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Haight-Ashbury in the 1960s - Flower children, Summer of Love

Haight-Ashbury in the 1960s - Flower children, Summer of Love

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The cultural ripples from San Francisco's Haight Ashbury in the 1960s are still being felt. This 4 disk collection features multimedia, documents and music depicting how it was back then. The music is mainly San Francisco bands: the Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Moby Grape, The Ace of Cups, Santana and more. Disk contents are shown below.

Haight Ashbury 01

Multimedia 1 - H
1960s Drug Culture 480p.mp4
1960s Haight Ashbury Hippies, Cars, San Francisco.mp4
1960s Hippie Music Festival and Haight Ashbury.mp4
1967 The Summer Of Love - One Summer Dream 48p.mp4
420 Day Haight Ashbury 2016 Hippie Hill 1080p.mp4
A clip from Berkeley in the Sixties 480p.mp4
A Day on the Haight 360p-.mp4
A Walk Down Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco mp4
ABBIE HOFFMAN - YIPPIE! (1967) 480p.mp4
Alan Ginsberg - happening 360p.mp4
AT&T Park, Haight Ashbury.mp4
Ben's Tours--Haight Ashbury, San Francisco CA.mp4
Best Documentary To Understand The Hippies.mp4
Bill Payne - The Summer of Love, Lowell George.mp4
Birth of the Hippie 480p.mp4
Born in the Summer of Love - Haight Ashbury.mp4
Charming Haight Ashbury Flat 1080p.mp4
Crisis In A Crowd Film - Full Program - 10-1-p.mp4
Documentary- Haight Ashbury The Beat of a Generation.mp4
Don't Hate Haight Street 480p.mp4
Driving down Haight St.mp4
Electrobuddha Hippie Girl (Official Video) 36-.mp4
George Harrison on Haight Asbury 360p-.mp4
Haight & Ashbury- Fading Flower Power 720p-.mp4
Haight Ashbury - Love Haight and Ashbury 480p.mp4
haight ashbury - mothers ruin 480p.mp4
Haight Ashbury -- The CIA ans LSD.mp4
Haight Ashbury 1080p.mp4
Haight Ashbury 5 Years After Hippie Heaven.mp4
Haight Ashbury- A Deeper Look 720p-.mp4
Haight Ashbury ''Death of the hippie'' Parade.mp4
Haight Ashbury district in San Francisco 480p.mp4
Haight Ashbury Grateful Dead 1967 report on Hippies.mp4
Haight Ashbury Hippies, LSD, CIA's MKULTRA.mp4
Haight Ashbury in the sixties 360p-.mp4
Haight Ashbury in the Sixties, Part 1.mp4
Haight Ashbury in the Sixties, Part 2.mp4
Haight Ashbury SF Cop Remembers Violent Times.mp4
Haight Ashbury Street Fair , Tie Dye Fashion p.mp4
Haight Ashbury Street Fair 2018 in San Francip.mp4
Haight Ashbury- The Beat of a Generation.mp4
Haight Ashbury Then and Now - Trailer 360p-.mp4
Haight Ashbury Video Guide - San Francisco.mp4
Haight st at Ashbury - San Francisco.mp4

Haight Ashbury 02

Multimedia H - S
haight ashbury 1967 - t.v.documentap.mp4
Haight Ashbury District of San Francisco -.mp4
Haight Street Kids 360p-.mp4
haight-ashbury & more. - documentarp.mp4
Haight-Ashbury San Francisco-California Histop.mp4
Haight-Ashbury, San Francisco California 1080p.mp4
Hare Krishna 1967 480p.mp4
HIGH TIMES Films -- Stephen Gaskin Part 1 360-.mp4
HIGH TIMES Films -- Stephen Gaskin Part 2 360-.mp4
Hippies (1967) The Summer of Peace, Love p.mp4
Hippy Hi -- A Photo Essay from Haight-Ashburyp.mp4
Homeless People in the Haight.mov 480p.mp4
Human Jukebox at Haight-Ashbury Festival 480p.mp4
Imagine on Haight Ashbury (Cover Song) 1080p.mp4
IN 1967 San Francisco Was Going Crazy - 720p-.mp4
Jerry Abrams - Be In (1967) Music By Blue Chep.mp4
KPIX Reports - The Maze- Haight-Ashbury ( Docp.mp4
Libido Fuzz Haight Ashbury 480p.mp4
Love Pageant Rally 1966 360p-.mp4
LSD News Reports 1966-1967 480p.mp4
Magic Trip Clip 720p-.mp4
Memories of the 1960s 360p-.mp4
Neighborhood Violence So Bad SF-s Haight Resi-.mp4
PART 1 Jerry Garcia RARE Interview 710 Haight-.mp4
People-s Park Protest 1969 480p.mp4
Psych-Out (1968) trailer 360p-.mp4
Remembering San Francisco-s Summer of Love 48p.mp4
San Francisco - Haight Ashbury - Neighborhood-.mp4
San Francisco 1967 - Old 8mm film 360p-.mp4
San Francisco 3 - Haight Ashbury- Hippies Strp.mp4
San Francisco Diggers - Circa 1966 - Free Foo-.mp4
San Francisco Good Times 1977 480p.mp4
San Francisco- Summer of Love, 1967 360p-.mp4
San Francisco Tour - Haight-Ashbury - Golden p.mp4
Street Photography - HAIGHT-ASHBURY - Zuiko 3p.mp4
Summer Of Love Documentary 1080p.mp4

