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Golden Age Comics Vol. 1- Nedor/Better/Pines 1940-56 - 752 issues 3 DVD-ROM boxed

Golden Age Comics Vol. 1- Nedor/Better/Pines 1940-56 - 752 issues 3 DVD-ROM boxed

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We are pleased to present this fine 3 DVD-ROM collection of over 700 digitized Better/Nedor/Pines Publications comics from the Golden Age!! This collection comes attractively packaged in a shrink-wrapped plastic box and represents a great value for the money when compared to other offerings of digital comics seen on eBay and other internet venues. When it comes to the number of digital issues you get per dollar spent, our collections ROCK! Rather than just package up a few issues of a single title like most vendors, our comics are painstakingly assembled into multi-disk collections by publisher resulting in a comprehensive collectors' library for each publisher whose works we offer. We provide the highest quality product available given the fact that these comics were originally printed - some seventy plus years ago - on pulp paper not meant to last. They all show the effects of age to varying degrees. Any missing covers, pages, etc, are indicated in the titles.

Scanned at ~150 dpi (higher resolution than the graphics in this listing), these comics are in .cbr and .cbz files which are basically .jpg scans with the file extension of cbz (for zip files) or cbr (for rar files) which can be read with the included reader. These files are not e-books as much as they are collections of individual scanned pages giving the reader the ability to effortlessly pull individual pages for printing or further graphic manipulation if so desired.

Aside from being a great value for the money and being a great addition to any digital comic collection, it is attractively packaged and makes a fine gift for any aficinado of Golden Age comic enthusiast!

Please read this entire listing down below the contents so you know exactly how we ship, how our disk collections are packaged, function, etc. All details are in this listing, we swell a product, not surprises! And if you have questions, give us a shout! We love hearing from you!

From 1939 to 1956 Nedor was a prolific American publisher during the Golden Age of comics. Its best-known character is The Black Terror. In June 1949, all comics were moved to the "Standard Comics" line, with a "Standard Comics" flag-like cover logo. In 1956, Standard ended and only two were continued by Pines Comics.

Many Nedor Comics characters have been revived by other publishers. Publisher Bill Black used many of the characters during the 1980s under the imprint Americomics, later shortened to AC Comics. Many of the female heroes are members of the AC Comics superhero team Femforce. Nedor Comics' characters have appeared in Alan Moore's comic book Tom Strong and its spin-off Terra Obscura. Marvel Comics used the names American Eagle, Grim Reaper, and Wonder Man for its own, different characters.

This collection contains many examples from three of the ultimate "generic" anthologies of the Golden Age – Thrilling Comics (this collection features 52 of these), Startling Comics (this collection features 43 of these) and Exciting Comics (this collection features 61 of these).

Nedor also had five regularly published super hero titles in the 1940s: the title-character-oriented Black Terror #1-27 (this collection features 23 of these issues)  and Fighting Yank #1-29 (this collection features 21 of these issues); the much lesser-known anthologies Wonder Comics #1-20 (this collection features 16 of these issues) and Mystery Comics #1-4 (this collection features 3 of these issues); and the largely super hero anthology America's Best Comics #1-31 (this collection features 30 of these issues), almost all of which are Golden Age gems. In all, there were only 111 issues of these five titles combined.

For solid examples of Golden Age heroic comics, America's Best is irresistible, running 31 issues (this collection features 30 of these issues) from February 1942 through July 1949. It was Nedor's version of DC's World's Finest Comics and Comic Cavalcade, although America's Best started before Comic Cavalcade.

The first five issues (this collection features issues 1,2, 3,4 & 5) of America's Best were 68-page gems, all featuring four lengthy super hero stories. Issues #6-8 were 60 pages. You can't go wrong with any of these issues, especially since they all have attractive World War II covers. They cover all the main characters of Nedor except Fighting Yank, who curiously did not appear in America's Best until #9 (April 1944). Black Terror and Doc Strange were in #1-8; Captain Future in #1-3 and 5; The Liberator in #1, 3-5 and 8; The American Eagle in #2, 6 and 7; The American Crusader in #6; and Pyroman in #3-8. The issues with five super heroes (not counting the non-powered Woman in Red in #1-2) are #3, 5, 6 and 7 – and how many Golden Age comics had five different colorful super heroes?

