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Digital Library OF Entheogens  BANNED FROM EBAY - 7 volumes, 36 disks

Digital Library OF Entheogens BANNED FROM EBAY - 7 volumes, 36 disks

$ 225.00

This 36 disk digital library deals with curative and entheogenic properties of certain substances. There are any number of naturally occuring substances which have been used by humans for milennia for spiritual and curative purposes. Similarly, some recently discoverd man made substances are being investigated for the same reasons. There is no information on synthesis, extraction or cultivation contained herein. This material is for informative and educational purposes dealing with realms of the spirit and the individual's perception of the nature and structure of the universe as may be revealed by these substances. The use of these substances is not encouraged or endorsed. Many first person experiences are included. This is not a sourcebook for gratuitous intoxication, substance abuse, nor does it offer any encouragement to break any laws or engage in criminal enterprise. 

This is a comprehensive 30-disk digital library on the subject of entheogens. It consists of six multi disk boxed libraries combined into a specially priced package. Contents of each individual selection can be looked up under the posting for each selection.

Ayahuasca - Vine of the Gods  - 10  disks             
Entheogens - Food of the Gods - 6  disks              
LSD - history & usage - 4  disks                  
Magic mushrooms - Flesh of the gods - 2  disks                
Cannabis & Cancer -  6  disks                
Peyote - the transcendent cactus - 2  disks                                                                   Mecical Cannabis - 6 disks  

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