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Dr. Royal R. Rife - Energetic Medicine Pioneer who cured cancer- 4 DVD-ROM Boxed

Dr. Royal R. Rife - Energetic Medicine Pioneer who cured cancer- 4 DVD-ROM Boxed

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Dr. Royal Raymond Rife was inventor of the first virus microscope. This was an optical device that was capable of magnifying living organisims by a factor of some 20,000 diameters. This can be done with electron microscopes, but electron microscopes can only magnify dead organisms. Rife's device allowed scientists to see microorgaisms in their living state.

He is also known for his work applying radio frequencies to viruses, bacteria, and other invasive microbes. He discovered that when a microbe's unique frequency is isolated and intensified it can safely be disintegrated without affecting any surrounding cells. He eventually isolated the correct frequencies for safely destroying 52 known infectious cells - including typhoid, tuberculosis, and cancer.

Rife machines are devices that generates specific user-inputted frequencies based on Dr. Rife's observations that intensifying the resonant frequency of a specific infectious cell (such as a virus or bacteria) destroys it. 

This is a collection of documents, audio files and multimedia on 4 DVD-ROMs on Dr. rife and his work.

DISK 01 Documents, Software Multimedia

    01 1959 Dr Robert P Stafford.mp3
    02 Dr Rife.mp3
    03 John Marsh 1959.mp3
    04 1976 John Marsh.mp3
    05 1986 John Marsh.mp3
    06 Dr James B Couche Md.mp3
    07 1986 John Marsh.mp3
    08 Dr Rife.mp3
    09 Dr Tully DDS.mp3
    10 Dr Rife Dr Tully.mp3
    11 Dr Gonin Md.mp3
    12 Dr Rife.mp3
    13 Ben Cullen.mp3
    14 Dr Rife Dr Lara Md.mp3
    15 Rife Stouddard Dickland.mp3
    16 Dr Rife John Crane.mp3
    17 Dr Rife.mp3
    18 Dr Rife Dr Fite.mp3
    19 Dr Rife John Crane.mp3
    20 1986 John Marsh.mp3
    21 John Marsh With Cancer Patient.mp3
    6 Dr James B Couche Md.mp3
    9 Dr Tully Dds.mp3
    Dr Robert P Stafford 1959.mp3