America's Best #9-31 all were 52-page issues except #15, 16, 30 and 31. They all contained three or four super hero stories through #29 including a latecomer, Miss Masque, in #23-31 (this collection features 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 & 31).

The Fighting Yank, running Sept. 1942 to Aug. 1949, carried some of the finest - if grotesque - covers of the World War II era (this collection features 21 of these issues). The Fighting Yank appeared in three stories in most issues and in four full-length tales in #1 and #2, which were the only 68-page issues. The only other heroes who appeared were The Grim Reaper in #7, The American Eagle in #18, Miss Masque in #22 and 24 and The Cavalier in #25. The Cavalier surely was among the most little-known heroes ever to be featured in a 10-page story.

Americas Biggest Comics Book, 197 pages published in 1944 is also in this collection.

Nedor also published "funny books" such as Coo Coo Comics, Barnyard Comics, Dizzy Duck, Goofy Comics, Happy Comics, Happy Rabbit and others which are represented in this collection as are the occasional romance comic, My real Love and Popular Romance.

Included titles are:

Adventures Into Darkness 006 1952 .cbr
Adventures Into Darkness 009 Standard .cbz
Adventures Into Darkness 011 1953 .cbz
Adventures Into Darkness 012 1953 .cbz
Adventures Into Darkness 013 Standard 1954 .cbz
Adventures Into Darkness 014 1954 .cbz
Adventures Into Darkness 10 1953 06.Standard  c2c.cbr
America's Best 013.cbr
America's Best Comics 001 fiche 1941  c2c .cbr
America's Best Comics 002.cbz
America's Best Comics 010 Fiche .cbr
America's Best Comics 012 paper fiche c2c.cbr
America's Best Comics 014 AE FY only.cbr
America's Best Comics 015 BT FightingYank only.cbr
America's Best Comics 017 fiche.cbr
America's Best Comics 021 FY page 1 now added.cbr
America's Best Comics 023 1947  c2c   with joins .cbr
America's Best Comics 025 fiche .cbr
America's Best Comics 026.cbr
America's Best Comics 027 Nedor  Aug 1948   52p c2c .cbr
Americas Best Comics 028 fiche  DCP.cbr
Americas Best Comics 031 Fiche paper .cbr
America's Best Comics 03F 1942  c2c .cbr
Americas Best Comics 04 1943  c2c.cbr
America's Best Comics 05F 1943  c2c   corrected .cbr
America's Best Comics 06.cbr
America's Best Comics 07F 1943  c2c .cbr
America's Best Comics 08F 1944  c2c .cbr
America's Best Comics 09F 1944  c2c .cbr
America's Best Comics 11F 1944  c2c .cbr
America's Best Comics 18.cbz
America's Best Comics 20.cbr
America's Best Comics 22.cbr
America's Best Comics 24.cbr
America's Best Comics 29 1949  c2c.cbr
America's Best Comics 30.cbr
America's Biggest Comics Book 1944  196pgs.cbr
Barnyard Comics 019 Standard Aug 1948 52p c2c.cbr
Barnyard Comics 030 Standard 1950.cbr
Battlefront Standard 05 195206.cbz
Best Comics 002 Better  Dec 1939  68p c2c.cbr
Best Romance 005 1952  Standard.cbr
Best Romance 006 1952  Standard.cbr
Best Romance 007 (1952) (Standard).cbr
