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GOLD - The Royal Metal, Foundation of Empires  2 DVD-ROM

GOLD - The Royal Metal, Foundation of Empires 2 DVD-ROM

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GOLD - The Royal Metal on 2 DVD-ROMs
Gold. Since time immemorial mankind has valued this metal beyond all else. It is the royal metal that never tarnishes, the metal of kings and the affluent. It is called the "royal" metal because it is largely incourruptable. It will not tarnish and is impervious to most corrosive substances (it can be attacked by Aqua Regia, "Royal Water," a mixture of nitric and hydrochloric acids). It is extremely ductile and can be hammered into the thinnest of sheets.

It is the substance upon which empires have been made. It is the metal that has been the reason for the extermination of entire civilizations. The discovery of gold has been the impetus for exploration and population movements, a source of untold wealth for some and the source of sorrow for many others. Men are mesmerized by it and will endure any hardship to get it. this 2 DVD disk set contains many works on gold throughout the world, but with a special emphasis on the California and Klondike gold rushes.

Included is information on gold discovery and mining in California, Alaska, Canada, Australia and other places are covered in this compilation, with may first persona accounts as well as tips published for the benefit of those intent on emigrating to the gold fields. There is a section that includes documents from mining companies as well as one with books and papers on the extraction, assaying and evaluation of gold.

