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Cannabis and the treatment of  Cancer - 6 DVD-ROM boxed library

Cannabis and the treatment of Cancer - 6 DVD-ROM boxed library

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This new 6 disk set explores the  curative properties of cannabis in relation to cancer. This material is for informative and educational purposes. The legality of the use of medical cannabis varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and is neither endorsed nor discouraged by the publisher. Information contained herein may be useful for individuals in determining whether or not they need to relocate to a medical cannabis friendly jurisdiction. Many first person experiences are included. This is not a sourcebook for gratuitous recreational intoxication, substance abuse, nor does it offer any encouragement to break any laws or engage in criminal enterprise and therefore does not violate and eBay guidelines. 

Cannabis & Cancer 01
    A Cure For Cancer - Max Igan talks with Rick Simpson.mp4
    Activist Who Smoked In Canadian Parliament Smokes Again on CBC.mp4
    Beyond THC - Dr. Miller-Courtney Ukiah Radio CA.mp4
    Brain Tumor and Hemp Oil of Rick Simpson - Lucie Calls into Paula Gloria.mp4
    Canadian Hero - Rick Simpson Interviews and Speech - Hemp Oil.mp4
    CANCER - The Forbidden Cures - TRAILER.mp4
    Cancer Cure - Cannabis - Cannabinoids.mp4
    Cancer Cure Hemp Oil - Rick Simpson and testimonies.mp4
    Cancer Cure using Cannabis - stand up to FDA.mp4
    CANCER Did You Know - Must See!!!.mp4
    Cancer Healing Protocol.mp4
    CANCER-GATE - The Rick Simpson Story (Part 1).mp4
    CANCER-GATE - The Rick Simpson Story (Part 2).mp4
    CANCER-GATE Cannabinoid Research - Tribute to Rick Simpson 1 of 6.mp4
    Cannabinoid System in Neuroprotection.mp4
    Cannabinoids And The Reason Why The Establishment Hates Them.mp4
    Cannabis Cancer and Autoimmune Diseases.mp4
    Cannabis Cancer CURE Study Colorado New Report.mp4
    Cannabis Cancer response on 2009 04 22 at 09 12.mp4
    Cannabis Cured Cancer.mp4
    cannabis cures cancer.mp4
    Cannabis Cures Cancer.mp4.mp4
    Cannabis Necessary for the Survival of Mankind.mp4
    Rick Simpson on Hemp Oil.mp4
    Chronic Future Killing Cancer.mp4
    Click Here for the Truth About Marijuana.mp4
    CNN Tommy Chong Is Now 99% Cancer Free Using Rick Simpson's Cannabis Oil and New Diet.mp4
    CPMCRI's Sean McAllister study.mov.mp4
    CTV NEWS - Rick Simpson (2006).mp4
    Cure Cancer - Rick Simpson.mp4
    Cured A Cannabis Story.mp4
    Dad Saves His Little Dying Son From Brain Cancer With THC Oil.mp4
    Do you know someone with Cancer Rick Simpson-Crush Cancer with Hemp.mp4
    Dr. Confirms Cannabis Oil Cures Brain Tumor - Brain Cancer.mp4
    Dr. Donald Tashkin Marijuana Lung Cancer Study Pt 1 of 2.mp4
    Dr. Raphael Mechoulam discusses medical cannabis Cancer Cure.mp4
    Dr. Robert Melamede - ASA Testimonial.mp4
    EVERYONE SHOULD SEE THIS Dr. Lester Grinspoon on medical marijuana.mp4
    Expo Weed Chile 2014 Rick Simpson at Nosmoking.cl Stand.mp4
    Expo Weed Chile 2014 Rick Simpson Interview(2).mp4
    FORBIDDEN CURE (Full Version) Rick Simpson in Croatia.mp4
    Granny RSO Cure rick simpson oil cancer medical marijuana.mp4
    Hemp Oil Cancer Cure  Rick Simpson - Mike Hagan's RadiOrbit Interview.mp4

