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Big Band Remote Broadcasts - mp3 on 2 DVD-ROMs boxed

Big Band Remote Broadcasts - mp3 on 2 DVD-ROMs boxed

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In the age of radio, many heard popular music of the day by "remotes," or remote broadcasts where a radio station would broadcast performances dierectly from performance venues such as The Manhattan Room, The Hotel Lincoln, The Blue Note, Birdland and many other clubs and ballrooms across America. The list of performances included in this collection has every star and band of the day. 265 of these outstanding performances from the 20s through the 50s are presented here in mp3 files on DVD-ROMs (they are not CDs!) for your enjoyment!


AcrossTheDial 1953-12-25.mp3
AllStarParadeOfBands wStanKentonFrivolousSal.mp3
AllStarParadeOfBands wStanKentonSwingHouse.mp3
AlOverand 1948-06-03 Starlight Billings Montana.mp3
AmericanBandOfTheSupremeAlliedCommand 1944-07-27 Glen.mp3
AmericanDances 1938-07-06 wCountBasie.mp3
AmericanHeartAssocPresents JoStafford.mp3
ArtieShaw At the Hotel Lincoln 1.mp3
ArtieShaw At the Hotel Lincoln 4.mp3
BennyGoodman 19371013 MadhattanRoom.mp3
BennyGoodman 19371016 MadhattanRoom.mp3
BennyGoodman 19371020 MadhattanRoom.mp3
BennyGoodman 19371021 MadhattanRoom.mp3
BennyGoodman 19371023 MadhattanRoom.mp3
BennyGoodman 19371027 MadhattanRoom.mp3
BennyGoodman 19371030 MadhattanRoom.mp3
BennyGoodman 19371104 MadhattanRoom.mp3
BennyGoodman 19371106 MadhattanRoom.mp3
BennyGoodman 19371120 MadhattanRoom.mp3
BennyGoodman 19371218 MadhattanRoom.mp3
BennyGoodman 19371222 MadhattanRoom.mp3
BennyGoodman 1941-08-10 PantehrRoomHtlShermanChgoNBC.mp3
BenPollack WBS Summer of 1930.mp3
CamelCaravan 1937-08-31 wBennyGoodman.mp3
ChetBaker 1954-03-16 StoryvilleBoston.mp3
ClaudeThornhill 1947-09-22 CafeRouge .mp3
ClaudeThornhill 1947-09-22 CafeRouge.mp3
Columbia Presents 440607 Bill Snyder Orch Drake Hotel Chicago.mp3
Columbia Presents 440607 Harry James Orch Astor Hotel NYC.mp3
Columbia Presents 440607 Joan Brooks - Archie Blyer.mp3
Columbia Presents 481122 Charlie Barnet Bunny.mp3
CountBasie 1940-02-20 From Southland .mp3
CountBasie 1940-02-20 From Southland Ebony Rhapsody.mp3
CountBasie 1940-02-20 From Southland.mp3
CountBasie 1945-01-29 Just After Awhile.mp3
CountBasie 1953-01-01 From Birdland.mp3
CountBasie 1953-01-06 From Birdland.mp3
CountBasie 1953-01-08 From Birdland.mp3
CountBasie 1953-01-13 From Birdland.mp3
CountBasie 1953-02-08 AtTheBlueNote ChgoNBC.mp3
CountBasie 1953-02-08 AtTheBlueNote Chgo-NBC.mp3
CountBasie 1954-12-16 From Birdland 5th Anniversary.mp3
CountBasie 1955-11-06 From Birdland.mp3
