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Emmanuel Swedenborg Christian Mystic & Visionary

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Emanuel Swedenborg (1688–1772) was perhaps the last of the Renaissance men—he was fluent in nine languages, wrote 150 works in 17 sciences, was expert in numerous crafts, and was a musician, a politician, and an inventor with dozens of major contributions attributed to his name. When his name is recalled today, it is usually as a Swedish mystic and medium who courted angels and cursed demons. Swedenborg claimed daily communications with the inhabitants of the unseen world, and his manifestations of remarkable psychic phenomena are well documented.

In 1743, when he was 56, Swedenborg had a vision in which he believed that "Our Lord" initiated him into the deeper spiritual meaning of the scriptures. The Bible was the word of God, he was told, but its true meaning differed greatly from its more apparent teachings. After a series of dreams and visions, Swedenborg abandoned his life of politics and science to spend all of his considerable energy delving into the mysteries of the spiritual world. Swedenborg said that he could hear the conversations of angelic beings and could even participate in such otherworldly discussions. In time, he was given visions of both heaven and hell, and he developed the habit of lying in trance for several days and nights.

In 1759, Swedenborg had the vision of the great fire at Stockholm, which has been recorded as one of the first completely documented cases of clairvoyance in history and which has become well known throughout the Western world.

Swedenborg's conversations with the angels and spirits of the dead had informed him that humans possess two receptacles for the containment of God—the will for divine love and the understanding for divine wisdom.

Swedenborg believed strongly in what he termed the Doctrine of Correspondence: that everything in the visible, material world has a counterpart in the unseen, nonmaterial world. To those who questioned the validity of his journeys and conversations in the spiritual world, Swedenborg responded firmly that his observations of these other dimensions had been recorded as strictly as any man of science among his detractors.

From the time he was 55 until his death, Swedenborg spoke to spirits of the deceased and to angelic beings. He said that the spirit world was comprised of a number of concentric spheres, each with its own density and inhabitants. There is no such thing as hell or eternal punishment. Those spirits who find themselves in a hellish place after death can evolve toward a higher spiritual plane.

In spite of it being granted to him "to be constantly and uninterruptedly in company with spirits and angels," Swedenborg did issue a caution in regard to receiving counsel from just any spirit that might manifest with an alleged personal message. "When spirits begin to speak," he wrote in Miscellaneous Theological Works (1996), "care should be taken not to believe them, for nearly everything they say is made up by them.…They love to feign. Whatever be the topic spoken of, they think they know it, and if man listens and believes, they insist, and in various ways deceive and seduce."

The following works by and about  in PDF form are included in this zip file. All are in English, except as noted. 

Asplundh - A Song for Swedenborg.pdf
Bell - Source Analysis of Swedenborg's Philosophical & theological Ideas.pdf
Book Review- Swedenborg's Secret.pdf
Candela 3-02.pdf
De Hemelsche Leer  1st Fascicle 1930.pdf
De Hemelsche Leer  2nd Fascicle 1931.pdf
De Hemelsche Leer  6th Fascicle1937.pdf
De Hemelsche Leer 7th Fascicle 1939.pdf
Helen Keller's Introduction to True Christian Religion.pdf
Immanuel Kant & Swedenborg in Germany.pdf
Life Imagined, Life lived - for Emannuel Swedenborg, for You.pdf
Logos 2002 spr.pdf
Logos 2004 spr.pdf
Munnis - From Buddha to Swedenborg.pdf
Newsletter 06 Winter 2007.pdf
Newsletter 08 S.pdf
Newsletter 200603.pdf
Newsletter 200612-200701.pdf
Review - Swedenborg & literature.pdf
Shaw - Joyous readings & Misreadings of Swedenborg.pdf
Suchard - Swedenborg, Blake and the Sexual Basis of Spiritual Vision.pdf
Swedenborg - The Heavenly Arcana Vol 01.pdf
Swedenborg, Emmanuel  - Spiritual Life and the Word of God.pdf
Swedenborg, Emmanuel  - Summaria Expositio Doctrinae Novae Ecclesiae Quae Per Novam Hierosolymam In Apocalypsi Intelligitur (latin).pdf
Swedenborg, Emmanuel - Apocalypse Revealed.pdf
Swedenborg, Emmanuel - Arcana Caelestia or Heavenly Secrets - chapter 16 100dpi 1750.pdf
Swedenborg, Emmanuel - Arcana Caelestia or Heavenly Secrets - chapter 16 200dpi 1750.pdf
Swedenborg, Emmanuel - Doctrina Vitae Pro Nova Hierosolyma Ex Praeceptis Decalogi (Latin).pdf
Swedenborg, Emmanuel - Doctrine of Life For the New Jerusalem from the Precepts of the Decalogue.pdf
Swedenborg, Emmanuel - Earths in Our Solar System which Are Called Planets.pdf
Swedenborg, Emmanuel - Gist of Swedenborg.pdf
Swedenborg, Emmanuel - Heaven & Hell.pdf
Swedenborg, Emmanuel - Heaven & its Wonders & Hell (translated by Ager).pdf
Swedenborg, Emmanuel - Spiritual Life and the Word of God.pdf
Swedenborg, Emmanuel - The Delights of Wisdom Pertaining to Conjugal Love.pdf
Swedenborg, Emmanuel - The Meaning of the White Horse in Apocalypse.pdf
Synnestvedt - Swedenborg & Ancient Philosophy.pdf
Synnestvedt - Understanding Swedenborg, the Embryologist & Christian Philosopher.pdf
Thompson - Dualism in Descartes and Swedenborg.pdf
Title Abbreviations of Swedenborg's Works.pdf
Van Dusen - Advanced Swedenborg.pdf
Words of The Lord 07 01.pdf

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