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Entheogens - the Food of the Gods  BANNED FROM EBAY - 6 DVD ROM boxed

Entheogens - the Food of the Gods BANNED FROM EBAY - 6 DVD ROM boxed

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This disk set deals with curative and entheogenic properties of certain substances. There are any number of naturally occuring substances which have been used by humans for milennia for spiritual and curative purposes. Similarly, some recently discoverd man made substances are being investigated for the same reasons. There is no information on synthesis, extraction or cultivation contained herein. This material is for informative and educational purposes dealing with realms of the spirit and the individual's perception of the nature and structure of the universe as may be revealed by these substances. The use of these substances is not encouraged or endorsed. Many first person experiences are included. This is not a sourcebook for gratuitous intoxication, substance abuse, nor does it offer any encouragement to break any laws or engage in criminal enterprise and therefore does not violate and eBay guidelines. 

For as long as man has roamed the planet he has sought to lift the veil between the mundane and the divine. Entheogens have always had a role in this quest. Meaning "generating the divine within," entheogens are substances used in a religious, shamanic, or spiritual context that may be synthesized or obtained from natural species. They induce altered states of consciousness, psychological or physiological. Entheogens can supplement many diverse practices for transcendence, and revelation, including meditation, yoga, and prayer, psychedelic and visionary art, chanting, and music including peyote song and psytrance, traditional medicine and psychedelic therapy, witchcraft, magic, and psychonautics.

Entheogens have been used in a ritualized context for thousands of years; their religious significance is well established in anthropological and modern evidences. Examples of traditional entheogens include psychedelics like peyote, psilocybin mushrooms, and ayahuasca, psychedelic-dissociatives like Tabernanthe iboga, atypical psychedelics like Salvia divinorum, quasi-psychedelics like cannabis and Ipomoea tricolor, deliriants like Amanita muscaria. Traditionally a tea, admixture, or potion like ayahuasca or bhang have been compounded through the work of a shaman or apothecary.

With the advent of organic chemistry, there now exist many synthetic drugs with similar psychoactive properties, many derived from these plants. Many pure active compounds with psychoactive properties have been isolated from these respective organisms and chemically synthesized.

Cannabis is the world's most widely used psychedelic drug and part of the cannabis culture, while medical cannabis have contributed to the development of modern drug paraphernalia like the vaporizer used by hospitals. However, Cannabis is always considered a quasi-psychedelic drug, even with cannabis strains that have been bred to intensify the psychedelic characteristics.

More broadly, the term entheogen is used to refer to any psychoactive drugs when used for their religious or spiritual effects, whether or not in a formal religious or traditional structure. This terminology is often chosen to contrast with recreational use of the same drugs. Studies such as Timothy Leary's Marsh Chapel Experiment and Roland Griffiths' psilocybin studies at Johns Hopkins have documented reports of mystical/spiritual/religious experiences from participants who were administered psychoactive drugs in controlled trials. Ongoing research is limited due to widespread drug prohibition; however, some countries have legislation that allows for traditional entheogen use.

1963 the Psychedelic Review 1 1 June.pdf
MAPS Bulletin Spring Psychedelics the Mind Body Connection.pdf
MAPS Bulletin Annual Report.pdf
The Psychedelic Review 1 1963.pdf
The Psychedelic Review Aldous Huxley Memorial Issue.pdf
Erowid Extracts Newsletter   2001 2006    10 files
The Entheogen Review 27 issues
The Psychedelic Review Archives 1963 1971 issues
Castaneda - 01 -The Teachings of Don Juan.pdf
Castaneda - 02 -  Seperate Reality.pdf
Castaneda - 03 - Journey to Ixtlan.pdf
Castaneda - 04 - Tales of Power.pdf
Castaneda - 05 - The Second Ring of Power.pdf
Castaneda - 06 - Eagles Gift.pdf
Castaneda - 07 - The Fire From Within.pdf
Castaneda - 08 - The Power of Silence.pdf
Castaneda - 09 - The Art of Dreaming.pdf
Castaneda - 10 - The Active Side of Infinity.pdf
Castaneda - All Books In One.pdf
Castaneda - Enigma Of a sorcerer [1h32m].avi
Casteneda - Tensegrity 01 - Twelve Basic Movements [51m].MPG
Casteneda - Tensegrity 02 - Redistributing Dispersed Energy [59m34s].mpg
Casteneda - Tensegrity 03 - Energetically Crossing [46m31s].mpg
Casteneda - Tensegrity 04 - The Butterfly [59m55s].mpg
Casteneda - Tensegrity 05 - The Vibration Of Intent [51m16s].mpg