Better Exciting Comics 062.cbz
Better Thrilling Comics 014.cbz
Better Thrilling Comics 050.cbz
Better Thrilling Comics 059.cbz
Better Thrilling Comics 063  1947 .cbr
Better Thrilling Comics 068.cbz
Better Thrilling Comics 071.cbz
Bill West9noads.cbz
Billy West 04.cbr
Black Terror 002 pg63.cbr
Black Terror 007 paper fiche c2c.cbr
Black Terror 008 fiche .cbr
Black Terror 012.cbr
Black Terror 013 1946  46 pgs  formerly shared as  1.cbr
Black Terror 015 paper.cbz
Black Terror 016.cbr
Black Terror 017.cbr
Black Terror 019.cbz
Black Terror 020 Oct 47  47pg.cbr
Black Terror 025 Canadian 36pgs.cbr
Black Terror 025 USA 44 pgs.cbr
black terror 026.cbz
Black Terror 027 29pgs .cbr
Black Terror 04 incomplete .cbr
Black Terror 05 194402.cbz
Black Terror 06 newly corrected.cbz
Black Terror 09 194502.cbz
Black Terror 11.cbr
Black Terror 14.cbz
Black Terror 21 194801 mis cf.cbz
Black Terror 23 194806.cbz
Buster Bunny 013 c2c.cbr
Captain Easy 010 inc  1947 .cbr
Captain Easy 017 1949 .cbr
Claire Voyant 002 incomplete .cbr
Clay Cody Gunslinger 01.cbz
Coo Coo 041 (Nedor Standard-Sept 1948) 052 HP-ont.cbr
Coo Coo Comics 004 incomplete.cbz
Coo Coo Comics 007 incomplete.cbz
Coo Coo Comics 023 Nedor 1946 c2c.cbr
Coo Coo Comics 026 Better 1946 52pg.cbr
Coo Coo Comics 027.cbr
Coo Coo Comics 033.cbz
Coo Coo Comics 034.cbr
Coo Coo Comics 035 Sept 1947 incomplete.cbz
Coo Coo Comics 040 incomplete.cbz
Coo Coo Comics 046.cbz
Coo Coo Comics 051.cbz
Coo Coo Comics 058.cbz
Coo Coo Comics 39.cbz
crime files 005.cbr
Crime Files 006 1952.cbr
date with danger 005 (30 of 36p).cbz
Date With Danger 06 195302.cbz
Dizzy Duck 33 second issue C2C.cbz
Excing Comics  023 (fc+ 3 stories) -32pgs.cbz
Exciting 004-68.cbr
Exciting 008 (Better - Mar 1941) 068 HP-ont.cbr
Exciting 038 Better.cbr
Exciting 067-52.cbr
Exciting 068 (Better - July 1949) 036 HP-Ont.cbr
exciting 28 (54 of 64pgs).cbz
Exciting 56-01.cbr
Exciting 69-17.cbr
Exciting Comics 001F (Nedor-1940) 68.cbr
Exciting Comics 003 68pg c2c.cbr
Exciting Comics 005 fiche.cbr
Exciting Comics 006 fiche Better 1940 .cbr
Exciting Comics 007 fiche .CBR
Exciting Comics 009 fich paper c2c.cbr
Exciting Comics 010 paper fiche.cbz
Exciting Comics 011 BT Sphinx only.cbz
Exciting Comics 012 fiche  DCP.cbr
Exciting Comics 013 Phabox.cbz
Exciting Comics 014 fiche  DCP.cbr
Exciting Comics 015 (66 of 68pgs).cbz
Exciting Comics 016.cbz
Exciting Comics 017 fiche c2c recorrected.cbr
Exciting Comics 019.cbz
Exciting Comics 02 1940  c2c.cbr
Exciting Comics 020.cbz
Exciting Comics 022 paper fiche c2c .cbr
Exciting Comics 025.cbz
Exciting Comics 026 fiche c2c  1943 .cbr
Exciting Comics 027 fche 1943  c2c .cbr
Exciting Comics 030.cbr
Exciting Comics 033 AmericanEagle only.cbr
Exciting Comics 034 now c2c Spectre99  DCP.cbr
Exciting Comics 035.cbr
Exciting Comics 036 1944 12 .cbz
Exciting Comics 037 AmericanEagle only.cbr
Exciting Comics 042 paper fiche c2c .cbr
Exciting Comics 043 paper fiche c2c Other  DCP.cbr