Gold - Disk 1

Alaska & Klondike
A mile of gold [microform] strange adventures on the Yukon - Stanley, William M.pdf
A railway to the Klondike [microform] - Sheffield, W. M.pdf
A winter journey to the Klondyke, with a glimpse of the mines [microform] - Palmer, Frederick, 1873-1958.pdf
Alaska and the gold fields of Nome, Port Clarence, Golovin Bay, Kougarok, the Klondike, and other districts [microform] - North American Transportation and Trading Company.pdf
Alaska and the gold fields of the Yukon [microform] Great Northern Railway the Klondike Cook Inlet [an]d other mining regions.pdf
Alaska and the Klondike [microform] the new gold fields and how to reach them - Wells, Harry Laurenz, 1854-1940.pdf
Alaska and the Klondike gold fields - the discovery of enormous deposits of gold, routes traversed by miners - Harris, A. C.pdf
Alaska and the Klondike gold fields [microform] - Harris, A. C.pdf
Alaska and the Klondike gold fields [microform] practical instructions for fortune seekers - Harris, A. C.pdf
Alaska, land of the nugget [microform] how and why gold was deposited in polar lands - Vail, Isaac N. (Isaac Newton), 1840-1912.pdf
Alaska, the Eldorado of the midnight sun [microform] practical counsel for prospectors, tourists and stay-at-homes - Hall, Edward Hagaman, 1858-1936.pdf
Alaska, the new Eldorado [microform] its history, its gold fields, its scenery, its routes of travel - Wells, Harry.pdf
Alaskan gold fields.pdf
All about the Klondyke gold mines [microform].pdf
Appeal of Yukon miners to the Dominion of Canada [microform] and incidentally some account of the mines and mining of Alaska and the provisional district of Yukon.pdf
Are you going to Klondike [microform] take the Spokane overland route and save $700.pdf
Building a railroad into the Klondike [microform] - Warman, Cy, 1855-1914.pdf
Calgary route to the Klondyke gold fields [microform] miners' and prospectors' outfitting guide.pdf
Dredging for gold on the Yukon and its tributaries - [Yukon Trading, Mining and Exploration Co.].pdf
Eight routes to the Klondyke [microform] with tables of distances, cost of outfits, map of routes, and other information - Moberly, Walter, 1832-1915.pdf
En route to the Klondike [microform] a series of photographic views of the picturesque land of gold and glaciers - La Roche, Frank.pdf
En route to the Klondike [microform] a series of photographic views - La Roche, Frank.pdf
Experiences of gold hunters in Alaska [microform] - Margeson, Charles A..pdf
Exploring and exploiting a gold country [microform] - Williams, Albert.pdf
Facts for Klondikers [microform] from noted miners - Joe Ladue, Jas. McMann (Jimmey the Diver), Clarence Berry and Alex Orr, trails, boat-building, Seattle as an outfitting point.pdf
Facts for Klondyke and Alaska seekers [microform].pdf
Fortune seekers' guide to the Yukon region of Alaska and British America - Leonard, John William, 1849-1932.pdf
Fraser-Cariboo gold rush; the boom that founded British Columiba - Coutant, Frank Raymond, 1885.pdf
From the coast to the golden Klondike [microform] the record of an official journey - Spurr, Edward, 1870-1950.pdf
Gold fields of Alaska [microform] Klondike gold fields and Northwest Territory.pdf
Gold fields of the Yukon and how to get there [microform] - Crewe, E. O.pdf
Gold hunting in Alaska - Grinnell, Joseph, 1877-1939.pdf
Gold strike on the Klondike [microform] - Brewer, J. C.pdf
Golden Alaska [microform] an account of the Yukon Valley, opportunities and means of access - Ingersoll, Ernest, 1852-1946.pdf
Guide map and history of the Klondike, Alaska gold fields [microform].pdf
Guide to the Yukon gold fields [microform] where they are and how to reach them - Wilson, V. (Veazie), d. 1895.pdf
Guide to the Yukon-Klondike mines [microform] prospecting, routes, report of Wm. Ogilvie, diary of Archbishop Seghers (murdered on the Yukon) - Henley, G. F.pdf
Handbook to the new gold fields [microform] Fraser and Thompson River gold mines with an account of the country and its inhabitants, routes - Ballantyne, RM 1825-1894.pdf
Hints to intending Klondikers [microform] - Goldseeker.pdf
Hittel on Gold Mines and Mining - Hittell, John S. (John Shertzer), 1825-1901.pdf
Ho, for the Klondike! [microform] - Garland, Hamlin, 1860-1940.pdf
How to get to the Klondyke [microform] the safest, best and cheapest route to Yukon gold fields is via the Regina, Prince Albert, Green Lake and Fort McMurray water route.pdf
How to reach Klondike [microform] Baillie-Grohman, William A. (William Adolph), 1851-1921.pdf
In richest Alaska and the gold fields of the Klondike and practical information for gold seekers - Ingersoll, Ernest, 1852-1946.pdf
In the Klondike [microform] including an account of a winter's journey to Dawson - Palmer, Frederick, 1873-1958.pdf
It's gold, gold, gold all over - [Yukon Trading, Mining and Exploration Co.].pdf
Joaquin Miller's return from the Klondike by Isabel Darling. In a Klondike cabin, what a lone man thinks about by Joaquin Miller.pdf
Klondike [microform] - Shaw, Flora L. (Flora Louisa), Lady, 1852-1929.pdf
Klondike [microform] - the Chicago record's book for gold seekers.pdf
Klondike [microform] a manual for goldseekers - Bramble, Charles A.pdf
Klondike [microform] a study in booms - Williams, Ernest E.pdf
Klondike and all about it [microform] - Practical mining engineer.pdf
Klondike and the Yukon country [microform] - Coolidge, Louis A. (Louis Arthur), 1861-1925.pdf
Klondike gold - Alaska-Yukon-Klondike gold syndicate, Portland, Me.pdf
Klondike gold miners .. - Alaska-Yukon-Klondike gold syndicate, Portland, Me..pdf
Klondike, the land of gold, illustrated; containing, information, concerning the new gold fields - Stansbury, Charles Frederick.pdf
Klondike, the land of gold, practical information concerning the new gold fields - Stansbury, Charles Frederick, 1854-1922.pdf
Klondyke - truth and facts of the new El Dorado [microform] - Sola, A. E. Ironmonger, b. 1868.pdf
Klondyke [microform] a guide to the new Eldorado - Klondyke & Columbian Passenger Agency.pdf
Klondyke and fortune [microform] the experiences of a miner who has acquired a fortune in the Yukon Valley - Haverly, Charles E.pdf
Klondyke facts [microform] being a complete guide book to the gold regions of the great Canadian Northwest Territories and Alaska - Ladue, Joseph.pdf
Klondyke Mutual Benefit Development Association [microform].pdf
Klondyke nuggets [microform] being a brief description of the newly discovered gold regions of the North West Territories and Alaska - Ladue, Joseph.pdf
Kootenay guide [microform] - a guide to the mining camps of British Columbia and Klondike.pdf
Life in the Klondike gold fields [microform] personal observations of the founder of Dawson - Ladue, Joseph.pdf
londike gold miners of the Alaska-Yukon-Klondike Gold Syndicate [microform] - capital, $500,000 - Alaska-Yukon-Klondike Gold Syndicate.pdf
Map of Alaska showing gold-bearing rocks, descriptive text about the geography, geology, gold deposits, routes - Geological Survey (U.S.).pdf
Map-guide, Seattle to Dawson [microform] - Lysons, Fred H.pdf
