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About Us

Hi, I'm Gene. I like electric guitars, loud music and weird stuff, but if you read the name of my store you already know I like weird stuff! I have assembled in my store some of my weirdest stuff: weird science, weird history, weird magic, and religion. Religion is the least weird thing I offer. Well, I guess that depends on your point of view. Religions can get pretty weird too...

I operate on the principle in this quote from Frank Zappa: "Information doesn't kill you."

In addition to my digital libraries on weird stuff, I also offer my own handmade pendants and printed occult seals and tables. And keep checking in . it will get weirder, guarantee that!

This selections I offer are beyond eclectic and very unique. I have a taste for the obscure. I got started in this business by offering pdf files of hard to find metaphysical titles. I sold them on disks for years and now I am offering many of them for sale as extremely affordable prices as instant downloads. you can spend less that a dollar here and come away with something useful and interesting!

Most of our merchandise and downloads come from The Curio and Whatnot Shop, of whom we are the exclusive distributor. 



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