Haight Ashbury 03

Buttons & Posters
60's Buttons.pdf
60s Political Posters - Cuba.pdf
60s Political Posters - USA.pdf
60s Political Posters - Vietnam.pdf
Concert Posters.pdf

Multimedia S - W
spirit of the sixties part 1 - when pop m-.mp4
spirit of the sixties part 2 - counterculp.mp4
Strolling The Haight Ashbury - SAN FRANCISCO p.mp4
Summer of Love - Haight Ashbury, Hippies san p.mp4
Sunny Any Town Haight Ashbury 480p.mp4
Super 8 Film #6 - Haight-Ashbury - 1967 480p.mp4
Teddy and his Patches - Haight Ashbury 360p-.mp4
Teens in the Haight-Ashbury 1968 1080p.mp4
Touring Haight Street - San Francisco 720p-.mp4
Way it Was- San Francisco Summer of 1967 p.mp4

Music of the period

ace of cups - music - from the documentp.mp4
ace of cups - simplicity live west polep.mp4
ace of cups - stones live from -revolutp.mp4
ace of cups - San Francisvco 1968 480p.mp4
Big Brother & the Holding Company - San Francp.mp4
Big Brother and the Holding Co - Summertime (p.mp4
Big Brother and the Holding Company - Full Cop.mp4
Big Brother And The Holding Company & Janis Jp.mp4
Big Brother And The Holding Company Catch Me p.mp4
Blue Cheer - Feathers From Your Tree (1968) 4p.mp4
Blue Cheer - Summertime Blues (American Bandsp.mp4
Blue Cheer - Summertime Blues 480p.mp4
Buffalo Springfield - For What It-s Worth 196-.mp4
Country Joe & the Fish - Janis (Live) 360p-.mp4
Country Joe & The Fish - Martha Lorraine - Wop.mp4
Country Joe & the Fish - Rock and Soul Music p.mp4
Country Joe & the Fish - Superbird (Rare) 360-.mp4
Country Joe & The Fish Live @ Woodstock 1969 p.mp4
Country Joe & the Fish Live at the Monterey P-.mp4
Country Joe And The Fish I Feel Like I-m Fixip.mp4
Country Joe and the Fish Section 43 480p.mp4
Crown of Creation - Jefferson Airplane 480p.mp4
Doors - Haight-Ashbury 67 1080p.mp4
Grateful Dead - 1970-08-30 PBS Calebration.mp-.mp4
Grateful Dead - China Cat Sunflower - I Know p.mp4
Grateful Dead - Don-t Ease Me In (Festival Exp.mp4
Grateful Dead - Hard To Handle (Live 1970) 48p.mp4
Grateful Dead - Hard To Handle (San Franciscop.mp4
Grateful Dead - Viola Lee Blues 1968-03-03 Fop.mp4
Grateful Dead - Woodstock 1969 1080p.mp4
Grateful Dead 1-14-67 Golden Gate Park S.F. Cp.mp4
Grateful Dead 1967 (pre- Garcia Beard) 36-.mp4
Grateful Dead 1970-02-14 480p.mp4
Grateful Dead 4-9-67 Panhandle, Golden Gate Pp.mp4
Grateful Dead 5-3-68 Low Library Plaza Columbp.mp4
Grateful Dead 8-28-67 San Francisco CA 480p.mp4
Grateful Dead play Mountains of the Moon and -.mp4
Grateful Dead PressConference 360p-.mp4
GRATEFUL DEAD -viola lee blues_from the moviep.mp4
Guerrilla Gig- The House At Pooneil Corners -p.mp4
Haight Ashbury Grateful Dead Morning Dew 480p.mp4
Haight Ashbury, Madison Violet 480p.mp4
It-s a Beautiful Day - Full Concert - 07-07-7p.mp4
It-s A Beautiful Day - Soapstone Mountain - Lp.mp4
Janis Jopin Live - Singer Bowl, Flushing, NY p.mp4
Janis Joplin - Ball & Chain - Monterey Pop 10p.mp4
Janis Joplin - Big Brother and the Holding Cop.mp4
Janis Joplin - Piece of My Heart (live with Bp.mp4
Janis Joplin - Summertime 480p.mp4
Jefferson Airplane - Ballade Rotterdam Kralingep.mp4
Jefferson Airplane - Crown Of Creation 360p-.mp4
Jefferson Airplane Ballad of you and me and Pooneil 1970 480p.mp4

