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Astrological Wisdom - comprehensive library 2 DVD-ROM boxed  - 3,205 files

Astrological Wisdom - comprehensive library 2 DVD-ROM boxed - 3,205 files

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This 2-DVD-ROM boxed and shrinkwrapped digital library is a scholar's resource and while mainly concerned with Western astrology, it has considerable information on Eastern astrology as well. All works are in English except as noted. Smaller digital collections of classical astrological works such as are available herer are sold on the internet for hundreds of dollars. This collection gives anyone who is interrested in astrology whether the dedicated scholar or someone with a casual interest in astrology, the opportunity to have a library having tens of thousands of pages on the subjedct for an affordable. This boxed set also makes a great gift.


Astrology is a divination system based a relationship between astronomical phenomena and events in the human world. In the West, astrology most often consists of a system of horoscopes that claim to explain aspects of a person's personality and predict future events in their life based on the positions of the sun, moon, and planets at the time of their birth. The Indians, Chinese, and Mayans developed elaborate astrological systems.

Through most of its history, astrology was considered a scholarly tradition. It was accepted in political and academic contexts. At the end of the 17th century, new scientific concepts in astronomy and physics (such as heliocentrism and Newtonian mechanics) called astrology into question. Astrology thus lost its academic and theoretical standing, and common belief in astrology declined.


Nevertheless, astrology has survived into the twenty-first century and has many adherants and practitioners.



There are many of the classic texts of Western Astrology included here. Digital collections consisting of far fewer of the same books included in this library sell for upwards of hundreds of dollars. Synopses of several titles of classic texts of Western astrology are shown below. A large collection of fonts suitable for astrological, metaphysical and occult purposes is also included along with a font viewer that allows you to see fonts that are not installed on your computer.

William Lilly was one of the most outstanding astrologers who ever lived, and without doubt the most outstanding English astrologer of all time. Most people have heard of his masterpiece, Christian Astrology, though few have seen it. Christian Astrology was named such to avoid problems with the church. This is the most famous, the most celebrated astrology book in the English language. It has been prized by students ever since its first publication in 1647. The Horary Astrology in these pages is demanding and precise, combining science and art. Properly used, it will give answer to any well-defined question. William Lilly, famous throughout England for his almanacs & forecasts (he predicted London’s Great Fire of 1666), lived during the English Civil War & was a minor historical figure in it.

Joseph Blagrave's Introduction to Astrology (1682) is an excellent introduction to the basics of traditional astrology and has a useful and complete section on horary astrology. Its most important feature is a section on electional astrology. Blagrave explains how to fit the chart to a particular person in order to properly elect an auspicious time to assist or influence them. Blagrave also deals with the rectification of natal charts using primary directions and with solar revolutions and transits.

William Thrasher's Jubar Astrologicum (1671) provides a complete introduction to the basics of traditional astrology, explaining the essential dignity system, aspects, the assignment of houses and other key facetsof traditional astrology. Jubar Astrologicum also gives instructions for answering horary questions for each of the twelve houses, including questions of wealth, property, birth, illness, marriage, partnership, death, travel, career and even witchcraft and curses. One of the most useful features is Thrasher's delineation of numerous example charts, providing invaluable practical insight to horary analysis. Like all 17th century authors on horary astrology Thrasher is clearly indebted to William Lilly, but Jubar Astrologicum contains much of interest for students of traditional astrology.

John Partridge's Mikropanastron (1679) introduces the basics of traditional astrology, explaining the essential dignities, aspects, houses and quickly jumping into horary, telling, "How to judge all manner of Questions" Partridge thencovers natal astrology, packing in detailed information on all areas of the birth chart, including length of life, temperament, complexion, manners, wit, stature, wealth, childbirth, illness, marriage, journeys, religion, honor and dignity, friends and imprisonment. Partridge also gives useful instruction on directions in the natal chart and a catalog of fixed stars. Partridge gives a particularly useful look at elections, carefully distinguishing between those elections that need to take into consideration the natal chart of the user and those that can be made without a natal chart. Partridge also includes extensive listing of aphorisms, short explanatory sayings, that were a favorite of our illustrious predecessors. He includes his own aphorisms for elections, Gadbury's natal aphorisms, plus 100 aphorisms of Hermes, 100 aphorisms of Bethem, an extra hundred aphorisms plus the famous Ptolemy's Centiloquium.