Cannabis & Cancer 02    
    Hemp Hero - Rick Simpson Archive Video - 4 Hours 20 Minutes.mp4
    Hemp Oil Cures Cancer and More.mp4
    Hemp Oil Dosage Information - Written by Rick Simpson.mp4
    Herbal Cancer treatment could be the cure for cancer.mp4
    High Times Read! Set! Grow! II 420 How to grow Cannabis.mp4
    HOW and WHY does Cannabis Cure Cancer - Scientific Explanation.mp4
    How Cannabis Works.mp4
    How to Make a Small Batch of Rick Simpson Oil.mp4
    How to Make Rick Simpson's Medicinal Hemp Oil Safely.mp4
    How to Make Your Own Hemp Oil - Rick Simpson Calls RabbitHoleCentral.mp4
    Israeli medical marijuana distributor doesn't want to call it a drug.mp4
    Jack Herer - The Hemperor.mp4
    Jen Rog - Robert Robinson, Marijuana Patients Extraordinaire Jan 9th 2010 NYC.mp4

Cannabis & Cancer 03
    Lifting the Veil - Rick Simpson - Hemp Oil Cancer Cure.mp4
    Making the Oil.mp4
    MARIJUANA - CANCER - Interviews w-Jack Herer - Rick Simpson.mp4
    Marijuana Medical Cancer WikiLeaks.avi.mp4
    Marijuana Study Shows No Lung Cancer Risk.mp4
    Medical Cannabis Stops Spread of Breast Cancer - NBC NEWS.mp4
    Medical Marijuana - Cures Brain Cancer.mp4
    Meet the Martha Stewart of Marijuana Cheryl Shuman Cured Herself of Cancer.mp4
    Michael J Fox - Rick Simpson Oil.MP4
    Miss Bliss on Tinctures.mp4
    My journey with cancer-Simpson oil 1.mp4
    Natural Cancer Cure Tumor Inhibitor.mp4
    New Evidence Cannabis Kills - Cures Cancer, Not Seen On The News.mp4
    Part 1 - Rick Simpson's CRUSH CANCER WITH HEMP AND TRUTH - Free Internet Seminar.mp4
    Part 1 - Vince - Rick Simpson Hemp Oil.mp4
    Part 2 - Rick Simpson's CRUSH CANCER WITH HEMP AND TRUTH - Free Internet Seminar.mp4
    Part 5 - Rick Simpson's CRUSH CANCER WITH HEMP AND TRUTH - Free Internet Seminar.mp4
    Part 6 - Rick Simpson's CRUSH CANCER WITH HEMP AND TRUTH - Free Internet Seminar.mp4
    Paula Gloria's 1st interview w-Rick Simpson on Hemp Cancer Cure.mp4
    Pharmaceutical Industry vs. Cannabis.mp4
    Phoenix Rising The Story of Rick Simpson episode.mp4
    Pot High or Cancer Cure Run From the Cure Producer calls MNN Dec 21st 2009.mp4
    Proof Marijuana CURES Cancer.mp4
    PROOF! That the Rick Simpson Story is true! Cancer Cure!.mp4
    Q and A with Dr Hornby and Rick Simpson part 4.mp4
    Rick Simpson - Cannabis Cures.mp4
    Rick Simpson - Dalhousie University, November 3, 2008.mp4
    Rick Simpson - Freedom Fighter of the Year Award, presented by Steve Hagar, HIGH TIMES Magazine.mp4
    Rick Simpson - Full Interview (Uncut) - Radio Student Zagreb 2014.mp4
    Rick Simpson - Hemp Oil Cures Cancer (full speech Vancouver 2013).mp4
    Rick Simpson - July 14, 2013.mp4
    Rick Simpson - Raid EXPOSED- RCMP Latest... UNDENIABLE PROOF! - November 25, 2009.mp4
    Rick Simpson - the Politics of Cannabis.MP4
    Rick Simpson Calls Rabbitholecentral about Lucie's Brain Tumor.mp4
    Rick Simpson Cures Cancer Final.mp4
    Rick Simpson hemp oil and chronic back pain.mp4.mp4
    Rick Simpson Hemp Oil Experience (Part 2).mp4
    Rick Simpson Hemp Oil(2).mp4
    Rick Simpson in Rijeka (Croatia).mp4
    Rick Simpson Interview.mp4
    Rick Simpson Last Interview In Canada before the RCMP Raid 2009 pt. 1.mp4
    Rick Simpson May 7, 2012.mp4
    Rick Simpson Message.mp4
    Rick Simpson Oil ~ The Alan Park Prostate Cancer Story.mp4
    Rick simpson oil didnt work for me  Does it work 8162004 003.mp4
    Rick Simpson Oil Kills cancer Part 1.mp4