Peyote and other Psychoactive Cacti.pdf
The Art and Science of Cooking With Cannabis.pdf
Hallucinogens and Shamanism.pdf
O Caminho do Xamã.pdf
The Way of The Shaman.pdf
Alkaloids & Evolution 1 of 4.mp3
Alkaloids & Evolution 2 of 4.mp3
Alkaloids & Evolution 3 of 4.mp3
Alkaloids & Evolution 4 of 4.mp3
The Ayahuasca (Hoasca) Project - 1of2.mp3
The Ayahuasca (Hoasca) Project - 2of2.mp3
The Experiment at La Chorrera 1of5.mp3
The Experiment at La Chorrera 2of5.mp3
The Experiment at La Chorrera 3of5.mp3
The Experiment at La Chorrera 4of5.mp3
The Experiment at La Chorrera 5of5.mp3
Neuroscience & Sprituality [17m23s]4.mpeg
Neuroscience & Sprituality [21m35s]2.mpeg
Neuroscience & Sprituality 1 [21m35s].mpeg
Neuroscience & Sprituality 3 [21m24s].mpeg
Art Bell p1of2 3-07-01 rc.mp3
Art Bell p2of2 3-07-01 rc.mp3
Hallucinogenic Plants.pdf
Sacred Mushroom of Visions, Teonanácatl.pdf
Sacred Vine of Spirits, Ayahuasca.pdf
Hallucinogenic Plants.pdf
Plantas de Los Dioses.pdf
Tracks of the Little Deer.pdf
A Magical Blend - Ann & Sasha Shulgin At Home.avi
Sasha Shulgin Articles.pdf
Shulgin - Phenethylamines I Have Known and Loved (PIHKAL).pdf
Shulgin - PiHKAL.pdf
Shulgin Articles 1.pdf
Shulgin Articles 2.pdf
shulgin_notes 1_orig.pdf
shulgin_notes 2_orig.pdf
shulgin_notes 3_.pdf
shulgin_notes 6.pdf
shulgin_notes 8.pdf
The Backround Of MDMA-shulgin.pdf
The Simple Plant Isoquinolines.pdf
DMT - The Spirit Molecule.pdf
DMT - The Spirit Molecule 1of2.mp3
DMT - The Spirit Molecule 2of2.mp3
DMT- The Spirit Molecule (documentary).mp3
Magical Egypt - Navigating the Afterlife [10m17s].avi
DMT The Spirit Molecule