CountBasie 1956-12-30 From Birdland.mp3
CountBasie 1957-02-10 From Birdland.mp3
CountBasie From Avadon Step-n-Fetchin.mp3
DickJurgens 1946-06-26 From Hotel Clairmont.mp3
DickJurgens 1950-12-00 AragonBallroomChgo WBBM.mp3
DickJurgens From Willowbrook.mp3
DickJurgensRecipeForRomance From Hotel Clairemont.mp3
DonRossTrio 1946-05-23 Harmony Matinee.mp3
Down Beat 137 Woody Herman.mp3
Down Beat 140 Charlie Barnet AFRS.mp3
Down Beat 145 w Count Basie.mp3
DukeEllington 1939-07-26 From Ritz-Carleton Boston.mp3
DukeEllington 1940-11-07 From Fargo NorthDakota.mp3
DukeEllington 1947-09-00 From Meadowbrook.mp3
DukeEllington 1948-11-06 From Union College.mp3
DukeEllington 1952-08-06 At The Blue Note Chgo.mp3
DukeEllington 1953-06-24 AtTheBlueNote ChgoNBC.mp3
DukeEllington 1953-06-24 AtTheBlueNote Chgo-NBC.mp3
DukeEllington 1970-12-31 All-Star Parade of Bands.mp3
EarlHines 1938-08-03 GrandTerrace Chgo NBC.mp3
EddieBergman 1951-06-22 From Coconut Grove.mp3
EddieCondonTownHallJazzConcert 1944-09-09 NewYork AFRS.mp3
Edens Shampoo 330300 Sorority Dance w Freddie Martin.mp3
EdensShampooCollegeSororityDance 1933-04-00 wFreddieMartin.mp3
EllaFitzgerald 1940-02-16 Royal Blues.mp3
EllaFitzgerald 1940-02-26 NBC.mp3
EllaFitzgerald 1940-03-04 I Got Rythmn.mp3
FatsWaller 1938-07-06 Hold My Hand.mp3
FatsWaller 1938-10-08 You Cant Be Mine.mp3
FatsWaller 1938-10-14 Hold My Hand.mp3
FatsWaller 1940-12-07 from Panther Room.mp3
FletcherHenderson 1945-09-00 MagicCarpet104 AFRS.mp3
For The Record 1944-07-31.mp3
FordV8Revue 1936 wBobCrosby Its You Im Talking About.mp3
FordV8Revue 1936 wBobCrosby Muskrat Ramble.mp3
FordV8Revue 1936 wBobCrosby Oh My Goodness.mp3
FordV8Revue 1936 wBobCrosby Therell Be Some Changes Made.mp3
FreddyMartin 1949-06-13 From Edgewater Beach Hotel.mp3
FreddyMartin From Mural Room.mp3
FreddyNagel 1947-06-24 From Empire Room Chgo.mp3
FreddyNagel 1947-07-12 From Empire Room Chgo.mp3
FreddyNagel 1947-09-21 From Empire Room Chgo.mp3
FromHollywood 1947 wBoyd Raeburn from Club Morocco.mp3
GeneKrupa 1938-11-28 From Palomar.mp3
GeneKrupa 1940-01-31 From Meadowbrook.mp3
GeneKrupa 1940-02-05 From Meadowbrook.mp3
GeneKrupa 1945-08-15 Hotel Astor.mp3
GeneKrupa Hop Skip and a Jump.mp3
GerberProgram 1934-06-10.mp3
GermanWehrmacht 1944-11-00 GlennMillerOrchestra pt1.mp3
GermanWehrmacht 1944-11-00 GlennMillerOrchestra pt2.mp3
GermanWehrmacht 1944-11-00 GlennMillerOrchestra pt3.mp3
GLEN MILLER 44-03-18 Glen Miller AEF Band.mp3
GlenGray Casa Loma Orch.mp3
GlenMiller The Chesterfield Show 2.mp3
Glenn Miller 19380618.mp3
Glenn Miller 19380625.mp3
Glenn Miller 19381213.mp3
Glenn Miller 19390106.mp3
Glenn Miller 19390106-2.mp3
Glenn Miller 19390308.mp3
Glenn Miller 19390326.mp3
