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JFK Assassination Library Vol. 1 of 5: Investigations -  4 DVD-ROM boxed - Gene's Weird Stuff
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JFK Assassination Library Vol 1 of 6: Investigations - 4 DVD-ROM boxed

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JFK Assassination Library
Vol. 1 of 6 - Investigations

4 DVD-ROM Boxed Set

The assassination of John F. Kennedy is America's most perplexing and pivotal political event of the 20th century. 

The Curio and Whatnot Shop has been producing digital libraries about it for the last eight years. So much material has been collected and compiled that this is now being released as a five volume disk series comprising some 16 disks. 

"Volume 1: Investigations," is a comprehensive collection of information regarding the various investigations of JFK's assassination. These four disks contain tens of thousands of pages of official investigation documents and hours of multimedia files.

DISK 01 - Garrison, HSCA, Warren Comission    

Garrison Investigation    
  Garrison closing arg.pdf
  Garrison opening arg.pdf
  Garrison Updates AP 2-13-1996.pdf
  Jim Garrison - Johnny Carson 1-31-68 - total 5 mp4 files
  Jim Garrison - on the JFK Assassination.mp4
  Jim Garrison - Response Kennedy Assassination 01.mp4
  Jim Garrison - Response Kennedy Assassination 03.mp4
  Jim Garrison - Story - total 4 mp4 files
  Jim Garrison on Steve Allen 1971 - total 2 mp4 files
  Jim Garrison Playboy Interview.pdf
  Jim Garrison's Case for Conspiracy.pdf
  memo to CIA dir 09-29-67 re shaw trial.pdf
  Ramparts Mag 1968 - The Garrison Probe.pdf
  The Garrison tapes Part - total 10 flv files
  The Jim Garrison Case.pdf

Orleans Parish Grand Jury Transcripts    - total 42 pdf files
  Orleans Parish Grand Jury Transcripts.pdf
  Shaw trial Transcripts - Feb 6 - Feb 28 - total 48 pdf files
House Select Comittee on Assassinations (HSCA)
  House Select Committee on Assassinations 1976.mp4
  House Select Committee on Assassinations -James Rowley 1978.mp4
  Three HSCA Conclusions.pdf

1996 Release
  1996 Release - Oswald CIA Mexico city.pdf
  1996 Release - Oswald, the CIA, Mexico City (Lopez Report).pdf

2003 Release
  2003 Oswald, CIA, Mexico City.pdf
  2003 Release - Oswald, the CIA, Mixico City (Lopez report).pdf

HSCA Executive Session Transcripts - total 34 pdf files

HSCA Final Assassinations Hearings - total    14 pdf files

HSCA Final Assassinations Report
  HSCA Final Assassinations Report 516pg.pdf
  HSCA Final Assassinations Report.pdf

HSCA Medical Testimony and Interviews
  HSCA Ebersole Interview Audio.pdf
  HSCA Finck 3-11&12-78 Interview total 2 pdf files
  HSCA Humes-Boswell Interview.pdf
  HSCA Knudsen Interview.pdf
  HSCA Lipsey Interview.pdf
  HSCA Robinson Interview.pdf
  HSCA Ebersole - 16 files each in mov,mp3 & wma formats, total 48 files
  HSCA Finck - 7 files each in mov,mp3 & wma formats, total 21 files
  HSCA HumesBos - 3 files each in mov,mp3 & wma formats, total 9 files
  HSCA Knudsen - 5 files each in mov,mp3 & wma formats, total 15 files
  HSCA Lipsey - 5 files each in mov,mp3 & wma formats, total 15 files
  HSCA Robinson - 1 file 1n mov,mp3 & wma formats, total 3 files
  HSCA Transcripts - 7 pdf files
HSCA Numbered Files
  Excerpts from Box 23 HSCA Numbered Files180-10086-10295.pdf

HSCA Other Unpublished Testimony
  Hemming 3-21-78.pdf
  HSCA Coleman Interview Audio.pdf
  HSCA Coleman Interview Audio.txt
  HSCA Gutierrez Interview Audio.pdf
  HSCA Gutierrez Interview Audio.txt
  HSCA Ortero Interview Audio.pdf
  HSCA Ortero Interview Audio.txt
  HSCA Other Unpublished Testimony.pdf
  HSCA Other Unpublished Testimony.txt
  HSCA Gutierrez 6-5-78 - 14 files each in mov,mp3 & wma formats, total 42 files
  HSCA Ortero 8-25-78- 1 file 1n mov,mp3 & wma formats, total 3 files