Entire disk contents are showm below:


Disk 1

Western Astrology through the Renaissance - 65 files

0045 BC Lucretius - De Rerum Natura (Of the Nature of Things).pdf
1180~ Cremonensis, Gerard - Astrological Geomancy.pdf
1461 M. Manilii Astronomicon.. (Volume 1) - Manilius, Marcus.pdf
1461 M. Manilii Astronomicon.. (Volume 2) - Manilius, Marcus.pdf
1461 Manilius, Marcus - Astronomicon liber primus[-quintus] (Latin).pdf
1484 Avenezra, Abraham - Liber de Nativitatibus (Latin).pdf
1490 D’Ailly, Pierre - 3 works (Latin).pdf
1500s Argolus, Andrea - On Fixed Stars.pdf
1500s Bethen, De horis planetarum (Latin).pdf
1500s Breiter - M. Manilius Astronomica (Latin).pdf
1500s Masha'allah - On Planets.pdf
1500s Messahallah - Epistola in rebus eclipsis (Latin).pdf
1500s Messahallah - De cogitatione(Latin).pdf
1500s Ptolemy, Claudius - Tetrabiblos (Latin).pdf
1500s Zael - Introductorium (Latin).pdf
1500s Zael - Quinquaginta Precepta (Latin).pdf
1506 Abû Ma‘shar - Flores (Latin).pdf
1509 Liber Novem Iudicum (Latin).pdf
1509 Zael - De Electionibus (Latin).pdf
1516 Agrippa, H.C. - Of Geomancy.pdf
1533 Agrippa von Nettesheim, Heinrich Cornelius, 1486-1535- De Occulta Philosophia.pdf
1533 Capitula Almansoris (Latin).pdf
1533 Centiloquium Bethem (Latin).pdf
1533 Hermetis Centum Aphorismorum Liber (Latin).pdf
1533 Omar - De Nativitatibus Secundum (Latin).pdf
1540 Albubater, De nativitatibus (Latin).pdf
1549 Messahallah - Five Works (Latin).pdf
1551 Haly Abenragel - De Iudiciis astrorum (Latin).pdf
1552 Gaurico, Luca - Tractatus Astrologicus (Latin).pdf
1558 Dariot, Claude - L'introduction au Jugement Des Astres (French).pdf
1598 Dariot, Claude - A Briefe and Most Easie Introduction to the Stars.pdf
1602 Kepler, Johannes - Fundamentals of Astrology.pdf
1644 Lilly, William - Svpernatvrall Sights & Apparitions.pdf
1647 Lilly, William - Introduction to Astrology.pdf
1648 Lilly, William - Christian Astrology Book I.pdf
1648 Lilly, William - Christian Astrology Book III.pdf
1649 Weigel - Astrology Theologized 1649 (ocr).pdf
1649 Weigel - Astrology Theologized 1649.pdf
1650 Culpeper, Nicholas - Directory for Midwives.pdf
1651 Lilly, Wm. - Observations (repr).pdf
1653 Ramsey, William - Astrology Restored.pdf
1654 Culpeper, Nicholas - Opus Astrologicum.pdf
1655 Culpeper, Nicholas - Astrological Judgment of Diseases.pdf
1656 Andrews, William - The Astrological Physician.pdf
1658 Gadbury, John - The Doctrine of Nativities and Horary Questions.pdf
1659 Lilly, William - Christian Astrology.pdf
1659 Lilly, William - Christian A strology.pdf
1659 Lilly, William - Christian Astrology - 3 vols..pdf
1659 Lilly, William - Christian Astrology Volume 1.pdf
1659 Lilly, William - Christian-Astrology-II (ocr).pdf
1662 Gadbury, John - A Collection of Nativities.pdf
1665 Griffin, Anthony - An Astrological Judgement Touching Theft.pdf
1671 Thrasher, Williamm - Jubar Astrologicum.pdf
1675 Lilly, William - Choice Aphorisms.pdf
1675 Lily, William (tr.) - Guido Bonatus - Anima Astrologiae.pdf
1676 Coley, Henry - Key to the Whole Art of Astrology.pdf
1677 Saunders, Richard - The Astrological Judgment & Practice of Physick.pdf
1678 Middleton, John - Philomath Practical Astrology.pdf
1682 Blagrave, John - Introduction to Astrology.pdf
1687 Kirby, Richard - The Marrow of Astrology.pdf
1689 Gadbury, John - Nauticum Astrologicum.pdf
1692 Partridge, John - Mikropanastron.pdf
1693 Partridge, John - Opus Reformatum.pdf
1694 Eland, William - A Tutor to Astrology.pdf
1697 Partridge, John - Defectio Geniturarum.pdf
William Lilly's history of his life and times from the year 1602 to 1681 - Lilly, William, 1602-1681.pdf
William Ramsey - Astrology Restored.pdf

