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All About Wealth, Banking & Taxation - 2 DVD-ROM boxed shrinkwrapped

All About Wealth, Banking & Taxation - 2 DVD-ROM boxed shrinkwrapped

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Wealth, Banking & Taxation 2 DVD-ROM


What is wealth? How is wealth created? Do international bankers control everything? How does taxation work? How do the rich get that way? Why does a privately owned bank issue our currency? Is it all a conspiracy, or is it just a system? Is the U.S. banking system a criminal enterprise? These are questions that many of us ask ourselves. In this current atmosphere of high unemployment, widening income disparity, shrinking job availability and the attendant attrition of the American middle-class and  and in the wake of the recent financial collapse more and more people want answers to these questions.


This is two disk set contains document and multimedia files that shed light on these questions. No particular point of view is taken, this digital library is an information resource on the financial systems and organizations that govern national and world economics.


Agent exposes the criminal income tax system.pdf

America's Great Depression.pdf
Bank Control of Corporations in the U.S.pdf
Banker Tells It Like It Is.pdf
Bankers Monthly - 3 Centuries of Men Money & Banks.pdf
Bankers Monthly - Halliburton.pdf
Bankonomics in One Easy Lesson - Federal Reserve Banks.pdf
Beating Up On Debt Collectors.pdf
Bilderberg 1955 - Report.pdf
Bilderberg 1957 - Report.pdf
Bilderberg 1958 - Report.pdf
Bilderberg 1960 - Report.pdf
Bilderberg 1962 - Report and List of Participants.pdf
Bilderberg 1963 - Report.pdf
Bilderberg 1973 - Report (not all) and List of Participants.pdf
Bilderberg 1980 - Report and List of Participants.pdf
Bilderberg 1996 - Report and List of Participants.pdf
Bilderberg 2006 Press Release and List of Participants.pdf
Bilderberg History from 1956.pdf
Billions for Bankers, Debts for the People.pdf

Capitalist Conspiracy - International Banking.rm
Competition & Business Strategy in Historical Perspective.pdf
Confessions of an Economic Hitman.pdf
Criminal policies of US Federal Reserve.pdf
Decline and Fall of the American Empire,The.pdf
DOJ - Asset Forfeiture & Money Laundering Resource Directory.pdf
DOJ - Asset Forfeiture Checklists & Forms.pdf
DOJ - Asset Forfeiture Policy - 2006.pdf
DOJ - Asset Forfeiture Statutes - 2006.pdf
DOJ - Money Laundering Statutes - 2006.pdf

Essays in Fabian Socialism G.B. Shaw (1891).pdf
Everything You've Always Wanted to Know About the IRS.pdf
Exodus - Billions for the Bankers.pdf
Experts on the Privately owned Fed.avi
Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago - Modern Money Mechanics.pdf
Feudalism aka American Capitalism.pdf
Free To Choose.pdf
Handbook of International Banking.pdf
Historical Beginnings - The Federal Reserve.pdf
How Control of Wealth Controls People.pdf
Inside the Bilderberg Group.pdf
Inside the Carlyle Group.pdf
Introduction to Economics.pdf
John D Rockefeller.pdf
Landor, R. - Interview with Karl Marx.pdf
Law of Negotiable Instruments, The 1904.pdf

Law, commerce, courts, UCC.pdf
Legalized Crime of Banking & a Constitutional Remedy,The.pdf

Life and debt.avi
Making Economic Sense.pdf
Marx, Karl - A Contribution to the Critique of Political economy.pdf
Marx, Karl - Capital Vol. 1.pdf
Marx, Karl - Capital Vol. 2.pdf
Marx, Karl - Capital Vol. 3.pdf
Marx, Karl - Communist Manifesto.pdf
Marx, Karl - Economic & Philosophic Manuscriptsc 1844.pdf
Marx, Karl - Interview Chicago Tribune, January 5 1879.pdf
Marx, Karl - Pre-Capitalist Economic Formations.pdf
Marx, Karl & Engels, Frederick - Writings on the North American Civi _War.pdf

Money Banking & the Federal Reserve.wmv

Money Creators.pdf
Money Masters 01.avi
Money Masters 02.avi
Monopoly Men.wmv

Negotiable Instruments - College Law (1951, pre-UCC).pdf
On the Federal Reserve (Congressional Record, 1934).html
Power And Market - Government And The Economy.pdf
Prisons for Profit.avi
Rockefeller - The Man Who Misrules the World.pdf
Rockefeller Syndicate - Secret Govt.pdf
Rothschild Dynasty, The - Financial Wizards and Wealthy Cults.pdf
Rothschild Money Trust.pdf
Secrets & Liens in Commercial Finance Law.pdf
Secrets Of Financial Scams.pdf

Secret Ruler Of The World - Bilderberger.wmv
Seven Financial Conspiracies which have Enslaved the American People (1887).pdf
Slavery For The People Billions for The Bankers.pdf
Super Rich - The Greed Game.av

Taxation in America.pdf

The Carlyle Group.pdf
The Coming Battle.pdf
The Coming Financial Collapse of America.mpg
The Corporation.avi

The Duke of Naxos - Rothschild of middle ages.pdf
The Federal Reserve is privately owned.pdf
The Five Stages of Collapse.pdf
The History of Money From Sandstone to Cyberspace.pdf
The House of (J.P.) Morgan Exposed 1916.pdf
The Incredible Rockefellers.pdf
The Insiders.pdf

The IRS New Age Audit Invasion.pdf
The Legalized Crime of Banking and a Constitutional Remedy.pdf
The Money Changers.pdf
The Money Manipulators.pdf
The Mystery Of Banking.pdf
The Plot of the International Financiers to Create Oil Wars.pdf
The Real Story Behind the Trilateral Commission - The Plot to Destroy the Nation.pdf
The Reign of the House of Rothchild - Count Egon Caesar Corti.pdf
The Rise of The House of Rothschild - Count Egon Ceasar Corti.pdf
The Robber Barons - The Great American Capitalists.pdf
The Rockefeller Files.pdf
The Satanic Rothschild Dynasty - Financial Wizards and Wealthy Cults.pdf
The Secrets of the Federal Reserve.PDF
The Story of the Rothchilds.pdf
The Truth About American Taxation.pdf
Theory of Money & Credit - Ludwig Von Mises 1912.pdf

Wall Street & the Bolshevik Revolution.PDF
Wall Street & the Rise of Hitler.pdf
Web of Debt - The Shocking Truth about our Money System.pdf
What Has Government Done To Our Money.pdf
When Giants Fall.pdf
Why Are there So Many Banking Crises.pdf
Winning the Oil Endgame.pdf
Your Guide Through the Greatest Financial Crisis in Human History.pdf


How International Bankers Gained Control of America.avi
Oil, Money, Power. Parts 1 & 2.avi
Oil, Money, Power. Parts 3 & 4.avi
Oil, Money, Power. Parts 5 & 6.avi
Oil, Money, Power. Parts 7 & 8.avi


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