  Jones 4-20-78.pdf
  Oltmans 4-1-77.pdf

HSCA Security Classified Testimony
  Angleton 10-5-78.pdf
  AnnaTarasoff 4-12-78.pdf
  BorisTarasoff 4-12-78.pdf
  Goodpasture 11-20-78.pdf
  Hartman 10-10-78.pdf
  Helms 8-9-78.pdf
  Hidalgo 8-10-78.pdf
  HSCA Security Classified Testimony.txt
  Hunt 11-3-78.pdf
  Larson 6-27-78.pdf
  Michael 7-27-78.pdf
  Murphy 8-9-78.pdf
  Nosenko 5-30-78.pdf
  Nosenko 6-19-78.pdf
  Nosenko 6-20-78.pdf
  Phillips 11-27-76.pdf
  Phillips 4-25-78.pdf
  Rankin 8-17-78.pdf
  Rocca 7-17-78.pdf
  Scaletti 5-19-78.pdf
  Scelso 5-16-78.pdf
  Solie 6-1-78.pdf
  Tarasoffs 11-28-76.pdf
  Tovar 6-29-78.pdf
  Wilcott 3-22-78.pdf

Warren Commission
  Warren Comm Microfilm Docs index.pdf
  Warren Commission Hearing - Executive Session Transcripts - 535 pg.pdf
  Warren Commission Hearings - Background facts - 6 pg.pdf
  Warren Commission Hearings - Contents & Indices-  363 pg.pdf
  Warren Commission Hearings - vol. 1-26 20,000 pages+
  Warren Commission Report - 912 pg.pdf
  Warren Commission Report (ocr) - 1100 pg.pdf
  WC count 20259 pg.txt

DISK 02 - investigations

Assassination Records Review Board (ARRB)
  ARRB (Assassination Records & Review Board).pdf

ARRB Additional Medical Interviews
  ARRB Additional Interviews.pdf

Audry Bell    8
  ARRB Bell- 2 files 1n mov,mp3 & wma formats, total 6 files
  Audry Bell md184.pdf
  Audry Bell.pdf

Donald Purdy
  Donald Purdy - 15 files 1n mov, mp3 & wma formats, total 45 files    

Knudsen Family    
  ARRB KnudsenFamily - 3 files 1n mov, mp3 & wma formats, total 9 files
  Gloria Knudsen md230.pdf
  Gloria Knudsen.pdf

ARRB CIA testimony
  Goodpasture 12-15-95.pdf
  Goodpasture 4-23-98.pdf

ARRB FBI Reports
  ARRB FBI Reports.pdf
  Dallas - Assassination of President Kennedy File 124-10027-10345.pdf
  Dallas - Assassination of President Kennedy File.pdf
  Dallas - Assassination of President Kennedy.pdf
  Headquarters - Assassination of President Kennedy File 124-10018-10266.pdf
  Headquarters - Assassination of President Kennedy File.pdf
  Headquarters - Lee Harvey Oswald File 124-10010-10135.pdf
  Headquarters - Lee Harvey Oswald File 124-10158-10029.pdf
  Headquarters - Lee Harvey Oswald File 124-10170-10003.pdf
  Headquarters - Lee Harvey Oswald File.pdf
  Headquarters - Warren Comission File 124-10085-10080.pdf
  Headquarters - Warren Commission File .pdf
  Mexico City - File .pdf
  Mexico City File 124-10029-10245.PDF
  Mexico City - File 124-10230-10418.PDF
  Mexico City - File 124-10230-10419.PDF
  Mexico City - File 124-10230-10426.PDF
  Mexico City - File 124-10230-10430.PDF
  Mexico City - File 124-10230-10434.PDF
  Mexico City - File 124-10230-10435.PDF

ARRB Final Report 228 pg.pdf

ARRB Master Medical Exhibits - 253 pdf files

ARRB MedicalTestimony    
  ARRB Medical Testimony.pdf
  Boswell 2-26-96.pdf
  Custer 10-28-97.pdf
  Finck 5-24-96.pdf
  Groden 7-2-96.pdf
  Humes 2-13-96.pdf
  Oneill 9-12-97.pdf
  Parkland 8-27-98.pdf
  Reed 10-21-97.pdf
  Riebe 5-7-97.pdf
  Sibert 9-11-97.pdf
  Spencer 6-5-97.pdf
  Stringer 7-16-96.pdf

