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Ayahuyasca - Vine of the Gods  BANNED FROM EBAY - 10 DVD ROM boxed

Ayahuyasca - Vine of the Gods BANNED FROM EBAY - 10 DVD ROM boxed

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This disk set deals with curative and entheogenic properties of certain substances. There are any number of naturally occuring substances which have been used by humans for milennia for spiritual and curative purposes. Similarly, some recently discoverd man made substances are being investigated for the same reasons. There is no information on synthesis, extraction or cultivation contained herein. This material is for informative and educational purposes dealing with realms of the spirit and the individual's perception of the nature and structure of the universe as may be revealed by these substances. The use of these substances is not encouraged or endorsed. Many first person experiences are included. This is not a sourcebook for gratuitous intoxication, substance abuse, nor does it offer any encouragement to break any laws or engage in criminal enterprise and therefore does not violate and eBay guidelines. Ayahuasca is not an illegal or scheduled drug.

Ayahuasca also commonly called yagé, is an entheogenic brew made out of Banisteriopsis caapi vine, often in combination with various other plants. It can be mixed with the leaves of Chacruna or Chagropanga, dimethyltryptamine (DMT)-containing plant species. The brew, first described academically in the early 1950s by Harvard ethnobotanist Richard Evans Schultes, who found it employed for divinatory and healing purposes by the native peoples of Amazonian Peru.

People who have consumed ayahuasca report having spiritual revelations regarding their purpose on earth, the true nature of the universe as well as deep insight into how to be the best person they possibly can. This is viewed by many as a spiritual awakening and what is often described as a rebirth. In addition, it is often reported that individuals feel they gain access to higher spiritual dimensions and make contact with various spiritual or extra-dimensional beings who can act as guides or healers.

Vomiting can follow ayahuasca ingestion; this purging is considered by many shamans and experienced users of ayahuasca to be an essential part of the experience, as it represents the release of negative energy and emotions built up over the course of one's life. Others report purging in the form of nausea, diarrhea, and hot/cold flashes.

The ingestion of ayahuasca can also cause significant, but temporary, emotional and psychological distress (the "bad trip" experience). Long-term negative effects are not known.Very few deaths due to participation in the consumption of ayahuasca have been reported. The deaths may be due to preexisting heart conditions, as ayahuasca may increase pulse rates and blood pressure, or interaction with other medicines taken, such as antidepressants, and in some cases possibly a result of the addition of toé in the brew.

This is a 10 DVD-ROM boxed set that contains multimedia files relating to ayahuasca.

  5 inzichten vanuit mijn ayahuasca ceremonies.mp4
  936hz. Ayahuasca Mantra.mp4
  Adjusted States Drug Awareness Project - Ayahuasca.mp4
  My 1st ayahuasca experience.mp4
  On Ayahuasca subt. eng..mp4
  Primary difference between DMT and ayahuasca.mp4
  Drinking the universe (what is it like to drink ayahuasca) ayahuasca documentary.mp4
  Answering a question about Ayahuasca.mp4
  Atheist takes Ayahuasca.mp4
  Autopsy Report on Teen Who Died Taking Ayahuasca. What Really Happened Follow-Up.mp4
  Ayahuasca - 2 - Disturbances - Hoist the Sword and Pride in the Heart.mp4
  Ayahuasca - A Chance to Evolve.mp4
  Ayahuasca - a journey towards enlightenment.mp4
  Ayahuasca - a talk on ancient knowledge.mp4
  Ayahuasca - Becoming The Shaman   Christ Consciousness.mp4
  Ayahuasca - Could This Be The Next Medicinal Marijuana.mp4
  Ayahuasca - Desconhecido.mp4
  Ayahuasca - Don't Take It Before Watching This - Psychedelics - Shamanism Insight.mp4
  Ayahuasca - Hallucinogins Don't Make you a Master Wait for the Calling.mp4
  Ayahuasca - My Heart of Darkness.mp4
  Ayahuasca - Part 1 Landing.mp4
  Ayahuasca - Part 2 Damiano's Trip Report.mp4
  Ayahuasca - The Brain.mp4
  Ayahuasca - The Death Experience - Other tools.mp4
  Ayahuasca  the key to the mystery of schizophrenia.mp4