    A Practical Guide to Rife (Full).pdf
    Aug 4 1939 New Press.pdf
    Beam Ray Machine.pdf
    Beam Ray Trial Transcript 1939.pdf
    Ben Cullen Interview 1970s.pdf
    Bill'S Plasma Tubes Gallery.pdf
    Bio Electromagnetic Healing.pdf
    Bioenergetics Session Considerations.pdf
    Borderlands Tesla Broadcast Power Weather Engineering The Rife Beam Ray 20P.pdf
    Califonia And Western Medicine 12 4 1931.pdf
    Cancer   The Outlaw.pdf
    Cancer   Why We Are Still Dying To Know The Truth (Bob Beck Hulda Clark Raymond Rife).pdf
    Cancer And Hydrazine Sulfate.pdf
    Cancer Cure in 1934.txt
    Cancer Why We Re Still Dying to Know the Truth See Also Bob Beck Hulda Clark Raymond Rife.pdf
    Comparing Electromedicine Devices.pdf
    Confirmation Paper.pdf
    Control Industries Corporation.pdf
    Cylinders or Ray tubes.pdf
    Deposition Of Royal Raymond Rife 1961.pdf
    Doctors Who Used The Rife Machine On Their Patients.pdf
    Dr Clark Rife Conference Speech.pdf
    Dr Rober P Staffords Electomagnetic Field Therapy Report.pdf
    Dr Robert P Staffords Electomagnetic Field Therapy Report.pdf
    Dr Royal Rife Discovers the Cure for Cancer.pdf
    Dr Yale Rife Ray Paper.pdf
    Dr. Rife And Cancer   A Realistic View.pdf
    Dr. Rife And Dr Gruners Cryptomyces Pleomorpha Fungus.pdf
    Dr. Rife On Bx & By Cancer Viruses.pdf
    Dr. Rife's True Original Frequencies.pdf
    Electron Therapy Report 1959.pdf
    Evening Tribune May 11 1938.pdf
    Faqs For The Rife Digital Professional Web.pdf
    Freq Gen Rife Machine..pdf
    Frequency Generators.pdf
    Frex Pfa 2 Diy Project.pdf
    Great Interest Is Shown In Rife Ray Sept 23 1938.pdf
    Helena Daily Independant December 4 1931.pdf
    History of Rifes Instruments Update October 2010.pdf
    How To Make Any Frequency Generator With The Proper Frequency Range Work Like A Rife Machine.pdf
    Human Biology & Frequency Healing Bio Telemetrics Royal Raymond Rife Summary.pdf
    Hydrazine Sulfate 01.pdf
    Hydrazine Sulfate 02.pdf
    Intensity Of Ultra Sound Generated The Rife Frequency Instrument.doc
    John Bedini My Work On Rife Heterodyning.pdf
    Journal of Borderland Research Vol XLIV No 2 March April 1988.pdf
    Los Angeles Times 11 27 1931.jpg
    Los Angeles Times Dec 12 1931.pdf
    Los Angeles Times December 27 1931.pdf
    Los Angeles Times June 26 1940.pdf
    Los Angeles Times Nov 21 1931.jpg
    Los Angeles Times Nov 22 1931.pdf
    Mayo Clinic E. C. Rosenow Rife Microscope Report.pdf
    Movie New Eye Of Microscope June 1931.pdf
    Nenah   Rife Appendix C Healing with EM and Sound.pdf
    New Cancer Foe Hailed Early 1940S.pdf
    New Concepts in Physio Clinical Medicine Dr Albert Abrams 1922.pdf
    Personal Philosophy of Healing.pdf
    Physico Clinical Medicine by Dr Albert Abrams 1916.pdf
    Popular Science June 1931.pdf
    Portable Rife Crane Unit.pdf
    Pulsed Technologies Holman Dorneanu Interview By Anderson.pdf
    Raymond Rife.doc
    Requiem For Royal Rife.doc
    Rife  Microscopes #1   The Universal Microscope.pdf
    Rife  Microscopes #2   The Smithsonian Report.pdf
    Rife  Microscopes #3   History of Microscopes.pdf
    Rife  Microscopes #4   Drs rife & Crane discussion.pdf
    Rife  Microscopes #5   Ben Cullen talk.pdf
    Rife  Microscopes #8   Rife Microscopes & electron therapy.pdf
    Rife  Microscopes #9   Principle of Parallel Rays.pdf
    Rife And The Death Of The Cancer Industry 1.doc
    Rife Cures 16 People Of Terminal Cancer.pdf
    Rife Frequencies (2).pdf
    Rife Frequencies Of All Diseases.pdf
    Rife Frequencies.pdf
    Rife Frequency Charts Hoyland  True Original Frequencies.jpg
    Rife Frequency Charts Wrong Frequencies 1.jpg
    Rife Frequency Charts Wrong Frequencies 2.jpg
    Rife Handbook (excerpts).pdf
    Rife Handbook Sylver Table Of Contents.pdf
    Rife Handbook TOC.pdf
    Rife Handbook.pdf
    Rife Healing W Em And Sound Nenah Silver 2009.pdf
    Rife Instrument History.pdf
    Rife Instruments & Frequencies.pdf
    Rife Machine Technology.pdf
    Rife Machines and ElectronTherapy.pdf
    Rife Magnetic Pulse Therapy And Rife Healing.pdf
    Rife Medic 3.pdf
    Rife Microscope Blueprint.pdf
    Rife Ray 4.pdf
    Rife Ray machine.pdf
    Rife Ray Tube.docx
    Rife Report   Pathogenic DNA Frequency Report   Plus Bartonella.pdf
    Rife Research And Energy Medicine.doc
    Rife Resonator Therapy.docx
    Rife SD Evening Tribune 05 06 1938 Full Article.pdf
    Rife Story.pdf
    Rife Technology.pdf
    RIFE the Cancer Cure That Worked Barry Lynes 1987 Krebs Heilung Englisch.pdf
    Rife's Instruments and Frequencies.pdf
    Rosenow Rife 8 26 1932.pdf
    Royal R Rife.pdf
    Royal Raymond Rife Deposition 1961.pdf
    Royal Raymond Rife Frequency Healing Bio Telemetrics Summary Jeffrense.pdf
    Royal Raymond Rife.pdf
    Royal Rife 1920 Onward Discovers the Cure for Cancer 1888 1971.pdf
    Royal Rife Devices Working Links Testimonials.doc
    Royal Rife History of His Device and How It Works.pdf
    RR Rife 1931 CaliforniaWesternmagazine Article.pdf
    San Diego Evening Tribune May 6 1938.pdf
    San Diego Evening Tribune May 7 1938 Article 1.pdf
    San Diego Evening Tribune May 7 1938 Article 2.pdf
    San Diego Union Nov 3 1929.pdf
    Science Service September 4 1931.pdf
    Scientific Genius Dies 1971.pdf
    Secrets Of Dr Rife's Resonant Energy Device Part 2.pdf
    Self Trained 4 16 1934.pdf
    Skin Effect & Bio electrical Impedance Analysis.pdf
    Smithsonian Report 1944.pdf
    Stealth Viruses The Rife Forum.pdf
    Tech Papers   Novel Principles In The Rife Microscope.pdf
    Testimonials 1961.pdf
    The 1932 Cancer Cure By Joseph Gallgher.pdf
    The Dr Royal Rife Machine.doc
    The Lord Told Me How to Cure Cancer the Rife Forum.pdf
    The Medical Genius Of Royal Raymond Rife.doc
    The Quick Start Manual For The Rife Digital Pro.pdf
    The Raymond Rife Story.pdf
    The Rife Digital Ultimate Manual.pdf
    The Rife Machine Report A History Of Rifes Instruments And Frequencies.pdf
    The Rife Microscope   Cure Story.pdf
    The Rife Microscope.doc
    The Rife Story Barry Lynes Recension.pdf
    The San Diego Union 12 4 1931.pdf
    The San Diego Union 1932.pdf
    The San Diego Union 7 31 1949.pdf
    Treatment for Cancer & virus, bacteria & fungi.pdf
    Was Rife Right A 32 Year Old Infection Cured in 2 Hours.ppt
    What Has Become Of The Rife Microscope.pdf
    What Is Electromedicine.pdf
    What Is Inside The Rife Digital Carrying Case.pdf
    You Have Been Lied About Germs.docx

