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Discoveries of Viktor Schauberger - 2  DVD-ROM boxed Nature's Energy

Discoveries of Viktor Schauberger - 2 DVD-ROM boxed Nature's Energy

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Viktor Schauberger (30 June 1885 – 25 September1958) was an Austrian forester/forest warden, naturalist, philosopher, inventor and Biomimicry experimenter. The inventor of what he called "implosion technology", Schauberger developed his own theories based on fluidic vortices and movement in nature. He built actuators for airplanes, ships, silent turbines, self-cleaning pipes and equipment for cleaning and so-called "refinement" of water to create spring water, which he used as a remedy.

Schauberger's theories appear not to have received acceptance as replication proves either too difficult or results vary from previously published data. However, Schauberger's work remains an inspiration to many people in the Green Movement for his own observations of nature.

Viktor Schauberger was born in Holzschlag, Austria, to a long line of Austrian foresters that could be traced back to early Germanic tribes, with views on and concepts of nature entirely different than the ones known to us currently. Creek and river flow fascinated him during his youth. He went on to develop a basic theory that contains a twofold movement principle for such phenomena.

His first concepts were brought on by studying trout in its natural environment. He was quoted as saying:

How was it possible for this fish to stand so motionlessly, only steering itself with slight movements of its tail-fins, in this wildly torrential flow, which made my staff shake so much that I could hardly hang onto it? What forces enabled the trout to overcome its own body-weight so effortlessly and quickly, and, at the same time, overcome the specific weight of the heavy water flowing against it?

These questions inspired further investigation to study the force that allowed such effortless natural motion. Schaubergers conclusion led to his theory of natural vortices.

Schauberger's second major theory was in the structure of water. He believed that water is at its densest when cold, and that there are many layers in the structure of flowing water. He claimed that nature creates vortices to create equilibriums. He further claimed that our current form of energy production/consumption scatters matter into disequilibrium. His studies were not approved by science at the time, even when his ideas were put into practice.

Schauberger designed and built several log flumes which reduced the timber transport costs to one tenth the previous cost and allowed transport of denser than water woods such as beech and fir. In 1924, Viktor Schauberger became a Public Council consultant for the log flumes for the Austrian state. He started construction of three large plants in Austria. In 1926, he undertook research at a timber flotation installation in Neuberg an der Mürz in Styria. In 1929 Schauberger submitted his first applications for patents in the fields of water engineering and turbine construction. He conducted research on how to artificially generate centripetal movement in various types of machines. He proposed a means of utilising hydroelectric power by a jet turbine. The log flumes used for timber flotation allegedly disregarded the Archimedes' principle, i.e., Schauberger was allegedly able to transport heavier-than-water objects by creating a centripetal movement (making the timber spin around its own axis, by special guiding-vanes which caused the water to spiral).

In 1934 Viktor was meeting with Hitler, and had discussions about fundamental principles of agriculture, forestry and water engineering. Schauberger is believed to have lent his ideas in order to aid the German Reich. Although whether this was under duress or willingly is still a matter of debate.

At the end of the war Schauberger was apprehended by US intelligence agents, and kept in custody for 9 months. They confiscated all his documents and prototypes, and interrogated him to determine his activities during the war.

After the war Schauberger continued his work, leading to water-based power generation through vortex action in a closed cycle, the "Spiral Plough", an "Apparatus for soil cultivation made of copper" and tests with "spiral pipes".

Schauberger and his works have become part of an internet-based conspiracy theory claiming that Schauberger invented free energy/perpetual motion devices and that this was "covered up" by the US government. However, perpetual motion devices are impossible under basic laws of physics as they violate the fundamental concept of conservation of energy. Schauberger never claimed to have invented perpetual motion machines, but instead stated that he used the Earth's natural power.

This is a collection of pdf files and multi media files relating to the work of Viktor Schauberger. While his work was largely unappreciated while he was alive, his work is being looked at again in the quest to bring society into harmony with nature and to effectively utilize non-polluting and replenishable energy technologies.



Avec Tesla et Schauberger L'Energie Libre Vanquelef(fr).pdf
Coats & Schauberger - The water wizard - The extraordinary properties of natural water.pdf
Hidden Nature - The Startling Insights of Viktor Schauberger.pdf
Hyperbolic Cones by Schauberger.pdf
Implosion - Viktor Schauberger and the Path of Natural Energy.pdf
Johansson et al - Self-organizing Flow Technology - In Viktor Schauberger's Footsteps.pdf
Lebendes Wasser - Viktor Schauberger und eine neue Technik unsere Umwelt zu retten.pdf
Living Energies - Viktor Schauberger's Brilliant Work with Natural Energy Explained.pdf
Living Water - Viktor Schauberger and the Secrets of Natural Energy.pdf
Nature as Teacher - New Principles in the Working of Nature .pdf
Radlberger - Der hyperbolische Kegel nach Walter Schauberger (ger).pdf
schauberger - Copy.jpg
schauberger - Copy.nfo
schauberger (2).nfo
SchauBerger Generator.pdf
Schauberger Viktor - Unsere sinnlose Arbeit(ger).pdf
Startling Insights of Viktor Schauberger.pdf
The Energy Evolution - Harnessing Free Energy from Nature.pdf
The fertile earth - Nature's energies in agriculture, soil fertilisation an.pdf
The fertile earth - Nature's Energies in Agriculture, Soil Fertilisation and Forestry (2000).pdf
The Startling Insights of Viktor Schauberger.pdf
The Water Wizard - The Extraordinary Properties of Natural Water (1997).pdf
Viktor-Schauberger 01.pdf
Viktor-Schauberger 02.pdf
Viktor-Schauberger 03.pdf
Who Was Viktor Schauberger.pdf

Pics - 19jpg files

Das Austro-Ufo von V. Schauberger.mp4
Nature Was My Teacher - The Vision of Viktor Schauberger.mp4
Schauberger and the Magic of Water - Lecture by Coats Callum (2008).mp4
The Extraordinary Nature of Water - Viktor Schauberger.mp4
The Vision of Viktor Schauberger 01.flv
The Vision of Viktor Schauberger 02.flv
The Vision of Viktor Schauberger 03.flv
The Vision of Viktor Schauberger 04.flv
The Water Whisperer.mp4
UFO VIDEOS UK - Nazi UFOs confirmed.mp4
Viktor Schauberger - Comprehend and Copy Nature w subs.mp4
Viktor Schauberger - Lecture by Harald Kautz-Vella.mp4

german - Die deutschen Flugscheibenkonstrukteure - Interview mit Andreas Epp und Walter Schauberger.avi
Nature Was My Teacher - The Vision of Viktor Schauberger.avi
Sacred Living Geometry - The Enlightened Environmental Theories of Viktor Schauberger (1995).avi
The Extraordinary Nature of Water - Viktor Schauberger.avi
Viktor Schauberger - Original Voice in German (1955).mp3
Viktor Schaubergers Vril flying saucer.mp4

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