Eastern Astrology 40 files

1800s Brihatc Parashara Hora Sastra - Vedic Astrology.pdf
1888 Alberunis - India Vol I.pdf
1888 Alberuni's India Vol II.pdf
1888 alburinis_india_vol1.pdf
1888 alburinis_india_vol2.pdf
1899 Venkatarava, C. - Astrology and its connection with Vedanta.pdf
1900 Row - Jatakachundrika or Moonlight to Astrology.pdf
1900s Vedic Astrology - An Introduction.pdf
1902 Bhakti Seva - The Hindu Book of Astrology.pdf
1902 Hindu Book of Astrology.pdf
1902 The Hindu book of astrology, or, Yogic knowledge of the stars and planetary forces and how to control them to our advantage - Bhakti Seva.pdf
1905 Varaha Mihira - The Brihat Jataka.pdf
1910 Alberuni's India Vol II.pdf
Stree Jataka - Varahamihira - Woman in Astrology (not copyr.).pdf
Jataka Tatva.pdf
Sanskrit text.pdf
Kadalangudi - Jataka tattvam (not copyr.).pdf
brihat jataka (varahamihira) (Sanskrit).pdf
brihat samhita (chidambara iyer).pdf
daivagya kamadhenu (Sanskrit).pdf
Encyclopedia of vedic astrology - dasa systems (not copyr.).pdf
hora shastra (varahamihira) (Sanskrit).pdf
jataka bharanam (Sanskrit).pdf
jataka chandrika (venkatesha pandita).pdf
jyotisha siddhanta sangraha (Sanskrit).pdf
Kalidas - Jataka Chandrika - Raaja Yogas & Marriage (not copyr.).pdf
mohini vidya sadhana and siddhi.pdf
Parashara - Hora Sastra.pdf
Planet Book (not copyr.).pdf
Prasana A Contemporary Treatise (not copyr.).pdf
Prasna Arudhaphala - Problem Solving Astrology (not copyr.).pdf
Predictive strology (not copyr).pdf
Pulippani, Dr. U.S. - Gochar Phaladeepika - Torch on Transit Planets (not copyr.).pdf
Rao, T.M. - Bhrigu Samhita (text) (not copyr.).pdf
Rao. T.M. - Bhrigu Samhita (not copyr.).pdf
S.P. Khullar - Key to Learn - K.P. cuspal system (not copyr.).pdf
Satyanarayan Naik - Roots of Nadi (not copyr.).pdf
Trivedi - Foretelling Widowhood (not copyr.).pdf
Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan astrology programs 1 5
Panchang Bhavan.pdf