Staff Memos
  ARRB Staff Memos.pdf
  DH AirForceOne.pdf
  DH AutPhoto43.pdf
  DH AutPhotoCC.pdf
  DH BrainExams.pdf
  DH HscaCamera.pdf
  DH KodakProBono.pdf
  DH ProtocolCC1.pdf
  DH ProtocolCC2.pdf
  DH ReqListInfo.pdf

Autopsy, Interviews, Witnesses

  Autopsy photos.cbr
  autopsy X-rays & photos.pdf
  Back and To the Left.pdf
  Cervical Injury to the Spinal Cord.GIF
  Issues wtih JFK autopsy.pdf
  JFK - The Tell-Tale Back Wound.pdf
  JFK autopsy supplemental report.pdf
  JFk path exam report.pdf

JFK's Wounds
  Throat Wound.pdf
  Autopsy Photo Forgery.mp4
  Autopsy Photos.mp4
  Braden and the JFK back wound (addendum).mp4
  FBI Agent & Specter on back wound.mp4
  Head Wound - FBI agent saw it.mp4
  Head Wound 1.mp4
  Head Wound.mp4
  Head Wounds.mp4
  Large Back of the Head Wound.mp4
  Missing Brain.mp4
  The Back Wound.mp4
  The Head Wound 01.mp4
  The Head Wound 02.mp4
  The Head Wound 06.mp4
  The Throat Wound.mp4
  Wound of Entry 01.mp4
  Wound of Entry 02.mp4
  Mystery of JFK's second brain.pdf
  Single Bullet Theory & back wound.pdf
  Why Are There Two Bullet Tracks in the Fake Head X-Rays.pdf

  Aquila Clemons.mp4
  Banister Secretary - "Oswald was in our office".mp4
  Bill Newman - "shots came from the grassy knoll".mp4
  Capt. John Will Fritz.mp4
  Dennis David.mp4
  Dr. charles Crenshaw (telephone).mp4
  Dr. Charles Crenshaw.mp4
  J.C. Price.mp4
  James Leon Simmons.mp4
  Janet "Jada" Conforto.mp4
  Jean Hill & Mary Moorman & the polaroid pictures.mp4
  Jean Hill & Mary Moorman.mp4
  Jean Hill, witness.mp4
  JFK & the Unspeakable.mp4
  John Connaly KRLD 6-22-64.mp4
  Lee. H. Bowers.mp4
  Nelson Delgado (served in USMC with Oswald).mp4
  Phil Willis & Family.mp4
  Richard C. Dodd.mp4
  S.M. Holland 01.mp4
  S.M. Holland 02.mp4
  Sam Kinney 03-05-94  01 of 05.mp4
  Sam Kinney 03-05-94  02 of 05.mp4
  Sam Kinney 03-05-94  03 of 05.mp4
  Sam Kinney 03-05-94  04 of 05.mp4
  Sam Kinney 03-05-94  05 of 05.mp4
Secret Service Agents 
  Winston Lawson.mp4
  Gov. Conneley at Parkland Hospital.mp4
  Clint Hill 1.mp4
  Clint Hill 2.mp4
  Dave Powers 1.mp4
  Dave Powers 2.mp4
  Roy Kellerman 1975.mp4
  Kinney & Hill.mp4
  Floyd Boring 03-04-94.mp4
  Gerald Behn 09-27-92.mp4
Sylvia Odio.mp4
William Newman.mp4
Witness Lee Bowers.mp4
Charles Brehm 11-22-63.mp4
Marrion Baker.mp4
Testimony of CIA Agent John Clement Hart before Blakey's Committee.pdf
Victor Marchetti Interview  1986 (ex CIA).pdf

  Ad for book with eyewitness list.pdf
  charles brehlm (witness 1).mp3
  Deaths Related to the JFK Assassination.pdf
  Disappearing Witnesses.pdf
    Bill Newman.mp4
    Dealey Plaza - At the Fence - J. Darnell.mp4
    Hargis - Limo Slowed down.mp4
    JFK Head Wound Part VI How Did They Do It.mp4
    Mrs. Woodward.mp4
    Newman - "Third shot came from the grassy knoll".mp4
    News Reports 11-22-63.mp4
    Orville Nix.mp4
    shot came from in front.pdf
    The Orville Nix story.mp4
    Woodward "Car didn't move".mp4
    Oswald's Capture witness2.mp3
    "...the back of his head blew off...".mp4
    J.D. Tippett's murder.mp4
    same bullet did not hit both men.mp4
Eyewitnesses reflect back.mp4
  Eyewitnesses to the Assassination.mp4
  JFK Assassination Eyewitness List.pdf
  Milteer Tape.MP4
  Roger Craig - - When They Kill A President.pdf
  Roger Craig - Two Men in Dallas 01.MP4
  Roger Craig - Two Men in Dallas 02.MP4
  Roger Craig - Two Men in Dallas 03.MP4
  Roger Craig - Two Men in Dallas 04.MP4
  Roger Craig -- Two Men in Dallas 05.MP4
  Statements of Kennedy Assassination Eyewitnesses.pdf
  The Disappearing Witnesses.pdf
  The Mysterious Death of Number Thirty-Five.MP4

