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Dangers of the Occult - instant downlod - Gene's Weird Stuff

Dangers of the Occult - instant downlod

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Are there dangers in the occult? What are they? What can happern? This is a downloadable zip file contining the following files on the dangers of the occult!

After you make a payment you will go directly to a download page. You may download your purchase three times. If you have any difficulties, email me at gene_johnson47@comcast.net.

A Note on Astrology and Spiritualism.pdf
Chronicles of pharmacy.pdf
Claims of Modern Psychical Research.pdf
Confessions of a medium.pdf
Delusions of Clairvoyance.pdf
Essays in occultism spiritism and demonology.pdf
Fact and fable in psychology.pdf
Facts and Mysteries of Spiritism.pdf
Frauds exposed.pdf
Hypnotism and spiritism.pdf
Hypnotism mesmerism and the new witchcraft.pdf
Memoirs of extraordinary popular delusions 2.pdf
Memoirs of extraordinary popular delusions 3.pdf
Memoirs of extraordinary popular delusions1.pdf
Modern mysteries explained and exposed.pdf
Modern Necromancy.pdf
Modern spiritism.pdf
Modern spiritualism a history and a criticism 1.pdf
Modern spiritualism a history and a criticism 2.pdf
Modern spiritualism laid bare.pdf
Psychic research and Gospel miracles.pdf
Psychology as a natural science applied to the solution of occult psychic phenomena.pdf
Religious delusions.pdf
Rev. Joseph Cook Versus Emanuel Swedenborg.pdf
Serpent-worship and other essays.pdf
Seybert Commission.pdf
Sketches of imposture.pdf
Some Phases of Modern Occultism - The_Rosary_magazine.pdf
Spiritism and religion a moral study.pdf
Spiritism and the cult of the dead in antiquity.pdf
Spiritism and the Fallen Angels.pdf
Spiritism the Modern Satanism.pdf
Spiritualism - Bible_Christian_magazine.pdf
Spiritualism a personal experience and a warning.pdf
Spiritualism and necromancy.pdf
Spiritualism exposed.pdf
Spiritualism on Trial.pdf
Spiritualism or Modern necromancy.pdf
Spiritualism versus Christianity.pdf
The Autobiography of Satan.pdf
The case against spiritualism.pdf
The Greatest Debate within a Half Century Upon Modern Spiritualism.pdf
The history and power of mind.pdf
The Holy Spirit and other spirits - many pages hard to read.pdf
The mediaeval attitude toward astrology.pdf
The menace of spiritualism.pdf
The new black magic and the truth about the ouija-board.pdf
The Pharmacy of the Bible.pdf
The physical phenomena of spiritualism.pdf
The popes and science.pdf
The probable effect of spiritualism.pdf
The question settled. A careful comparison of Biblical and modern spiritualism.pdf
The rappers.pdf
The supernatural in modern English fiction.pdf
The Swedenborgian delusion.pdf
Three lectures on modern spiritism.pdf

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