Glenn Miller 19390404.mp3
Glenn Miller 19390517.mp3
Glenn Miller 19390613.mp3
Glenn Miller 19390619.mp3
Glenn Miller 19390619b.mp3
Glenn Miller 19390714.mp3
Glenn Miller 19390724.mp3


Glenn Miller 19390800.mp3
Glenn Miller 19390801.mp3
Glenn Miller 19390810.mp3
Glenn Miller 19391205.mp3
Glenn Miller 19400106.mp3
Glenn Miller 19400304.mp3
Glenn Miller 19400403.mp3
Glenn Miller 19400613.mp3
Glenn Miller 19400613-2.mp3
Glenn Miller 19400710.mp3
Glenn Miller 19400710a.mp3
Glenn Miller 19400710d.mp3
Glenn Miller 19401025.mp3
Glenn Miller 19401101.mp3
Glenn Miller 19401106.mp3
Glenn Miller 19401119.mp3
Glenn Miller 19401127.mp3
Glenn Miller 19410122.mp3
Glenn Miller 19411004.mp3
Glenn Miller 19411103.mp3
Glenn Miller 19411103-2.mp3
Glenn Miller 19411113.mp3
Glenn Miller 19411218.mp3
Glenn Miller 19420505.mp3
Glenn Miller 19420506.mp3
Glenn Miller 19420514.mp3
Glenn Miller 19420623.mp3
Glenn Miller 19420625.mp3
Glenn Miller 19420625Millerinterview.mp3
Glenn Miller 19420630.mp3
Glenn Miller 19420714.mp3
Glenn Miller 19420825.mp3
Glenn Miller 19431016.mp3
Glenn Miller 19440205.mp3
Glenn Miller 19440212.mp3
Glenn Miller 19440325.mp3
Glenn Miller 19440401.mp3
Glenn Miller 19440415.mp3
GlennMiller 1939-06-19 GlenIslandCasinoNY-afternoon.mp3
GlennMiller 1939-06-19 GlenIslandCasinoNY-evening.mp3
GlennMiller 1939-07-20 GlenIslandCasinoNY.mp3
GlennMiller Glen Island Casino NY.mp3
GordonGray 1939-01-18 Pocketful of Dreams.mp3
GriffWilliams 1947-03-05 EmpireRmPalmerHouseChgoWGN.mp3
GriffWilliams 1947-03-05 EmpireRmPalmerHouseChgo-WGN.mp3
GusArnheimandHisOrchestra 1932 Its Love.mp3
GusArnheimandHisOrchestra 1932 You Really Started Something.mp3
GuyLombardo Royal Grill ItsALovelyDayToday.mp3
HarryJames 1939-06-19 America Dances.mp3
HarryJames 1940-00-00 Chatterbox Club Maybe.mp3
HarryJames 1940-03-19 Southland Cafe.mp3
HarryJames 1941-05-22 Hotel Lincoln Relaxin.mp3
HarryJames 1941-09-21 GayBladesArena NY.mp3
HarryJames 1941-12-00 Hotel Lincoln.mp3
HarryJames 1941-12-01 Hotel Lincoln.mp3
HarryJames 1941-12-08 Hotel Lincoln.mp3
HarryJames 1943-05-01 War Bond Drive Central Park.mp3
HarryJames 1944-08-20 Casino Gardens.mp3
JanGarber 1950 MelodyHill Chgo WGN.mp3
JerryGray 1951-06-08 EdgwaterBeachHotel Chgo NBC.mp3
JoeSandersAndNighthawks 1937-03-25 BlackhawkRestChgoMBS.mp3
KayKyser 1937-02-06 TrianonBallroom Chgo MBS.mp3
Keyboard Melodies WGN Santa Claus Is Coming to Town.mp3
KeyboardMelodies 1950 Seems Like Old Times.mp3
KraftMusicHall wPaulWhiteman 1933-11-30.mp3
KraftMusicHall wPaulWhiteman 1933-12-07 LovesSweepingCountry.mp3
KraftMusicHall wPaulWhiteman 1933-12-14 Bambalina.mp3
KraftMusicHall wPaulWhiteman 1933-12-28 Great Day.mp3