DISK 02    
  Ayahuasca - visions of jungle medicine.mp4
  Ayahuasca (Banisteriopsis caapi).mp4
  Ayahuasca 1 - Portal to Self. Part 1.mp4
  AYAHUASCA 101.mp4
  Ayahuasca 1st Ceremony - The Day After.mp4
  Ayahuasca 1st Life-Changing Experience Explained.mp4
  Ayahuasca 2 - Portal to Self. Part 2.mp4
  Ayahuasca 3 - Portal to Self. Part 3.mp4
  Ayahuasca 5- a profound insight.mp4
  Ayahuasca and Cannabis Shamanism.mp4
  Ayahuasca and Psychedelics as Potential Catalysts for Personal and Planetary Evolution.mp4
  Ayahuasca Awakening Quotes (Graham Hancock, Amber Lyon, Max Igan, Troy Casey).mp4
  Ayahuasca bad trips... Why and what to do.mp4
  Ayahuasca Banisteriopsis caapi Black Strain.mp4
  Ayahuasca can heal drug addiction.mp4
  Ayahuasca Ceremonies - Ritual purification with purgative mother plant ayahuasca (Parte III).mp4
  Ayahuasca Ceremony (Iowaska Ceremonies) What to know Where to go.mp4
  Ayahuasca ceremony 4.mp4
  Ayahuasca Ceremony Icaros from the Peruvian Amazon, curandero chants, part 1.mp4
  Ayahuasca Ceremony.mp4
  Ayahuasca Changed My Life! Life-Changing Epiphany Caught On Camera.mp4
  Ayahuasca Characterization, Metabolism in Humans, and Relevance to Endogenous DMT.mp4
  Ayahuasca Cristobal Jodorowsky.mp4
  Ayahuasca Critical Facts.mp4
  Ayahuasca Darpan Interview.mp4

  Ayahuasca Dealing with Demons, Dead Girls,   My Journey to the White Pyramid.mp4
  Ayahuasca death Hallucinogenic drug kills UK teen undertaking Colombian tribal ritual.mp4
  Ayahuasca Diary.mp4
  Ayahuasca Diet For Your Deepest Healing, If You're Willing To.mp4
  Ayahuasca Documentary   - national geographic2015.mp4
  AYAHUASCA documentary ! full movie ! HEAVEN EARTH.mp4
  Ayahuasca Documentary.mp4

  Ayahuasca Documentary.mp4
  Ayahuasca Effects.mp4
  Ayahuasca Experience - Why I Traveled to Peru To Drink Ayahuasca.mp4
  AYAHUASCA EXPERIENCE - Vine Of The Soul, Holographic Universe.mp4
  Ayahuasca experience Gaia Sagrada Retreat Center.mp4
  Ayahuasca experience.mp4
  Ayahuasca Explained (short version).mp4
  Ayahuasca Flower Elixir and Atlas Adjustment.mp4
  Ayahuasca Foundation - April 2014 - June.mp4
  Ayahuasca Foundation - Grangie.mp4
  Ayahuasca Foundation - program director.mp4
  Ayahuasca Foundation - Spring 2014 - Greg.mp4
  Ayahuasca Full Documentary.mp4
  Ayahuasca Healing in the Amazon.mp4
  Ayahuasca Healing Power.mp4
  Ayahuasca healing session.mp4
  Ayahuasca  ceremony 2010, Peru.mp4
  Ayahuasca curandero shaman.mp4
  Ayahuasca Interview.mp4
  Ayahuasca La Pequeña Muerte - Ayahuasca The Little Death.mp4
  Ayahuasca Mamancuna Takiwasi Fractal Trip.mp4
  Ayahuasca medicina.mp4
  Ayahuasca Monologues.mp4
  Ayahuasca- my experience after 23 ceremonies.mp4
  Ayahuasca Spiritual Dimensions, Peru.mp4
  Ayahuasca Peru Experience - Temple of the Way of Light.mp4
  Ayahuasca Q and A Part 1 - A Tree Of Life Talk.mp4
  Ayahuasca reaching the Divine - Trauma healing.mp4
  Ayahuasca Research.mp4
  Ayahuasca Retreat Peru - Temple of the Way of Light.mp4
  Ayahuasca Retreat What stayed with you after your experiance at Spirit Vine.mp4
  Ayahuasca Retreats in Europe and UK - Jake.mp4
  Ayahuasca Retreats, Peru - Choosing An Ayahuasca Retreat.mp4