Miners' manual, United States, Alaska, Klondike [microform] procedures, mining regulations, information - Clark, Horace F. D. 1928 Includes indexes.pdf
My extraordinary years of adventure and romance in Klondike and Alaska [microform] - Patchell, Sarah Elizabeth.pdf
Nature's doorway to the land of gold [microform] - Blethen, A. J.pdf
Nome nuggets [microform] some of the experiences of a party of gold seekers in northwestern Alaska in 1900 - French, L. H. (Leigh Hill), 1863.pdf
Our Alaskan wonderland and Klondike neighbor [microform] a personal reminiscence thirty years after - Keim, De Benneville Randolph 1841-1914.pdf
Over the Chilkoot Pass to the Yukon [microform] - Funston, Frederick, 1865-1917.pdf
Overland to Cariboo [microform] an eventful journey of Canadian pioneers to the gold-fields of British Columbia in 1862 - McNaughton, Margaret.pdf
Overland to Klondike through Cariboo, Ominica, Cassiar, and Lake Teslin [microform] the poor man's route.pdf
Photographic views en route to the Klondike via the Skaguay and Dyea trails [microform] - La Roche, Frank.pdf
Preliminary report on the cape Nome gold region, Alaska, with maps and illustrations; - Geological Survey (U.S.).pdf
Prospecting locating and valuing mines - a practical treatise for the use of prospectors investors and mining men generally.pdf
Prospectus of the Aberdeen Claims, Caribou district, B.C. [microform] junction of Slough Creek and Willow River.pdf
Ready reference and hand book of the Klondyke and Alaskan gold fields - Montague, Phil. S. (Philip S.).pdf
Reconnaissance of the gold fields of southern Alaska with some notes on general geology - Becker, George F. (George Ferdinand), 1847-1919.pdf
Red Line Transportation Company [microform] Skagway, White Pass Summit, log cabin, Bennett.pdf
Routes from Victoria, B. C. to the Yukon River, mining regulations of the Dominion table of distances, Mr. Ogilvie's reports - Lugrin, Charles H. 1846-1917.pdf
The Alaskan gold fields and the opportunities they offer for capital and labor [microform] - Dunham, Sam. C. (Samuel Clarke), 1855-1920.pdf
The all-American route to the Klondike [microform] - Gillette, Edward, 1854-1936.pdf
The Decline and Fall of Samuel Sawbones, MD on the Klondike.pdf
The engineer and the road to the gold fields [microform] - Emerson, Harrington, 1853-1931.pdf
The Gairdner & Harrison prospector's guide - map and pamphlet to the Omenica, Cassier, Liard, Klondyke and Yukon gold fields via the Edmonton route - Gairdner, George W.pdf
The gate of the Klondike [microform] - Hill, A. A.pdf
The Gold fields of the world [microform] - our knowledge of them and its application to the gold fields of Canada - Anderson, W. J. (William James), 1812-1873.pdf
The gold mines of the Yukon and Clondyke [sic] [microform] where they are, what to take, how to get there, useful information for the prospective miner - Perkins, W. H. S.pdf
The Gold seeker's guide [microform] - a practical directory in the search for gold, especially in Nova-Scotia.pdf
The golden north [microform] a vast country of inexhaustable gold fields - Tuttle, Charles R.pdf
The Great Gold Rush A Tale of tThe Great Gold Rush A Tale of the Klondike - Jarvis, W. H. P. (William Henry Pope), 1876-1944.pdf
The Klondike [microform] - Hill, A. A.pdf
The Klondike goldfields and how to get there [microform] - James, Fred.pdf
The Klondike stampede [microform] - Adney, E. Tappan (Edwin Tappan), 1868-1950.pdf
The Klondyke [microform] how the breakman gained his thousands in four months - a complete guide to the gold fields - Clements, J. I. (James I.).pdf
The Klondyke mines and the golden valley of the Yukon [microform] methods of locating, working and holding mining claims - Bellard, Walter.pdf
The land of Nome, the rush to the Bering Sea gold-fields, its mines and people, and a great conspiracy 1900-1901 - McKee, Lanier.pdf
The little Klondyke nugget [microform] the discovery, reports, medical advice, avoiding hardships, best outfit, shortest routes, mining information, maps, mining laws.pdf
The mineral resources of British Columbia and the Yukon [microform] a lecture delivered at the Imperial Institute, London, on December 6th, 1897 - McMillan, A. J.pdf
The new arctic El Dorado [microform] Klondike and the greatest of gold rushes - Lanier, Henry Wysham, b. 1873.pdf
The new El-Dorado on the Klondike [microform] an interview with Mr. Harry de Windt - Fitzgerald, William G.pdf
The new route to Klondike [microform] - McIntosh, R. L.pdf
The Official guide to the Klondyke country and the gold fields of Alaska.pdf
The Practical guide to America's new El Dorado, Klondike gold fields [microform] - Paramore, H. H.pdf
The real Klondike [microform] - Easby-Smith, James S. (James Stanislaus), b. 1870.pdf
The river trip to the Klondike [microform] - Webb, John Sidney.pdf
The romance of the Klondike [microform] - Pullen, Clarence.pdf
The rush to the Klondike [microform] Alaska's new gold-fields --their present output and future promise - Bush, Sam Stone.pdf
The rush to the Klondike over the mountain passes [microform] - Curtis, Edward S., 1868-1952.pdf
The Rush to the Klondyke gold-fields [microform].pdf
The scarlet life of Dawson and the roseate dawn of Nome [microform] personal experiences and observations of the author - Brooks-Vincent, La Belle.pdf
The spoilers - Beach, Rex, 1877-1949.pdf
The trail of the goldseekers [microform] a record of travel in prose and verse - Garland, Hamlin, 1860-1940.pdf
The Vancouver routes to the Yukon [microform] - Ogilvie, William, 1846-1912.pdf
The Yukon country [microform] - Rowe, P. T. (Peter Trimble), 1856-1942.pdf
Thirteen years of travel and exploration in Alaska - Pierce, W. H..pdf
Through the Yukon gold diggings [microform] a narrative of personal travel - Spurr, Edward, 1870-1950.pdf
To Alaska for Gold The Fortune Hunters of the Yukon - Stratemeyer, Edward, 1862-1930.pdf
To Klondike and back [microform] a journey down the Yukon, from its source to its mouth - Secretan, J. H. E. (James Henry Edward), 1852-1926.pdf
To the Klondike and gold fields of the Yukon [microform] - Canadian Pacific Railway Company.pdf
To the Klondike Gold Fields - and other points of interest in Alaska - Alaska Commercial Company.pdf
To the Yukon and the Klondike gold fields [microform].pdf
Trail Creek mines, BC [microform] - history, development, BC mining laws, a supplement to J.A. Kirk's map of the Trail Creek mining camp.pdf
Twelve months in Klondike [microform] - Kirk, Robert C.pdf
Two women in the Klondike; the story of a journey to the gold-fields of Alaska - Hitchcock, Mary E..pdf
Two years in the Klondike and Alaskan gold-fields - Haskell, William B.pdf
Two years in the Klondike and Alaskan gold-fields [microform] portraying the dangers, hardships and privations of a gold-seeker's life - Haskell, William B.pdf
Where the Klondike gold is valued [microform] - Adams, George Edward.pdf
Yankee steamboats on the Fraser River, British Columbia; a story of Yankee participation with paddlewheelers during the Cariboo gold rush, 1858-1871 - Coutant, Frank Raymond.pdf
Yukon gold fields [microform] handbook of information - Canadian Pacific Railway Company.pdf

