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Giants - Did they once walk the earth? Did they leave any evidence behind? 2 DVD-ROMs

Giants - Did they once walk the earth? Did they leave any evidence behind? 2 DVD-ROMs

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This 2 DVD-ROM disk set contains document and multimedia files on the subject of giants. Stories of giants are found on many world cultures. The Bible mentions the Nephilim, reputed to be giants. David slew Goliath, a giant. Sumerian culture mentions the Annunaki, giant beings from space who visited the earth thousands of years ago..There are many theories, many opinions, and much evidence that giants once walked the earth. These disks have tales of underground cities, space men and the like. Take a look at the titles listed below and you will see!

This 2 disk set is also part of our 8 disk "Mankind's Mysterious Origins."


2,000 Year-Old _Book of Giants_ Describes How the Nephilim Were Wiped Out.mp4
32 Feet Giant Skeleton Found In India – Hindu God Hanuman_[1].mp4
Alien Base for Giants Discovered.mp4
An Underground City of Giants Discovered in the Grand Canyon..mp4
Ancient American Mysteries - Secrets of The Stones.mp4
Ancient Giants and The Underground Hyperborean Gallery Unearthed in Romania.mp4
Ancient Giants Existed.mp4
Ancient Sleeping Giants Awakened Underground Stasis Chambers Hidden Global Elite Nephilim Annunaki.mp4
Awakened Stasis Giants Secretly Located & Imprisoned by Global Elite.mp4
Best Documentary 2016 The Secret Places On Earth China United States Russia India.mp4
bloodline of the gods unravel the mystery of the human blood type to reveal the aliens among us - nick redfern.pdf
Development on the ‘Lost City of Giants’ in Ecuador.mp4
Did a Race of Real Nephilim Giants walk on the Earth _.mp4
Did Giants Once Live In Underground Cities Across America_.mp4
douglas van dorn - giants- sons of the gods.pdf
Ecuadors Lost City of Giants Discovered [FULL VIDEO 2015].mp4
Expedition to Sipapu-_Grand Canyon's Lost City_.mp4
Forbidden Archeology Evidence for Extreme Human Antiquity.mp4
Forbidden History_ The Mystery Of Ancient Sardinian Giants.mp4
Genesis 6 Giants (Chart) - Stephen Quayle.pdf
Giant _Human_ Skeletons Mass Illuminati Cover-Up [Full Documentary] 2015.mp4
Giant Axes and Hammers Baffle the Experts.mp4
Giant Creature Caught On Tape in Russia Eating The Road__.mp4
Giant Pyramid City Found At 14,000 Ft !.mp4
Giant Skeletons have been Unearthed at Mound Builder Sites.mp4
Giants in Africa.pdf
Giants in Asia.pdf
Giants in Australia.pdf
Giants in North America.pdf
Giants in South America.pdf
Giants in the Middle East.pdf
Giants in the UK.pdf
Giants in Western Europe.pdf
Giants With Double Rowed Teeth, Flattened Heads and Six Fingers.mp4
Giants, ancient metal records, the story of Brewers Cave in Utah.mp4
Gilgamesh NIMROD Tomb Found - Intact NEPHILIM Giant Skeleton Retrieved for DNA GENOMES..mp4
Grand Canyon Underground Citadel - Evidence of Giants and Underground Cities in America.mp4
Hibernating red haired giants, Anunnaki Nephilims in stasis chambers.mp4
Hidden Proofs of a Giant Race.pdf
Mysterious Stone Chambers Giants Discovered in New England Jim Vieira.mp4
Nephilim - Anunnaki Ancient Giants Of Nevada & The Mystery Of Lovelock Cave..mp4
Nephilim and Their Returning - Chuck Missler.mp4
Nephilim Giant_ Goliath'S Skull Found In Jerusalem, David'S Stone Still Embedded In Skull..mp4
Nephilim Giants _ Angels & Aliens of the Past _ Scheletro interista _ Ancient Human Skeletons.mp4
Nephilim Giants in North America - Gigantes Nefilim en América del Norte.mp4
News reports of giant caught on camera!.mp4
Stone Builders, Mounds & the Giants of Ancient America - Banned Talk.mp4
The Real Ancient Giants of America October 2015.mp4
Underground City of Giants Nephilim Fallen Angels Discovered in the Grand Canyon Nephilim, Annunaki.mp4
US Gov _Cover-Up_ of Ancient Giant Nephilim Skeletons- 6-fingered, Double rows of Teeth..mp4


Over 1000 Giant digs have been found in recent years. Giant skeleton.mp4
Part 4 Giants of 40 (12 m) to 70 feet (21 m) tall are coming in 2016_2017. Are you ready_.mp4
Persian City of Giants Found in 2009.mp4
Phil Schneider - The Underground_ The True Story Of A Hidden Reality.mp4
Project ISIS - alien mummy; Anunnaki giants; Illuminati pyramid; Forbidden archeology.mp4
Rama Setu (Adam's Bridge) Scientific explanation with proof.mp4
REAL GIANTS IN HISTORY (Lost Hidden Secrets Documentary).mp4
Suppressed Archaeological Evidence of Ancient Mankind.mp4
the ancient giants who ruled america the missing skeletons and the great smithsonian cover-up - richard j dewhurst.pdf
The Book of Giants found amid the Dead Sea Scrolls & the Destruction of the Nephilim.mp4
The Discovery of 1,750,000 Year Old Man Made Bridge (DOCUMENTARY).mp4
The Lost Ancient Egyptian City of the Grand Canyon 2015.mp4
This Prehistoric Underground Temple Hides the Unexplained Mystery of Elongated Skulls.mp4
US Gov _Cover-Up_ of Ancient Giant Nephilim Skeletons- 6-fingered, Double rows of Teeth..mp4

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