DISK 03    
Leary, Timothy
A Conversation on LSD (1970s) 198_512kb.mp4
A Conversation on LSD (1970s).txt
An annotated bibliography of Timothy Leary - Horowitz, Michael  bw.pdf
An Annotated Bibliography of Timothy Leary.pdf
Change your brain - Leary, Timothy, 1920-1996.pdf
Changing my mind, among others - Leary, Timothy, 1920-1996.pdf
Confessions of a hope fiend - Leary, Timothy, 1920-1996 bw.pdf
Confessions of a hope fiend - Leary, Timothy, 1920-1996.pdf
David Solomon   Timothy Leary   LSD The Consciousness Expanding Drug.pdf
Design for dying - Leary, Timothy, 1920-1996.pdf
Exo-psychology - Leary, Timothy, 1920-1996 v2.pdf
Exo-psychology - Leary, Timothy, 1920-1996.pdf
High priest - Leary, Timothy, 1920-1996.pdf
Hoehere Intelligenz und Kreativitaet - Leary, Timothy.pdf
Info-psychology - Leary, Timothy, 1920-1996 v2.pdf
Info-psychology - Leary, Timothy, 1920-1996.pdf
Interpersonal diagnosis of personality - Leary, Timothy, 1920-1996.pdf
Interview with Timothy Leary at home in the 1990's 157_512kb.mp4
Jail notes - Leary, Timothy.pdf
leary - totido esp  side 1 part 1.mp3
leary - totido esp  side 1 part 2.mp3
leary - totido esp  side 2 part 1.mp3
leary - totido esp  side 2 part 2.mp3
Leary & Ram Dass.mp4
Leary, Timothy - The Intelligence Agents.pdf
Leary, Timothy - The Man Who Turned On America [46 Min].wmv
Leary, Timothy - The Psychedelic Experience.pdf
Leary, Timothy - What Does WoMan Want.pdf
Multilevel measurement of interpersonal behavior - Leary, Timothy, 1920-1996 v2.pdf
Multilevel measurement of interpersonal behavior - Leary, Timothy, 1920-1996.pdf
Neuro Comics.pdf
Playboy Interview - Timothy Leary.pdf
Psychedelic prayers & other meditations - Leary, Timothy, 1920-1996.pdf
Starseed - Leary, Timothy, 1920-1996.pdf
Start your own religion - Leary, Timothy.pdf
Summary of the PhD Dissertation of Timothy Leary - Leary, Timothy.pdf
Surfing the conscious nets - Leary, Timothy, 1920-1996.pdf
T Leary And R A Wilson Michael Horowitz Free Streaming Inter.mp4
T.Leary G.Snyder A.Watts A.Ginsberg   The Houseboat Summit.pdf
T.Leary, G.Snyder, A.Watts, A.Ginsberg - Summit.pdf
The delicious grace of moving one's hand - Leary, Timothy Francis.pdf
The Dr. Inges Jensen Show with Timothy Leary (1992).mp4
The game of life - Leary, Timothy, 1920-1996 v2.pdf
The game of life - Leary, Timothy, 1920-1996.pdf
The intelligence agents - Leary, Timothy, 1920-1996.pdf
The Looseleaf Report #71 (1989) 65_512kb.mp4
The politics of ecstasy - Leary, Timothy, 1920-1996 v2.pdf
The politics of ecstasy - Leary, Timothy, 1920-1996.pdf
Declaration of Evolution.pdf
Digital Polytheism.pdf
Eight Circuits of Consciousness.pdf
Exo Psychology.pdf
Homage to the Awe full Seer.pdf
How to Change Behavior.pdf
How to Operate Your Brain.pdf
Programmed Communication During Experiences With DMT.pdf
Psychedelics to Internet.pdf
Radicalization Of Timothy Leary.pdf
Space Migration.pdf
Super Learning.pdf
The Effects of Consciousness Expanding Drugs on Prisoner Rehabilitation.pdf
The Eternal Philosophy of Chaos.pdf
The Experiential Typewriter.pdf
The Last Message Of Aldous Huxley.pdf
The Religious Experience   Its Production and Interpretation.pdf
The Second Fine Art   Neo symbolic Communication of Experience.pdf
Think for Yourself Question Authority.pdf
Using LSD to Imprint the Tibetan Buddhist Experience.pdf
What do you turn on when you turn on.pdf
Biographie   german.pdf
Chaos & Cyber Culture.pdf
David Eisenberg Presents Public People.mp4
Declaration of Evolution.pdf
Digital Polytheism.pdf
Dissertation Summary (1950).pdf
Good Morning America (1980s) 111_512kb.mp4
High Priest.pdf
Höhere Intelligenz und Kreativität.pdf
How to Operate Your Brain (1993).mp3
info Psychology 01.mp3