Assaying, Mining, Extraction, Valuation

A compendium of gold metallurgy (ores) and digest of U.S. mining laws, water rights, desert land law, etc. - Wade, E. M. (Erwin M.).pdf
A practical treatise on hydraulic mining in California - ditches, flumes, wrought iron pipes, and dams - Bowie, Augustus Jesse.pdf
A Treatise on Concentration of All Kinds of Ores Including the Chlorination Process for Gold - Guido Küstel.pdf
A Treatise on Gold and Silver To Show a Chief Cause of Present Depression - George O'Brien.pdf
Accounts of Gold Mining and Exploration Companies. With Instructions and ... - T. Donald.pdf
An historical and statistical account of New South Wales including a visit to the gold regions, and a description of the mines - Lang, John Dunmore, 1799-1878.pdf
Cantor Lectures on Gold Mining and Gold Production - John Walter Gregory , Royal Society of Arts (Great Britain).pdf
Drag bucket gold dredge - New York Engineering Company.pdf
Dredges and gold dredging - New York Engineering Company.pdf
Drilling for placer gold - Gardner, Walter H.pdf
Gold - its occurrence and extraction [microform] - Lock, Alfred G. (Alfred George).pdf
Gold and prices - Ashley, W. J. (William James), Sir, 1860-1927.pdf
Gold and Silver Comprising an Economic History of Mining in the United States - Walter Richard Crane.pdf
Gold Dredging - Cecil Clement Longridge.pdf
Gold dust [microform] how to find it and how to mine it.pdf
''Gold'' its properties, modes of extraction, value, &c., &c. [microform] - Claudet, F. G. (Francis George), 1837-1906.pdf
Gold millilng, principles and practice .. - Lock, charles George Warnford.pdf
Gold Mines and Mining in Caligornia - A New Gold Era Dawning on the State ... - George Spaulding & Co.pdf
Gold mining and the gold discoveries made since 1851 [microform] - Phillips, J. Arthur (John Arthur), 1822-1887.pdf
Gold Mining Machinery - Its Selection, Arrangement, and Installation - W. H. Tinney.pdf
Gold occurrence and extraction - working shallow placers, rivers, and deep leads; hydraulicing, bibliography glossary - Lock, Alfred G. (Alfred George).pdf
Hints on Amalgamation and the General Care of Gold Mills - William James Adams.pdf
Hittel on Gold Mines and Mining - Hittell, John S. (John Shertzer), 1825-1901.pdf
Industrial progress in gold mining - a review of the gold mining industry in the United States - Baker, G. W. (George.pdf
Instructions for collecting, testing, melting and assaying gold - Kent, Edward N.pdf
Laboratory Instructions for Fire Assays of Gold, Silver, Lead - Walter S. Morley , University of California, Berkeley Dept. of Mining and Metallurgy.pdf
Notes on gold extraction by means of cyanide of potassium (MacArthur-Forrest patents), Witwatersrand gold fields, Transvaal, South Africa - Feldtmann, W. R.pdf
On the milling of gold quartz - Attwood, Melville, 1812-1898.pdf
Placer mining handbook for Klondike and other miners current to December 1 1897 - International Correspondence Schools (Scranton, Pa.).pdf
Pomeroy's mining manual for prospectors, miners and schools; showing where and how to search for gold and silver mines, and to make tests - Pomeroy, Henry R.pdf
Practical Gold-mining - Its Commercial Aspects. A Collection of Statistics - William Welton.pdf
Practical prospecting for gold and silver, and the preliminary development of metalliferous veins [microform] - Brady, James, 1840-1916.pdf
Practical stamp milling and amalgamation - MacFarren, H. W.pdf
Principles of mining; valuation, organization and administration; copper, gold, lead, silver, tin and zinc - Hoover, Herbert, 1874-1964.pdf
Prospecting for gold and silver - Lakes, Arthur, 1844-1917.pdf
Report of progress in the geological resurvey of the Cripple Creek district, Colorado (Volume no. 254) - Lindgren, Waldemar, 1860-1939.pdf
Report on gold mine at Gay's River [microform] - McLeod, Robert R. (Robert Randall), 1839-1909.pdf
Reports upon the mining claims of the Stanley Gold Mining Co. of Nova Scotia [microform].pdf
The Cyanide Process of Gold Extraction - A Text-book for the Use of Mining Students - James Park.pdf
The Fire Assay of Gold, Silver, and Lead in Ores and Metallurgical Products - Leonard Strong Austin.pdf
The gold standard 1895 - Gold Standard Defence Association.pdf
The gold standard 1898 - Gold standard defence association.pdf
The golden colony - Wathen, George Henry.pdf
The hydraulic gold miner's manual - Kirkpatrick, T. S. G.pdf
The metallurgy of the common metals, gold, silver, iron, copper, lead and zinc - Austin, Leonard S..pdf
The mining and metallurgy of gold and silver - Phillips, J[ohn] Arthur, 1822-1887.pdf
The organization of gold mining business with specimens of the departmental books and the account books - Brown, Nicol.pdf
The Sampling of Gold Bullion Illustrated by Specific Cases - United States Bureau of the Mint, Frederic Perkins Dewey.pdf
Unit Processes in Extractive Metallurgy - Hydrometallurgy.pdf