Pictures    69 JPG FILES
Rife Machine Construction
    Rife Machine construction 01.mp4
    Rife Machine construction 02.mp4
    Rife Machine construction 03.mp4
    Rife Machine construction 04.mp4
    Rife Machine construction 05.mp4
    Rife Machine construction 06.mp4
    Rife Machine construction 07.mp4
    Rife Machine construction 08.mp4
    Rife Machine construction 09.mp4
    Rife Machine construction 10.mp4


02 Multimedia A - H
    A special frequency, a mini cure all Rife (Isochronic Tones 120 Hz) Pure Series.mp4
    ADD and ADHD - Rife Frequencies.mp4
    Alopecia (Hair Loss) - Rife Frequencies.mp4
    AMA Cartel _ Flexner Against Royal Rife Healing Frequencies.mp4
    Arthritis 1 and 2 - Rife Frequencies.mp4
    Asthma Light - Rife Frequencies.mp4
    Ausubel- Interview.avi
    Awesome 'Spooky' Rife Machine.mp4
    Back Pain - Rife Frequencies.mp4
    Bare - The Rife Beam Ray Device, Effects on Microorganisms (raw microscope footage).avi
    Bipolar Disorder - Rife Frequencies.mp4
    Cancer carcinoma liver, etc (Isochronic Tones 214 Hz) Pure Series.mp4
    Candidiasis (Candida Albicans) - Rife Frequencies.mp4
    Changes in Square Wave Duty Cycles and Their Effects on Plasma.mp4
    Dr. Royal Rife's 1936 Lab Film.flv
    Fat cells (Isochronic Tones 295.8 Hz) Pure Series.mp4
    Growth hormone, stimulation of, Muscle develop, etc (Isochronic Tones 31.32 Hz ) Pure Series.mp4
    Healing mind_body, etc (Isochronic Tones 10.5 Hz) Pure Series.mp4
    Heart tonic, Heart General, etc (Isochronic Tones 162 Hz) Pure Series.mp4
    How Healing Becomes A Crime.avi
    How Healing Becomes A Crime.txt