info Psychology 02.mp3
info Psychology 03.mp3
info Psychology 04.mp3
info Psychology 05.mp3
info Psychology 06.mp3
info Psychology 07.mp3
info Psychology 08.mp3
info Psychology 09.mp3
info Psychology 10.mp3
info Psychology 11.mp3
info Psychology 12.mp3
info Psychology 13.mp3
Info-Psychology v1.pdf
Info-Psychology v2 edited.txt
Info-Psychology v2.pdf
Info-Psychology v3.pdf
Info-Psychology v4.pdf
Interpersonal Diagnosis of Personality (1957) - 546 pages.pdf
Interview (197x) _092.mp4
Lecture from the 1980's.mp4
Lecture in a Classroom in the 1980's.mp4
Lecture in New York City in 1990.mp4
LSD Buddha.pdf
NeuroComic [german deutsch].pdf
Neurocomics (1979).pdf
NeuroLogik [german deutsch].pdf
Politics of Self Determination.pdf
Programmed Communication During Experiences with DMT.pdf
Psychedelic Prayers.pdf
Psychedelics to Internet.pdf
Space Migration SMIILE.pdf
Space Migration.pdf
Start Your Own Religion.pdf
The Delicious Grace of Moving One's Hand.pdf
The Eternal Philosophy of Chaos.pdf
The Game of Life.pdf
The Intelligence Agents.pdf
The Interpersonal Dimension of Psychology (1951) - 28 pages.pdf
The Last Dance (1996) The_Last_Dance.mp4
The Psychedelic Experience - Tibetan Book of the Dead v1.pdf
The Psychedelic Experience - Tibetan Book of the Dead v2.pdf
The Psychedelic Experience - Tibetan Book of the Dead v3.pdf
The Psychedelic Experience - Tibetan Book of the Dead v4.pdf
The Psychedelic Experience (Text Only).pdf
The Psychedelic Experience.pdf
The Second Fine Art.pdf
the second fine art; neo-symbolicommunication of experience.pdf
Turn On Tune In Drop Out (1966).mp3
Timothy Leary & Ralph Metzner   Herman Hesse Poet of the Interior Journey.pdf
Timothy Leary & Ralph Metzner   On Programming Psychedelic Experiences.pdf
Timothy Leary & Robert Anton Wilson - The Game of Life.pdf
Timothy Leary Archives.mp4
Good Morning Bay Area (198_) 128_512kb.mp4
Folsom Prison (1973) 305.mp4
Psychedelic Prayers.pdf
Timothy Leary.pdf
Interpersonal Behavior Circle.pdf
Last Trip (November 9, 2007) 82_512kb.mp4
turn on tune in drop out - 01 - Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out.mp3
turn on tune in drop out - 02 - The Turn On.mp3
turn on tune in drop out - 03 - The Tune In.mp3
turn on tune in drop out - 04 - The Beginning Of The Voyage (Heart Chakra).mp3
turn on tune in drop out - 05 - Root Chakra.mp3
turn on tune in drop out - 06 - All Girls Are Yours.mp3
turn on tune in drop out - 07 - Freak-Out.mp3
turn on tune in drop out - 08 - Freak-Out (Continued)Genetic Memory.mp3
turn on tune in drop out - 09 - Re-Entry (Nirvana).mp3
turn on tune in drop out - 10 - Epilogue (Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out).mp3
Ueber die Kriminalisierung des Natuerlichen - Leary, Timothy.pdf
What does woman want  - Leary, Timothy, 1920-1996.pdf
What does woman want - Leary, Timothy, 1920-1996.pdf
You Can Be Anyone This Time Around - 01.Live And Let Live.mp3
You Can Be Anyone This Time Around - 02.You Can Be Anyone This Time Around.mp3
You Can Be Anyone This Time Around - 03.What Do You Turn On When You Turn On.mp3
Your brain is God - Leary, Timothy, 1920-1996.pdf
Timothy Leary - pictures & graphics    98 files
DISK 04    
Address To The Jung Society [FULL](13).mp4
Earth Trust [FULL](14).mp4
Invisible Landscape - Mind, Hallucinogens & the I Ching.pdf
Build your own damn boat.mp4
Everything you need to know about DMT.mp4
Final Earthbound Interview.mp4
Food of the Gods.pdf
Invisible Landscape.pdf
Lectures on Alchemy.pdf
O Alimento dos Deuses.pdf
Opening the Doors of Creativity.mp4
Shamans Among the Machines(14).mp4
The Evolutionary Mind.pdf
The world could be anything(1).mp4
Tryptamines Consciousness.pdf
Dreaming Awake at the End of Time.mp4

