineering and time study.

All The King's Horses - This is a recent discovery -- a 16mm print of a rare Jam Handy silent film. It's a bit title-heavy, but interesting to compare to later Handy productions.

American Look - re-edited version of the 1958 populuxe film with all three reels combined into a single movie. The video has also been cropped, de-interlaced and re-encode as an iPod friendly
MPEG4 h.264. Original Reels are listed as: 1 2 3

Quality Control in Modern Merchandising [I & II) - JC Penney Company, Inc. produced sponsored film about textiles and quality control. 0554 PA8308 Quality Control in Modern Merchandising 022.08

Roads to Romance [I & II) - Travelogue, made for theatrical showing and commissioned by Cheverolet, promoting tourism by car in several Natural Parks, including Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island, Minnehaha Parkway in Minneapolis and the Pennsylvania Turnpike. 0631 PA8632 Roads to Romance: from 013.07; 16 Koda pos comp print

Wonderful World [I-III) - World Travelogue sponsored by Coca-Cola. 0731 PA8798 Wonderful World from 037.08

Corvair in Action, The - Promotional film for the controversial Chevrolet Corvair.

Pearl of the Orient / Premiere Productions, Manila, Philippines - Coca-Cola's presence in Philippine culture.

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