Vedic Astrology Articles 67 files

Adhiyoga by M D Trivedi.pdf
Are You Born in Krittika Nakshatra_.pdf
Are You Courageous_ Check Your Third House.pdf
Astrological Aspect of Honour Health & Happiness.pdf
Astrological Importance of Disease.pdf
Astrology and Family Planning by V M Natu.pdf
Astrology and Means of Livelihood by Indu Guha.pdf
Astrology and Means of Livelihood...Contd...pdf
Astrology and Mental Maladies by Yogibhai.pdf
Astrology and the Gift of Healing.pdf
Astrology and the Ramayana by H R Shankar.pdf
Beeja Sphuta and Santan Tithi.pdf
Birth Time Rectification through KP Astrology.pdf
Combinations for Astrologers by Prabir Chatterjee.pdf
Combinations for Cancer.pdf
Combinations for Owning a House.pdf
Combinations for Successful Lawyers.pdf
Combust Planets.pdf
Determinants of Legal Profession...Contd..pdf
Determinants of Legal Profession.pdf
Exchange of Planets.pdf
Finding True Love by Dr Suresh Sharma.pdf
Functionalism in Astrology.pdf
Gentlemen of the Long Robe by V A K Ayer.pdf
Helpful Hints on Predictive Astrology.pdf
Homeopathy and Astrology by Ramanand Baranwal.pdf
Horoscope of Nostradamus by Yeluripati Krishna Rao.pdf
Horoscopic Influences of Ketu by R M Banerjee.pdf
How many Days Make a Year _ by Prof. P S Sastri.pdf
Is Jupiter Universally Benefic _ by Pronab Das.pdf
Jaimini System of Astrology by Prof. P S Sastri.pdf
Jupiter in `Bhavartha Ratnakara' by M D Trivedi.pdf
Jupiter in Medical Astrology.pdf
Jupiter-Saturn Nexus...contd..pdf
Jupiter-Saturn Nexus_ an Exposition.pdf
Lunar Yogas_ a Verification.pdf
Mode of Death by Sumeet Chugh.pdf
Mutual Relations by L R Chawdhri2.pdf
Nodal Afflictions.pdf
On Annual Solar Progressed Chart ....continued..pdf
On Annual Solar Progressed Chart.pdf
On Marital Happiness by Dr R S L Srivastava.pdf
Planets and Legal Profession.pdf
Practical Approach towards Heart Diseases.pdf
Predicting Mundane Affairs through Annual Chart.pdf
Progeny Problems and Remedial Measures.pdf
Raja Yogas and Political Power.pdf
Results of the Transiting Moon.pdf
Saturn and Delayed Marriage.pdf
Saturn Determines the Course of Destiny - II.pdf
Saturn Determines the Course of Destiny.pdf
Saturn in Medical Astrology.pdf
Sign-tips to Beauty.pdf
Some Loud Thinking on Planets.pdf
Some Thoughts on Ascendant Lord by R M Banerjee.pdf
The Bar and the Bench According to Jaimini.pdf
The Cancerean Person.pdf
The Disease of Cancer.pdf
The Precision of a Prediction.pdf
Transit of Rahu-Ketu & the Fortunes of Politicians.pdf
Uniqueness of Jaimini Astrology by Dr B V Raman.pdf
When to Operate.pdf
Where are the Nine Planets _ by Prof. P S Sastri.pdf
Will You Be a Lawyer_ by Bepin Behari.pdf
Yogi, Avayogi and Dugdha Rasis.pdf
Zodiacal Degrees and Legal Profession - I.pdf
Zodiacal Degrees and Legal Profession - II.pdf

Fonts - 2484 total
Blackletter, Celtic, Chancery & italic, Cursive, Initials & Illuminated, Lombardic, Medieval, Gothic, Fantasy, Noveau, Occult Fonts, Rune like, Runes, Symbols & Dings, 2484