  Ayahuasca serpent et moi.mp4
  Ayahuasca Shamans Of The Amazon 2002.mp4
  Ayahuasca Shamans.mp4
  Ayahuasca Tea Changed my perspective on life.mp4
  Ayahuasca The Sacred Voyage.mp4
  Ayahuasca Therapy   Santo Daime Mysticism in Europe.mp4
  Ayahuasca Treatment of Depression.mp4
  Ayahuasca Treatment of PTSD.mp4
  Ayahuasca Trip.mp4
  Ayahuasca Vine of the Soul - Trailer.mp4
  Ayahuasca Vine of the Soul.mp4
  Ayahuasca Vision.mp4
  Ayahuasca Visions - HD Extended Edition.mp4
  Ayahuasca Visions' Artbook.pdf
  Ayahuasca Visions of Jungle Medicine.mp4
  Ayahuasca Visions.mp4
  Ayahuasca Visions.pdf
  Ayahuasca vs DMT.mp4
  Ayahuasca vs Magic Mushrooms Psilocybin Psychedelics   Shamanism Insight.mp4
  Ayahuasca Why did you choose to do a retreat in Brazil.mp4
  Ayahuasca, Awakening   Ascension - The New Paradigm of Ayahuasca.mp4
  Ayahuasca, Psychedelics   Mayans - Ac Tah Part 3-3.mp4
  Ayahuasca, San Pedro and iBoga Traditional Medicine Healing Retreat Testimonial.mp4
  Ayahuasca, the morning after my first experience in the Amazon Rainforest.mp4
  Ayahuasca, the Scientific Paradigm, and Shamanic Healing.mp4
  Ayahuasca,Depression,Spirituality,Rebirth, Anxiety.mp4
  Ayahuasca Before and After.mp4
  Ayahuasca's Mechanisms of Action in the Treatment of Addictions.mp4
  Banisteriopsis Caapi (aka Ayahuasca Plant Vine) What is it.mp4
  Best Ayahuasca explanation. R.I.P. Scott Petersen.mp4
  BONDI HIPSTERS - Taking Ayahuasca.mp4
  Parry on Ayahuasca   London Real.mp4
  Ayahuasca (Iowaska)  Precautions.mp4
  Can Ayahuasca and DMT Bring Users Closer to 'GOD'.mp4

  Can ayahuasca reveal our Spirit Guides.mp4
  Chamanismo - Ayahuasca.mp4
  Choosing the right Ayahuasca retreat in Peru.mp4
  Classifying Ayahuasca Experiences in Psychiatric Research with Psychedelics - Brian Anderson.mp4
  Ayahuasca Experience, Gaia Sagrada Retreat Center.mp4
  Ayahuasca - DMT 
  Deep in my Ayahuasca Experience.mp4
  Ayahuasca Origins.mp4
  An Unusual Experience with Ayahuasca.mp4
  DMT Ayahuasca Explained Amazing Spirit Molecule Meditation.mp4
  DMT Ayahuasca Trip - HQ.mp4
  Dosage and Brewing of Ayahuasca, part 8 of 10 of Ayahuasca basics.mp4
  Ayahuasca  & Hallucinogens- Clinical studies- Past Present and Future.mp4
  Ayahuasca and Addiction Treatment.mp4
  Drinking Ayahuasca in Amazonia.mp4
  Easiest Ayahuasca Recipe.mp4
  EOTN - Ayahuasca Journey documentary.mp4
  Estrela Guia.mp4
  Evaluating the Therapeutic Potential of Ayahuasca for Substance Use Problems.mp4
  Extreme Celebrity Ayahuasca.mp4
  Federal Government Licensing of Ayahuasca Use and Personal and Religious Freedom
  The Ayahuasca Plant.mp4
  First Ayahuasca Experience (At Home) Vine of Souls   Vine of the Dead.2.mp4
  FLOR DAS ÁGUAS Rainier de Carvalho.mp4
  ~ Ayahuasca.mp4
  Elves, Aliens, Angels and Ayahuasca.mp4
  Ayahuasca Consciousness, interview with Sonia Doubell.mp4
  Talking about Ayahuasca HD.mp4
  Ayahuasca Past and Future.mp4

  How Ayahuasca Can Help Heal Trauma in the African American Community.mp4
  How Do We Integrate Our Ayahuasca Experiences.mp4
  How Similar to Dreaming is the Ayahuasca Experience.mp4
  Uses of Ayahuasca Tea.mp4
  the Nature of Ayahuasca.mp4
  Ilumina Minha Mãe.mp4
  Iowaska Tea (correctly spelled 'Ayahuasca') What is it How can it help you.mp4
  Is Ayahuasca good or evil Is she on the angelic side or the dark one.mp4
  jaguar tastes the hallucinogenic effects of yage.mp4
  My First Experience, Ayahuasca.mp4
  Ayahuasca and Marijuana.mp4
  Ayahuasca at Chimbre.mp4
  Talking on Ayahuasca.mp4
  Ayahuasca Expereince.mp4
  Know Thyself - Ayahuasca Retreat Bahia - Brazil.mp4
  Risks involved in using ayahuasca.mp4
  How not to drink Ayahuasca.mp4
  Liberation For The Soul 102 Ayahuasca Lessons   Coming Out.mp4
  How Ayahuasca has changed her life.mp4
  My First Ayahuasca Experience.mp4
  Long Term Effects of Ayahuasca.mp4
  Long-Term Effects of the Ritual Use of Ayahuasca on Mental Health.mp4
  Los Peyotes-Peyoteando Con Ayahuasca.mp4
  Lua Formosa - Porta do Sol.mp4
  Ayahuasca Trip.mp4
  Ayahuasca explained.mp4
  Ayahuasca Foundation.mp4
  Ayahuasca Trip.mp4
  Ayahuasca Testimonials from Nihue Rao.mp4
  Medical, Physiological   Psychological Aspects of Ayahuasca.mp4
  Metamorphosis- Ayahuasca Documentary.mp4

