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Buccaneers, Privateers and Piracy on the High Seas

Buccaneers, Privateers and Piracy on the High Seas

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Arrr! Shiver me timbers, me hearties, do ye fancy adventure on the high seas at its best? Rove the seas with privateers and pirates, read stories of plunder, captivity and even final justice! This collection of works brings the age of piracy back to life, with square rigged sailing ships and the men - and women, yes, there were female pirates - who sailed on them for fame and plunder. Included are first-person accounts of adventures at sea as well as histories, biographies and accounts culled from personal diaries and ship's logs. 

Here are the titles on this disk set. Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!

  A British Privateer in the American Revolution.pdf
  A Detached Pirate.pdf
  A French Privateer on the Coast of Donegal.pdf
  A Modern Buccaneer v.1.pdf
  A Modern Buccaneer v.2.pdf
  A Modern Buccaneer v.3.pdf
  A Pirate of Central Americann Politics.pdf
  A Pirate of the Caribbees.pdf
  A Visit to the Indian Archepelago.pdf
  A Year in China and Capture & Imprisohnment on the Rebel Pirate Florida.pdf
   ACTA Faces Issues on Proper Implementation of Objectives.pdf
  Adventures of Robert Chevalier v.1.pdf
  Adventures of Robert Chevalier v.2.pdf
  Adventures of Robert Chevalier, Privateer Captain.pdf
  Among Typhoons & Pirate Craft.pdf
  An Account of the Destruction of the Fleets.pdf
  An Act of piracy (article).pdf
  An Engagement Between an American Privateer &  British Man-o-War 1778.pdf
  Beyond the Sunset.pdf
  Billy Ben's Pirate Play.pdf
  Blackbeard - Pirate of the Roanoake.pdf
  Blackbeard the Buccaneer.pdf
  Blackbeard the Pirate (article).pdf
  Bunthorne Abroad, or The Lass That Loved a Pirate.pdf
  Burning of the Ship Brilliant by the Rebel Pirate Alabama.pdf
  Canadian Girl or The Pirate of the Lakes.pdf
  Capt Richard Ingle Maryland Pirate & Rebel 1642-1653.pdf
  Captain Brand - West Indies Pirate.pdf
  Celebrated Criminal Trials in Scotland.pdf
  Coranado de Baltran, Buccaneer o fthe Gulf.pdf
  Correspondence  Betweem Joseph Chase & Josiah Tatnall.pdf
  Cruise of the Conquerer.pdf
  CSS ''Buccaneer''.pdf
  Daring Deeds of Famous Pirates.pdf
  Demon Ship Pirate of the Mediterranean.pdf
  Diaries of cruise MS.pdf
  Early Piracy & Colonial Commerce.pdf
  Engagement between the ship General Washington and Two Tripoli Pirate Gallies.pdf
  Engagement w a Pirate; Mutiny at Sea - Capt. Elijah Holcomb.pdf
  Engagerment between Pelham, Montague & American Privateer Globe.pdf
  England A Pirate Nation.pdf
  English Neutrality - Is the Alabama an English Pirate.pdf
  Fanny Campbell - Female Pirate Captain.pdf
  For the House of LaCromie - a Tale of Piracy.pdf
  Grace O'Malley - Princess & Pirate.pdf
  Great Pirate Stories.pdf
  History of Pirates 1834.pdf

  History of the Buccaneers of America.pdf
  History of the Russian Empire.pdf
  History of Virgil A. Steweart.pdf
  HMS Dido Expedition to Borneo for the Supression of Piracy.pdf
  Illusrations based on Scot's ''the Pirate''.pdf
  In Pirate Waters.pdf
  International Piracy in Time of War.pdf
  Jack B. Yeats.pdf
  John Gow, Captain of the Pirates.pdf
  John Murel Western Land Pirate.pdf
  John Topp Pirate.pdf
  Journal of  a Surgeon on an American Privateer & Prisoner of the British.pdf
  Journal of Voyages - Capt. Jacob Dunham.pdf
  Kingston The Pirate of the Mediterranean.pdf
  Lafitte Pirate of the Gulf v.1.pdf
  Lafitte Pirate of the Gulf v.2.pdf
  Leonard Lindsay - Story of a Buccaneer v.1.pdf
  Leonard Lindsay - Story of a Buccaneer v.2.pdf
  Life & Bloody Career of James Copeland, Southern Land Pirate 1874.pdf
  Life Aboard a British Privateer in the Time of Queen Anne.pdf
  Log of a Halifax Privateer.pdf
  Log of Dr. Joseph Hinchman Surgeon of Privateer Brig Prince George 1757.pdf
  Log of Timothy Boardman Kept Aboard Privateer Oliver Cromwell.pdf
  Master Ardiik, Buccaneer.pdf
  Mr. Trunnel Mate of the Ship Pirate.pdf
  NSA Assistance to Dutch Somali Piracy Control.pdf
  Paul Jones the Pirate.pdf
  Peak's Island, a Romance of Buccaneer Days.pdf
  Piracy 1954-1955 1 of 7.pdf
  Piracy 1954-1955 2 of 7.pdf
  Piracy 1954-1955 3 of 7.pdf
  Piracy 1954-1955 4 of 7.pdf
  Piracy 1954-1955 5 of 7.pdf
  Piracy 1954-1955 6 of 7.pdf
  Piracy 1954-1955 7 of 7.pdf
  Piracy in the West Indies & Its Supression.pdf
  Piracy off the Horn of Africa.pdf
  Piracy off ther Florida coasr & Elsewhere.pdf
  Piracy, Privateering and the creation of a new Navy.pdf
  Pirate Books.pdf
  Pirate City.pdf
  Pirate Coasts of the Mediterranean.pdf
  Pirate Cove - A  Legend jof Cape Breton.pdf
  Pirate Gold.pdf
  Pirate of the Mediterranean v.1.pdf
  Pirate of the Mediterranean v.2.pdf
  Pirate of the Mediterranean v.3.pdf
  Pirates & Buccaneers of the Atlantic Coast.pdf
  Pirates & Piracy.pdf
  Prince Rupert the Buccaneer.pdf
  Privateers & Pirates - 1730-1830.pdf
  Ship's Papers MS 1787.pdf
  Sir Arthur Sullivan & Piracy.pdf
  Sir Henry Mogan the Buccaneer v.1.pdf
  Sir Henry Morgan - Buccaneer.pdf
  St. Ronan's Well.pdf
  Statement of Jack Valenti Regarding Pro-CODE - June 12 1996.pdf
  Stephen Decatur.pdf
  Suppression of Piracy in the China Sea.pdf
  Terse Takes.pdf
  The Abolitionist & the Land Pirate.pdf
  The Antigallician Privateer.pdf
  The Black Barque - The Pirate Slave Ship ''Gentle Hand''.pdf
  The Black Buccaneer.pdf
  The Buccaneer - a Song Story.pdf
  The Buccaneer & Other poems.pdf
  The Buccaneer Book.pdf
  The Buccaneer Chief.pdf
  The Buccaneer, aTale.pdf
  The Bucceneer Farmer.pdf
  The Chesapeake.pdf
  The Cruise of the Conquerer.pdf