Cannabis & Cancer 04
    Rick Simpson Interviews - Speech - Hemp Oil, CBD, Medical Marijuana.mp4
    Rick simpson oil. How to make Rck Simpson oil.mp4
    Rick Simpson oil.mp4
    Rick Simpson On Alchemy Radio.mp4
    Rick Simpson On How Hemp Oil Can Destroy Disease In The Body.mp4
    Rick Simpson on Jack Herer.mp4
    Rick Simpson on the legalization and the health effects of cannabis.mp4
    Rick Simpson Presentation - Skopje.mp4
    Rick Simpson Raid.... RCMP LIE EXPOSED.mp4
    Rick Simpson Raided Again November 2009.mp4
    Rick Simpson Returning to Canada! Crown stays charges.mp4
    Rick Simpson speaks to Freedom Central.mp4
    Rick Simpson talks about hemp oil and cancer on www.unitedwestrike.com - Part 3.mp4
    Rick Simpsons Cross-Canada crush cancer with hemp medicine tour message.mp4
    Rick Simpson's Hemp Oil - Step by Step 2014.mp4
    Rick Simpson's Home Raided - November 25, 2009.mp4
    Run From the Cure Producer, Christian Laurette Calls New York City's MNN.mp4

Cannabis & Cancer 05 
    Run from the Cure The Rick Simpson Story (Phoenix Tears) Full HD.mp4
    Rick Simpson's Phoenix Tears Hemp Oil.mp4
    Cannabis Oil As Medicine REACHES MAINSTREAM on ITVs This Morning.mp4
    Screw You, Cancer!.mp4
    Shawn - AIDS Update 4 - Rick Simpson Hemp Oil 6-1-09.mp4
    Shawn - Rick Simpson Hemp Oil - AIDS.mp4
    Shawn - Rick Simpson Hemp oil - update 1 April 26,2009.mp4
    STONERFONE VOLUME 1 Rick Simpson Oil and Strawberry Cough ! The WEED Report.mp4
    Support Your Local Dealer - He May Save Your Life - Cannabis Cures Cancers.mp4
    THC (marijuana) Helps Cure Cancer Says Harvard Study.mp4
    THC effects on Tumor Brain Cells, Normal Brain Cells.mp4
    The Ancient Healing Power of Hemp Oil.mp4
    The Canadian Cannabis Connection - Medicinal Benefits Of Oil with Rick Simpson.mp4
    The Cannabis Cancer Cure with Rick Simpson.mp4
    The Dangers of Medical Marijuana.mp4
    The Flower.mp4
    The Funniest Rick Simpson Interview Ever, Hemp Oil Cures Anything! 13Nov2013.mp4
    The Rick Simpson Show - Show 3 - Darkcity Radio Wed 3rd April 2013.mp4
    The Rick Simpson Show - Show 4 - Darkcity Radio Sunday 7th April 2013.mp4
    The Rick Simpson Show - Show 8 - Darkcity Radio Sun 21st April 2013.mp4
    The Rick Simpson Story Healing Cancer with Cannabis (more at cureyourowncancer.org).mp4
    The Truth about Marijuana the Government doesn't want you to know.mp4
    The TRUTH about Rick Simpson's Hemp Oil (Part 1).mp4
    The TRUTH about Rick Simpson's Hemp Oil (Part 2).mp4
    The TRUTH about Rick Simpson's Hemp Oil (part 3).mp4
    Tommy Chong giving Rick Simpson, Phoenix Tears and Run From The Cure a shout out.mp4
    Tommy Chong, The Rick Simpson Oil Isn't Doing A Thing.mp4
    True History of Marijuana Full Movie.mp4
    Urban Grower Talks About Rick Simpson's House Being Busted Again - Nov. 25 2009.mp4
    Vaporizing Rick Simpson oil.mp4
    Weed Cures Cancer Rick Simpson and Vinny Eastwood 13Dec2012.mp4
    What If Cannabinoids in Cannabis Cured Cancer - Other Diseases.mp4
    What If Marijuana Cures Cancer.mp4
    What is CBD.mp4
    Whose Oil and Who Can You Trust - Rick Simpson.mp4
    Wow! Powerful and Stunning Interview With Hemp Oil Advocate Rick Simpson.mp4