  Morning after first Ayahuasca ceremony.mp4
  Mother Ayahuasca and my BIG thank you to her!!.mp4
  My (First) Ayahuasca Experience.mp4
  My Ayahuasca   Mushroom Experiences Pt 1 3.mp4
  My Ayahuasca Experience   the Quantum Leap in Human Consciousness.mp4
  My Ayahuasca experience.mp4
  My Best Ayahuasca Ceremony Ever!!!.mp4
  O Beija-Flor de Lotus.mp4
  Peru Amazon Ayahuasca Shamanic Songs.mp4
  NDE and Ayahuasca.mp4
  Psychedelics Cannabis, Psilocybin Mushrooms, Ayahuasca.mp4
  Psychology of the Future.mp4
  Radical Transformation With Psychedelics.mp4
  Review of Deep Immersion Ayahuasca Retreat - Cat.mp4
  Rob on Ayahuasca.mp4
  About Ayawaska (Ayahuasca).mp4
  Sacred Ayahuasca Lineage.mp4
  Shaman Ayahuasca trance.mp4
  shaman healing energy in ayahuasca vision.mp4
  Shamanic healing with Ayahuasca, RIP Scott Petersen.mp4
  Shamanic Retreats, Shamanism   Ayahuasca - Important Advice Before Going To Peru.mp4
  Shamanism - Other Worlds - Ayahuasca Documentary.mp4
  Shamanism Aliens   Ayahuasca  Graham Hancock Pt.1.mp4
  Shamans Share Ayahuasca Experiance With World Rainbow Family- Palenque, Mexico Dec.-23-2012.mp4
  Ayahuasca - Sonia.mp4
  Stepping Into The Fire (full ayahuasca documentary).mp4
  Sting talks about ayahuasca.mp4
  Ayahuasca experience, Gaia Sagrada Retreat Center.mp4
  Teen Dies Taking Ayahuasca What Really Happened.mp4
  THE LAST WORD - Ayahuasca, Dreams and Psychedelic Shamanism.mp4
  Thoughts on Ayahuasca.mp4
  Ayahuasca Trip and Fardow.mp4
  Testimonial of Ayahuasca Retreat at Temple - N.mp4
  Testimonial of Ayahuasca Retreat at Temple - C.mp4
  Testimonial of Ayahuasca Retreat at Temple - C, MD.mp4
  Testimonial of Ayahuasca Retreat at Temple - P.mp4
  Testimonial of Ayahuasca Retreat at Temple - S.mp4
  The Ayahuasca Monologues - W.mp4

DISK 09    
  The Ayahuasca Monologues - D.mp4
  The Ayahuasca Monologues - M.mp4
  Ayahuasca Dangers exposed!.mp4
  The Ayahuasca Project - Help us finish this film!.mp4
  The Difference Between Ayahuasca and DMT.mp4
  The Experience 127.mp4
  The Power Of Ayahuasca.mp4
  The purpose of ayahuasca may not be what you think.mp4
  The War on Consciousness.mp4
  Therapeutic, Sociological   Spiritual Aspects of Altered States of Consciousness - Ayahuasca.mp4
  Tierra Vida - An Ayahuasca Journey.mp4
  Top 5 tips for those seeking Ayahuasca.mp4
  Using Ayahuasca - Ultra Spiritual Life.mp4
  Vancouver Real - 006 - Ayahuasca Odyssey.mp4
  Virtual Auahuasca Experience.MP4
  Vôo do Beija Flor - Elisa Cristal.mp4
  Vou Banindo.mp4
  WARNING! Powerful Ayahuasca Trip Replicator - Binaural Beats + Isochronic Tones.mp4
  What a DMT Ayahuasca visual trips.mp4
  What I Learned From My First Ayahuasca Journey.mp4
  What My First Ayahuasca Experience Felt Like.mp4
  where I can buy ayahuasca.mp4
  Why can't I just drink ayahuasca at home with friends.mp4
  Yage (aka Ayahuasca), Awakening Ascension - The New Paradigm of Ayahuasca.mp4

  World On Ayahuasca - Documentary.mp4

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