Entheogen.Movie [1h10s].avi
Cognition Factor.mov
Art Bell - Time 5-97 - p1of2.mp3
Art Bell - Time 5-97 - p2of2.mp3
DMT Experience (w Joe Rogan).mp3
Eros & Eschaton rc.mp3
Food of the Gods.mp3
Gaia's Midlife Crisis.mp3
I Ching - KUT 10-97.MP3
Imagination in the Light p1of2.mp3
Imagination in the Light p2of2.mp3
Lecture - Angels Aliens & Archetypes.mp3
Light of 3rd Millennium Austin p1of2.mp3
Light of 3rd Millennium Austin p2of2.mp3
Nature is the Center of the Mandala.mp3
Notes on Planetary Intelligence.mp3
Original Tree Of Knowledge 1of8.MP3
Original Tree Of Knowledge 2of8.MP3
Original Tree Of Knowledge 3of8.MP3
Original Tree Of Knowledge 4of8.MP3
Original Tree Of Knowledge 5of8.MP3
Original Tree Of Knowledge 6of8.MP3
Original Tree Of Knowledge 7of8.MP3
Original Tree Of Knowledge 8of8.MP3
Palenque (entire) 1999.mp3
Psilocybin And The Sands Of Time.mp3
Psychedelics are Illegal because.mp3
Psychedelics in the Age of Intelligent Machines [1h27m].avi
Search For The Original Tree Of Knowledge, Workshop, 1992(11).mp4
State Of The Stone 95.mp3
Surfing Finnegan's Wake.mp3
The Dark Sea of Awareness [1m58s].avi
The Eros Eschaton.mp3
The Purpose of Psychedelics [2 m].mpg
The Shamen Re-Evolution with Future Sound.mp3
The World And It's Double.mp3
Tripping Alone in the Garden of Eden.mp3
True Hallucinations.mp3
Unfolding the Stone  6-1991 p1of2.mp3
Unfolding the Stone  6-1991 p2of2.mp3
Vertigo At History's Edge (Entire).mp3
The Last Word [33m2[FULL].mp4