Cannabis & Cancer 06
    1000 Pages of MEDICAL CANNABIS Research Links Grannys List January 2013.pdf
    Medical Marijuana marijuana caregiver.doc
    800Strains With Pics.doc
    A Review of Cannabis Diseases.rtf
    Absorption of Drugs.ppt
    Antibacterial Cannabinoids.pdf
    Arthritis and Medical Marijuana Brochure Americans for Safe Access.pdf
    BigBook of Buds.pdf
    BobBeck Cures.pdf
    Cancer Cures.pdf
    Cannabidiol Targets Mitochondria to Regulate Intracellular Ca2 Levels.pdf
    Cannabinoid Extraction Method.pdf
    Cannabinoids and Endo System.pdf
    Cannabinoids and the id System.pdf
    Cannabis and Arthritis.pdf
    Cannabis Extracts Greater than the sum of their parts.pdf
    Cannabis for Post Traumatic Stress.pdf
    Cannabis Tinctures.pdf
    CannabisA Compilation 08152009.pdf
    Cannabisand Propaganda.docx
    cannabisas a substitute for alcochol.pdf
    CannabisCures Cancer US Patent.pdf
    CannabisDestroys Cancer Cells.doc
    CannabisForgetting and the Botany of Desire.pdf
    CannabisGrow Tips From SoftSecrets2003 2006.pdf
    CannabisHealth May Jun 2003.pdf
    CannabisHealth May Jun 2004.pdf
    CannabisHealth News Magazine December 2009.pdf
    CannabisHealth Nov Dec 2003.pdf
    Cannabisthe Philosophers Stone.pdf
    Comprehensive Report on the Cannabis Extract Movement and the Use of Cannabis Extracts to Treat Diseases.docx
    Cookbook of 12 Marijuana Recipes.txt
    dicalMarijuana medical cannabis research.pdf
    dicalMarijuana Providing MMJ.pdf
    DoIt Yourself THC Resin Extraction.pdf
        Concerning the medical use of cannabis 5073 S2 E AMH ENGR H2509 E.pdf
    ExtractionTechnologies for Medicinal and Aromatic Plants.pdf
    Guzman Cancer.pdf
    HallucinogenicDrugs and their Therapeutic Use.pdf
    Hemp in Construction.pdf
    Historyof Cannabis as a Medicine.pdf
    HouseBill 1550 Regulating the production distribution and sale of cannabis.pdf
    KushMagazine California March 2010.pdf
    KushMagazine Colorado March 2010.pdf
    KushMagazine Colorado May 2010.pdf
    KushMagazine San Diego May 2010.pdf
    KushMagazine Southern California April 2010.pdf
    KushMagazine Southern California Feb 2010.pdf
    KushMagazine Southern California May 2010.pdf
    Lacannabis et le VIH sida.pdf
    Legalize Marijuana.pptx
    MarijaunaGrow Basics Jorge Cervantes.pdf
    Marijuana Cannabis Culture en Placard.pdf
    MarijuanaChemistry Michael Starks.pdf
    MarijuanaGrowth in British Columbia.pdf
    Medical Marijuana aging brochure.pdf
    Medical Marijuana cancer brochure.pdf
    Medical Marijuana Citrus Heights.pdf
    Medical Marijuana GI brochure.pdf
    Medical Marijuana Vaporizer Study.pdf
    Medical Studies That Prove Cannabis Can Cure Cancer.docx
    Method for Producing an Extra.pdf
    NonPsychoactive Cannabinoids.pdf
    NORMLClinical Applications for Cannabis and Cannabinoids.pdf
    NUGMagazine April 2010.pdf
    NUGMagazine August 2010.pdf
    NUGMagazine May 2010.pdf
    NUGMagazine September October 2009.pdf
    ourgov is lying about marijuana.pdf
    PATENT PhytoCannabinoids in the treatment of CANCER.pdf
    Pharmaco Cannabinoids.pdf
    Sativex Pharmaceutical Formulation.pdf
    Talk about cannabis.pdf
    The Therapeutic Potential of Cannabis and Cannabinoids.pdf
    TheBiotechnology of Cannabis Sativa.pdf
    TheCannabis Papers.pdf
    TheEmperor Wears No Clothes.pdf
    TheMarijuana Conspiracy.pdf
    ThomasAnthony Munro The Chemistry of Salvia divinorum.pdf
    TreatingYourself Magazine 21.pdf
    TreatingYourself Magazine 22.pdf
    Use of Tetrahydrocannabinol A.pdf
    WorldWithout Cancer.pdf

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