Haight Ashbury 04

Music of the period
! Summer of Love.mp4
Jefferson Airplane - Eskimo Blue Day (1970) [p.mp4
Jefferson Airplane - Full Concert - 02-04-70 p.mp4
Jefferson Airplane - Full Concert - 11-28-70 p.mp4
JEFFERSON AIRPLANE - Greasy Heart (Video 1969p.mp4
Jefferson Airplane - High Flyin- Bird and Todayp.mp4
Jefferson Airplane - It-s No Secret 480p.mp4
Jefferson Airplane - Lather 1968 480p.mp4
Jefferson Airplane - Live @ Woodstock 1969 Won-p.mp4
Jefferson Airplane - live 1969 480p.mp4
Jefferson Airplane - Martha (1968) 480p.mp4
Jefferson Airplane - on The Dick Cavett Show 48p.mp4
Jefferson Airplane - Somebody To Love (1967) -.mp4
Jefferson Airplane - Somebody To Love 360p-.mp4
Jefferson Airplane - Somebody to Love, White -.mp4
Jefferson Airplane - The Other Side of this Lifp.mp4
Jefferson Airplane - Two Heads (1967) 360p-.mp4
Jefferson Airplane - Watch Her Ride (Perry Cop.mp4
Jefferson Airplane - We Can Be Together, Volu-.mp4
Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit and Somebod-.mp4
Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit Rotterdam Popp.mp4
Jefferson Airplane - Won-t You Try-Saturday A-.mp4
Jefferson Airplane White rabbit 1967.MP4
Led Zeppelin Live in San Francisco Winterland.mp4
Mindbender 1966 360p-.mp4
Moby Grape - It-s A Beautiful Day Today (1968-.mp4
Moby Grape - Omaha & 8-05 360p-.mp4
Moby Grape live on Steve Paul Scene, 1967 480p.mp4
Moby Grape Monterey Pop 1967 720p-.mp4
New Speedway Boogie - Grateful Dead - Festiva-.mp4
Norman Greenbaum & Quicksilver Messenger Serv0.mp4
Peace Of Mind - Blue Cheer (Psychedelic Maste-.mp4
quicksilver messenger service - dino-s p.mp4
Quicksilver Messenger Service - Codeine 480p.mp4
Quicksilver Messenger Service - Full Concert p.mp4
Quicksilver Messenger Service- Dino-s Song (lp.mp4
Quicksilver Messenger Service -Song by Nicky 0.mp4
Quicksilver Messenger Service with Joli Valen0.mp4
Quicksilver Messenger Service, -Codine-, Haig0.mp4
Quicksilver Messenger Service, -Gypsy Lights,0.mp4
Quicksilver Messenger Service, -Pride of Man,0.mp4
san francisco - haight-ashbury music sc-.mp4
san francisco haight-ashbury music scen-.mp4
Santana - Evil Ways 1969 Woodstock Live Videop.mp4
Santana - Full Concert - 08-18-70 - Tanglewoop.mp4
Santana - Live At Kralingen,Holland - 1970 72P.mp4
Santana Beat Club Incident At Neshabur 480P.mp4
Soul Sacrifice - Santana Woodstock Full Drum p.mp4
Stoneground ?– Live In Haight-Ashbury 1971 10p.mp4
Sweet Marijuana- Sing-along song from the 1-.mp4
Sweet Ride - Grape 360p-.mp4
The Grateful Dead - The Golden Road Live Whicp.mp4
The Sons of Champlin - Freedom - 8-16-1968 - p.mp4
Where Have all the Flowers Gone- Eve of Destrp.mp4

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