A treatise on the law of gold-mining in Australia and New Zealand - Armstrong, H.pdf
Australia and its gold fields - the Australian colonies with a particular account of the recent gold discoveries - Hargraves, Edward Hammond, 1816-1891.pdf
Australia as it is - its settlements, farms, and gold fields (Volume 1) - Lancelott, Francis.pdf
Australia as it is - its settlements, farms, and gold fields (Volume 2) - Lancelott, Francis.pdf
Australian mining and metallurgy - Clark, Donald.pdf
Diamonds and gold of South Africa - Mitchell, Henry.pdf
Gold Mining and Milling in Western Australia, with Notes Upon Telluride Treatment, Costs, and ... - Arthur George Charleton.pdf
Gold-mining and Assaying A Scientific Guide for Australian Emigrants - John Arthur Phillips.pdf
In a new world or, Among the gold-fields of Australia - Alger, Horatio, 1832-1899.pdf
Notes on gold dredging with reference to the introduction of the industry into New South Wales - Jaquet, John Blockley, 1867-.pdf
Port Phillip District of New South Wales - a historical and descriptive account of the colony and its gold mines. - Westgarth, William, 1815-1889.pdf
Professional papers - Rickard, T. A. (Thomas Arthur), 1864-.pdf
Reminiscences of the gold fields and elsewhere in New South Wales, covering a period of forty-eight years' service as an officer of police - Brennan, Martin.pdf
Reports - Letterkenny Railway Company, Sailor Prince Extended Gold Mining Company.pdf
The colony of Victoria - its history, commerce, and gold mining; its social and political institutions; down to the end of 1863.pdf
The Crown lands of Australia - land regulations, grievances, along with a few hints upon emigration & the gold fields - Billy C.pdf
The draper in Australia being a narrative of three years' adventures and experience at the gold-fields and advice adapted for the intending emigrant and others - Willmer, George.pdf
The game - London, Jack, 1876-1916.pdf
The New Zealand mining handbook (with maps and illustrations) - New Zealand. Mines Dept.pdf
The three colonies of Australia - New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, their pastures, copper mines, & gold fields - Sidney, Samuel, 1813-1883.pdf
What I heard, saw and did at the Australian gold fields - C. Rudston Read.pdf

Black Hills

Pa-ha-sa-pah or, The Black Hills of South the history of the gold and wonder-land of the Dakotas - Rosen, Peter, 1850-1906.pdf
Papers read before the Black Hills mining men's association on the mining and metallurgy of ores, a brief outline of the mining industry, statistics relating gold.pdf
The Black Hills - A Minute Description of the Routes, Scenery, Soil, Climate, Timber & Gold - Richard Irving Dodge.pdf