Exciting Comics 045 paper fiche c2c Other  DCP.cbr
Exciting Comics 048.cbz
Exciting Comics 049 Kara Bill King only 21pg.cbz
Exciting Comics 051 1946.09 9pg MM only re edit.cbz
Exciting Comics 051.cbr
Exciting Comics 053 fiche c2c   DCP.cbr
Exciting Comics 054.cbr
Exciting Comics 055 fiche 1947  c2c .cbr
Exciting Comics 057 c2c fiche .cbr
Exciting Comics 058 c2c.cbr
Exciting Comics 060.cbr
Exciting Comics 061 paper 12fiche upgrade.cbz
Exciting Comics 063 fiche  DCP.cbr
Exciting Comics 065.cbr
Exciting Comics 066 fiche paper .cbr
Exciting Comics 18.cbz
Exciting Comics 32 194404.cbz
Exciting Comics 41 194510 ctc.cbz
Exciting Comics 44.cbz
Exciting Comics 46.cbr
Exciting Comics 47 194605.cbz
Exciting Comics 64f 1948  c2c .cbr
Exciting War 07 195302.cbz
Exciting War 08 195305.cbz
Fighting Yank 004.cbz
Fighting Yank 005 no ads.cbr
Fighting Yank 009.cbz
Fighting Yank 013.cbr
Fighting Yank 017 043.cbr
Fighting Yank 018.cbr
Fighting Yank 020 c2c ALEXANDER TUESDAY.cbr
Fighting Yank 022 now c2c.cbr
Fighting Yank 023 c2c .cbr
Fighting Yank 024 2 stories only 22pgs.cbr
Fighting Yank 025.cbr
Fighting Yank 027.cbr
Fighting Yank 028 Apr 1949 .cbr
Fighting Yank 029 29 pgs various.cbr
Fighting Yank 10 194412 mis cf.cbz
Fighting Yank 11 194503.cbz
Fighting Yank 15 194602.cbz
Fighting Yank no.12 194506.cbz
FY Archive part 1.cbz
FY Archive part 2a.cbz
Goofy Comics 023 OtherEric.cbz
Goofy Comics 031 1949 April.cbz
Goofy Comics 038 Standard Jul 1950 36p c2c.cbr
Goofy Comics 041 36p 1951 siplop.cbz
Goofy Comics 18 Cliff.cbr
Happy Comics 018.cbz
Happy Comics 032 JVJ OE.cbz
Happy Comics 033 JVJ OE Rez.cbz
Happy Comics 039.cbz
Happy Rabbit 045.cbr
It Really Happened 011 (Standard - Oct 1947) 009.cbr
Jet Fighters 06 195301.cbz
Jet Fighters 07 195303.cbz
Jetta 6-36.cbr
Joe Palooka Visits the Lost City.cbz
Joe Yank 05 195203.cbz
Joe Yank 07 195208.cbz
Joe Yank 08 195210.cbz
Joe Yank 10 195302.cbz
Joe Yank 12 195308.cbz
Joe Yank 13 195310.cbz
Jungle Jim 011 Standard Jan 1949 36p c2c.cbr
Jungle Jim 012 Standard Apr 1949 36p c2c.cbr
Jungle Jim 013 Standard Jul 1949 36p c2c.cbr
Jungle Jim 014 Better .cbr
Jungle Jim 015 Standard Nov 1950 36p c2c.cbr
Kathy 011.cbz
Leroy 005.cbr
Leroy 04.cbr
Little Angel 005 c2c 1954.cbr
Little Angel 006.cbr
Little Angel 007 Better.cbr
Little Angel 008.cbr
Little Angel 009 c2c 1957.cbr
Little Angel 010 c2c 1957.cbr
Little Angel 011.cbr
Little Angel 013.cbr
Little Angel 014.cbr
Little Miss Muffet 013 Standard 1949 .cbr
Lost Worlds 05 JVJ Geo.cbz
Lost Worlds 06 JVJ Geo Standard.cbz
Muggy Doo Boy Cat 001 6p Stanhall Jul 1953 .cbz
Muggy Doo Boy Cat 002 7p Stanhall Sep 1953 .cbz
my real love 5 36 bc resize.cbr
Mystery Comics 04 1944.cbz
Mystery Comics 1 Nedor .cbz
MysteryComics2 pg11.cbr
New Romances 005 1951.Standard  .cbr
New Romances 006 1951 Standard  .cbr
New Romances 007 1951  .cbr
Out Of The Shadows 005 1952 Standard.cbz
Out Of The Shadows 007 1953 Standard.cbz