DISK 06    
30 Years of Psychedelic Research.pdf
A Psychedelic Experience.pdf
A Psychedelic Point of View 378.pdf
Al Selden Leif Pagan Meditations Psychedelic Yoga.doc
An LSD Experience.pdf
Are Psychedelics Psychoheuristics 1994 szara 6842 1.pdf
Articles on Entheogens.pdf
Bluelight Neuropharmacology.pdf
Buddhism and Psychedelics.pdf
Chemical Sorcery.mp4
Coca - The Sacred Plant of the Incas.pdf
Dynamics of Hyperspace McKenna Abraham.pdf
Entheogen Articles.pdf
Entheogenic Botanicals.pdf
Essential Psychedelic Guide.pdf
First Supper.divx
Psychedelic Medicine Chapter.pdf
Gnostic Garden - Ethno-Botanical Catalogue.pdf
Hallucinogenic Plants - A Golden Guide.pdf
Implications and Applications of the Near Death Experience.doc
The Psychedelic Explorer's Guide.nfo
The Psychedelic Explorer's Guide.pdf
Flashback The Return of Psychedelic Medicine.pdf
List of Plants.doc
Neurochemistry of Psychedelic Experiences.pdf
Manifesting the Mind Footprints of the Shaman [Full Documentary].mp4
Manual of Psychedelic Etiquette and Safety pdf.pdf
Mathematics and the Psychedelic Revolution.pdf
Michael Persinger - Psychotropic drugs and the nature of reality [45m38s].wmv
Miller - The Magical and Ritual Use Of Herbs.pdf
Monday Night Class.pdf
Nobel Prize genius Crick was high on LSD when he discovered the secret of life.pdf
Plant Medicine of the Amazon Una de gato Cat s Claw.pdf
Playboy the Psychedelic Renaissance CT 0.pdf
Pointer to a New Hallucinogen of Insect Origin.pdf
Psychedelic Crisis FAQ.pdf
Psychedelic Dream Cake docx.docx
Psychedelic Drugs and the Literature of Aldous Huxley.rtf
Psychedelic Drugs Kundalini 133pg.pdf
Psychedelic drugs reconsidered.pdf
Psychedelic Drugs The Alteration of the Self.pdf
PSYCHEDELIC HAMBURG 08 ollisfotos gmx de 1500x.pdf
Psychedelic Information Theory Shamanism in the Age of Reason.pdf
Psychedelic Information Theory.pdf
Psychedelic Lover Pierrot.txt
Psychedelic Medicine Eflyer 2010.doc
Psychedelic Mushroom Guide by Alex Lujan.docx
Psychedelic Mushrooms in Buddhist Tradition.pdf
Psychedelic Orientalism.pdf
Psychedelic Party Pack.txt
Psychedelic Prayers after Tao Te Ching pdf.pdf
Psychedelic Press UK 2012.pdf
Psychedelic Prophecy.docx
Psychedelic Reflections.pdf
Psychedelic Substances and Paranormal Phenomenon Research Review.pdf
Psychedelic Traveller.pdf
Psychedelics Encyclopedia.pdf
Psychedelics Revisited.pdf
Psychedelics The Uses and Implications of Hallucinogenic Drugs.pdf
Psychedelics, Healing, Growth and Spirituality.mp4
Shaman Spiritul Plantelor Howard G Charing interviewed by Horia Turcanu.pdf
Symptoms of a Psychedelic.doc
Teeter - the Sacred Secret (The return of the Christ).pdf
The Discovery of Love A Psychedelic Experience With LSD 25.pdf
The Entheogen Theory of Religion & Ego Death.pdf
The Essential Psychedelic Guide.pdf
The Low Down On Getting High [48m13s].avi
The Neurobiology of Psychedelic Drugs Vollenweider.pdf
The Psychedelic Secrets of Santa Claus.pdf
The Psychedelic Sixties.docx
The Psychedelics and Religion.doc
The Psychedelics.ppt
The Sacred Path of Eco consciousness.pdf
The Tracks of the Little Deer.pdf
The Transformative Spirit of Yaje.pdf
The Truth About psychedelic drugs - all the time [42m50s].avi
The Truth About psychedelic drugs - eat delicious food [42m41s].avi
The Truth About psychedelic drugs - get plenty of sleep [42m47s].avi
The Truth About psychedelic drugs - many benefits [43m41s].avi
Therapeutic Potential Of Psychedelics 1 [15m45s].avi
Therapeutic Potential Of Psychedelics 2 [14m27s].avi
Therapeutic Potential Of Psychedelics 3 [14m50s].avi
Therapeutic Potential Of Psychedelics 4 [7m40s].avi
Psychedelic Experience.pdf
Transcendental Medication.pdf
Treatment of Alcoholism with Psychedelic Therapy.txt
UniversalCare a psychedelic emergency project.ppt
Use of Psychedelic Drugs Like LSD and Magic Mushrooms.pdf
Valley of the Nerds - Psychdelics in Silicon Valley.pdf
Working With Difficult Psychedelic Experiences.pdf

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