Gold - Disk 2


A gold hunter's experience - Hambleton, Chalkley J., b. 1829.pdf
A picture of pioneer times in California - William Francis White , William Grey.pdf
''A pretty fair view of the eliphent'' Charles G. Hinman written during his trip to the gold fields in 1849 and 1850.pdf
''All's not gold that glitters'' or, The young Californian - Haven, Alice B. (Alice Bradley), 1827-1863.pdf
Annual report of the state mineralogist for the year ending (Volume 1883) - California State Mining Bureau.pdf
Annual report of the state mineralogist for the year ending (Volume 1884) - California State Mining Bureau.pdf
Annual report of the state mineralogist for the year ending (Volume 1885) - California State Mining Bureau.pdf
Are you going to Klondike [microform] take the Spokane overland route and save $700.pdf
Assaying (Volume 2) - Aaron, C. H. (Charles Howard).pdf
Audubon's western journal, 1849-1850 - New York to Texas, through Mexico and Arizona to the gold fields of California - Audubon, John Woodhouse, 1812-1862.pdf
California - Four Months among the Gold-Finders - an Expedition from San Francisco to the Gold Districts - Vizetelly, Henry, 1820-1894.pdf
California - Its Gold and Its Inhabitants - Henry Vere Huntley.pdf
California gold book - Allen, William Wallace.pdf
California gold mill practices - Preston, Edmund B.pdf
California gold-field scenes - selections from Quien Sabe's gold-field manuscripts - Bigham, Robert W.pdf
California mines and minerals - California Mining Association.pdf
California, 1849-1913; or, The rambling sketches and experiences of sixty-four years' residence in that state - Woolley, L. H. (Lell Hawley), b. 1825.pdf
Captain Bayley's heir - a tale of the gold fields of California - Henty, G. A. (George Alfred), 1832-1902.pdf
Digging for gold - a story of California - Alger, Horatio, 1832-1899.pdf
Digging for gold or Adventures in California - Ballantyne, R. M. (Robert Michael), 1825-1894.pdf
Dredging for gold in California - Weatherbe, D'Arcy.pdf
From '49 to '83 in California and Nevada; chapters from the life of George Thomas Marye, a pioneer of '49 - Marye, George Thomas, 1849-1933.pdf
From East Prussia to the Golden Gate - Lecouvreur, Frank, 1829-1901.pdf
Geologic guidebook along Highway 49, Sierran gold belt - the Mother Lode country - California. Division of Mines and Geology.pdf
Gold and coal resources of Alaska [microform] speech of Hon. Watson C. Squire of Washington, in the Senate of the United States, February 28, 1895 - Squire, Watson Carvosso, 1838-1926.pdf
Gold and sunshine, reminiscences of early California - Ayers, James J.pdf
Gold districts of California (Volume no.193) - Clark, William B.pdf
Gold Dredging in California - J. E. Doolittle.pdf
Gold dredging in California (Volume no.36, 1905) - Doolittle, J. E.pdf
Gold dredging in California (Volume no.57) - California State Mining Bureau.pdf
Gold placers of California (Volume no.92) - Haley, Charles Scot.pdf
Gold rush memoir of John H. Townes, Brookville, Indiana.pdf
Gold Seekers of '49 - Sabin, Edwin L. (Edwin Legrand), 1870-1952.pdf
Gold stories of '49 - Smith, Nüima.pdf
Granite Crags - Cummings.pdf
History of the San Francisco Committee of vigilance of 1851 a study of social control on the California frontier in the days of the gold rush - Williams, Mary Floyd.pdf
Hookworm in California gold mines - Nauss, Ralph Welty, 1876.pdf
In search of a Siberian Klondike - Vanderlip, Washington Baker, 1867.pdf
Indian and Scout - a tale of the gold rush to California - Brereton, F. S. (Frederick Sadlier), b. 1872.pdf
Journey to the Gold Diggins' - Jeremiah Saddlebags, James Alexander Read, Donald F. Read.pdf
Life sketches of a jayhawker of '49 - Stephens, L. Dow.pdf
Life, adventures, and travels in California [microform] the conquest of California, travels in Oregon, gold regions - Farnham, Thomas J 1804-1848.pdf
Memoirs of a forty-niner - Brown, John Evans, 1827-1895.pdf
Memorial of gold and silver mining companies of California and Nevada territory.pdf
Mining statistics - Geological Survey of California.pdf
Mother Lode gold belt of California (Volume no.108) - Logan, Clarence August, b. 1887.pdf
Music of the Gold Rush era - Lengyel, Cornel Adam.pdf
Notes on the Chemical Geology of the Gold-Fields of California. - Phillips, J..pdf
Observations on the gold region of California and Oregon [microform] mineral localities in California, and crystalline gold - Blake, William P.pdf
Off to California - a tale of the gold country - Cobb, James F. (James Francis), b. 1829.pdf
Old Californian days - Steele, James.pdf
Pen pictures of early western days - Ivins, Virginia Wilcox.pdf
Placer mining for gold in California (Volume no.135 c.2) - Averill, Charles Volney, b. 1892.pdf
Prospectus of the Slough Creek Mining Company [microform] - incorporated January, 1892 - Slough Creek Mining Company.pdf
Recollections of a '49er's life in the California gold fields during the stirring days following the discovery of gold in the far West - McIlhany, Edward Washington.pdf
Report on Gatling gold and silver mines, in the township of Marmora, Ont. [microform] - Chapman, E. J. (Edward.pdf
Scenes and adventures of an overland journey to California - Delano, Alonzo, 1806-1874.pdf
Sea Routes To The Gold Fields The Migration By Water To California In 1849-1852 - Oscar Lewis.pdf
Sights in the gold region, and scenes by the way - Johnson, Theodore T. (Theodore Taylor), b. 1818.pdf
Sixteen months at the gold diggings - Woods, Daniel Bates, 1809-1892.pdf
Synopsis of a report on mining in California and Nevada, U.S.A. - Thureau, G.pdf
The Adventures of a Forty-niner with Events and Ideas of San Francisco in Those Early Days - Knower, Daniel.pdf
The adventures of two Alabama boys - Crumpton, H. J. (Hezekiah John), b. 1828.pdf
The Argonauts of California, being the reminiscences of scenes and incidents that occurred in California in early mining days; - Haskins, Charles Warren.pdf
The argonauts of 'forty-nine, some recollections of the plains and the diggings - Leeper, David Rohrer, 1832-1900.pdf
The Auriferous black sands of California (Volume no.45) - Edman, J. A.pdf
The autobiography of Charles Peters, in 1915 the oldest pioneer living in California, who mined in ... the days of '49.pdf
The cave of gold, a tale of California in '49 (c1911).pdf
The Diary of a Fortyniner.pdf
The experiences of a Forty-niner during thirty-four years' residence in California and Australia - Ferguson, Charles D.pdf
The experiences of a Forty-niner during thirty-four years' residence in California and Australia [microform] - Ferguson, Charles D..pdf
The exploring expedition to the Rocky Mountains, Oregon and California (with recent notices of the gold region) - Frémont, John Charles, 1813-1890.pdf
The future of copper and the gold age - Cushing, John J.pdf
The gold fields of Lower California - [Stephens, Bascom A.].pdf
The gold fields of St. Domingo - Courtney, W. S.pdf
The gold hunters a first-hand picture of life in California mining camps in the early fifties - Borthwick, J. D.pdf
The gold hunters of California - Farish, Thomas Edwin.pdf
The Gold of Chickaree - Warner,.pdf
The gold rush song book - ballads the men of the California gold rush of 1849 - Black, Eleanora.pdf
The gold-seeker - Sheip, Levi C.pdf
The idle and industrious miner - Delano, Alonzo, 1806-1874.pdf
The Klondike official guide; Canada's great gold field, the Yukon district; - Ogilvie, William, 1846-1912.pdf
The Knoxville Mining District, McLaughlin Gold Mine, Northern Cal. 1978-2002 oral history transcript - 1998-2002 vol. 1.pdf
The Knoxville Mining District, McLaughlin Gold Mine, Northern Cal. 1978-2002 oral history transcript - 1998-2002 vol. 2.pdf
The Knoxville Mining District, McLaughlin Gold Mine, Northern Cal. 1978-2002 oral history transcript - 1998-2002 vol. 3.pdf
The Knoxville Mining District, McLaughlin Gold Mine, Northern Cal. 1978-2002 oral history transcript - 1998-2002 vol. 4.pdf
The Knoxville Mining District, McLaughlin Gold Mine, Northern Cal. 1978-2002 oral history transcript - 1998-2002 vol. 5.pdf
The Knoxville Mining District, McLaughlin Gold Mine, Northern Cal. 1978-2002 oral history transcript - 1998-2002 vol. 6.pdf
The Knoxville Mining District, McLaughlin Gold Mine, Northern Cal. 1978-2002 oral history transcript - 1998-2002 vol. 7.pdf
The Knoxville Mining District, McLaughlin Gold Mine, Northern Cal. 1978-2002 oral history transcript - 1998-2002 vol. 8.pdf
The land of gold; or, Three years in California - Colton, Walter, 1797-1851.pdf
The log of a forty-niner; journal of a voyage from Newbury-port to San Francisco - Hale, Richard Lunt, 1828-1913.pdf
The miner's progress; or, Scenes in the life of a California miner - Delano, Alonzo, 1806-1874.pdf
The round trip from the Hub to the Golden gate - Clark, Susie C. (Susie Champney), b. 1856.pdf
The yellow trail - a story of Salmon River gold - Boddy, E. Manchester (Elias Manchester).pdf
The young gold-digger; or, A boy's adventures in the gold regions - Friedrich Wilhelm C . Gerstaecker , Friedrich Gerstacker.pdf
Transvaal gold law translation into English of law no. 15 of 1898 cases decided, registration of mining rights and the mines, works and machinery regulations - Barber, Sydney Hilton.pdf
Travels in Mexico and California - ... to the mining districts of California. - Clarke, A. B. (Asa Bement).pdf