Church Committee
  Church Committee  - Assassination Plots Involving Foreign Leaders 364 pg.pdf
  Church Committee - JFK Assassination - Performance of Intelligence 
  The Church Committee.mp4
  The Church Committee.pdf

CIA documents    
  80T01357A File - 104-10086-10001.pdf
  80T01357A File - 104-10213-10101 CIA Castro Assassination.pdf
  80T01357A File.pdf
  80T01357A File.txt
  CIA - Concerning Criticism of the Warren Report.pdf
  CIA dir to chiefs on WC report 4-1-67.pdf
  DDO-CI Files - 104-10301-10011.pdf
  DDO-CI Files.pdf
  DDO-CI Files.txt
  DDP - 104-10310-10001.pdf
  DDP Files.pdf
  DDP Files.txt

  Oswald 201 file thru 11-21-1963 - 5 pdf files

  Russ Holmes Work File -  104 pdf files
Dallas PD
  Applin & Arce affidavits 11-22-63.pdf
  Capt JW Fritz DPD on Oswald Interrogation.pdf
  Chief Curry - Frontal Shot.mp4
  City of Dallas 1963.mp4
  Dallas PD Radio Transmissions 11-22-63.mp4
  Dallas Police Interviews.mp4
  DPD tape transcript 11-22-63.pdf
  Earl Cabell - Mayor of Dallas.mp4
  New Dallas JFK Transcript.MP4

JFK Assassination Booklists
  Assassination Booklist.pdf
  JFK Assassination Booklist.pdf
  JFK Library Photolist.pdf