KraftMusicHall wPaulWhiteman 1934-01-04 Revolt in Cuba.mp3
KraftMusicHall wPaulWhiteman 1934-01-11 Who.mp3
KraftMusicHall wPaulWhiteman 1934-02-01 Raggin the Scale.mp3
KraftMusicHall wPaulWhiteman 1934-04-19 Medley-NotDressing.mp3
KraftMusicHall wPaulWhiteman 1934-06-28 Teagarden-MercerDuet.mp3
MildredBailey 1944-10-20 Teddy Wilson-Red Norvo.mp3
MusicRemote 451231 AllStarNewYearsDancingParty.mp3
Ozzie Nelson 1940-03-30 From Blackhawk.mp3
OzzieNelson 1940-03-24 From Blackhawk Do I Love You.mp3
PaulWhiteman 1943-04-10 ABC Housewarming.mp3
PaulWhitemanPresents 1943-07-18 with Lou Holtz.mp3
RalphFlanagan AppleBlossomTime KFI.mp3
RayEberle 1947-07-18 FromClique.mp3
RayHerbeckandHisRomanticMusic 1945-04-28 From The Mural Room.mp3
RussMorgan 1938-10-14 Paradise Rest Love of My Life.mp3
RussMorgan 1945-01-18 from Trocodero WhenYouLeftMe.mp3
RussMorgan 1945-09-03 from Trocadero.mp3
RussMorgan 1945-09-03 from Trocadero-.mp3
RussMorgan 1947-07-14 from Biltmore Bowl 1st half.mp3
RussMorgan 1947-07-14 from Biltmore Bowl1st Half.mp3
SammyKaye 1940-06-10 Sensations in Swing.mp3
SammyKaye 1941-12-07 Sunday Serenade.mp3
SammyKayeShow Audition.mp3
SandyDeSantis 1938-00-00 JamSession CBC.mp3
SaturdayDanceDate 1950-08-12 FrankieCarle MarineRoom Chicago.mp3
SchaefferBandReview 1942-03-18 wHarryJames .mp3
ShepFields 1944-12-01 Twilight Time.mp3
ShepFields 1953 Concert Recording.mp3
SherlockHolmes 93-02-14 Unopened Casebook 01 Wandering Corpse.mp3
ShermanHayesandHisNewStylinMelodies CuddleUpALittleCloser.mp3
ShortySherock 1945-08-07 AtGlenIslandCasino AFRS.mp3
ShowtimeWithFrankieMasters 1947-01-26 OpenTheDoorRichard.mp3
SoundOff 1944-08-14 346 Oh No John AFRS.mp3
SoundOff 414 Heat Wave.mp3
StanKenton 1945-11-27 from Palladium Artistry Jump.mp3
StanKenton 1953-02-03 Concert in Miniature Vancouver.mp3
Swingtime w1 Bob Crosby Make that Riff Stacatto.mp3
TastyBreadWinners 1934.mp3
TedDill The Touch of Your Hand.mp3
TeddyPowell Limehouse Blues.mp3
TedLewis FromSanFrancisco Crossroads.mp3
TedWeems 1937-02-10 TrianonBallroom Chgo MBS.mp3
TheCubanLoveSong wEdmundoRoss early 60s BBC.mp3
TheSongsThatMadeThemFamous wDickJurgens 2.mp3
TideShow 1952-06-10 wGinnySimmsandJackSmithandFrankDevolOrch.mp3
UncleSamPresents 1944-02-12 TheBandOfTheAEF wGlennMiller.mp3
WoodyHerman 1940-01-07 FamousDoorChoppin Wood.mp3
WoodyHerman 1945-03-27 CollegeInnHotelShermanChgo CBS.mp3
XavierCugat 1945-01-26 Tico Tico.mp3
Yank Bandstand w Dick Jurgens 11.mp3
Yank Bandstand w Dick Jurgens It Had to be You.mp3
Yank Swing Session 82 w Dick Jurgens Major and The Minor.mp3
Yank Swing Session 86 w Dick Jurgens Tea for Two.mp3


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