A half-breed dance and other western stories; mining camp, Indian, Hudson's Bay tales based on the experiences of Kemp, Randall Harold, b. 1852.pdf
A Land of gold! Trail Creek, B.C. [microform] the best and cheapest route to the towns and mines of Trail Creek, B.C. - Board of Trade of Trail.pdf
An Act respecting gold mines [microform] 27 & 28 Vict., cap. 9 - Canada. The Gold Mining Act.pdf
British Columbia and its gold [microform] - Aubrey, W. H. S. (William Hickman Smith), 1848-1916.pdf
Cosmopolite's statistical chart of Nova Scotia gold mines, 1862-1866, inclusive [microform].pdf
Description of the mining property of P.M. Partridge, Esq., of Quebec [microform].pdf
Geological survey and reports on the property of the South Ham Gold and Copper Mining Co., township of South Ham, Canada East [microform].pdf
Gold in Canada [microform] the Chaudiere valley and its mineral wealth.pdf
Gold in Kootenay, Boundary Country and Cariboo [microform] reached by the Canadian Pacific Railway.pdf
Gold in the province of Quebec, Canada [microform] - Obalski, J. (Joseph), 1852-1915.pdf
Gold mining in Ontario - report of the Committee of Inquiry into the Economics of the Gold Mining Industry, 1955.pdf
Gold regions of Canada [microform] explorer's guide accompanied by two colored maps - White, Henry, m. 1879.pdf
Guide book for British Columbia [microform] the wonders of the gold diggings of British Columbia - Successful Digger.pdf
Kowkash gold area [microform] - Hopkins, Percy E.pdf
Land, labor and gold; or, Two years in Victoria with visits to Sydney and Van Diemen's Land (Volume 1) - Howitt, William, 1792-1879.pdf
Land, labor and gold; or, Two years in Victoria with visits to Sydney and Van Diemen's Land (Volume 2) - Howitt, William, 1792-1879.pdf
Map and guide to the gold mines of BC [microform] - Jules H. Féry, C.L.C., notes, observations, directions, and informationgathered by G.J. Wight, counselor at law - Féry, Jules H., b. 1812.pdf
Memorandum in relation to the gold mines of the Chaudiere Lower Canada [microform] - Dawson.pdf
Note on the Belmont gold veins of Peterborough County, Ontario [microform] - Chapman, E. J.pdf
Notes on the gold of eastern Canada - being a reprint of portions of various reports of the Geological Survey of Canada from 1848 to 1863 - Geological Survey of Canada.pdf
Report on the Canadian gold fields and the best means of their development [microform].pdf
Report on the Waverley Gold District [microform] with geological maps and sections - Hind, Henry Youle, 1823-1908.pdf
Reports on the Caledonia gold mines at Oldham, Nova Scotia [microform] - Robb, Charles, 1819-1887.pdf
Special circular on the gold fields of Ontario and the mining of the province [microform] - Mines Contract and Investigation Co. of Toronto.pdf
The Atlin gold fields [microform] a short account of the district and its resources - Atlin District Board of Trade (B.C.).pdf
The Cariboo trail - a chronicle of the gold-fields of British Columbia - Laut, Agnes C. (Agnes Christina), 1871-1936.pdf
The gold fields of Canada [microform] a paper read before the Literary and Historical Society of Quebec, 18th November, 1863 - Douglas, James, 1837-1918.pdf
The gold fields of Canada and how to reach them [microform] being an account of the routes and mineral resources of north-western Canada - Dyer, E. Jerome.pdf
The gold fields of Nova Scotia - a prospectors handbook - Prest, Walter H.pdf
The gold fields of Nova Scotia [microform] - Gilpin, Edwin, 1850 or 51-1907.pdf
The gold measures of Nova Scotia and deep mining [microform].pdf
The gold yield of Nova Scotia [microform] compiled from corrected official records - Heatherington, A. (Alexander), d. 1878.pdf
The gold-bearing mispickel veins of Marmora, Ontario, Canada [microform] - Rothwell, Richard P. (Richard Pennefather), 1836-1901.pdf
The great gold fields of Cariboo [microform] with an authentic description, brought down to the latest period, of British Columbia and Vancouver Island - Hazlitt, William Carew, 1834-1913.pdf
The Handbook of British Columbia, and emigrant's guide to the gold fields [microform] with map and two illustrations, from photographs by M. Claudet.pdf
The Jack Fish Lake gold & silver mine, Lake Superior, Ont. [microform] - Jack Fish Lake Mine.pdf
The mining laws of British Columbia contrasted with those of other countries [microform] - Lane, Charles C.pdf
To Cariboo and back [microform] an imigrant's journey to the gold fields of British Columbia - Champness, W.pdf


Colorado - a historical, descriptive and statistical work on the Rocky mountain gold and silver mining region - Fossett, Frank.pdf
Cripple creek - Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railway Company.pdf
Description of the Consolidated Gold Dirt Mines mineral and farming lands owned by John Q. A. Rollins, Gilpin County, Col - Rollins, John Q. A.pdf
Digging gold among the Rockies or, Exciting adventures of wild camp life in Leadville, Black Hills and the Gunnison country - Ingham, G. Thomas (George Thomas), b. 1851.pdf
Rambles in the Rocky Mountains - With a Visit to the Gold Fields of Colorado - Maurice O'Connor Morris.pdf
The Cripple Creek gold fields, placers, lodes - Colorado Midland Railway Company.pdf
The great Pike's Peak rush or, Terry in the new gold fields - Sabin, Edwin L. (Edwin Legrand), 1870-1952.pdf