LBJ Library
  Air Force One Audio Recordings .pdf
  Air Force One Audio Recordings 11-22-63.txt
  Air Force One Audio Recordings.pdf
  Air Force One Audio Recordings.txt
  AirForceOne - 4 files in mov, mr3, wma formats, 12 files total
  Cutting Corp Memo re erased tape.pdf
  LBJ 11-22-63 J.E. Hoover.pdf
  LBJ Calls Nov-1963.pdf
  LBJ Library.pdf
  LBJ 11-22-63 A Hoover.pdf
  LBJ 11-22-63 Eisenhower.pdf
  LBJ 11-22-63 Goldberg.pdf
  LBJ 11-22-63 Maguire.pdf
  LBJ 11-22-63 N Connally.pdf
  LBJ 11-23-63 Albert.pdf
  LBJ 11-23-63 Anderson.pdf
  LBJ 11-23-63 Bundy.pdf
  LBJ 11-23-63 Dirksen.pdf
  LBJ 11-23-63 Dubinsky.pdf
  LBJ 11-23-63 E Kennedy.pdf
  LBJ 11-23-63 Hoover.pdf
  LBJ 11-23-63 Kappel.pdf
  LBJ 11-23-63 Lucy.pdf
  LBJ 11-23-63 Magnuson.pdf
  LBJ 11-23-63 McCormack.pdf
  LBJ 11-23-63 McDonald.pdf
  LBJ 11-23-63 Meany.pdf
  LBJ 11-23-63 Reuther.pdf
  LBJ 11-23-63 Reynolds.pdf
  LBJ 11-23-63 Robard.pdf
  LBJ 11-23-63 Robard 2nd.pdf
  LBJ 11-23-63 Romney.pdf
  LBJ 11-23-63 Rose.pdf
  LBJ 11-23-63 Smathers.pdf
  LBJ 11-23-63 Tippit.pdf
  LBJ 11-23-63 Weisel.pdf
  LBJ 11-23-63 Yarborough.pdf
  LBJ 11-24-63 Brooks.pdf
  LBJ 11-24-63 Brown.pdf
  LBJ 11-24-63 Bundy.pdf
  LBJ 11-24-63 Moyers-Rostow.pdf
  LBJ 11-24-63 Moyers-Rostow 001.pdf
  LBJ 11-24-63 Young.pdf
  LBJ 11-25-63 Alsop.pdf
  LBJ 11-25-63 Alsop 001.pdf
  LBJ 11-25-63 Bundy.pdf
  LBJ 11-25-63 Bundy 2nd.pdf
  LBJ 11-25-63 Hoover.pdf
  LBJ 11-25-63 Hoover 001.pdf
  LBJ 11-25-63 Jenkins-Soren.pdf
  LBJ 11-25-63 King.pdf
  LBJ 11-25-63 OBrien.pdf
  LBJ 11-25-63 Sorenson.pdf
  LBJ 11-26-63 Busby.pdf
  LBJ 11-27-63 Alsop.pdf
  LBJ 11-27-63 Anderson.pdf
  LBJ 11-27-63 Bryant.pdf
  LBJ 11-27-63 Bullion.pdf
  LBJ 11-27-63 Chandler.pdf
  LBJ 11-27-63 Drummond.pdf
  LBJ 11-27-63 Form.pdf
  LBJ 11-27-63 Goldberg.pdf
  LBJ 11-27-63 Goldman.pdf
  LBJ 11-27-63 Holland.pdf
  LBJ 11-27-63 Kilgore.pdf
  LBJ 11-27-63 Kilgore 2nd.pdf
  LBJ 11-27-63 Kinter Hagg.pdf
  LBJ 11-27-63 Lincoln.pdf
  LBJ 11-27-63 McElway.pdf
  LBJ 11-27-63 N Connally.pdf
  LBJ 11-27-63 Newhouse.pdf
  LBJ 11-27-63 Powell.pdf
  LBJ 11-27-63 Pulliam.pdf
  LBJ 11-27-63 Sarnoff.pdf
  LBJ 11-27-63 Seltzer.pdf
  LBJ 11-27-63 Stanton.pdf
  LBJ 11-27-63 Stone.pdf
  LBJ 11-27-63 White.pdf
  LBJ 11-27-63 Wiesner.pdf
  LBJ 11-27-63 Wiggins.pdf
  LBJ 11-27-63 Withdrawal.pdf
  LBJ 11-28-63 Clement.pdf
  LBJ 11-28-63 Deschler.pdf
  LBJ 11-28-63 Eastland.pdf
  LBJ 11-29-63 Albert.pdf
  LBJ 11-29-63 Albert 2nd.pdf
  LBJ 11-29-63 Alsop.pdf
  LBJ 11-29-63 Arends.pdf
  LBJ 11-29-63 Arends 2nd.pdf
  LBJ 11-29-63 Boggs.pdf
  LBJ 11-29-63 Boggs 2nd.pdf
  LBJ 11-29-63 Bullion.pdf
  LBJ 11-29-63 Cooper.pdf