Out Of The Shadows 009 1953 .cbz
Out Of The Shadows 010 1953 .cbz
Out of the Shadows 011 1954 .cbz
Out of the Shadows 013 1954 .cbz
Out Of The Shadows 014 1954 .cbz
Ozark Ike 019.cbr
Ozark Ike 024r.cbr
Popular Romance 017 Better.cbr
Popular Romance 09 1950 jodyanimator .cbz
Real Funnies 001 Black Terrier story only .cbr
Real Funnies 2.cbz
Real Life Comics 044 Visual Editions 1948 c2c.cbr
Real Life Comics 053.cbr
Real Life Comics 057.cbz
Real Life Comics 26 194511.cbz
Roger Dodger 005 Standard Aug 1952 36p c2c.cbr
Santa s Christmas Comics 01 1952 jodyanimator.cbz
Sniffy the Pup 009.cbz
Sniffy The Pup 013 Standard.cbr
Spunky 004.CBZ
Standard Fantastic Worlds 005.cbz
Standard Fantastic Worlds 006.cbr
Standard Fantastic Worlds 007 Final Issue .cbz
Standard Joe Yank 014 1953 .cbz
Standard Thrilling Comics 060.cbr
Starlet O Hara 003.cbr
Starlet OHara 001.cbr
Startling Comics 001 fiche paper.cbr
Startling Comics 002 Fiche c2c .cbr
Startling Comics 004 inc .cbr
Startling Comics 005 194102.cbz
Startling Comics 006 194104.cbz
Startling Comics 007 194105.cbz
Startling Comics 008.cbr
Startling Comics 009 Fiche 1941 c2c.cbz
Startling Comics 010 c2c  others.cbr
Startling Comics 011 194111.cbz
Startling Comics 012 194201.cbz
Startling Comics 013 Fiche corrected.cbr
Startling Comics 014 fiche c2c.cbr
Startling Comics 015 194206.cbz
Startling Comics 017 1942  c2c.cbr
Startling Comics 018 Capt.Future FY Four Comrades Pyroman only.cbr
Startling Comics 018 cover upgrade.jpg
Startling Comics 020 fiche 1943 c2c.cbr
Startling Comics 021 39pgs .cbz
Startling Comics 023 Fiche.cbr
Startling Comics 025 Fiche.cbr
Startling Comics 026 1944  c2c .cbr
Startling Comics 027 c2c .cbr
Startling Comics 028 Fiche.cbr
Startling Comics 029 Fiche.cbr
Startling Comics 030.cbr
Startling Comics 032.cbz
Startling Comics 033 (20 pgs).cbz
Startling Comics 034 c2c.cbz
Startling Comics 034.cbz
Startling Comics 035 pg32.cbr
Startling Comics 036.cbr
Startling Comics 037 1946.01 20pgs.cbz
Startling Comics 039 May 46 45pgs no ads txt   BillNolan .cbr
Startling Comics 03F 1940 c2c.cbr
Startling Comics 040.cbz
Startling Comics 042 Pyro only.cbr
Startling Comics 045 C2C.cbz
Startling Comics 047.cbr
Startling Comics 050.cbr
Startling Comics 052 48 of 52 pgs.cbz
startling24 (no ifc ibc).cbz
Supermouse 002 Feb 1949 incomplete.cbz
Supermouse 004 August 1949 incomplete.cbz
Supermouse 005 Nov 1949 c2c.cbz
Supermouse 007 May 1950 incomplete.cbz
Supermouse 012 April 1951.cbz
Supermouse 015.cbr
Supermouse 016 Dec 1951.cbz
Supermouse 019 June 1952.cbz
Supermouse 022 incomplete.cbz
Supermouse 023 Feb 1953.cbz
Supermouse 025 1953.cbz
Supermouse 029 1954 Feb.cbz
Supermouse 032 August 1954.cbz
Supermouse 035 April 1956 c2c.cbz
Supermouse 036 August 1956.cbz
Supermouse 038.cbz
Supermouse 039.cbz
Supermouse 041 Mouse5150.cbr
Supermouse 044 Summer 1958.cbz
Supermouse 045 Fall 1958.cbz
Supermouse Summer Holiday 01 1957.cbz
Sweetie Pie 015 c2c Pines .cbz
Teena 21.cbz