Software 11 files
Chrch of Light astrology.zip

Disk 02

Western Astrology post Renaissance 162 files

1703 Sibley, E. - Complete Illustration of the Occult Sciences IV.pdf
1715 Lilly, William - History of his life & Times (repr. 1822).pdf
1795 Erra Pater - The book of knowledge treating of the wisdom of the ancients ; in four parts.pdf
1800s Paracelsus...cosmology, anthropology, pneumatology, magic and sorcery, medicine, alchemy astrology etc -Hartman, Franz.pdf
1822 Astrolog - Zoroaster.pdf
1822 Ptolemy, Claudius - Tetrabiblos.pdf
1822 Ptolemy, Claudius - The Quadripartite Mathematical Treatise.pdf
1826 Sibly, Ebenezer - Anew and complete illustration of the celestial science of astrology ... In four parts.pdf
1826 Sibley - Celestial Science of Astrology.pdf
1828 Raphael - Manual of astrology or The Book of the Stars.pdf
1833 Proctor - the Great pyramid.pdf
1836 Hacket, James Thomas - The student's assistant in astronomy and astrology ... phrenology, astrology, and physiognomy.pdf
1838 Moody - A Refutation of Astrology.pdf
1838 Moody, T.H. - A complete refutation of astrology.pdf
1852 (repr) Lilly, William - An introduction to astrology.pdf
1854 Roback, Charles W. - The Mysteries of Astrology, and the Wonders of Magic.pdf
1854 The mysteries of astrology...magic...necromancy...nativities...geomancy, chiromancy, physiognomy...witchcraft, spiritual phenomena - Roback, C. W. (Charles W.).pdf
1856 Zadkiel - Astrology as it Is Not as it Has Been Represented.pdf
1857 Egelmann, Charles F. - The United States farmers almanac.pdf
1860 Broughton's monthly planet reader and astrological journal - Broughton, Luke Dennis.pdf
1861 Zadkiel - Handbook of Astrology.pdf
1867 Medicine and astrology; a paper read before the Numismatic and Antiquarian Society of Philadelphia, June 7, 1866 - Phillips, Henry, 1838-1895.pdf
1867 Phillips - Medicine & Astrology.pdf
1870~ - Broughton, Luke Dennis - The elements of astrology.pdf
1876 Proctor - Our Place Among the Infinities.pdf
1876 Proctor, Richard Anthony - Our place among infinities to which are added essays on the Jewish Sabbath and astrology.pdf
1877 Raphael - Guide to Astrology.pdf
1877 Raphael (Robert T. Cross) - The guide to astrology.pdf
1879 Dicks - Chimeras of Science.pdf
1884 The Crisis in Egypt & How it Was Foretold.pdf
1885 Graves, P. A. - The stellar laws governing the reproduction of the human race.pdf
1890~ John M. Powis Smith - Astrology and the Old Testament (Volume 38).pdf
1892 Buckley, James Monroe - Faith-healing, Christian science and kindred phenomena.pdf
1892 Wolf, George S - Heavenly planets and the future revealed.pdf
1893 -Bullinger - Witness to the Stars.pdf
1893 Dalton - Spherical basis of Astrology.pdf
1893 Dalton, Joseph - Spherical basis of Astrology.pdf
1893 McIntyre, George Peter - Sun-sealed.pdf
1893 Parsons - New Light form the Great Pyramic.pdf
1897 A Relic of Astrology (Journal of American Folklore.pdf
1897 Astrology, science of knowledge and reason; a treatise on the heavenly bodies in an easy and comprehensive form - Bennett, Ellen H.pdf
1897 Judkins, Benjamin - Facts of science, new and ancient knowledge.pdf
1898 Vale (pseud.) - Lessons in astrology.pdf
1899 Merton, Holmes Whittier - Heliocentric astrology.pdf