  LBJ 11-29-63 Dirksen.pdf
  LBJ 11-29-63 Dirksen 2nd.pdf
  LBJ 11-29-63 Dodd.pdf
  LBJ 11-29-63 Dulles.pdf
  LBJ 11-29-63 Eastland.pdf
  LBJ 11-29-63 Farley.pdf
  LBJ 11-29-63 Ford.pdf
  LBJ 11-29-63 Fortas.pdf
  LBJ 11-29-63 Fortas 2nd.pdf
  LBJ 11-29-63 Fulbright.pdf
  LBJ 11-29-63 Graham.pdf
  LBJ 11-29-63 Halleck.pdf
  LBJ 11-29-63 Hickenlooper.pdf
  LBJ 11-29-63 Hoover.pdf
  LBJ 11-29-63 Hoover 001.pdf
  LBJ 11-29-63 Humphrey.pdf
  LBJ 11-29-63 Kuchel.pdf
  LBJ 11-29-63 Lawrence.pdf
  LBJ 11-29-63 Long.pdf
  LBJ 11-29-63 Mansfield.pdf
  LBJ 11-29-63 McCormack.pdf
  LBJ 11-29-63 McCormack 2nd.pdf
  LBJ 11-29-63 McDonald.pdf
  LBJ 11-29-63 Pastore.pdf
  LBJ 11-29-63 Randolph.pdf
  LBJ 11-29-63 Rusk.pdf
  LBJ 11-29-63 Russell.pdf
  LBJ 11-29-63 Russell 2nd.pdf
  LBJ 11-29-63 Russell 2nd 001.pdf
  LBJ 11-29-63 Saltonstall.pdf
  LBJ 11-29-63 Scott.pdf
  LBJ 11-29-63 Shivers.pdf
  LBJ 11-30-63 Aiken.pdf
  LBJ 11-30-63 Alexander.pdf
  LBJ 11-30-63 Anderson.pdf
  LBJ 11-30-63 Cook.pdf
  LBJ 11-30-63 Hoff.pdf
  LBJ 11-30-63 Kellam.pdf
  LBJ 11-30-63 Martin.pdf
  LBJ 11-30-63 McCone.pdf
  LBJ 11-30-63 McCone 001.pdf
  LBJ 11-30-63 Smathers.pdf
  LBJ Calls Nov-1963 Chrono.pdf
  LBJ Calls Nov-1963 Copyr.pdf
  LBJ Calls Nov-1963 Form.pdf
  LBJ Calls Nov-1963 Memo.pdf
  LBJ Calls Nov-1963 Note.pdf
  LBJ Calls Nov-1963 Title.pdf
  LBJ Calls Nov-1963 Withdr.pdf
  LBJ-Alsop 11-25-63.pdf
  LBJ-Alsop 11-25-63.txt
  LBJ-Alsop 11-25-63.MOV
  LBJ-Alsop 11-25-63.MP3
  LBJ-Alsop 11-25-63.WMA
  LBJ-Alsop 11-25-63 e1.MOV
  LBJ-Alsop 11-25-63 e1.MP3
  LBJ-Alsop 11-25-63 e1.WMA
  LBJ-Alsop 11-25-63 e2.MOV
  LBJ-Alsop 11-25-63 e2.MP3
  LBJ-Alsop 11-25-63 e2.WMA
  LBJ-Hoover 11-23-1963.pdf
  LBJ-Hoover 11-23-1963.txt
  LBJ-Hoover 11-25-63.pdf
  LBJ-Hoover 11-25-63.txt
  LBJ-Hoover 11-29-63.pdf
  LBJ-Hoover 11-29-63.txt
  LBJ-Hoover 11-23-63.MOV
  LBJ-Hoover 11-23-63.MP3
  LBJ-Hoover 11-23-63.WMA
  LBJ-Hoover 11-25-63.MOV
  LBJ-Hoover 11-25-63.MP3
  LBJ-Hoover 11-25-63.WMA
  LBJ-Hoover 11-29-63.MOV
  LBJ-Hoover 11-29-63.MP3
  LBJ-Hoover 11-29-63.WMA
  LBJ-McCone 11-30-63.pdf
  LBJ-McCone 11-30-63.txt
  LBJ-McCone 11-30-63.MOV
  LBJ-McCone 11-30-63.MP3
  LBJ-McCone 11-30-63.WMA
  LBJ-Russell 11-29-63, 2nd call.pdf
  LBJ-Russell 11-29-63, 2nd call.txt
  LBJ-Russell 11-29-63 2 e1.MOV
  LBJ-Russell 11-29-63 2 e1.MP3
  LBJ-Russell 11-29-63 2 e1.WMA
  LBJ-Russell 11-29-63 2 e2.MOV
  LBJ-Russell 11-29-63 2 e2.MP3
  LBJ-Russell 11-29-63 2 e2.WMA
  LBJ-Russell 11-29-63 2 e3.MOV
  LBJ-Russell 11-29-63 2 e3.MP3
  LBJ-Russell 11-29-63 2 e3.WMA
  LBJ-Russell 11-29-63 2nd.MOV
  LBJ-Russell 11-29-63 2nd.MP3
  LBJ-Russell 11-29-63 2nd.WMA