This Is War 05 1952.cbz
This Is War 06 195210.cbz
This Is War 07 195301.cbz
Thrilling Comics 001 fiche .cbz
Thrilling Comics 005 1940 c2cBcat  .cbr
Thrilling Comics 007 fiche.cbz
Thrilling Comics 009 fiche.cbz
Thrilling COmics 010 194011.cbz
Thrilling Comics 011 fiche.cbz
Thrilling COmics 012 194101 paper  fiche .cbz
Thrilling Comics 013 fiche  1941 c2c.cbr
Thrilling Comics 015f 1941 c2c.CBr
Thrilling Comics 016 fiche.cbr
Thrilling Comics 017f 1941 c2c.cbr
Thrilling Comics 018f 1941 c2c.cbr
Thrilling Comics 019 fiche paper .cbr
Thrilling Comics 019 paper 2fiche c2c.cbz
Thrilling Comics 020 1941.09 15pgs.cbz
Thrilling Comics 021 BillNolan DM.cbr
Thrilling Comics 022 final ver .cbr
Thrilling Comics 023f 1941  2 pgs missing  .cbr
Thrilling Comics 025.cbr
Thrilling Comics 02f 1940 c2c.cbz
Thrilling Comics 03 fiche missing 2 pgs.cbz
Thrilling Comics 030 1942 c2c  .cbr
Thrilling Comics 034f 1943 c2c.cbr
Thrilling Comics 036 .cbz
Thrilling Comics 037f 1943 c2c.cbr
Thrilling COmics 038 194310.cbz
Thrilling COmics 039 194312.cbz
Thrilling Comics 040 Spectre99.cbr
Thrilling Comics 043 Better 48 pgs 1944.cbr
Thrilling Comics 045.cbr
Thrilling COmics 048 194506 45 of 52pgs.cbz
Thrilling Comics 049 inc 50pgs pg order fixed.cbz
Thrilling Comics 04f 1940 c2c.cbz
Thrilling COmics 051 194512.cbz
Thrilling Comics 053.cbr
Thrilling Comics 054 inc.cbz
Thrilling Comics 055.cbr
Thrilling Comics 058.cbr
Thrilling COmics 062 194710.cbz
Thrilling Comics 064.cbz
Thrilling Comics 065 missing cf Apr 48 48pg c2c.cbr
Thrilling Comics 066.cbr
Thrilling Comics 069 bhc.cbz
Thrilling Comics 06f.cbz
Thrilling Comics 070 (chewed).cbz
Thrilling Comics 077-08.cbr
thrilling46nocf  45 of 52pgs.cbz
thrilling61nocf .cbz
Tim Tyler 017 c2c.cbr
unseen 006 cbz.cbz
Unseen 007 1952 .cbz
Unseen 011 1953 .cbz
Unseen 012 1953 .cbr
Unseen 013 (1954)imagex12250.cbr
Unseen 014 1954 .cbz
Western Hearts 04.cbz
Willie The Penguin 003 Standard Sep 1951 36p c2c.cbr
Wonder Comics 0 08pg00-cov.cbr
Wonder Comics 006 Nedor 10.1945 .cbr
Wonder Comics 01 194405.cbz
Wonder Comics 010 incomplete 31pgs  Feb 47 .cbr
Wonder Comics 011 c2c.cbr
Wonder Comics 013 incomplete 51pgs  Aug 47 no ibc.cbr
Wonder Comics 015 re mix 39pg GrimReaper Spectro Tara WonderMan BillNolan.cbr
Wonder Comics 03 194411.cbz
Wonder Comics 04 194502.cbz
Wonder Comics 09 194612.cbz
Wonder Comics 12 194706 missing cf.cbz
Wonder Comics 14 50 pf 52 pages.cbz
Wonder Comics 15.cbz
Wonder Comics 17 194804.cbz
Wonder Comics 18 inc.cbz
Wonder Comics 20 inc.cbz

These Nedor/Better/Standard Publications comics are all in the public domain and are not under copyright. The comics on this 3 DVD-ROM collection have been independently gathered from public domain sources by The Curio and Whatnot Shop. While the individual titles are in the public domain, this 3 DVD compilation is © 2009 The Curio and Whatnot Shop and may not be copied or resold.

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