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The American Civil War Vol 6: The American Confederacy 6 DVD-ROMs

The American Civil War Vol 6: The American Confederacy 6 DVD-ROMs

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The American Civil War aka The War Between the States, is the event that defined the United States. Before the Civil War, our nation was referred to as was "…the united States are…". The Civil War it bcame "…the United States is…". The Civil War has spawned  a mountain of  literature. This collection contains prime sources - official government reports from both sides as well as historical and first person accounts written during and shortly after the Civil War. This comprehensive multi-volume series on the American Civil War is a collection of prime sources for scholar's and researchers. These pdf files are facsimile copies allowing for sources to be properly referenced and footnoted. In the case of documents from university archives, ther original protective envelope with catalog information, barcode, etc., are included as an aid to referencing these materials in footnotes and ednotes. 

Most of the documents in this 6 disk boxed scholar's library here come from the Duke University Collection of Confederate Imprints. Duke University holds one of the world’s largest collections of items printed in the Confederate States of America between secession from the Union and the surrender of the Confederate military forces, December 1860-April 1865. Confederate imprints are notable for their fragility and ephemerality, due to the scarcity of high-quality paper and a lack of large publishing and printing houses in the South, as well as for the view their contents give of military and civilian life in the Confederacy. This collection contains examples of the wide variety of Confederate imprints, from broadsides and printed forms to military manuals and novels.
It is an intimate look at the minutae of the American Confederacy and a valuable aid to scholars or anyone who is interested in the Confederate States of America. There are to many individual documents to list them all, so the contents shown below show subfolders and how many files they contain.

Almanacs, Guides, Census 48 files
Banks, Finance & Trade 33 files
Broadsides, Proclamations, Invitations 90 files
Churches, Memorials, Tracts 349 files
Circulars 100 files    
Commerce 20 files    
Constitution 9 files    
Currency 27 files
Currency Images    327 files
Daughters of the Confederacy 10 files
Dept of Justice     4files
Dept of Treasury 43 files
Dept of War 17 files
Education, text books 55 files
Elections 26 files
Financial Instruments     2 files87
Free Negroes, Slaves & Slavery 15 files
Freemasonry 5 files

DISK 2    
Histories 139 files    
Conscription 3 files    

DISK 3    
Law 1 file
Legislative Documents 333 files
Letters & First Person Accounts    36 files
Literature & Periodicals 49 files
Medicine 28 files
Menus 1 files
Military Biographies 8 files    
Military Communications    177 files
Battle of Big Bethel, VA files    4
Manassas 7 files    
Military Imprisonment 15 files
Military Manuals, Regulations & Instruction 80 files

DISK 4    
Misc unsorted Confederate documents 514 files    
Official Communications    79 files    
Official Correspondence    50 files    
Orations, Speeches, Sermons 49 files
Postage Stamps    34 files    
Presidential Communications 73 files

DISK 5    
Regimental Histories 8 general files plus
 Georgia 3 files    
 Louisiana 1 files    
 Mississippi 2 files
 North Carolina 11 files    
 South Carolina 13 files    
 Tennessee 11 files    
 Virginia 11 files    

DISK 6     
Schools, Education, Textbooks 36 files
Sequestration 4 files    
Song, Poems 110 files
States' Documents files    
 Alabama 19 files
 Arkansas v5 files    
 Florida 5 files    
 Georgia 64 files
 Louisiana 28 files
 Maryland 21 files    
 Mississippi 12 files
 North Carolina    120 files
 South Carolina    53 files
 Texas    22 files    
 Virginia 57 files    
The Southern View of the war     55 files
Veterans & Widows Relief, Organizations, Publicatios     41 files

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