  Moyers-Rostow 11-24-63.pdf
  Moyers-Rostow 11-24-63.txt
  Moyers-Rostow 11-24-63.MOV
  Moyers-Rostow 11-24-63.MP3
  Moyers-Rostow 11-24-63.WMA

Other Agencies and Commissions
  Casket Disposition.pdf
  Other Agencies and Commissions.pdf
  Performance fo the iNtelligence Agenies regarding the JFK Assassination.pdf
  Treasury Dept.pdf

The Rockefeller Commission
  Rockefeller Commission Report 304 pages.pdf

The Yeltsin Documents
  Documents handed to President Clinton by Boris Yeltsin.pdf
  Yeltsin 10-20-59 Inadvise.pdf
  Yeltsin 11-11-59 Sojourn.pdf
  Yeltsin 11-22-63 Tele1967.pdf
  Yeltsin 11-22-63 Tele1969.pdf
  Yeltsin 11-23-63 Excp125.pdf
  Yeltsin 11-23-63 Funeral.pdf
  Yeltsin 11-23-63 Gromyko.pdf
  Yeltsin 11-23-63 Zorin.pdf
  Yeltsin 11-25-63 Gromyko.pdf
  Yeltsin 11-25-63 Tele2000.pdf
  Yeltsin 11-25-63 Tele2002.pdf
  Yeltsin 11-26-63 Tanner.pdf
  Yeltsin 11-26-63 Tele2005.pdf
  Yeltsin 11-27-59 Resolut.pdf
  Yeltsin 11-27-63 Tele2034.pdf
  Yeltsin 11-28-63 Excp125.pdf
  Yeltsin 11-28-63 Excp126.pdf
  Yeltsin 11-29-63 Excp126.pdf
  Yeltsin 11-30-63 Tele2054.pdf
  Yeltsin 11-63 Khrush-LBJ.pdf
  Yeltsin 11-6-59 Sojourn.pdf
  Yeltsin 12-10-63 Excp126.pdf
  Yeltsin 12-1-59 Regarding.pdf
  Yeltsin 12-4-63 Tele2086.pdf
  Yeltsin 3-24-64 Tele485.pdf
  Yeltsin 4-23-64 Excp140.pdf
  Yeltsin 8-22-66 Excp17.pdf
  Yeltsin 9-28-64 EmbReport.pdf
  Yeltsin 9-28-64 Kohler.pdf
  Yeltsin Brezhnev-LBJ.pdf
  Yeltsin docs Index.pdf
  Yeltsin Gromyko-Rusk.pdf
  Yeltsin HandwrittenNote.pdf
  Yeltsin InstrWashAmb.pdf
  Yeltsin Khrushchevs-JBK.pdf
  Yeltsin ListDocumentsLHO.pdf
  Yeltsin NewsFabrications.pdf
  Yeltsin NoteSovAmbMexi.pdf
  Yeltsin NoteSovAmbWash.pdf
  Yeltsin NoteSovAmbWash2.pdf
  Yeltsin ResolutionPress.pdf
  Yeltsin Title.pdf

DISK 03 - Dealy Plaza

    Badge Man at Grassy Knoll.mp4
    7.65 Mauser - Second rifle.mp4
    Did the Limo Slow Down.mp4
    North Pergola.mp4
    Paper Bag found in The Texas School Book Depository.mp4
    Photo & Witness to Grassy Knoll Assassin 02.mp4
    RR Workers on Triple Overpass.mp4
    Secret Service Agent on the Knoll.mp4
    Secret Service Stand down.mp4
    Shooter Running from the Picket Fence.mp4
    The final Shots (addendum).mp4
  The Missed Shot.mp4
  The Second Rifle.mp4
  The Tramps 06.mp4
  Tramp ''We had nothing to do with it''.mp4
  Two Men in the Window.mp4
  Umbrella Man & Dark-Complected Man.mp4
  Was there a Shot From the Drains.mp4
  Dealey Plaza -Texas School Book Depository Employees - part 1.mp4
  Dealey Plaza -Texas School Book Depository Employees - part 2.mp4
  Dealey Plaza -Texas School Book Depository Employees - part 3.mp4
  Delay on Elm Street.pdf
  Extra Bullets & Missed Shots in Dealey Plaza.pdf
  JFK - Witnesses Of The Grassy Knoll - Us Treason - 1 Of 2.flv
  JFK Assassination Analysis - The Start Of The Ambush.mp4
  JFK Assassination As It Happened - 1988 - Part 2.flv
  JFK Assassination Man seen running from TSBD (NOT Oswald)JFK Facts.mp4
  JFK Assassination Shooter Seen Running From Picket Fence-Eyewitness-Fake Secret Service Agents.flv
  Know the Knoll.pdf
  Limo Windshield - shot came from the front.MP4
  List of Over 500 Photographs Taken.pdf
  photos & photographers Dealey Plaza 11-22-63.pdf
  SPOOKS,HOODS and THE HIDDEN ELITE Part 1  1h.10m.avi
  The 4th tramp.pdf
  The Attack in Dealey Plaza.divx
  The Attack in Dealey Plaza.mp3
  The Grassy Knoll - Part 1   1h.10m.DivX.avi
  The Grassy Knoll - Part 2   49m.DivX.avi
  The Gunshots at Dealy Plaza.wav
  The Umbrella Man at Kennedy Assassination.mp4
  The Umbrella Man.pdf
DISK 04 - Eyewitness views, eyewitness films

Animated Eyewitness Views

These are computer generated animation re-creations of the JFK assassination from the points of view of individual eyewitnesses in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963. These HD mp4 files take the subjective view of each eyewitness. 