1899 Leo - Astrology For All.pdf
1899 Stellar dust - Graves, P. A.pdf
1899 White, Frank - A treatise on medical astrology.pdf
1899~ Snyder, Monroe B. - Survivals of Astrology (Volume 3).pdf
1900 Hippocrates, Junior, pseud - The Plague Predicted ...planetary and atmospheric influences...comets and plagues...Her Majesty's book of astrology...Dr. Dee -.pdf
1900 Reports of Magicians & Astrologers - Nineveh, Babylon.pdf
1900 The esoteric ephemeris for solar biology Calculated for mean noon at Washington - Esoteric publishing company..pdf
1900~ Heindel, Max - Simplified Scientific Astrology.pdf
1900~ Medical Rosicrucian astrology.pdf
1900s A History.pdf
1900s Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul Esoteric-Astrology-The-Zodiac-and-the-Rays.pdf
1900s Alice Bailey-Esoteric Astrology.pdf
1900s Bil Tierney - All Around The Zodiac 84pg.pdf
1900s Esoteric Hermetic Astrology.pdf
1900s Howard Sasportas-The Houses 63pg.pdf
1900s Max Heindel The Message of The Stars-Medical Astrology.pdf
1901 - Saint-Germain, C. de - Practical astrology - a simple method of casting horoscopes and language of the stars easily comprehended.pdf
1901 Alpheus - Were You Born Under a Lucky Star.pdf
1901 Dalton, Joseph Grinnell - The sixteen principal stars, 1824-1948 , positions, aspects, instructions for use in nativities; ephemeris of Uranus and Neptune, 1825-1876.pdf
1901 Kane, Thomas Henry - Planetary influences and human affairs.pdf
1901 Raphael - Humanity Characterized by the Earth, Sun & Zodiac.pdf
1901 Walker, Charlotte (Abell), Mrs. - Under a lucky star.pdf
1902 Smith, Irene M. - The science of palmistry and its relations to astrology and phrenology.pdf
1902 Webber - Astrology in a Nutshell.pdf
1903 Proctor, Richard A. - Myths and marvels of astronomy - Proctor, Richard A..pdf
1903 Gardner, F. Leigh - A catalogue raisonné of works on the occult sciences (Volume 2).pdf
1903 Proctor - Myths & Marvels of Astronomy.pdf
1903 Wilson, William, 1853 - Sheakespeare and astrology, from a student's point of view.pdf
1905 Astrology As It Is by A Cavalry Officer.pdf
1905 Astrology.pdf
1905 Daivajñakmadhenuh - Anavamadar Sagharja (Sanskrit).pdf
1905 MacGregor, M.M. - Astrology.pdf
1905 Raphael - Genethliacial Astrology.pdf
1907 Fludd, Robert - Traite D'Astrologie Generale (French).pdf
1907 Saravali - Kalya Varma.pdf
1908 Jastrow, Morris - Months and Days in Babylonian-Assyrian Astrology (Volume 26).pdf
1908 Astrology the key to roulette.pdf
1908 Browne, Wm. Hand - Notes on Chaucer's Astrology - The Man of Lawes Tale (Volume 23).pdf
1908 Jastrow, Morris - Hepatoscopy and Astrology in Babylonia and Assyria (Volume 47).pdf
1908 Magnus - Superstition in Medicine.pdf
1909 Dixon - A Jerusalem Christian treatise on Astrology.pdf
1912 Cumont - Astology & Religion Among the Romans & Greeks.pdf
1912 Occult Sciences Vol 3 Freemasonry.pdf
1912 Sepharial (Walter Gorn Old)- Kabbalistic Astrology.pdf
1913 LeRoy - Social Science in Light of the Solar System.pdf
1913 Social Science in the light of the solar system.pdf
1914 Phillips, Karen M - The new thought of the planets influence upon children at the hour of their birth.pdf
1914 Astrology in medicine...lectures delivered before the Royal College of Physicians on November 6 and 11, 1913 - Mercier, Charles Arthur, 1852-1919.pdf
