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Anarchist Works of Mikhail Bakunin - Instant Download

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Works of Mikhail Bakunin

Mikhail Alexandrovich Bakunin (30 May [O.S. 18 May] 1814 - 1 July 1876) was a well-known Russian revolutionary and theorist of collectivist anarchism.[

Bakunin’s political beliefs rejected governing systems in every name and shape, from the idea of God downwards, and every form of external authority, whether emanating from the will of a sovereign or from universal suffrage. He wrote in Dieu et l’Etat (God and the State[22]), published posthumously in 1882:
“The liberty of man consists solely in this, that he obeys the laws of nature because he has himself recognized them as such, and not because they have been imposed upon him externally by any foreign will whatsoever, human or divine, collective or individual.”

Bakunin is remembered as a major figure in the history of anarchism and an opponent of Marxism, especially of Marx's idea of dictatorship of the proletariat. He continues to be an influence on modern-day anarchists, such as Noam Chomsky.[ Bakunin biographer Mark Leier has asserted that "Bakunin had a significant influence on later thinkers, ranging from Peter Kropotkin and Enrico Malatesta to the Wobblies and Spanish anarchists in the Civil War to Herbert Marcuse, E.P. Thompson, Neil Postman, and A.S. Neill, down to the anarchists gathered these days under the banner of 'anti-globalization.'"

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 The following works by Mikhail Bakunin are included in this collection:

Bakunin, Mikhail - Bakunin's Writings.pdf
Bakunin, Mikhail - Founding of the Worker's International.pdf
Bakunin, Mikhail - God and the State.pdf
Bakunin, Mikhail - Marxism, Freedom and the State.pdf
Bakunin, Mikhail - Recollections on Marx and Engels.pdf
Bakunin, Mikhail - Revolutionary Catechism.pdf
Bakunin, Mikhail - Selected Writings.pdf
Bakunin, Mikhail - Stateless Socialism 1953.pdf
Bakunin, Mikhail - The Capitalist System 1953 .pdf
Bakunin, Mikhail - The Immorality of the State.pdf
Bakunin, Mikhail - The Red Association.pdf
Michel Bakunin, Communist.pdf
Mikhail Bakunin (The Torch of Anarchy).pdf
Mikhail (Michel) Bakunin - God & the State.pdf
Mikhail (Michel) Bakunin - Integral Education 2.pdf
Mikhail (Michel) Bakunin - Integral Education.pdf
Mikhail (Michel) Bakunin - Marxism Freedom & the State.pdf
Mikhail (Michel) Bakunin - Power Corrupts the Best.pdf
Mikhail (Michel) Bakunin - Revolutionary Catechism.pdf
Mikhail (Michel) Bakunin - Rousseau's Theory of the State.pdf
Mikhail (Michel) Bakunin - Selected Writings.pdf
Mikhail (Michel) Bakunin - Stateless Socialism = Anarchism.pdf
Mikhail (Michel) Bakunin - The Capitalist System.pdf
Mikhail (Michel) Bakunin - The Commune, the Church & the State.pdf
Mikhail (Michel) Bakunin - The Immorality of the State.pdf
Mikhail (Michel) Bakunin - The Organization of the International.pdf
Mikhail (Michel) Bakunin - The Paris Commune & the Idea of the State.pdf
Mikhail (Michel) Bakunin - The Policy of the International.pdf
Mikhail (Michel) Bakunin - Where I Stand.pdf

These works are in the public domain

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