03 Multimedia I - R
    Infections - Rife Frequencies.mp4
    Interviews - 1 John C. Hubbard - Pathologist.mkv
    Interviews - 2 Robert Stafford - Medical Doctor.mkv
    Interviews - 3 Michael Coyle - Microscopist Pleomorphist.mkv
    Interviews - 4 Bob Haining - Radio Engineer.mkv
    Interviews - 5 Mike Tewksbury - Electro-Medical Devices.mkv
    Joshua Parker on Rife Machines.mp4
    Kill Parasite (Compilation) - Drizz.mp4
    Leukemia Cells Shattered by Electronic Signals.mp4
    Liver Frequency, Binaural Beats Brainwave Entrainment.mp4
    Motion Sickness - Rife Frequencies.mp4
    Nenah Sylver - Rife Machines, Frequency Generators _ How To Heal The Body Naturally.mp4
    Pain Relief - Rife Frequencies.mp4
    Plasma Wave Beating Phenomenon Inside Phanotron Tube.mp4
    RF Carrier Heterodyne In Phanotron Plasma.mp4
    Rife Bare Plasma Experiment  Destroys Microorganisms (Dec. 21, 2007).mp4
    Rife Bare Plasma Experiment Destroys Microorganisms (July-23,-2008).mp4
    Rife Bare Plasma Experiment Destroys Microorganisms (July-6-07).mp4
    Rife Bare Plasma Experiment Destroys Microorganisms (June-28-07).mp4
    Rife Bare Plasma Experiment Destroys Microorganisms (March 6, 2009).mp4
    Rife Bare Plasma Experiment Destroys Organism.mp4
    Rife Bare Plasma Experiment Destroys Organisms (August 27, 2007).mp4
    Rife Bare Plasma Experiment Destroys Organisms (Jan. 19, 2008).mp4
    Rife Bare Plasma Experiment Destroys Organisms (July 16, 2007).mp4
    Rife Bare Plasma Experiment Destroys Organisms (July 19, 2007).mp4
    Rife Bare Plasma Experiment Destroys Organisms (July 7, 2007).mp4
    Rife Bare Plasma Experiment Destroys Organisms (November 2,2008).mp4
    Rife Bare Plasma Experiment Destroys Organisms (Sept & Oct 2007).mp4
    Rife Bare Plasma Experiment Destroys Organisms (September 12, 2007).mp4
    Rife Bare Plasma Experiment Destroys Organisms (September 21, 2007).mp4
    Rife Bare Plasma Experiments Compilation.mp4

04 Multimedia R - W
    Rife Machine Software tutorial.MP4
    RIFE Plasma Tube Kills Cancer Viruses Audio Waves (1 of 11).mp4
    RifeVideos- Royal Rife, In His Own Words.flv
    Royal Raymond Rife's laboratories.mp4
    Royal Rife - Suppressed Medical Knowledge.flv.mp4
    Royal Rife In His Own Words.mp4
    Royal Rife's Beam Ray Device.mp4
    Sound Treatment for the Liver and Pancreas.mp4
    Spooky! The affordable Rife Machine.mp4
    The Forgotten Story of Royal Raymond Rife.avi
    The Health Revolution  14 - John White on the Spooky2 Rife Machine - Interviewed by Clive de Carle.mp4
    The rise and fall of a scientific genius.mkv
    The Royal Rife Story.avi
    The Royal Rife Story.mp4
    Vorticelli undergoing Plasma Wave Experiments.mp4
    Weight Loss - Rife Frequencies.mp4

The methods and theories presented on this disk set are not approved by the FDA and presented for informational and educational purposes only. It is not intended to take the place of care by a licensed medical professional. If you have a condition requiring treatment, consult a licensed medical professional.


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