1914 Marc Edmund Jones - The Interpretation of a Horoscope.pdf
1914 Mercier - Astrology in Medicine.pdf
1914 Sepharial - A manual of occultism, (Volume c.1).pdf
1915 Bernart, Leo - Ogilvie's astrological birthday book.pdf
1915 Cortes - An Irish Corpus of Astronmiae Complete.pdf
1917 C.AQ Libra-Astrology-Its-Technics-and-Ethics 282pg.pdf
1917 Libra - Astrology Technics & Ethics.pdf
1918 Allen, Frank Theodore - Dr. Frank Crane's opinion of astrology.pdf
1919 Heindel - Message of the Stars.pdf
1920 Seward, Alfred Francis - Planting, harvesting and surgical operations, etc., according to the signs of the zodiac.pdf
1920 Wedel - Mediaeval Attitude Toward Astrology.pdf
1920~ Sephariel - Astrology & Marriage.pdf
1922 Jensen, Magnus - Everybody's astrology.pdf
1922 Devos, Trix - Stars of destiny; the ancient science of astrology and how to make use of it today.pdf
1922 George, Llewellyn - The astrologer's searchlight.pdf
1922 Jamieson's planet reader; astrologers' magazine .. - Jamieson, Claude W.pdf
1922 Jensen - Everybody's Astrology.pdf
1924 Windle, Bertram Coghill Alan, Sir - On miracles and some other matters [microform].pdf
1924 Vira Simhavaloka_by_Virasimha (Sanskrit).pdf
1928 Curtiss Frank Homer and Harriette Augusta - The Key of Destiny 3rd Edition.pdf
1930 Adams - Your Place Among the Stars.pdf
1930 Evangeline-Adams-Astrology-Your-Place-Among-the-Stars.pdf
A Relic of Astrology (Volume 11) - Bolton, H. Carrington (not copyr.).pdf
Arabic Parts (not copyr.).pdf
Aspects (not copyr.).pdf
Astro_959 (not copyr.).pdf
Astrology and Democracy (Volume 17) - Greene, William C. (not copyr.).pdf
Astronumerology (not copyr.).pdf
Birchfield - Intro to Hellenistic Astrology (not copyr.).pdf
Blank Horoscope Wheel (not copyr.).pdf
Dispelling Myths About Astrology (not copyr.).pdf
Employee Profiles Based on Horoscope (not copyr.).pdf
Gems & Astrology (not copyr.).pdf
Houses of Relationships (no copyr.).pdf
Lunar Nodes (not copyr.).pdf
Natal Astrology Course (not copyr.).pdf
Observation And Prediction In Ancient Astrology (not copyr.).pdf
Planets (not copyr.).pdf
Reading a Chart (not copyr.).pdf
Saptarishis Astrology - Sunil John (not copyr.).pdf
Saptarishis Astrology Vol3 Publitorial (not copyr.).pdf
Sign House Aspect - Jupiter 150pg (not copyr.).pdf
Sign House Aspect - Mars 182pg (not copyr.).pdf
Sign House Aspect - Mercury 189pg (not copyr.).pdf
Sign House Aspect - Moon (not copyr.).pdf
Sign House Aspect - Neptune (not copyr.).pdf
Sign House Aspect - Nodes (not copyr.).pdf
Sign House Aspect - Pluto (not copyr.).pdf
Sign House Aspect - Saturn (not copyr.).pdf
Sign House Aspect - Sun 300pg (not copyr.).pdf
Sign House Aspect - Uranus 143pg (not copyr.).pdf
Sign House Aspect - Venus (not copyr.).pdf
The 12 Zodiac Signs (not copyr.).pdf
The Astrology of Sex (no copyr.).pdf
The Chart Wheel (not copyr.).pdf
The Platonic Nature of Sect (not copyr.).pdf
The Symbolic Meaning of Planetary Size (not copyr.).pdf
The Twelve Houses (not copyr.).pdf
The Zodiac (not copyr.).pdf
Vertex (not copyr.).pdf
Zodiac Personalities (not copyr.).pdf
Ancient Theology Astrology 15 files



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