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Digital products - firearms manuals, metaphysical & religious subjects

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It's been over a month since I started setting up Gene's weird Stuff and I've been busy adding products and fine tuning my pages. I am offering inexpensive digital downloads. Presently I have firearms manuals and occult items that can be downloaded. More subjects will be included as I add products!

This is new to me as eBay does not allow digital products to be sold anymore. I have large disk libraries of these subjects, but sometimes you only need a only a title or two so I have broken these large digital libraries up onto smaller chunks. The firearms are broken down by manufacturer. Occult and metaphysical are broken down by authors, subjects and titles.

After payment is made for a downloadable item, you are taken immediately to a download page. The max limit is set for 3 downloads per purchase. Should you have difficulties and  this not be enough, shoot me an email at gene_johnson47@comcast.net and I'll get it worked out for you! I've been selling on eBay for eight years, this venue is new to me so there may be some growing pains. I will give my usual excellent customer service!!  here are some of the items I am offering as digital downloads.


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