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Occult & Esoteric

Who hasn't gone into a metaphysical book store and wanted to have every title on the shelves, only to be limited by the cost? Over the years that happened to me many times. Now, with the advent of the internet and digital technology, electronic books allow much easier access to occult and esoteric information.

The Metaphysical Collection includes items with subject matter which includes magic, the occult and the esoteric. Here you will find libraries on astrology, the Theosophical Society, the Rosicrucians, reincarnation, spiritualism, occultism, and well as many individual titles featuring the works of writers such as A.E. Waite, H.P. Blavatsky, M.P. Hall and many others. This collection is a fine resource for the occult scholar, not only for the wide selection of works dealing with the occult but for the fact that you can purchase very reasonably priced instant downloads.



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