  The Cruise of the Nonsuch Buccaneer.pdf
  The Dearth Struggles of Colonial Piracy.pdf
  The Frozen Pirate.pdf
  The German Pirate.pdf
  The History of the Pirates.pdf
  The Iron Pirate.pdf
  The Jack-o-Lantern or The Privateer v.1.pdf
  The Jack-o-Lantern or The Privateer v.2.pdf
  The Jack-o-Lantern or The Privateer v.3.pdf
  The Jack-O-Lantern or The Privateer.pdf
  The Kings Own & the Pirate v.01.pdf
  The Kings Own & the Pirate v.02.pdf
  The Lady & the Pirate.pdf
  The Law of Piracy - US Naval War College.pdf
  The Legend of Fairy Tail The Privateer.pdf
  The Life of a Celebratet Buccaneer.pdf
  The Madman and the Pirate.pdf
  The Merciful Pirate.pdf
  The Middy & the Moors.pdf
  The Most Successful Americn Privateer.pdf
  The Penang Pirate.pdf
  The Pirate - A Fragment.pdf
  The Pirate - Sir Walter Scott.pdf
  The Pirate A Melodramatic Performance in three Acts.pdf
  The Pirate and theThree cutters.pdf
  The Pirate Book.pdf
  The Pirate City - An Algerine Tale.pdf
  The Pirate City.pdf
  The Pirate Island.pdf
  The Pirate Islane - A Story of the South Pacific.pdf
  The Pirate of Jasper Peak.pdf
  The Pirate of Panama.pdf
  The Pirate of the Seas & His Cabin Boys.pdf
  The Pirate Shark.pdf
  The Pirate Ship & Other Poems.pdf
  The Pirate Slaver.pdf
  The Pirate v.1.pdf
  The Pirate v.2  .pdf
  The Pirate v.3  .pdf
  The Pirate, a Melodrama in two Acts.pdf
  The Privateer - A Metrical Romance.pdf
  The Privateer a Tale of the Sea v.1 1848.pdf
  The Privateer a Tale of the Sea v.2 1848.pdf
  The Privateer Captain.pdf
  The Privateer Providence.pdf
  The Queen of Pirate Isle - Bret Harte.pdf
  The Rebel Privateer or The Last Cruise of the Black Angel.pdf
  The Rose of Paradise.pdf
  The Seamans Friend.pdf
  The Spanish Pirate or Terror of the Ocean 1934.pdf
  The Story of Jack Ballister's Fortunes.pdf
  The Strange Adventures of Captain Dangerous v. 2.pdf
  The Strange Adventures of Captain Dangerous v. 3.pdf.pdf
  The Strange Adventures of Captain Dangerous.pdf
  The Tale of the Buccaneer.pdf

  The Templar Pirates.pdf
  The Timber Pirate.pdf
  The Track of Fire.pdf
  The Young Buccaneer.pdf
  Theories & Strategies.pdf
  Thomas Dover - Physician & Buccaneer.pdf
  Thrilling Narratives of Mutiny, Murder & Piracy.pdf
  Trail of the Sword.pdf
  Treasure Island.pdf
  Trial & Execution of Edward Jordan for Piracy & Murder.pdf
  Trial for Piracy & Murder.pdf
  Trial of Officers & Crew of the Savannah for Piracy.pdf
  Trial of Wm. Smith for Piracy - Confederate Privateer ''Jeff Davis''.pdf
  Trial of Edward Jordan and John Kelly for Piracy & Murder.pdf
  True Account - Aboard a Pirate Ship.pdf
  Vikings of the Pacific.pdf
  War in the Underseas.pdf
  Wasps of the Ocean - Pirate of the Eastern Seas.pdf

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