Eyewitness views.txt
  James Altgens, Malcolm Summers & Franzen Family.mp4
  Patsy Paschall (2nd Location).mp4
  Abraham Zapruder.mp4
  Amos Euins.mp4
  Arnold Rowland Couple.mp4
  Babushka Lady.mp4
  Bill Newman Family.mp4
  Black Dog Man.mp4
  Charles Bronson.mp4
  Dal-Tex Fire Escape Man.mp4
  Dark Complected Man (The Cuban).mp4
  Elm St. Extension Divider.mp4
  Elm Street Concrete Island.mp4
  Elsie Dorman.mp4
  Emmett Hudson.mp4
  Hester Couple.mp4
  Jack Martin.mp4
  James Altgens, Malcolm Summers & Franzen Family.mp4
  James Tague.mp4
  Marie Muchmore (both locations).mp4
  Marilyn Sitzman.mp4
  Mark Bell (both locations).mp4
  Mary Moorman & Jean Hill.mp4
  Orville Nix (2nd location).mp4
  Reflecting Pool.mp4
  Robert Croft.mp4
  Robert Hughes.mp4
  Sam 'Skinny' Holland.mp4
  TSBD Doorway Steps.mp4
  Umbrella Man.mp4
  Photo Analysis - Dave Wiegman Film Artwork.mp4
  Photo Analysis - How Did An Assassin Escape .mp4
  Sniper Views
    Criminal Courts Building Rooftop.mp4
    Dal-Tex Rooftop.mp4
    Grassy Knoll Fence Corner.mp4
    North Pergola Cupola (Shelter #3).mp4
    North Pergola Cupola (Shelter #4).mp4
    Records Building Rooftop.mp4
    South Knoll Car Park.mp4
    South Knoll Overpass Corner.mp4
    South Pergola Cupola (Shelter #1).mp4
    South Pergola Cupola (Shelter #2).mp4
    Texas School Book Depository Rooftop.mp4

  DCA aftermath.mp4
  Dorman, Bell, Hughes (narrated).MP4

    Adobis (shot from the grassy knoll).mp4

  Alyea 2 (depository revisited).mp4
  Alyea excerpt.mp4



    Roy Cooper Film 01.MP4
    Roy Cooper Film 02.MP4
    Roy Cooper Film 03.MP4
    Roy Cooper Film 04.MP4
    Roy Cooper Film 05.MP4
    Roy Cooper Film 06.MP4
    Roy Cooper Film 07.MP4

Greer - Watch the Driver
  jfk greer watch the driver.mov
  jfk greer zoom watch the driver.mov


    George Jefferies.mp4


    Muchmore 01.MP4
    Muchmore 02.MP4

New Video Footage
    Newly discovered Footage.mp4
  New JFK Kennedy Video Footage  1 of 2.mp4
  New JFK Kennedy Video Footage  2 of 2.mp4

  Orville Nix (corrected angle).MP4
  Orville Nix "Film Was Altered".mp4
  Orville Nix film.MP4
  Orville Nix.mp4

  Analysis of the Paschall Film.pdf
  The Patsy Paschall Film.pdf

    Towner (missing frames from).MP4


Multimedia files of the Zapruder film are not listed here because it has been copyrighted by the Sixh Floor Museum.

  Abraham  Zapruder Authenticates at Clay Shaw trial.pdf
  Connally & the Zapruder Film.pdf
  Depth of field & Zapruder film authenticity.pdf
  Fake Zapruder Film.mp4
  JFK assassination film hoax info.pdf
  JFK Assassination Film Hoax.pdf
  Interview at the Pedestal.mp4
  Mantik Responds to My Zapruder Film Article.pdf
  The Zapruder Bell & Howell camera.pdf
  Time Incorporated v Random House.pdf
  Why Did Time-Life Bury the Zapruder Film.pdf
  WHy the Zapruder film is authentic.pdf
  Zapruder 224E.GIF
  Zapruder 224E.pdf
  Zapruder 294-301.GIF
  Zapruder film 312-321.pdf
  Zapruder Film Civil Suit Filed.pdf
  Zapruder Fim examinations.pdf
  Zapruder Frame 413.GIF
  Zapruder Frame 413.pdf
  Zapruder Frames - Costella Combined Edit.pdf
  Zapruder on TV.pdf
  Zapruder animated.gif

Iindividual frames - total 487 jpg files

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