Mining Companies

A statement of the property, condition and resources of the Reciprocity Mining Co. of Canada East [microform].pdf
Antler Bed-Rock Flume Company Limited [microform] duly incorporated and registered under the Joint Stock Company's Act, 1860.pdf
British Columbia Gold Property Company, limited liability of Victoria, province of British Columbia [microform] [prospectus of 1898].pdf
Consolidated Spruce Creek Placers, Ltd; [history and reports - Consolidated Spruce Creek Placers, Seattle, Washington.pdf
Eight pointers on Cyrus Noble - Carlsen-Ethen Company, Inc., Searchlight, Nev.pdf
Goldfield Daily-West Mining Co., Goldfield, Nevada. Incorporated under the laws of Nevada, December 7th,1906 [Prospectus.pdf
Idan-ha Gold Dredge Company, Stanley Basin, Custer County, Idaho capital stock, $800,000 par value $1.00 per share full paid and non-assessable.pdf
In the matter of a fire that occurred in the Hollinger Consolidated Gold Mines, Limited, and in the matter of an inquiry under the Public Enquiries Act, N.S.O., chapter 20.pdf
Island Mountain Mine, Cariboo district, B.C. [microform] reports of Wm. Craib and Geo. A. Koch on the property.- -.pdf
MacIntosh Gold Mining Association, Wine Harbor, Nova Scotia [microform] organized in 1868.pdf
Memorandum and articles of association [microform] - Little Bertha Gold Mining Company.pdf
Memorandum and articles of association of the Yukon Goldfields, Limited [microform] - Yukon Goldfields (Firm).pdf
Notes on the Isthmus of Panama - geography, gold regions, mining, washing - Dunlop, Alexander Graham, 1814-1892.pdf
Notice to shareholders [microform] - Yukon Goldfields (Firm).pdf
Owner of the Shot Mining Company, Manhattan Mercury Mine, 1965-1981 oral history transcript - 1996 - Wilder, James William.pdf
Practical suggestions on mining rights and privileges in Canada [microform].pdf
Prospectus [microform] - Lake Harold Gold Mines Company.pdf
Prospectus [microform] - Yukon Goldfields (Firm).pdf
Prospectus [of the] Goldfield Black Buttes Mining Company, Goldfield Mining District, Esmeralda County, Nevada - Goldfield Black Buttes Mining Company.pdf
Prospectus and reports of the Bushell and of the Saint Louis Gold and Silver Mining Companies, of the Toltec Syndicate of Mines, of Aztec and Tyndall Districts, Arizona.pdf
Prospectus for 1883 of the Geneva Grey Copper, Silver and Gold Mining and Milling Company - Geneva Grey Copper, Silver and Gold Mining and Milling Company.pdf
Prospectus of the Anglo-Saxon Gold Mining Co. [microform] with reports upon their property situated in Madoc, Ontario - Anglo-Saxon Gold Mining Company.pdf
Prospectus of the Forward Mining Development Company incorporated under the laws of the state of Wyoming - Forward Mining Development Company.pdf
Prospectus of the International Gold Mining Company [microform].pdf
Prospectus of the Nova Scotia Gold Mining Company of the province of Nova Scotia [microform].pdf
Prospectus of the R. E. Lee Gold Mining Co., Limited [microform] mines and offices, Rossland, British Columbia - R. E. Lee Gold Mining Co.pdf
Prospectus of the Toronto Gold Mining Company [microform].pdf
Prospectus of the Winnipeg Consolidated Gold Mining Co., Limited [microform].pdf
Prospectus, geological survey and report of the Gregory Gold Mining Company, Gregory District, Colorado Territory - Gregory Gold Mining Company.pdf
Prospectus, memorandum, and articles of association of the Enterprise Gold and Silver Mining Company, limited [microform].pdf
Prospectus, reports and statistics of the Alpha Gold Mining Company of Mount Uniacke, Nova Scotia [microform].pdf
Prospectus, reports, map and statistics of the Kingston and Sherbooke Gold Mining Company, Nova Scotia [microform].pdf
Report of Monsieur A. Michel, geologist, on the gold mines of the river Chaudière and its tributaries [microform] to the directors of the De Lery Gold Mining Company.pdf
Report on a part of Royal Gold Mining Co's property [microform].pdf
Report on the property of the Chebucto Gold Mining Company of Nova Scotia [microform] - Campbell, John, fl. 1864.pdf
Report upon the property of the Canada Consolidated Gold Mining Co. at Marmora, Ontario [microform] - Rothwell, Richard P. (Richard Pennefather), 1836-1901.pdf
Stadacona Gold Mining Association, Wine Harbor, Nova Scotia [microform] organized in 1868.pdf
The Alf Gold Mining Company [microform] - Alf Gold Mining Company.pdf
The Canada Consolidated Gold Mining Co. [microform] report of progress to the stockholders.pdf
The Goldfield Mascot Mining Company incorporated under the laws of Arizona [prospectus] - Goldfield Mascot Mining Company.pdf
The mining districts of the Idaho basin and the Boise ridge, Idaho - Lindgren, Waldemar, 1860-1939.pdf
The Mountain Pride Gold & Silver Mining Company [microform].pdf
The Red Mountain View Gold Mining Company [microform] operating the view mine under a Crown grant from the Canadian government, no. 645, dated 13th August, 1896.pdf
The Rossland Homestake Gold Mining Company, Limited [microform].pdf
Underground treasures - how and where to find them. a key for the ready determination of all the useful minerals within the United States - Orton, James, 1830-1877.pdf
A blind lead - the story of a mine - Bates, Josephine W.pdf
A preliminary report on a part of the gold deposits of Georgia - Yeates, William Smith, 1836-1908.pdf
A preliminary report on the upper gold belt of Alabama, in the counties of Cleburne, Randolph, Clay, Talladega, Elmore, Coosa, and Tallapoosa - Brewer, William M.pdf
Atlantic City Gold Mining District, Fremont County - Loyal Wingate Trumbull.pdf
Considerations in reference to the establishment of a national school of mines as a means of increasing the product of gold and silver bullion.pdf
Cuyuni gold mining district (Volume 7).pdf
Dave Porter in the gold fields or, the search for the landslide mine - Stratemeyer, Edward, 1862-1930.pdf
Explorations of the highlands of the Brazil; with a full account of the gold and diamond mines vol. 1- Burton, Richard F Sir, 1821-1890.pdf
Explorations of the highlands of the Brazil; with a full account of the gold and diamond mines vol. 2- Burton, Richard F Sir, 1821-1890.pdf
Facts abut Goldfield, Nev. the greatest gold camp in the world.pdf
Famous gold nuggets of the world - Hurley, Thomas Jefferson.pdf
Flour and wheat in the Montana gold camps, 1862-1870 - pioneer experiences and economy of Montana in the mining days - Trexler, Harrison Anthony, 1883.pdf
Fraser River [microform] - Marble, Manton, 1834-1917.pdf
Gems from the tailings - Smith, Samuel W., 1831-1891.pdf
Geological survey of Hokkaido. The gold fields of Yesso - Munroe, Henry Smith, 1850-1933.pdf
Geology of the Comstock lode and the Washoe district, with atlas - by george F. Becker.pdf
Gold and silver mining as a geographic factor in the development of the United States ... - Hubbard, George D. (George David), b. 1871.pdf
Gold Out of Celebes - Aylward Edward Dingle.pdf
Gold, silver [microform] - A.W. Ross & Co.pdf
History of the Ovens; a story of the 1861 gold rush - Young, J. Oscar.pdf
House of Commons, 16 June 1853 - extracts of correspondence relative to the discovery of gold at Queen Charlotte's Island - Great Britain. Colonial Office.pdf
In search of El Dorado a wanderer's experiences - Macdonald, Alexander, 1878-1939.pdf
Kawich's Gold Mine An Historical Narrative of Mining in the Grand Canyon of ... - Josiah Francis Gibbs , Century Printing Company.pdf
Mining camps - a study in American frontier government - Shinn, Charles Howard, 1852-1924.pdf
Model of an Arizona gold mine (Volume Fieldiana, Popular series, Geology, no. 1) - Nichols, Henry W.pdf
Montezuma's Gold Mines - Frederick Albion Ober.pdf
Our western empire, or, The new West beyond the Mississippi [microform] - Brockett, L. P. (Linus Pierpont), 1820-1893.pdf
Prospector, geologist, public resource advocate oral history transcript - Carlin Mine discovery, 1961; Nevada gold rush - Livermore, John Sealy.pdf
Report of J. Ross Browne on the mineral resources of the states and territories west of the Rocky Mountains - Browne, J. Ross (John Ross), 1821-1875.pdf
Report on the Strawberry Hill mine [microform] - Hind, Henry Youle, 1823-1908.pdf
Report, March 8, 1866, on the Uncle Sam Sr. and Gold Canon Silver Mines of the Comstock Lode in Nevada - Prescott, W. C. (William C.), mining engineer.pdf
Reports on the Washington Silver Mine in Davidson County, North Carolina.pdf
Roughing it in Siberia, with some account of the Trans-Siberian railway, and the gold-mining industry of Asiatic Russia - Jefferson, Robert L.pdf
The Arizona gold fields - their location and richness. The capital of the new territory, The Navajo war.pdf
The deep-level mines of the Rand and their future development, considered from the commercial point of view - Denny, G. A. (George Alfred), b. 1868.pdf
The diamonds, coal, and gold of India their mode of occurrence and distribution - Ball, V. (Valentine), 1843-1895.pdf
The discoverie and historie of the gold mynes in Scotland written in the year M.DC.XIX - Atkinson, Stephen, fl. 1619.pdf
The Expedition of the Donner Party and Its Tragic Fate - Eliza Poor Donner Houghton.pdf
The exploring expedition to the Rocky Mountains, Oregon and California - Frémont, John Charles, 1813-1890.pdf
The first year's record of Bullfrog, Nevada and its marvelous mines - Forward Mining Development Company.pdf
The Fraser mines vindicated, or, The history of four months [microform] - Waddington, Alfred, 1800-1872.pdf
The geology of the goldfields of British Guiana - Harrison, John Burchmore, 1856-1928.pdf
The gold bug story book - mining camp tales by a western writer - Stovall, Dennis H., d. 1941.pdf
The gold diggings of Cape Horn a study of life in Tierra Del Fuego and Patagonia - Spears, John Randolph, 1850-1936.pdf
The Gold Fields of Siam - Bel, Jean Marc.pdf
The Gold Mines of the Rand - the Mining Industry of Witwatersrand - Frederick Henry Hatch , John Alexander Chalmers.pdf
The gold mines of the world containing concise and practical advice for investors [microform] Transvaal, India, Australia, Queensland, New Zealand, British Columbia - Curle, J. H. (J.pdf
The Gold Mines of the World Written After an Inspection of Nearly Five Hundred Mines - James Herbert Curle.pdf
The gold regions of south eastern Africa - Baines, Thomas, 1820-1875.pdf
The gold resources and the gold mining industry of the Far Eastern Republic..pdf
The gold-bearing veins of Bag Bay, near Lake of the Woods [microform] (1899).pdf
The gold-mines of Midian and the ruined Midianite cities. A fortnight's tour in north-western Arabia - Burton, Richard Francis, Sir, 1821-1890.pdf
The Great bonanza - adventure in gold mining, silver mining, the raftsmen, the oil regions, whaling, hunting, fishing, fighting - Optic, Oliver, 1822-1897.pdf
The heroes of Battle Rock, or the miners' reward - Kirkpatrick, J. M.pdf
The history of gold mining at Great Falls, Maryland. - McManus, Edward M.pdf
The miner's right, a tale of the Australian goldfields (Volume 1) - Boldrewood, Rolf, 1826-1915.pdf
The miner's right, a tale of the Australian goldfields (Volume 2) - Boldrewood, Rolf, 1826-1915.pdf
The miner's right, a tale of the Australian goldfields (Volume 3) - Boldrewood, Rolf, 1826-1915.pdf
The new bonanzaland [microform] with a brief dissertation on booms - Donan, P. (Patrick).pdf
The Official manual of the Cripple Creek district, Colorado, U.S.A. [vol. 1] - Hills, Fred.pdf
The routes and mineral resources of north western Canada - Dyer, E. Jerome.pdf
The southern world - journal of a deputation from the Wesleyan Conference to Australia and Polynesia including notes of a visit to the gold-fields - Young, Robert, 1796-1865.pdf
The story of gold - Mead, Edward Sherwood, 1874-1956.pdf
The yellow trail - a story of Salmon River gold - Boddy, E. Manchester (Elias Manchester).pdf
Three years in Cariboo - the experience and observations of a packer with distances, notes etc., Salmon River & Nez Percés gold fields by T.R. Olney [microform] - Lindley, Jo.pdf
To the Gold Coast for gold; a personal narrative (Volume 1) - Burton, Richard, Sir, 1821-1890.pdf
To the Gold Coast for gold; a personal narrative (Volume 2) - Burton, Richard, Sir, 1821-1890.pdf
Treasure stories of eastern Idaho - Clements, Louis J.pdf
Using applied geology to discover large copper and gold mines in Arizona, Chile, and Peru - Lowell, J. David.pdf
Vigilante days and ways - the pioneers of the Rockies, the makers and making of Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming - Langford, Nathaniel Pitt, 1832-1911.pdf

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